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Brandon To Go After Industrial Products Manufacturers For Carbon Pollution Or Something

This Brandon? Biden took Air Force One – 747 to travel 110 miles to vote after he celebrated passing a $700 Bill funding climate change. — Sunny Days????Deplorable Hoosier???????? (@SmellyCat2Sunny) September 14, 2022 Let’s see: he took Marine 1 to Andrews on Tuesday, jumped on a fossil fueled jumbo jet, taxied, took off, landed, parked, […]

Bummer: World Leaders Being Told No Private Jets And SUVs For Queen’s State Funeral

Such a real shame when the people who tells us there’s a crisis have to act like it’s a crisis, if only for a day or two Biden on a bus? Brits say president, other world leaders to be escorted to queen’s funeral in coaches Ditch the armored limo. Leave the presidential chopper at home. […]

Bummer: Climahypocrite King Charles III Appears To Be Giving Up His Climate Activism

Yes, the guy who travels in fossil fueled private jets all over the world and fossil fueled SUVs and fossil fueled yachts may have to stop yammering to get governments to force you peons to Do Something King Charles III appears to signal an end to climate change activism Outspoken about the “existential” threat posed […]

Janet Yellen To Take Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Make Speech Denigrating Fossil Fuels Companies

Unshockingly, The Hill reporter Tobias Burns failed to attempt to ask Janet Yellen how she’s traveling to the violent, Democratic Party run city of Detroit. Is she taking the train or an electric vehicle? Or, a fossil fueled flight followed by a fossil fueled limo? Without fossil fuels, how does Detroit survive? The Red Wings, […]

Kim Kardashian: I Pick And Choose How I Do Something About ‘Climate Change’

Kim is basically speaking for the vast majority of Warmists, especially the grand high poobahs in the Cult of Climastrology Kim Kardashian amid private jet flak: I ‘pick and choose’ how to help climate change Kim Kardashian says she’s doing her part to combat climate change — despite using her relatively new private jet to fly everywhere. […]

Huge Gathering In Jackson Hole Complains About Climate Doom

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this? Climate change alters life at Fed’s Jackson Hole conference When officials of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City sought a location for an annual economic symposium in 1982, they chose Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a simple reason: It had fly-fishing. Paul Volcker, the Fed chairman at the […]

Brandon To Sign Major Climate (scam), Health, And Tax Bill In Between Fossil Fueled Flights

The Credentialed Media isn’t even trying to portray the IRA as an inflation reduction bill Biden to sign major health, climate and tax bill Tuesday at White House ceremony President Joe Biden plans to sign the Democrats’ massive climate, health and tax bill into law on Tuesday at the White House, marking a major accomplishment […]

Bummer: California Hates Fossil Fuels But Needs Them For Power

Does California really hate fossil fuels? Obviously, the minority which votes Republican doesn’t. But, what of the typical Democrat voter? They profess they hate fossil fuels and want them gone, and support silly initiatives like suing fossil fuels companies, blocking construction of new gas stations, doing away with the sale of fossil fueled vehicles in […]

Kamala Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Announce ‘Climate Change’ Grants

See, we’re doomed from fossil fuels, so, Kamala took a fossil fueled flight and fossil fueled convoy to announce money for Doom Harris says the U.S. government is partnering with groups in Miami-Dade on $50 million to protect low-lying neighborhoods from flooding caused by sea rise and hurricane storm surges. The White House is making […]

Some Americans Say They’re Willing To Ditch AC To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

I’m sure some are willing to actually do it, particularly if they live in a place that barely ever needs it, but, come on, few are truly willing to do it. Just say it in polls and such Some Americans willing to ditch air conditioning to reduce carbon footprint Tourists in the Big Apple shared […]

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