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LA Times Says We Must Get Rid Of All Fossil Fuels, And Prepare For Sacrifice

I’m assuming that the editorial board of the LA Times isn’t referring to actual sacrifices, but, this being the Cult of Climastrology, you can never be sure Editorial: Surviving climate change means an end to burning fossil fuels. Prepare yourself for sacrifices The evidence, the expert advice, common sense — they all point to a […]

Al Roker Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Greenland For NBC’s New Climate Unit

NBC has joined the push by Warmists to get the news industry involved (even more) in pushing the ‘climate change’ cult indoctrination (as I noted the other day). And how are they starting off? Al Roker just got back from Greenland, and he’s horrified by what he saw there As part of NBC’s upcoming “Climate […]

Climate Scientist Billie Eilish Wants Fans To Join Climastrology Protests Or Something

Remember when we weren’t supposed to listen to anyone who didn’t have a degree in climate science? Heck, even meteorologists didn’t count. Unless they are card carrying members of the Cult of Climastrology, of course, such as Greta Thunberg, who’s mentioned later in the article Pop sensation Eilish urges fans to join climate protests Pop […]

Comrade Bernie Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Pimp His $16 Trillion Climate Plan

As I noted, a chunk of Comrade Bernie’s climate plan is dedicated to getting rid of fossil fuels, and doing it quickly. It would force you to give up your fossil fueled vehicle and essentially stop aviation. You could take a train or a bus, as long as they don’t use fossil fuels. But, that […]

Private Jet Travel Is Greener Than You Think Or Something

As Yechezkel Moskowitz notes, “This is totally bonkers – the leftist propogandists will rationalize anything to defend their own.” The Cult of Climastrology will do everything they can, because this is about politics, not science. Here’s Excitable Doug Gollan Private Jet Travel Is Greener Than You Think Much like before and after the World Economic […]

What’s The Real Reason Climate Cultist Big Wigs Are Hypocrites?

One of the reasons I would guess is because this has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with politics, about government control, and said government control won’t effect the big shots. Michael Shellenberger writes The Real Reason They Behave Hypocritically On Climate Change Is Because They Want To British Royal couple Prince […]

Bummer: Climate Cultist’s Boat Trip Across Atlantic May Not Be As “Green” As Stated

Sarcasm on a Saturday morning is fun. I actually haven’t mentioned much of this little cultist/climahypocrite who’s certainly being controlled by the big cult members, now seems a good time I wish The Times would stop bullying a teenage girl who’s just trying to save the world. (Am I doing this right?) “Greta Thunberg’s yacht […]

Say, Are You A Climahypocrite?

Despite the yammering of eco, these people are not environmentalists. They are climate cultists masquerading as people who care about the environment. And utter nags to boot Are you an eco-hypocrite? Recycling. Electric cabbing. Not eating meat. All in a day’s fighting back for Samuel Fishwick. Well sort of. Welcome to the conflicted life of […]

Seattle Passes Green New Deal, Arrests Climate Kid For Vandalism

People were totally terrified of the climate crisis (scam), and willing to pay a lot more in taxes and fees and lose their choice Seattle City Council passes Green New Deal resolution The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday in support of a resolution for a Green New Deal. Many people testified in favor of […]

Climate Cultists Wants To Know When Republicans Will Come Out Of The Climate Closet Or Something

Hyper-warmist Justin Gillis rears his head up in the NY Times (which got rid of its climate section years ago), likening climate change to gays coming out of the closet The Republican Climate Closet When will believers in global warming come out? …. What exactly is going on here? I got my first clue a […]

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