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Climate Change Caused A Massive Ocean Extinction Which Could Happen Again Or Something

We can fix this with a tax, you know How climate change choked ancient life to death — and why it could happen again Scientists say rapidly warming oceans played a key role in the world’s biggest mass extinction, 252 million years ago, and could point to the risks that lie ahead in an era […]

Nutters Prognosticate U.K. Being 5 Degrees Celsius Warmer By 2070

Hey, why not? Virtually every one their predictions has failed to materialize, and most of the scientific community and the news media fail to call them out on it Climate change to make UK summers more than 5C hotter by 2070, Met Office warns Extreme heatwaves will scorch the UK as rising sea levels swallow […]

Supremacist Medical Organization Says ‘Climate Change’ Is Threat To Health Of Humanity

Since the membership of this supremacist/separatist group tends to vote 90% Democrat, of course they oppose getting rid of one of Obama’s “signature” accomplishments Climate change is a threat to the health of the human species The National Medical Association opposes the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan and replacement with the Affordable Clean […]

New Democratic Socialist Rep Says People Will Die Unless We Do Something About ‘Climate Change’

Super Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t gotten the memo that she’s supposed to recommend a carbon tax, but she is good at aping the standard boilerplate doomsaying from the Cult of Climastrology (Daily Caller) Democratic Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used social media on Friday to call for the issue of climate change to be addressed “ASAP,” or […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Is Like A Terror Movie!

Too bad the movie isn’t like A Quiet Place, because it’s getting tedious listening to Warmists look into their crystal balls and give their future prognostications ‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters Global warming is posing such wide-ranging risks to humanity, involving so many types of phenomena, that by […]

Gov. Moonbeam: Skeptics Will Be Believers In Under 5 Years

Considering the authoritarian nature of the political left, is this a threat? Will we be forced to Believe? We’ve seen enough tweets and articles and statements and cartoons about forcing people to Believe, about jailing them, and even killing/executing them Jerry Brown: ‘In Less Than 5 Years’ Even the Worst Climate Change Skeptics ‘Are Going […]

Since You Ate Lots Of Ice Cream This Summer, Rat Populations Could Explode Or Something

Seriously, all that ice cream required lots of moo cows producing milk. Then all the sugar and flavorings which all had to be trucked in by fossil fueled vehicles, churned, then put in some sort of container, then shipped to the stores in trucks that used evil for climate change refrigerants, then you drove your […]

Bummer: If We Break 1.5C Hundreds Of Millions Will Die And Earth Will Be Uninhabitable

I’ve often wondered why other Warmists, who say they are just Concerned and want to Do Something, almost never ever stand up and say “dude! You are not helping with this unhinged, over the top doomsaying” (via Watts Up With That?) Gloves off over climate policy: ACF chief Kelly O’Shanassy has run out of time […]

Al Gore: Well, Sure That Climate Report Was Torqued Up To Scare Lawmakers

This is the way science works in the Cult of Climastrology: manufacture some scares rather than actually doing science and saying “here it is” (Watts Up With That?) Former Vice President Al Gore: “The language that the IPCC used in presenting it was torqued up a little bit, appropriately – how [else] do they get […]

Climate Doom Today: It Could Maybe Possibly Make Beer More Expensive

The Cult of Climastrology has spun the wheel and decided this is their point of attack today Thanks To Climate Change, You May Need To Shell Out More For Beer, Study Finds Climate change has been blamed for the wild swings in agricultural crop yields, but it could also result in a doomsday scenario for drinkers: Beer, […]

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