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If All You See…

…is champagne which will soon be grown in Siberia due to the climate crisis, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Ice Age Now, with a post on underwater volcanoes heating the oceans.

SJW Pentagon Chief Looks To Purge People Who Have Wrongthink

Essentially, if you don’t conform the Progressive doctrine (because they’re totally about tolerance and multiculturalism, you know), you will be labeled an extremist and booted. This should do wonders for recruitment, eh, with tough Republicans saying “no, thanks”, and soy boy liberals, overweight and soft liberal women, and  transgenders with serious mental health issues joining […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Could Possibly Maybe We Feel Destabilize The Globe Or Something

See, before people drove fossil fueled vehicles and ate delicious cheeseburgers, there was no destabilization of the globe, right? No crisis, no big problems, no wars, no disease outbreaks, nothing, right? (yes, this is Axios, hence the format) Climate change could destabilize globe through 2040, spy agencies say Climate change will lead to a less […]

CDC Director Calls Racism A “Serious Public Health Crisis”

Is there a vaccine for this? Will we have to stay home and isolate? The CDC just lost it’s few remaining backers So COVID-19 is no longer working, time to pivot to racism so the Administration can cram more laws down our throats. This is all tiresome — Redneck Rogue Elf, ???? Whisperer (@TheRogue_Elf) April […]

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