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China Joe-Kamala Admin Says Getting Rid Of “Subsidies” Totally Won’t Raise Energy Prices

As we all know, they really aren’t subsidies, they’re tax breaks, most of which are available to lots and lots of companies who do other types of business. We also know that when you raise taxes the costs are rarely eaten by the companies Treasury says plan to end fossil fuel subsidies would bring in […]

If All You See…

…is horrible heat snow from carbon pollution driven Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bustednuckles, with a post saying to read between the lines when Los Federales say they won’t require COVID passports.

Dems Plan Vote On Making D.C. A State Week Of 19th

They should have tried packing the Supreme Court before doing this, because it is clearly un-Constitutional, but, then, when did Democrats ever care about that? If they really want people in D.C. to have clear representation, well, move the federal government somewhere else and suck D.C. back into Maryland. Or, all those people who reside […]

Bummer: COVID Lockdowns Haven’t Stopped Carbon Pollution

Remember when they were telling us that COVID lockdowns reduced the output of carbon dioxide by up to 17%? And that climate cultists loved the notion of keeping everyone locked to stop/slow climate apocalypse? Well… COVID-19 hasn’t slowed global warming: Earth’s carbon dioxide levels highest in over 3 million years, NOAA says The COVID-19├é┬ápandemic did […]

China Joe To Rollout Gun Measures Thursday Which Will Do Pretty Much Nothing

The China Joe-Harris administration (because that’s the way they are referring to themselves, the Biden-Harris admin, because, apparently, Joe isn’t up to doing the job he campaigned for) has failed to note what difference any of this will make, but, it’s a chance to Virtue Signal to his base who are too stupid to understand […]

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