Climate Today: Forcing Everyone Into Megacities, Stop Complaining About Being Forced To Give Up Meat

Megacities. I think I’ve seen this in some movies. Logan’s Run, Judge Dredd, a few others. Things don’t look very good, eh?

How megacities could lead the fight against climate change

In 2050, 2.5 billion more people will live in cities than do today. As the world grows more urbanized, many cities are becoming more populous while also trying to reduce carbon emissions and blunt the impacts of climate change.

In the coming decades, cities will be engines of economic growth. But they must also play a key role in confronting climate change; the world’s 100 most populous cities are responsible for roughly one-fifth of global carbon emissions.

Some of the world’s biggest cities—called megacities—are rising to this challenge. However, these urban areas vary greatly in how efficient they are and how much they will grow. Seeing how they stack up can help us identify where our greatest opportunities are to reduce emissions.

Sounds great! I wonder why the Warmists in these crime ridden, filthy, decaying cities aren’t giving up their own fossil fueled travel, AC and heating, taking short showers, etc and so on now?

Beefing over beef is a distraction the climate movement can’t afford

Lately, it seems like forgoing red meat has become an unfortunate proxy for environmental credentials. Epicurious, for example, just announced that it will no longer publish articles or recipes with beef in a decision it calls, “not anti-beef but rather pro-planet.” And then there are headlines like “Why do some green activists eat meat?”

Meat-eating, meanwhile, has become a sort of symbol for climate denial. There are Twitter wars swirling around whether Biden’s climate ambitions will infringe on Americans’ right to eat burgers (his actual climate proposals would not).

But diet shouldn’t be a political scorecard for how down you are for the planet. Shaming people over what they eat — particularly for girls, immigrants, and people who don’t fit the unfairly skinny box of beauty standards — is nothing new. We don’t need to add one more minefield.

And we dive down into the whole putting people in boxes bit.

Focusing heavily on individual responsibility to save the planet can also be a big distraction from the actual systemic change needed to tackle the global climate crisis. What’s more, it can alienate people who do care about climate change but might not have as many options when it comes to what they eat.

They do realize that systemic change will force changes on individuals, right?

Anyhow, no one is shaming them: they’re being laughed at for wanting Everyone Else to be forced to give up meat which most Warmists won’t do.

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2 Responses to “Climate Today: Forcing Everyone Into Megacities, Stop Complaining About Being Forced To Give Up Meat”

  1. Dana says:

    Of course, these larger cities are where the crime and murder rates are skyrocketing, so there’s that.

    Haven’t any of the warmunists read 1984?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It’s funny how murders so often occur where there are people.

    Yet, the ranking of US states by murder rate from worst… Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, Tennessee, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia…

    That’s a lot of Red States. The states with the 3 largest cities are well down the list.

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