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Doom: Sea Level Could Rise 20-30 Because You Ate A Burger

If you would just comply and give up your money, freedom, and choice to Government, everything would be OK Sea levels are going to rise by at least 20ft. We can do something about it The climate emergency is bigger than many experts, elected officials, and activists realize. Humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions have overheated the […]

If All You See…

…are evil fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on what what #socialjustice criminal prosecution has done for Philadelphia.

North Carolina Looks To Ban Trans Males In Sport, Stop Transition Procedures For Those Under 21

Many states have done the same, especially in banning the gender confused from playing in sports of the opposite sex, mostly to protect women from having to compete with biological males, which destroys women’s sports. North Carolina is giving it a shot, and uber-Progressive NC Policy Watch is livid HB 2 redux? NC lawmakers again […]

Scientific America Goes Full Climate Cult, Will Refer To It As “Climate Emergency” From Now On

Watts Up With That? ran a piece back in 2018 with some of the name changes, using this graphic It’s all about continuing to ramp up the scare-factor. The Cult of Climastrology had been seriously pimping climate crisis, maybe they should go with climate apocalypse? Citing grave threat, Scientific American replaces ‘climate change’ with ‘climate […]

Brooklyn Center Mayor, City Council Decide Due Process Is Unnecessary, Fire City Manager

As violence, looting, arson, assault, attacking police officers, the whole gamut, occurred in the streets of Brooklyn Center (how many people lost their businesses, people who had zero to do with the shooting?), and the streets of other cities, the mayor and city council decided to bow to the mob Daunte Wright shooting: Brooklyn Center […]

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