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Pro-lifers Should Be Concerned With ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

Does this mean the pro-murder folks shouldn’t be concerned? This is just another hot-take designed to increase the membership of the Cult of Climastrology Pro-lifers should be concerned about climate change | Opinion Toddlers will melt your heart with their innocence, trust, and wide-eyed wonderment. Their mischievous curiosity and determination to sit, stand, crawl, walk, […]

HotCold Take: Half Of Americans Could Maybe Possibly See Harsher Conditions From Climate Crisis (scam)

They aren’t even pretending that this is anything other than straight up scare-mongering Half of all Americans could find themselves in harsher conditions as the climate crisis causes wildfires on the West Coast, hurricanes on the East Coast, and natural disasters throughout the country About half of all Americans, or 162 million residents, will likely […]

Excitable Joe Biden Says He’ll Stop Bad Weather If Elected President Or Something

Political newcomer Handsy Joe Bide says to trust him, his inexperience in government will allow him to make changes to stop Bad Weather ‘Is this doomsday’: Biden says wildfires show Trump doesn’t deserve reelection, calls him ‘climate arsonist’ Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday that urgent action is needed to prevent climate change, pointing […]

Warmists Say Earth Could Maybe Possibly Hit 1.5C By 2024

This is scaremongering with an out: they’re saying we’re doomed but if it doesn’t happen they didn’t say it would, just that it might. So, it’s not really a scientific study, it’s a political study EARTH MAY PASS A DANGEROUS WARMING LIMIT BY 2024 — STUDY THE PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT SEEKS TO LIMIT GLOBAL WARMING […]

Earth is Barreling Towards “Hothouse” State Or Something

Hasn’t anyone told climate cultists that this year’s IPCC Conference on the Parties has been cancelled, so there’s no reason for the doomy prognostications in the normal runup to it? Or, perhaps it’s the coming election? Earth barreling toward ‘Hothouse’ state not seen in 50 million years, epic new climate record shows Sixty-six million years […]

Climate Cultists Push New Talking Points: Disaster Amplification

Yes, the new growing point seems to be “yes, these types of things, such as wildfires and tropical storms and rain and snow and stuff have always happened, but, they’re worse now”, and now the NY Times has noticed (and runs this as their banner story, with some small ones on 9/11 further down the […]

You Ate A Burger, Making Hurricanes Bigger And Stronger

Scientists can’t definitively say whether you driving a fossil fueled vehicle to a restaurant then eating a burger is linked, but, no problem people will still link them. Here’s one of the bullet points As the planet continues to warm, such rapid intensification events are expected to get more frequent, and storms will become stronger and wetter. They […]

Your Fault: Beer To Taste Different Due To ‘Climate Change’

Thanks. Just because of your selfishness in eating burgers, driving fossil fueled vehicles, and living a modern lifestyle, rather than giving up meat, paying $130K for a Tesla, and paying extra taxes to The Government, beer will taste different Climate Change Will Make Beer Taste Different (Yes, Really) Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Colleen […]

The World Will Soon Have Baghdad Type Heat From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

See, it never got hot in Baghdad before the invention of the fossil fueled combustion engine Baghdad’s record heat offers glimpse of world’s climate change future This city roars in the summertime. You hear the generators on every street, shaking and shuddering to keep electric fans whirring as the air seems to shimmer in the […]

Climate Change (scam) To Make Your Commute Worse Or Something

Dragging out the crystal balls on this one Why climate change is about to make your bad commute worse Something remarkable happened on American roadways during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic: In even the most congested cities, traffic started moving again. With Americans staying home, cars suddenly rolled over highways like water through a […]

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