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Starving Polar Bear Video Makes Climate Alarmists Even Nuttier

The Cult of Climastrology long agon made the polar bear, a massive animal that has no problem killing other animals and humans, the face of climate change doom. They’re having apoplexy over one in particular, and, among the news fables on it, this is possibly the nuttiest Video of starving polar bear fuels fears of […]

Surprise: Worst Case Hotcoldwetdry Prognostications Are Most Accurate Or Something

Who’s surprised by this latest bit of cult validation, raise your hand Worst-case global warming predictions are the most accurate, say climate experts Current predictions of climate change may significantly underestimate the speed and severity of global warming, according to a new study. Reappraisal of the models climate scientists use to determine future warming has […]

‘Climate Change’ Might Lower Salaries Or Something

The latest in scary this might possibly maybe could we think prognostications from the Cult of Climastrology, and this is a Whopper from the same people who think abortion on demand is super awesome, and that fetus’ are just lumps of tissue Climate Change Might Lower Salaries Even if countries take moderate action on climate […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ To Make Thunderstorms Larger And More Frequent

You know what this soothsaying by the AP’s resident hyper-Warmist Seth Borenstein means, right? That thunderstorm activity is going to immediately become much, much less (News-Press Now)  Summer thunderstorms in North America likely will be larger, wetter and more frequent in a warmer world, dumping 80 percent more rain in some areas and worsening flooding, […]

Bummer: Two Canadian Areas Could Soon Be Under Water Or Something

The latest in Doooooooom Two Canadian places that could be under water in 100 years — or sooner It’s easy to ignore, until suddenly it’s not. As the earth warms, Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets melt and sea levels rise steadily – just a third of a centimetre a year or so, but it adds […]

Thousands Of Activist Scientists Warn Of Doom Or Something

Usually, the Alarmist wing of the Cult of Climastrology issue their most doomy proclamations prior to each year’s UN IPCC meetings. But, there are always a few that come out during, in order to attempt to give the conference some news bites (this years is pretty much back page news, if mentioned at all). Like […]

Trump Admin Allows Release Of Report Blaming Mankind For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Tons of media outlets think they Have Something, in that Team Trump would allow this Hotcoldwetdry report to be release. Here’s the Washington Post Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change And the NY Times U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials You can go round […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Like A Slowly Boiling Frog Or Something

If you consider “boiling” to be a minuscule 1.4F increase in global temperatures, much of which has been artificially manipulated, over 160+ years Climate change is the slowly boiling frog in the pot of the Earth Imagine you just bumped into a friend you hadn’t seen in ages. Had they gained a little weight or […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Going To Put A Damper On Beer Or Something

This is not a new idea. It’s something that’s been thrown around by Warmists for years. But, hey, like any doomy prognostication from the Cult of Climastrology, it has to be repeated every once in a while with even more Doom Climate change is hurting craft breweries First it came for the wine. Now, climate change […]

Surprise: We’ve Been Calculating Earth’s Warming Trend All Wrong, So We’re Doomed

In Science, if you make a hypothesis, and it turns out wrong, you must match the conclusion to the data. In “climate science”, if the conclusion is wrong, change the data to match the hypothesis. And, if you need to do a bit of scaremongering. It’s the new science New science suggests the ocean could […]

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