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Angela Merkel Urges Dialogue Between Climate Cultists And Skeptics

It’s rather hard to have a conversation with climate cultists who are unable to provide any proof of their beliefs, refuse to practice what they preach, block you on all social media, refuse to appear on TV shows with anyone who doesn’t have the same rigid beliefs, and Demand that all news outlets refuse to […]

Jeff Bezos: If You Deny ‘Climate Change’ You’re Not Being Reasonable

Almost no one denies that the climate has changed. It’s the norm on planet Earth, and, within the Holocene era, there are warm and cool periods. The argument (yeah, it’s long past being a debate) is on causation: is this warm period, unlike all the others, mostly/solely caused by the actions of Mankind, or is […]

For New Year’s, Climahypocrite Doesn’t Want To Be A Climahypocrite Anymore

And Warmist Conal Hanna has ideas I’m a climate change hypocrite — but I’m making a New Year’s resolution to do things differently ….. (snip through a bunch of paragraphs) If we are to neutralise the threat of climate change, we must first neutralise the power of self-interest. But doing so requires a hard look […]

Sheriff Joe Thinks We’re All Dead If We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels

What Joe Biden really means is that you have to be forced to give up fossil fuels, as he runs around the country using vast amounts of fossil fuels So, Sheriff @JoeBiden , when are you going to stop using fossil fuels? — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) December 31, 2019 From the link Former Vice President […]

Fat Shaming: Cult Of Climastrology Wants To Tackle Obesity

The same people who support overweight people, holding them up as icons and such, decrying anyone who says “saying it is OK and great to be fat because it is unhealthy” as a fat shamer, also complain about obesity as being bad for ‘climate change’ Another reason to combat the obesity epidemic: scientists say overeating […]

Harvard Names “Climate Emergency” Word Of The Year

Who wants to tell them? ‘⁦⁦@Harvard⁩ faculty chooses “climate emergency” as the “word of the year”. Such is the state of higher education. Read the testimonials. What lofty prose. One token prof points out it is not actually an emergency. No one is fleeing! — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) December 24, 2019 Say, will Harvard […]

Angry Tears Flow As Politicians Fail To Stop “Climate Darkness” In Madrid

Perhaps they wouldn’t have so many tears if they weren’t taking long fossil fueled flights from half a world away? Tears flow as politicians fail to dispel ‘climate darkness’ Standing before a captive audience at this month’s climate change conference in Madrid after entertaining them with a dance in her traditional Pacific island costume, 21-year-old […]

Cultist Mike Bloomberg Unveils His Climate Plan Or Something

Apparently, high flying Michael Bloomberg missed the part where focusing on ‘climate change’ killed off the aspirations of Jay Inslee, and doesn’t really move the needle with the even Democrats. People might care about man-caused climate change in theory, but, not in practice. Most do not want to pay even $10 a month to “solve” […]

As Latest Climate Scam Meetings Kick Off In Madrid, UN Chief Warns Of Coming Doom

Just like we’ve been hearing for 30 years, yet the doom never seems to arrive U.N. chief warns of ‘point of no return’ on climate change U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged countries Monday not to give up in the fight against climate change, as representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Madrid for a two-week […]

High Flying John Kerry Recruits Big Wigs For His “World War Zero” Climate Scam

It’s funny how you get all these rich and powerful folks whose carbon footprints are massive attempting to tell Other People how to live their lives. Well, not really tell so much as get government to apply force. This is one of the major points that changed me from a warmist to a Skeptic John […]

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