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Doom Today: Seas Will Totally Rise For 300 Years Because You Had A Burger

Or maybe it’s Michael “Robust Debate” Mann’s fault Mann takes CO2-spewing flight to New Zealand, then laments the approach of an allegedly CO2-induced cyclone — Tom Nelson (@tan123) February 20, 2018 Here’s what Mann has caused Seas Will Rise for 300 Years And the longer it takes to reduce carbon emissions, the higher they […]

‘Climate Change’ (scam) To Accelerate Wacky Weather In Near Future Or Something

When in the near future? They don’t say Climate change to accelerate extreme weather events in near future Heat waves are expected to become more frequent and more intense, if we continue to emit these warming greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The unprecedented extreme weather that we’ve seen over the past year is clearly a […]

Surprise: Humans Reversed Global Cooling Per Pollen Data

If we did, that would be a good thing, would it not? Remember the 75 million killed by the Black Plague during the beginning of the last cool period? How about all the wars, famine, strife? And how Mankind jumped ahead in technology, life expansion, medicine, women’s rights, and so forth during this warm period? […]

The “Warming Hole” In The South Is ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

And the cold weather means people aren’t going to Believe in anthropogenic climate change atmosphere cancer Snow-covered beaches? Chilly iguanas? They are part of a mysterious ‘hole’ in global warming Frigid iguanas in Florida. Snowball fights on North Carolina’s beaches. Recent winters have delivered a bitter chill to the Southeast, reinforcing attitudes among some that […]

Climate (scam) Scientists Have Grim New Warning Or Something

Don’t they always have some sort of grim new warning? Or grim warning based on talking points that haven’t yet appeared but Totally Will Any Day Now? Scientists Just Issued a Grim New Warning on Climate Change: ‘We Are Not Prepared’ New research shows that countries around the world are falling short of greenhouse gas […]

Denying ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is A War On Humanity Or Something

The real “war” is those who Believe in AGW yet refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels, washers and dryers, ice makers, plastics, synthetic clothes, don’t only buy local, don’t grow their own food live in anything but a tiny home, etc and so on, making their lives 100% carbon neutral, but, […]

Warmists Want Olympics Athletes To Be Vocal On “Climate Change’ (scam)

This would be a fantastic way to get lots of people to tune out Every Olympic athlete in Pyeongchang should be vocal about climate change …… It’s not much of a leap from those two underweight snowmen to the Winter Olympics. Yes, the Games are big business. But every Winter Olympian’s love of their sport […]

‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Ruin Golf In The Future Or Something

They just keep trying to scare us, eh? Report: Future Open Championship venues could be threatened by climate change The Open Championship celebrated its 146th edition last summer at Royal Birkdale. The rotation of 10 different courses has been mostly the same for the last few decades, but a recent report noted that the event […]

Trump Has Declared War On The Climate Or Something

It’s a kind of day. First they’re yammering on about how great it would be if Paris sued fossil fuels companies, and they want cities to divest from fossil fuels, and then they were given a platform at The Hill. This bit of nuttiness is by May Boeve, the executive director Trump has declared […]

Bummer: Global Temps Might Possibly Maybe Blow Past Paris Climate Agreement Limit Within 5 Years

I should put a reminder on this post for 5 years to see if it comes to pass Global temperatures could pass limit set by Paris climate deal within 5 years Global temperatures could surpass a limit set by the Paris climate agreement within the next five years, according to a new forecast by British […]

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