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Young Climahypocrites Say Now Is The Time For Revolution

What these young climate activists are showing is that the ‘climate change’ movement is really just about left wing politics These Young Climate Justice Advocates Say It’s Time for a Revolution On July 21, youth climate marchers will converge on Washington and around the country to demand a better future. So, wait, they’re going to […]

Ireland Becomes First Nation To Divest From Fossil Fuels (Which Government Will Still Use)

This is supposed to be super duper crazy big news, especially for a nation that is 2nd worst for tackling Hotcoldwetdry in Europe Ireland becomes world's first country to divest from fossil fuels #Ireland #fossilfuels — Guardian Environment (@guardianeco) July 13, 2018 From the article (which is basically mirrored all over the leftist news […]

We Might Have To Ditch Our AC’s Even Though ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is Making It Hotter

All I have to say to Kelly Kasulis is “You first, chump, you first” Climate change is making our planet hotter — but we might have to ditch the AC Americans love air conditioning — and to a serious fault. At least three quarters of all homes in the U.S. have an air conditioner, according […]

Rhode Island Gives Suing Fossil Fuels Companies A Whirl

It’s not like a federal judge hasn’t already shot down other lawsuits or something Rhode Island Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change, First State to Do So Rhode Island on Monday became the first state to sue oil companies over the effects of climate change, filing a complaint seeking damages for the costs associated with […]

Kennedy’s Retirement Could Make It Harder To Fight ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

I would think it would be pretty easy for Warmists to fight ‘climate change’: simply give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral. Use super expensive coolants for their freezers and fridges, hand wash clothes, two minute showers, grow their own food, etc. Justice Kennedy’s Replacement Could Make It […]

Climahypocrite Town To Continue Wasting Taxpayer Money On Climate Change Lawsuit

Interestingly, the city hasn’t said word one about giving up its own use of fossil fuels, banning the sale of fossil fuels in town, telling its residents to stop using fossil fuels, nor telling tourists to not bring their fossil fueled vehicles to town (San Diego Tribune) A federal judge earlier this week may have tossed […]

Surprise: Warmist Says Capitalism Is Killing The Planet

Funny how so much of the ‘climate change’ dogma revolves around hardcore Progressive/Marxist/Socialist/etc beliefs Capitalism is killing the planet and needs to change, says investor Jeremy Grantham Jeremy Grantham, the longtime investor famous for calling the last two major bubbles in the market, is urging capitalists and “mainstream economists” to recognize the looming threat of […]

Who’s Up For A Climate Positive Burger?

Lunch with a side of cultism The World’s First Climate-Positive Burgers: Max Burgers Now Help Fight Climate Change This morning, from the main stage at SB’18 Vancouver, Max Burgers’ Chief Sustainability Officer, Kaj Török, announced that the Swedish burger chain is set to offer the world’s first climate-positive burgers. Török said that customers will soon be able to […]

Totally Not A Religion: Pope Summons Oil Execs To Talk ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Nice that this pope cares more about a mythical issue way more than the murder of the unborn. How often does he talk about that? Summon Liberals to the Vatican to talk about it? Did you hear the Pope chiming in about the recent vote in Ireland to allow abortion on demand? Anyhow, remember, folks, […]

Young Americans Totally Want ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Solutions On Other People

When you control the education system and the news media, you can forcefeed young stupid minds anything you want Young Americans Want Solutions To Climate Change It was one of the largest youth-led protests since the Vietnam War, as hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the capital to protest gun violence. But it wasn’t the size or scale of […]

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