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Vox: We Can’t Really Blame The Los Angeles Tornado On ‘Climate Change’, But, Hey, We Can Strongly Hint It

Well, you had to know that the climate cultists would be out and about linking climate doom with the tornado, right? It’s what they do. And then they jump in their fossil fueled vehicles to get some food delivered to the store by fossil fueled trucks Yes, there was just a tornado near Los Angeles. […]

UN Head Says Sticking To Facts Could End Hotcoldwetdry

When will we be provided with some cold hard facts that prove that the Modern Warm Period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind? Sticking to ‘cold, hard’ climate facts can end global warming: Guterres World leaders need to listen to and act on solid scientific guidance to urgently reduce global warming, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres […]

Miami Youts Ready To Tackle Climate Crisis (scam)

So, are they forgoing all use of fossil fueled travel? No more car rides, bus rides? Ride bikes or walk to school? And to places to take their selfies? Significantly reduce their use of energy on their smartphones? Not get a new phone ever 2 years or less? No new clothes? Miami kids eager to […]

Lake Levels Are Rising And This Is All Your Fault

This was just a few months ago Bodies of water all over North America are drying up due to drought, climate change: Experts And there are plenty blaming climate apocalypse on rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes drying up. Now Lake levels are rising across the world and climate change is to blame ON THE shores […]

Your Fault: Climate Doom Coming For Tequila

Well, this is a kick in the pants. I rarely drink, but, when I do, I drink beer or tequila. You need to stop driving your fossil fueled vehicle and give all your freedom to government Climate change is affecting agave crops, tequila Wednesday is National Margarita Day and this year, it deserves special attention […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Causing A Great Displacement In Florida Or Something

A few people were freaked out by tropical systems which never hit the Florida Keys before CO2 went above 350ppm Florida’s Great Displacement has already begun The state’s climate exodus has already begun As many residents will be proud to tell you, the thousand-odd islands that make up the Florida Keys are one of a […]

‘Climate Change’ Makes Every Coastal Home Like A Stick Of Dynamite Or Something

The scaremongering is ramping up, as is the invective. Why not? They’re science cannot stand on it’s own Every Coastal Home Is Now a Stick of Dynamite The Langfords got out of Houston just in time. Only two months after Sara and her husband, Phillip, moved to Norfolk, Virginia, in June 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck, […]

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Making Tampons More Expensive

See, if you do not Believe in anthropogenic climate change and aren’t willing to give up your money, freedom, and liberty, you’re a sexist. You hate women (though, most Warmists have trouble defining what is actually a woman these days, because science) How Climate Change Is Making Tampons (and Lots of Other Stuff) More Expensive […]

Who’s Ready For The “Doom Loop” From Climate Apocalypse?

The cult induced fearmongering just never stops. Say, I wonder when the Washington Post will stop using fossil fuels to run their whole operations? Beware a climate ‘doom loop,’ where crisis is harder to solve, report says The devastating effects of climate change on Earth could become so overwhelming that they undermine humanity’s capacity to […]

Your Fault: Climate Emergency May Be Spreading Malaria In Africa

Apparently, malaria was super-isolated before fossil fueled vehicles. Just a few cases. No big deal. But, now, Doom! How Climate Change Is Spreading Malaria in Africa Warming temperatures are chasing animals and plants to new habitats, sometimes with devastating consequences to ecosystems. But there is little evidence regarding how far and how fast the invaders […]

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