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Denying ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is A War On Humanity Or Something

The real “war” is those who Believe in AGW yet refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels, washers and dryers, ice makers, plastics, synthetic clothes, don’t only buy local, don’t grow their own food live in anything but a tiny home, etc and so on, making their lives 100% carbon neutral, but, […]

Say, When Will This Warmist Shut Up About ‘Climate Change’?

How to lose friends every morning — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) February 2, 2018 Joelle Moses has found a great way to lose friends I recently woke up at my family’s cabin, hung-over, and got into a car with some friends to embark on our journey home. Somehow, I got talking about climate change. Although […]

Good News: We Can Battle The Climate Change Scam Without Washington!

Excitable Bill McKibben is very excited over the prospect. Can you guess what’s missing in his recommendations? We can battle climate change without Washington DC. Here’s how …. Winning those elections is crucial in other ways – it will help the effort to play defense on issues including the environment – but since global warming […]

Comrade Bernie Is Totally Ready For #FossilFree

Trump's position on climate change is pathetic and an embarrassment to the world. We must fight back. On Jan. 31, join me and tens of thousands of people across the U.S. as we tune in to chart the path to go #FossilFree. — Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) January 26, 2018 But, has Bernie gone fossil […]

Blackrock Investment: Capitalism Has To Change To Stop ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Yet another example of 1) people who already got theirs wanting to stop the same for others, and 2) Warmists hating capitalism (via Watts Up With That?) (Renew Economy)  Capitalism must change to avert climate change, according to the vice-chair of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock. Two weeks ago, Blackrock boss Larry Fink shook the […]

Surprise: Four Out Of Five Countries Are Late On Their Climate Change (scam) Dues

It seems like lots of countries love the notion of Doing Something in theory. Giving up their own money? Not so much France, Germany, US among 166 countries late on UN climate dues Four out of five countries are late in making their contributions to the UN climate change body’s operating budget. Under Donald Trump, […]

Richmond, California Joins Climahysteric Lawsuits Against Companies That Allow City To Operate

Richmond will soon be added to the list that Exxon Mobil and others sue back (Think Progress) Richmond, California has become the ninth city in less than a year to bring major fossil fuel companies to court over climate change. On Monday, the city announced that it was filing a lawsuit against 29 oil, gas, and coal companies […]

We’re Saved: You Too Can Now Take A Fossil Fueled Trip To Visit A Permanent Climate Change Visitor Center

This is super exciting news, you guys. World's first permanent visitor centre on climate change to open in Ireland – Lonely Planet Travel News – #ClimateChange — GlobalClimateTreaty (@ClimateTreaty) January 15, 2018 It’s great that Richard Branson showed up. I wonder what the carbon footprint was for the flight? (Lonely Planet) The first ever […]

Los Angeles, Which Uses Vast Amounts Of Fossil Fuels, Considers Joining Lawsuits Against Fossil Fuels Companies

The City of Los Angeles proper is a rather large place. It encompasses 502 square miles, and has a population of almost 3.8 million. This requires a massive fleet of fossil fueled vehicles, from police vehicles to ambulances to fire trucks to helicopters to garbage trucks to buses to all sorts of other city owned […]

NY Times Goes After NYC Mayor De Blasio For Climahypocrisy

Somehow, this random act of journalism by Jim Dwyer slipped through the layers and layers of #Resist editors Battling Climate Change from the Back Seat of an S.U.V. Purring in the mild winter day, a small armada of S.U.V.s was parked Thursday morning along 42nd Street outside the New York Public Library. Inside was Mayor […]

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