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Climate Cult Groups Want Kerry To Stop Wall Street From Investing In Fossil Fuels

Where does climate envoy and climahypocrite John Kerry get the authority to do this? Further, it just reinforces that these people are Fascists U.S. Climate Groups Call On Kerry to Shut Off Wall Street Funds Climate groups are calling on John Kerry to shut off the flow of money from Wall Street to the fossil-fuel […]

If All You See…

…are horrible fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on the NY Times doxxing the Chauvin trial jurors.

CNN: Once You’re Vaccinated You Can Live Your Life

I’m just wondering if they meant to say this, as they’re also fear-mongering about a 4th wave Get fully vaccinated before resuming normal activities, health experts plead with Americans With fears growing that the US may be facing a fourth surge of Covid-19 cases, health experts are pleading with Americans to keep taking precautions until […]

You Know What’s Lacking In The Scientific Method For Climate Science? “Human Engagement”

The Scientific Method is a process that was developed from a thousand years of scientific endeavors, about taking your feelings and personal opinions out and going with Facts, but, it’s rather inconvenient for a cult Climate scientist pinpoints what exactly is lacking in the scientific method Dr. Mika Tosca, 36, a climate scientist and assistant […]

US Military Goes 100% Woke On Transgenders, Will Even Pay For Transition Surgery

Old and Busted: joining the military to get money for college. New and hot: spending your time in the military getting all sorts of gender confused surgeries and such rather than training and fighting, all paid for by Uncle/Aunt Sam Trans rights are human rights, and on this #TransDayOfVisibility , I’m pleased to announce we’ve […]

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