SJW Pentagon Chief Looks To Purge People Who Have Wrongthink

Essentially, if you don’t conform the Progressive doctrine (because they’re totally about tolerance and multiculturalism, you know), you will be labeled an extremist and booted. This should do wonders for recruitment, eh, with tough Republicans saying “no, thanks”, and soy boy liberals, overweight and soft liberal women, and  transgenders with serious mental health issues joining

Pentagon orders “immediate actions” to weed out extremism in armed forces

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Friday signed a memo ordering several “immediate actions” to weed out extremism in the ranks.

Driving the news: The memo comes after Austin in February ordered commanding officers to hold a “stand down” to discuss extremism among the armed forces. The issue gained heightened attention after multiple service members and veterans were arrested for their alleged actions in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

What he’s saying: “The vast majority of those who serve in uniform and their civilian colleagues do so with great honor and integrity, but any extremist behavior in the force can have an outsized impact,” Austin wrote in his memo Friday.

So, you know this will excuse “extremists” in gangs, extremists who advocate for Leftist causes, right? Our military is boned. It’s going to become weak and useless, and radicalized with Leftism.

Will refusing to take the vaccine be considered extremist (with bonus fake Conservative grifters gotta grift)

What happened to “my body my choice” (declining to take a vaccine is a tad bit different than terminating a baby because someone was irresponsible in having sex)? And there are a lot of lefties caterwauling and saying the Congress should make this mandatory and if the Marines won’t take it they should be kicked out. Me, I got it. I know Trump voters and Biden voters who won’t. That’s their choice, and, while I might not agree with it, I won’t harangue them and don’t think it should be mandatory.

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11 Responses to “SJW Pentagon Chief Looks To Purge People Who Have Wrongthink”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: with tough Republicans saying “no, thanks”

    How dare Teach denigrate and mock patriots who HAVE volunteered to serve. Yes. Women, gays, transgendered and liberals are included, even though Teach want them excluded. He thinks “tough Republicans” like himself will now refuse to volunteer. Almost by definition, society moves more swiftly than conservatism.

    No need to point out the obvious hypocrisy in Teach’s “point”. LOL. But how dare he denigrate those who HAVE volunteered to serve! Teach is upset neoNazis, KKKers, neoConfederates and white supremacists may be discriminated against! Waah! I would also include Islamic extremists.

    But kudos, Teach, for admitting that right-wing extremists are Republicans! We all knew that. What kind of patriot assaulted Capitol police and stormed the US Capitol building in search of legislators? Are the arrests and indictments just discriminating against “wrongthink”?

    No doubt conservatives resisted when Black patriots were allowed to serve alongside them.

    No doubt conservatives resisted when female patriots were allowed to serve.

    No doubt conservatives resisted when gay patriots were allowed to serve.

    We have to admit that there is a violence-prone reactionary, right-wing movement that wishes to overthrow the US. They have lost faith in our US gov’t, our US democracy and our US institutions. They have lost faith in America. The believe/feel existentially threatened by Blacks, Muslims, gays, trans and non-European immigrants. The feeling of unease surged with the election of President Obama, the first Black President. Coincidentally the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement formed about a year to oppose President Obama’s “policies”. LOL. Yes, it was his “policies” that triggered them.

    tRump capitalized on conservative fears to become president with fewer votes than his opponent.

    You’re afraid. We get it. But rather than lash out with violence, perhaps it’s time to recognize your own weaknesses and to recognize there is more to America than white supremacy.

    • drowningpuppies says:


      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Kye says:

      You are a racist and a one trick pony, The Elwood. Any time someone disagrees with you they’re a “White supremist”. , well bull shit. Sure there are White supremacist’s but they are very few. There are a lot more black lives matter Marxist than WS. And there are a lot more anti White racists like you than WS.

      Like it or not The Elwood, people should be allowed to voice their opinions and to associate with whom they please. If you don’t like that then you’re an anti American bigot.

      As you know (or should know) this country was founded by White people and so far they have been running the show. Is this country perfect? Hell no! But it’s not racist until people like you start dividing us and calling those of us who are White or Christian or straight names because it helps you “feel better” about yourselves.

      If you didn’t marry a Jewish woman you are anti Semite.
      I did.
      If you aren’t married to an Asian woman you’re a racist.
      I am.
      If you haven’t fostered or adopted black children you’re a anti black racist.
      I have two
      If you support a person who stole an election you’re an anti American traitor.
      I didn’t.

      You keep calling me and the other conservative/libertarian/Free thinkers on this blog the most despicable names simply because we don’t agree with your fascist ramblings (like that typical rant above).


      The Junta’s new Capitol security force. We’re from the government and we’re here to help!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        You keep reciting your personal resume so now we’re certain that you are an exemplary American. And just because you believe/feel caucasians are superior doesn’t make you a white supremacist. Just because you despise Muslims doesn’t make you Islamophobic. Just because you mock gays doesn’t make you a homophobe. Only you know what’s in your heart, so we’ll leave it at that.

        It’s true that conservatives opposed Blacks, women, gays and the transgendered in the military. Teach considers this to be DOOM! for America.

        America is a racist nation, and we’re trying to do better, but clearly many are not satisfied with the progress. For some reason caucasian conservatives take this personally. Fortunately, BLM etc did not storm the US Capitol.

        While the insecure Teach feels that gays, women and trans patriots in the military is a yuuuge problem, I do not. Faux-manly men like Teach constantly mock LGBTQ people and treat women as objects. He even mocks straight men who don’t meet his “standards” of masculinity, LOL. He views cruel buffoons such as the former prez and his Jr as “real men”, LOL.

    • Bill589 says:

      Hypocrite Elwood is here again attacking Teach and other patriots with lies. Elwood is obviously a hypocrite X 1000. Typical Leftist.
      Afraid of the Truth that always destroys any Leftist ‘argument’.

      Do some research before commenting Elwood; maybe you would be Right for once.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Here’s the entire memorandum from the Secretary of Defense regarding extremism, that has Teach proclaiming DOOM! for America. Please read it.

    Military veterans took part in the insurrection at the US Capitol. We probably shouldn’t have insurrectionists in our military, agreed?

    Women and minorities make up nearly 45% of the current US military, and women and minorities are less likely to be white supremacists and neoNazis. Perhaps it’s time to limit the military to conservative, christian, caucasian, straight men, you know, “tough Republicans”.

    • Bill589 says:

      Hypocrite Elwood repeating his Masters lies again. “.gov” information?
      Do your own Research. Be your own “Master”, and stop kneeling to the Swamp.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Please point out the lie(s) and we can discuss. Otherwise, you’re just repeating your own nonsensical BS. Where do you go for your “research”? Right-wing blogs?

  3. Hairy says:

    Billy why so you consider Teach to be a patriot? He didn’t enlist after 9/11
    He is a patriot because he agrees with you politically?
    Was he a patriot for relating that covid was fake news?
    One year ago Trump told us the covid death toll would be 60000
    Maybe 650000
    Did you believe him?
    He told us that 100 million would be vacinatrd by DEC 2020, but only was able to vaccinate 2 million
    Before his election he told us he would balance the budget but instead gave us record deficits

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Just once, it would be refreshing to hear a conservative voice what is REALLY bothering them about the path of America.

    You know the election wasn’t stolen. You know we’re not becoming a fascist/commie nation. Federal spending has come and gone as an issue. Are you really worried that our military can no longer defend the nation?

    Is it all “culture”? Gays, trans, secularism (church going is under 50%), abortion, diversity?

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