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Human Rights Might Not Survive ‘Climate Change’, Create Climate Apartheid Or Something

You know it’s summer, because the Cult Of Climastrology ramps up the doomy prognostications and such from Unhinged to Deranged. And this is a new one ‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive The world is increasingly at risk of “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape heat and hunger caused […]

The Climate Crisis Will End The Golden Era Of Food Choice Or Something

Remember when some Warmists were saying that the Cult of Climastrology needed to turn down the doomy prognostications because they weren’t helping? Of course, most ignored this advice, ones such as Vox’s Sean Illing. But he did get the memo to call it the climate crisis instead of climate change The climate crisis and the […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Choking The Atlantic Ocean To Death Or Something

There was a brief time when high ranking/influential members of the Cult of Climastrology said that the apocalyptic yammering needed to cool down. That the scare-mongering had to calm down. That the amplifier needed to be turned down from 11 to about a 4, because, otherwise, it would be hard to take political action. Warmists […]

Your Fault: New Zealand Town See Massive Plague Of Rats

Supposedly, they are big as cats, and CNN is on the case Rat infestation plagues New Zealand town A beachside New Zealand suburb known for roaming chickens and yoga has become infested with hordes of unwelcome guests: large, writhing rats. The rodents — which have swarmed around shops and houses in the artsy west Auckland suburb of Titirangi […]

‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Threaten World Peace In 10 Years

It’d be a real shame if a tiny increase in CO2 and the world’s temperature would threaten these thousands of years of world peace. But, hey, we can forestall this with a tax! Climate change seen posing threat to global peace in next 10 years Climate change poses a threat to peace in countries around […]

‘Climate Change’ Is A Threat To World Peace Or Something

Say, was it ‘climate change’ that caused Germany to be a main catalyst of two world wars? Climate change an ‘unconscionable’ threat to peace: German foreign office Governments must invest new effort and money to prevent climate change from driving new conflicts, according to a diplomatic statement drafted by the German foreign office. The “Berlin […]

Good News: End Of Civilization From ‘Climate Change’ Pushed Out To 2050

The good news is that civilization will not end in just under 12 years now, and as we get closer to 2050, it will be pushed out to 2080, then 2100, and so forth. But, hey, we can solve this with a tax "Climate change could end human civilization by 2050" #CrazyBS — Tom […]

Landfalling Hurricanes May Become More Intense With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Sometimes I think that I should make the scaremongering headlines on ‘climate change’ all capitalized, just for the extra Doom. Regardless, you know what this prognostication means, right? Hurricane landfalls may grow more intense with climate change Future hurricanes may become more intense as they track toward the East Coast. An atmospheric barrier guards much […]

Say, Will ‘Climate Change’ Cause Humans To Go Extinct Or Something?

Humanity has survived millions of years of constantly changing climate. We’ve gone through hot, we’ve gone through ice ages. Humanity has spread from the wilds of Africa to the tips of the world. We live in warm, cool, cold, hot, wet, arid. We live in mountains, we live on plains, we’re on islands, we’re in […]

We’ve Created A Civilization Hell Bent On Destroying Itself From Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Remember the day when fringe doomsday nutjobs were pretty much ignored, rather than held up as paragons of virtue? Climate change: ‘We’ve created a civilisation hell bent on destroying itself – I’m terrified’, writes Earth scientist The coffee tasted bad. Acrid and with a sweet, sickly smell. The sort of coffee that results from overfilling […]

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