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Democrats Love The Green New Deal (And Using Lots Of Fossil Fuels)

Most of them prefer that you, the peons, be forced to not use fossil fuels Daniel Turner: 2020 Democrats love the Green New Deal but embrace fossil fuels to power their campaigns Each of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates has a slogan. The one for Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is “for the people.” Former Vice […]

Surprise: Democrats Spend Bigly On Private Jet Flights

See, these same Democrats all have some sort of Big ‘climate change’ plan which will limit your use of fossil fuels, and most want to get rid of fossil fuels. And most have shown their support for the Green New Deal. Yet Green New Deal Update: Democrats Spend Big on Private Flights The Democratic Party’s […]

Totally Peaceful (And Hypocritical) Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Arrested For Smashing Window

This is how it begins. The Left is out in the streets, marching for something. They keep pushing the boundaries, till the violence ensues Extinction Rebellion co-founder arrested after smashing ministry window A founder of the Extinction Rebellion pressure group was arrested Tuesday after climbing the building housing Britain’s transport ministry in central London. Gail […]

How To Nag Your Friends And Family To Live More Hotcoldwetdry Friendly

Young snowflakes attending University! with no life experience have Ideas How to encourage your friends and family to live more sustainably Even the most dedicated eco-warriors sometimes find it tough to inspire planet-friendly behaviour change in others. Sarah Ford-Hutchinson, from the University’s Department for Social Responsibility, gives us her top tips for encouraging your friends […]

UK Police Say Extinction Rebellion Nuts Are Hiding Nails And Razors In Lock-Tubes

These pose a danger to police HIDDEN DANGER Extinction Rebellion protesters hide NAILS and BLADES in ‘lock-on’ tubes to make removing them more dangerous, cops claim The eco-warriors are in the middle of a two-week demonstration to bring London to a grinding halt to try and force the Government to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The […]

We’re Saved!

#ClimateAction — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 10, 2019 And this one

UN Flies In Jason Momoa For ‘Climate Change’, Exposes His Hatred Of Humanity

One has to wonder what was the carbon footprint of filming, distributing, and showing his movies? All the fossil fuels for travel for filming, all those who went to the theaters in fossil fueled vehicles. But, hey, I’ll be happy to skip all future Jason movies This just in: Jason Momoa hates humans; he thinks […]

Bummer: Prince Harry’s Eco-Anxiety Leaves Him Struggling To Get Out Of Bed

But, he has a solution for it Prince Harry: Eco-Anxiety Leaves Me Struggling to Get Out of Bed He might look like he’s got it made: a vast personal fortune, a beautiful wife, celebrity friends (and easy access to their fleet of private jets), most of his own hair, and free food. But don’t let […]

Post #ClimateCrisis March, Climahypocrisy Abounds

So, the kiddies had their little hissy fit on Friday, demanding that Other People do something, refusing to give up their own big carbon footprints, then headed home in fossil fueled vehicles, then surely did things that require vast amounts of fossil fuels on Saturday. Adults are not immune to climahypocrisy, and this is perfect […]

LA Times Says We Must Get Rid Of All Fossil Fuels, And Prepare For Sacrifice

I’m assuming that the editorial board of the LA Times isn’t referring to actual sacrifices, but, this being the Cult of Climastrology, you can never be sure Editorial: Surviving climate change means an end to burning fossil fuels. Prepare yourself for sacrifices The evidence, the expert advice, common sense — they all point to a […]

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