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Canadian Cult Youths Not Giving Up On Their Lawsuit Attempts

What they aren’t willing to do is modify their own lives to accord with their Beliefs, so, they’ll continue attempting to force courts to force Other People, even though they already lost in court 15 youths not backing down in their fight to sue Ottawa over climate change inaction Fifteen Canadian youths are asking Ottawa […]

Students Create Art For Climate Crisis (scam), Demand People Listen To Them

How’s that Instapundit saying go? When the people who tell me this is a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis by practicing what they preach, I’ll start believing it’s a crisis ‘Start listening to us:’ Local students create climate change art for Earth Day Amid melting snow and spring temperatures at Squaw Valley Alpine […]

New York City, Which Survives On Fossil Fuels, Sues Fossil Fuels Companies

So, just wondering when the City Of New York plans on giving up it’s own use of fossil fuels to run their operations. Police, fire, trash collection, street cleaning, schools, etc and so on. How about Mayor Bill de Blasio and his use of fossil fueled private jets? New York City sues Exxon, BP, Shell […]

China Joe To Soon Reveal How To Spend Your Money Solving The Climate Crisis (scam)

Oh, and not just your money, but how the U.S. government will further control your life Joe Biden to reveal US emissions pledge in key climate crisis moment Joe Biden faces a key test of his commitment to climate action this week, when he sets out his core plans for tackling the climate crisis and […]

High Flying John Kerry Goes To South Korea For Climate (scam) Talks After China

John “I was in Vietnam” Kerry is really racking up the frequent flyer miles, having previously been in India. Strangely, no one in the media is willing to show what type of plane he’s been flying on. I wonder why? And, aren’t there more pressing issues for South Korea, such as the nutjob to the […]

China Joe Takes Long Fossil Fueled Helicopter Flight Home To Delaware

This is nice And not one reporter called the guy pushing all sorts of 'climate change' stuff for taking a fossil fueled helicopter instead of the train — WilliamTeach2 (Gab – WilliamTeach) (@WTeach2) April 17, 2021 The train runs from D.C. to Delaware. Remember how they used to tell us that China Joe rode the […]

Apple Pledges $200 Million, Promises To Be Carbon Neutral By 2030 Or Something

I wonder if this means that most of their products will no longer be primarily produced in China, including iPhones, iPads, computers, and earbuds. It’s not all in China, they have factories around the world. What’s the carbon footprint of all that plastic and such used and shipped on fossil fueled autos, ships, and planes? […]

If It’s Such A Climate Emergency, Why Do So Few Act Like It?

It is a good, and relevant question, but, not one climate cultists really want to answer, because they think words matter more, and want to apply their Beliefs to Other People ‘Words matter’: Numerous news outlets to use ‘climate emergency’ instead of ‘climate change’ Forget climate change. It’s a climate emergency. The evidence is irrefutable, […]

Britain Really Wants Thousands To Descend On Nation Taking Fossil Fueled Flights For COP26

They really want it to be in person this year, because the lockdowns they put in place, some of the most burdensome in the world, were just so inconvenient for the climate cult. What if COVID is still raging in Europe and many parts of the world as it is now? The Elites keep doomsaying […]

Doom: Sea Level Could Rise 20-30 Because You Ate A Burger

If you would just comply and give up your money, freedom, and choice to Government, everything would be OK Sea levels are going to rise by at least 20ft. We can do something about it The climate emergency is bigger than many experts, elected officials, and activists realize. Humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions have overheated the […]

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