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AOC’s Latest Idea: Let The Post Office Also Be A Bank

Also, why is she not wearing a mask? .@RepAOC on postal banking: "What we're asking for is pretty simple. When you go to the bank to mail what you need to mail, to buy stamps, to take a photo or file for your passport, that you're just able to do a few more things." pic.twitter.com/ORxWjNTWhw […]

China Joe To Soon Reveal How To Spend Your Money Solving The Climate Crisis (scam)

Oh, and not just your money, but how the U.S. government will further control your life Joe Biden to reveal US emissions pledge in key climate crisis moment Joe Biden faces a key test of his commitment to climate action this week, when he sets out his core plans for tackling the climate crisis and […]

If All You See…

…is a field of food that will soon grow tiny due to climate emergency, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Virtual Mirage, with a post on an interesting history lesson on the shot heard round the world, April 19, 1775.

California Government Pushing Private Entities To Require Vaccine Passports – Just Don’t Call Them That

This will probably be the way it breaks down in most Deep Blue states, while Republican states will restrict the use of vaccine passports California encourages venues to require vaccine ‘passports’ — just don’t call them that California health officials have repeatedly said they have no plans to institute COVID-19 vaccine “passports” — digital or […]

Say, Will People Actually Purchase EV Pickup Trucks To Stop Climate Apocalypse?

Mostly, no. Maybe some of those coastal elites who will buy them for status Automakers Are Going All In on Electric Pickups. Will Anyone Buy Them? Mitchell Yow’s pickup truck has decals advertising that the vehicle is all-electric, but sometimes people aren’t convinced. “That’s not really electric, is it?” bystanders will ask, often approaching him […]

News Outlets Shamefully Forget To Mention Important Details Of Adam Toledo Case, Whipping Up Violent Protests

The narrative from the media is simply that Adam Toledo was a good kid who was shot and killed by a police officer while he had his hands in the air. Here’s three of the four big news outlets in Raleigh in discussing the Saturday and Sunday afternoon “protests” becoming violent (WRAL) The event acted […]

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