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Good News: We Now Have 20 Years Left To Save The Planet From ‘Climate Change’ Doom

There’s always an extension, because they’ve learned that the previous ones fail 1989: "A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) April 8, 2019 […]

‘Climate Change’ Could Turn Us All Cannibal Or Something

Since Democrats tend to shy away from owning firearms, guess who gets eaten first? Anyhow, while the point of the study may or may not have been to link what’s going on with the current (and typical) warm period, news outlets and others running articles is meant to invoke a belief among Warmists that this […]

Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism

If you look back five, six, even ten years, Warmists called me a conspiracy monger for suggesting that the whole anthropogenic global warming/climate change movement was really political, and included ending capitalism. Pushing far left dogma, including economic change. Heck, even some Skeptics thought I was nuts. Yet, I kept highlighting the stories, and over […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Will Make Walks In The Woods Much Rarer Or Something

Can most urban dwelling members of the Cult of Climastrology even find the great outdoors? Other than to take a quick selfie for social media than escape back to a Starbucks, of course Climate change will make a walk in the woods a much rarer pleasure If you like to take a walk in the […]

The Green New Deal Is Better Than Our Climate Nightmare Or Something

Here’s a NY Times op-ed the other dayday Green New Deal is technologically possible, experts say. But it will cost trillions of dollars, require expansive new taxes and federal programs, and could not be accomplished within the 10-year timeframe that supporters say is necessary. — NYT Climate (@nytclimate) February 21, 2019 So, massively expensive […]

‘Climate Change” Could Maybe Possibly Cause More Hypothermia In Homeless Or Something

Another day, another thing that they’re attempting to blame on Other People for living a modern lifestyle More Homeless People Are Dying of Hypothermia in Los Angeles Than in New York. Is Climate Change a Factor? In Los Angeles, a city known for its sunshine and mild temperatures, more homeless people died of hypothermia last […]

Latest Climascare: Rise In Kidney Disease Your Fault For Driving A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

This still provides zero proof of anthropogenic causation The disturbing hypothesis for the sudden uptick in chronic kidney disease Our kidneys might be vulnerable to the more frequent extreme heat brought on by global warming. In its early stages,┬áchronic kidney disease┬ácan lurk silently in the body, causing no symptoms at all. Eventually, as these vital […]

Polar Bears Invade Russian Town, ‘Climate Change’ Blamed

First they were telling us that polar bears were going extinct, and would starve to death. Now they’re doing well and running around in gangs Stupendous #ClimateScamBS from #FakeNews source WaPo: Is this what starving polar bears look like? Will CO2 caused all 25,000 polar bears to get emaciated like that sick one in 2017? […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Making Cute Birds Crazed Murderers Or Something

Some Warmists: “We need to calm down a bit, our apocalyptic talk is scaring people off and making us look crazy” Mother Nature News: “Hold our beer” It's like climate scammers aren't even trying any more. — Tom Nelson (@tan123) February 9, 2019 From the link Climate change is having devastating effects on our […]

Democrats To Hold Hearing On ‘Climate Change’ While Using Lots Of Fossil Fuels

They do realize that the building the are holding the hearing in gets most of its power from coal, right? And that most of the Democrats will and the people who are “testifying” will arrive in fossil fueled vehicles, right? With The Planet In Crisis, Congress Is Here To Talk About Climate Change The playing […]

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