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Republican Warmists Is Super Excited To Do Something About ‘Climate Change’ While Jetting Around The World

It just goes to show that not all Warmists are Democrats here in America, just like not all Democrats are pro-baby killing. And this has made the Washington Post’s fake Conservative (one of them) Kathleen Parker super giddy This South Carolina Republican is off to tackle Everest — then climate change Tom Mullikin is that guy — […]

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is Running For President Because ‘Climate Change’

Democrats now have another old, white person running for the nomination. As a governor, he might have a better chance than the rest of the yahoos expected to run, being Senators, but, not with this climahysteric platform Jay Inslee Is Running for President The Washington governor has a single-minded focus: pulling the country back from […]

Say, Why Don’t Washington Voters Want To Be Carbon Taxed Out The Wazoo?

A big case of Someone Else syndrome Why Do Washington Voters Struggle With Climate Change Policies? Despite environmental awareness and the public’s apparent desire for reform, statewide initiatives keep failing Attempts to tax carbon emissions have twice failed on Washington state ballots and efforts in the Legislature have been stalled. And while activists say they’ll […]

NY Mag: Almost Everyone Is In Denial Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Why? David Wallace-Wells, who forgets to tell us anything about giving up fossil fuels and going carbon neutral in his own life (I’ve asked him on Twitter, and fully expect to be blocked), explains You, Too, Are in Denial of Climate Change You, too, are in denial. We all are, nearly every single one of […]

We’re Save: Fashion Companies Take A Stand Against ‘Climate Change’

Gotta love when a company that relies on shipping their products all over world which requires lots of fossil fuels climavirtue signal Stella McCartney, Burberry among fashion brands uniting against climate change The multitrillion-dollar business of fashion, with its complex and long supply chain, is worryingly vexed with problems contributing to climate change. The fashion […]

Questions Of Massive Regulatory And Taxation Schemes Are Burning Up At UN Climate Meeting

It’s great when you have 10,000+ members of the Cult of Climastrology taking long fossil fueled trips to tell us that fossil fuels are bad and we need lots of regulation and taxes on Other People Why We Don’t Need a Moonshot to Solve Climate Change The prospect of solving climate change often prompts grand […]

Guy Who Uses Tons Of Fossil Fuels Wishes He Could Time Travel To Get Rid Of Fossil Fuels

No, not that guy. Not the other one. Or those over there. This one Guy who drives large fossil fueled vehicles and lots of fossil fueled plane trips complains — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) December 4, 2018 From the article Arnold Schwarzenegger says he wishes he could travel back in time like the cyborg he played […]

We’re The Last Generation That Can Stop Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

So, there are, or at least will be, over 10,000 people gathering in Poland for the last United Nations climate talks (no, not that one the other month. Or that one. Or the other. This is the yearly Big One), most of whom took long fossil fueled trips to attend from around the world. A […]

Bummer: Most European Union Nations Are Not Meeting Their Paris Climate Agreement Commitments

The U.S. under Donald Trump is actually seeing a reduction in the carbon footprint per citizen, much of it due to the expansion of the use of natural gas. It wasn’t intentional, just a byproduct. And Trump has pulled the U.S. essentially out of the Paris Climate Agreement. How about the nations that are super […]

Bummer: Schwarzenegger Says Warmists Doing Terrible Job Of Selling Their Cult, Er, Concerns

Why do we have to sell scientific truth in the first place? If the science was sound people could look and say “huh, I get it.” Schwarzenegger to CNN’s Axelrod: Environmentalists doing a terrible job selling climate change concerns Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger slammed environmentalists for failing to “sell” concerns about climate change to […]

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