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It’s Now Immoral To Oppose Windfarms Near Your Or Something

Remember, this is all about Science! Climate change: Opposing windfarms morally unacceptable – expert Communities opposed to wind turbines in their local area do not have an “acceptable moral position”, according to a climate change expert. Dozens of large-scale windfarm applications are being considered as Wales tries to reach net zero. Campaigners say the ambition […]

Older Americans To Blockade Banks That Fund Fossil Fuels On Tuesday Or Something

See, they already had a lifetime of traveling with fossil fuels to their hearts content. All the planes, boats, vehicles. All the benefits of petroleum to make things like shoes, paint, cassettes, solvents, golf bags, perfume, fishing lures and rods, deodorant, denture adhesive, tennis rackets, cortisone, dentures, golf balls, refrigerators, telephones, and so much more. […]

Secretary Of Navy Says Hotcoldwetdry Is Top Priority

Continuing the them of climate cultists ruining the U.S. military today Navy secretary cited climate change as top priority as Biden proposes shrinking the fleet Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said he sees fighting climate change as a top priority for the Navy as the Biden administration proposes shrinking the fleet by two […]

Surprise: Bill Gates Doesn’t Want To Give Up His 1%er Lifestyle For Hotcoldwetdry

Even if he gave up half of what he’s doing now he wouldn’t be “impoverished” Bill Gates criticizes idea of leading ‘impoverished lifestyle’ to address climate change Microsoft founder Bill Gates reiterated his view last week in the contentious debate about whether individual sacrifice can make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change, casting doubt […]

Climate Doom Today: Miami Beach, Smartphones, “Real Solutions”

Warmists are so cute when they trot out feel green projects Miami Beach Takes Action to Combat Climate Change with Innovative Seawall Project In the face of rising sea levels and increasing frequency of extreme weather events, Miami Beach has taken a bold step to protect its residents and infrastructure from the impacts of climate change. The […]

DOT Inspector General Is A Big Fan Of Mayor Pete’s Private Jet Travel

So much so, the IG plans to inspect Pete’s use of private jets Inspector general investigating Pete Buttigieg’s extensive private jet travel after Fox News Digital report The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) internal watchdog is opening an audit into Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over his extensive use of private jets, the agency confirmed to Fox […]

Climahypocrite Bill Gates Has No Intention Of Giving Up His Fossil Fueled Private Jets

Of course he won’t. Like most Warmists, he won’t reduce his own carbon footprint, he’ll just pay a “ticket” for his Bad Behavior, while trying to force Other People to have their carbon footprints reduced by government Bill Gates on why he’ll carry on using private jets and campaigning on climate change Bill Gates does […]

Climate Peasants Suddenly Notice That Elites Are Rather Climahypocritical

Only well over a decade too late. Heck, this was truly noticed by Skeptics all the way back in 2007, when so many flew to the exotic vacation spot of Bali for the UN IPCC on private jets that they had to be deadheaded (flown with no passengers) to other islands The rich and powerful […]

Kamala Takes Fossil Fueled Trip To Ann Arbor To Whine With Climate Kids

She couldn’t have done this on a zoom call? Perhaps she could have met them at the border, a place she’s never been Kamala Harris in Ann Arbor: Young activists must lead charge against climate change Truly eradicating the detrimental impacts of climate change requires activism, investment and an understanding how pervasive these problems are […]

Climahypocrite Of The Day: Billie Eilish Refuses To Give Up Merchandising, Fossil Fueled Flights

I really do not get the fascination with her music: I personally find it dull and depressing. It’s downbeat and unexiting. But, I guess others like to be bored with music. And too be lectured by a youth who’s a climahypocrite and *checks notes* no degree in science, particularly in climate science Billie Eilish: Climate […]

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