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Your Fault: Stinkbugs Could Make It Far Inland In The Northwest

If only you were willing to give up all fossil fueled travel and just ride a bicycle we could fix this Climate change could make stink bugs more common in the Inland Northwest Some smelly creatures could become more common in the Inland Northwest because of climate change. According to a new study from Washington […]

Climate Cult Seems Confused That People Keep Moving To The Doomed Coasts

Perhaps they could ask Obama and Biden why they bought fancy houses at the beach? Climate change makes living at the coast riskier. But more people keep coming. Among the counties that trace the coastline of the contiguous United States, two very different pictures emerged from the latest census. One shows how residents fled after devastating hurricanes, fueled […]

Millennials And Gen Z Need To Get Elected To Do Something About Climate Doom

They could all give up their use of fossil fueled travel (especially for selfies at places they don’t care about, just wanting the picture), stop using so much electricity for streaming videos, and so much more, making their lives carbon neutral, right? Millennials and Gen Z want to stop a climate catastrophe. But first they […]

Hurricane Fiona Is Harbinger Of Climate Doom Or Something

You just knew this was coming, right? It’s traditional. Expected. Invariable. Unfailing. The climate cult’s orthodoxy Hurricane Fiona is a harbinger of climate future For the second time in five years, Puerto Rico has been blasted with a massive hurricane, causing widespread flooding and power outages, and the increasing severity of these storms is caused […]

Fog Could Maybe Possibly Be Disappearing From San Francisco Due To Climate Doom

This is all your fault, you know This is all your fault for refusing to give your money and freedom to government #ClimateCrisisScam — William Teach2 #refuseresist (@WTeach2) September 15, 2022 Behind the paywall link, which I’m reading using Pocket It was the first morning of summer, the start of fog season. But the […]

Doom: Rising Seas To Cause $34 Billion In Damage Within 30 Years

I blame you for refusing to become a cult member Rising seas fueled by climate change to swamp $34B in US real estate in just 30 years, analysis finds Higher high tides, supercharged by rising sea levels, could flood all or parts of an estimated $34 billion worth of real estate along the nation’s coasts within just […]

Just A Tiny Temperature Rise Could Cause Doom Or Something

The best part is the subhead of this Science article which is devoid of science Just a small rise in Earth’s temperature could cause irreversible ecosystem and weather changes Scientists call for forecasting teams to join forces, improve estimates of “tipping points” Forecasting? Like how weather forecasts seem wrong more often than right? How the […]

A Warming World Is Causing Us To Change How we Dress Or Something

This is so horrible! We used to have to wear heavy clothes when we went ice skating and attended the carnivals on the frozen River Thames during the Little Ice Age, now (Yahoo non-paywalled version here) Dressing for Hot: How a Warming Planet Is Changing What We Wear Shirts made from the same polymer as […]

Your Fault: Flood Maps Out Of Date Because You Won’t Buy An EV

How dare you! US flood maps outdated thanks to climate change, Fema director says Flood maps used by the federal government are outdated, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or Fema, said on Sunday, considering a series of devastating floods caused by excessive rainfall induced by climate change. Deanne Criswell told CNN’s State […]

Now We Have Zombie Ice Melting From Climate Crisis (scam)

Hey, look, something new from the Cult of Climastrology! Zombie ice from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches Greenland’s rapidly melting ice sheet will eventually raise global sea level by at least 10.6 inches (27 centimeters) — more than twice as much as previously forecast — according to a study published Monday. That’s because […]

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