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New Computer Time – Dell Inspiron 3501

Thanks to everyone who chimed in yesterday. Helped a lot. I typically take every other Wednesday off (and every other Thursday), so, was off today. Ran around to multiple Best Buys and Office Depots, ended up with a Dell Inspiron 3501. 16GB ram (though, not the fastest type, no biggie), 256GB SSD hard drive (512 […]

Climate Today: Forcing Everyone Into Megacities, Stop Complaining About Being Forced To Give Up Meat

Megacities. I think I’ve seen this in some movies. Logan’s Run, Judge Dredd, a few others. Things don’t look very good, eh? How megacities could lead the fight against climate change In 2050, 2.5 billion more people will live in cities than do today. As the world grows more urbanized, many cities are becoming more […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Free North Carolina, with a post on the 2020 Census results giving an edge to Republicans. Morgan Fairchild, folks! Who started out in the 70’s.

CDC, CNN Super Excited To Tell Vaccinated People What They Can And Can’t Do

It almost makes get vaccinated worthless 15 of the safest activities for the fully vaccinated — with and without face masks Are you one of the growing numbers of Americans who are fully vaccinated? If so, you can now get more of your pre-Covid life back, according to new guidelines released Tuesday by the US […]

John Kerry Won’t Let Pesky Things Like China’s Human Rights Get In The Way Of Solving Climate Crisis (scam)

Stuff like that is just very inconvenient for Kerry and the rest of the Cult of Climastrology, and should be ignored, much like Hillary Clinton did while Secretary of State for Obama (Foreign Policy) FP: Let’s talk about China. This administration has been fairly tough on China. It has accused China of conducting a genocide […]

Unity: China Joe To Offer Progressive Wish List With “Families Plan”

Now, imagine that Donald Trump had run on unity and bipartisanship, and then dumped that on day one, and continued to get less and less bipartisan as the days went on. But, people are dumb, people are sheep, and they preferred a lunatic leftist over mean tweets Biden to propose $1.8 trillion ‘families plan’ with […]

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