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A Bunch Of Youngsters Yammer On About The Moment They Joined The Climate Cult

It’s no wonder they profess to have climate anxiety: they’re making themselves nuts. Oh, and a bunch of these young people are in their 20’s. One is 28 17 Young People on the Moment the Climate Crisis Became Real to Them Watching An Inconvenient Truth in your middle-school science class. Hearing Greta Thunberg’s calls to join weekly school […]

If All You See…

…is hay meant to feed world killing cows, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on the truth about COVID passports.

Oregon Looks To Make Firearms For Law Abiding Citizens Worthless For Home Defense

The very same people who are protected by armed police officers, some all the time, look to take away the ability to defend your home and and loved ones. Think criminals won’t be looking at this law gleefully? (via Dana Pico) Oregon gun storage law would be among the toughest in the US A proposed […]

The World Is “On The Abyss” From Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

The climahysteria usually ramps up before the UN COP conferences (when 10k or so take fossil fueled trips to hobnob and attempt to tell the rest how to live their lives) in late November/early December, but, with China Joe having a virtual meeting on the climate emergency (scam) soon, and summer coming, why not drop […]

Shifting Goal Posts: Herd Immunity Won’t Stop COVID, But Vaccines Might Control It

I though masks were meant to control COVID19? No? All they’ve been telling us is that we need herd immunity to beat Bat Soup Virus, now “experts” are starting to say something different. Is this real, based on actual science, or is this more of the goal post shifting to keep the government controlling citizens? […]

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