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Nations Urged To Heed Climate Activists Demands To Do Stuff The Activists Won’t Do

How about nations listen to all those who do not want higher taxes, higher cost of living, higher energy prices, and more government control over our lives rather than those who refuse to practice what they preach? Nations urged to heed climate activists’ demands for bold action The world’s major economies must do more at […]

Surprise: Big Tech Companies Trying To Kill Climate (scam) Legislation

This is very interesting. So many of these companies are pushing all sorts of “green” measures, both for their own companies and publicly by government. They yammer about green servers and using electric vehicles for operations and reducing their carbon footprints. Yet Apple, Amazon and others back groups trying to kill US climate legislation Apple, […]

Bummer: China Joe Climate (scam) Agenda Hangs In Balance

Perhaps Surrender Joe could simply put the climate scam stuff in another bill, vote for it on it’s own merits, rather than sticking it in a massive, highly partisan piece of legislation that even has a few Democrats bowing out? Perhaps Joe, his people, and the elected Democrats could show the way and practice what […]

Bummer: Small Islands Caught Between Tourism And Climate Doom

This has been mentioned many times, namely, that so many island nations who want all sorts of climate cash make a huge chunk of their GDP, in many cases the majority, off of tourism. Meaning tourists fly in on fossil fueled jets and expect modern amenities in nice rooms. These islands, heck, even places like […]

Surprise: World Leaders Yammer About Solving Climate Crisis (scam) While Taking Lots Of Fossil Fueled Flights

Think back to the 2007 UN IPCC Conference on the Parties, held in the exotic location of Fiji. So many people took private jets to complain about ‘climate change’ that there was nowhere to park the jets, so they had to deadhead them, ie, fly with no passengers, to other islands. Then fly them back […]

The Nation: All You Peons Must Be Stopped From Resuming Your Pre-COVID Travel Habits

Because you’re destroying the Earth, you know, all from ‘climate change’. No mention from The Nation writer Rafia Zakaria of all the elites flying to the Emmys, or to the United Nations for the latest meeting. Nor that Biden took a fossil fueled flight from D.C. to NYC yesterday, then back to the White House, […]

With Most Nations Failing Their Paris Pledges, U.N. Warns Of “Catastrophic Pathway” Or Something

Well, of course they do, with the big UN IPCC Conference On The Parties coming up in November, where 10,000+ will take fossil fueled trips from all over the world to complain about Other People using fossil fuels. And, this happens ever year in the months leading up to each COP United Nations Warns of […]

Climahysteric Medical Journals Warn Of Catastrophic Harm To Health From ‘Climate Change’

Another day, another prognostication of Doom from the Cult of Climastrology Medical journals warn climate change will cause ‘catastrophic harm to health’ More than 200 of the world’s leading health journals banded together over the weekend to release a joint statement imploring global leaders to cut greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, which they […]

Teen Vogue Wants Fossil Fuels Companies To Climate Reparations

I just have to wonder, for all the work writers for Teen Vogue put in on screeds like this, do any of the teen girls actually read them? Or, are they more interested in the fashion, makeup, celebs, hair, and the other things that most teen girls are interested in? Or, is TV driving teen […]

China Says Poor Relations With U.S. Imperil Progress On ‘Climate Change’

China likes to say the right things on Doing Something about the climate emergency (scam), but, they’re also building lots of coal fired power plants and putting more and more fossil fueled vehicles on the streets. And so much more that the Warmists hate. This is all about scamming the climate crisis scammers China warns […]

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