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Bummer: Schwarzenegger Says Warmists Doing Terrible Job Of Selling Their Cult, Er, Concerns

Why do we have to sell scientific truth in the first place? If the science was sound people could look and say “huh, I get it.” Schwarzenegger to CNN’s Axelrod: Environmentalists doing a terrible job selling climate change concerns Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger slammed environmentalists for failing to “sell” concerns about climate change to […]

Governments Will Have To “Nudge” People To Eat Less Meat Or We’re All Doomed

This comes from people who refuse to tell us that they have mostly given up their own eating of meat Save the Climate, Eat Less Red Meat The way we eat is going to have to change — that is, if we are to preserve a livable climate on Earth. A new international study makes […]

There’s Only One Solution To Ending Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Surprisingly, it’s not a tax, as written by Mayer Hillman at the UK Guardian There are three options in tackling climate change. Only one will work The world faces a near-impossible decision – one that is already determining the character and quality of the lives of the generations succeeding us. It is clear from the […]

Al Gore: Well, Sure That Climate Report Was Torqued Up To Scare Lawmakers

This is the way science works in the Cult of Climastrology: manufacture some scares rather than actually doing science and saying “here it is” (Watts Up With That?) Former Vice President Al Gore: “The language that the IPCC used in presenting it was torqued up a little bit, appropriately – how [else] do they get […]

NY Attorney General Attempts To Shake Down Exxon With Climate Scam Lawsuit

I wonder when the NY Attorney General’s office will stop using fossil fuels for their activities, both professionally and personally? NY Sues Exxon For Allegedly Defrauding Shareholders On Climate Change Risks New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit Tuesday against ExxonMobil for allegedly downplaying for decades the risk the company’s oil products pose on the […]

Not A Cult: Rabbi Blesses Electric Vehicles

Remember, folks, this totally isn’t a religion or cult or something #GreenReligion update from Yale: "The rabbi who blessed electric vehicles" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 22, 2018 From the link Last May, Rabbi Joel Abraham drove his Chevy Volt to Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. As rabbi of nearby Temple […]

LA Times Loves The Notion Of A Carbon Tax On Other Companies

Democrats, and some squishy Progressive Republicans, keep trying to make a carbon tax happen. Funny that they never include themselves in the plan A carbon tax is a good idea — so long as it doesn’t come with industry handouts Exxon Mobil made a bit of a splash Tuesday when it announced a $1-million, two-year […]

Climate Change Apathy Is The Biggest Threat To Planet Or Something

Because closing all those coal power plants which provided reliable, dependable, low cost energy hasn’t worked, it’s time for people to be forced to Do Things that satisfy the bigwigs in the Cult of Climastrology (which they themselves rarely do) Climate change apathy, not denial, is the biggest threat to our planet Three years after […]

Renowned Climate Scammer Does One Thing To “Reduce” Her Climate Footprint

Climate scammer Katherine Hayhoe loves to link her supposed belief in Christianity to her belief in anthropogenic climate change. She just doesn’t like to do a lot in her own life The one thing a renowned climate scientist does to reduce her own impact on the environment Recently, the news about our planet’s health hasn’t […]

NYC Goes Green For Climate Week Or Something

By “green”, they don’t mean anything so pedestrian as giving up their own use of fossil fuels or anything NYC GOES GREEN AS GLOBAL POLITICAL LEADERS OPEN 10th CLIMATE WEEK NYC 2018 At the Opening Ceremony of Climate Week NYC today, global political leaders will assemble to drive forward momentum on climate action. Climate Week […]

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