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Climate Doom Today: It Could Maybe Possibly Make Beer More Expensive

The Cult of Climastrology has spun the wheel and decided this is their point of attack today Thanks To Climate Change, You May Need To Shell Out More For Beer, Study Finds Climate change has been blamed for the wild swings in agricultural crop yields, but it could also result in a doomsday scenario for drinkers: Beer, […]

Crisis Delayed: New Hotcoldwetdry Report Says Chance Of Doom As Early As 2040

This rather contradicts all the current Warmist fear-mongering about ‘climate change’ being here now and causing every single Bad Weather event, like this Increased extreme weather event due to climate change. This is the most serious threat humanity has ever faced. Thanks GOP and climate deniers. — LaneBrooks (@lanebrooks) October 7, 2018 Plenty more […]

ZOMG: Earth’s Climate Monsters Could Be Unleashed!!!!!!!

Apparently, the upcoming UN climahysteric report is being written as something from Stephen King or other horror writers. Earth’s climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise As a UN panel prepares a report on 1.5C global warming, researchers warn of the risks of ignoring ‘feedback’ effects This week, hundreds of scientists and government officials […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Could Possibly Maybe We Feel Reduce Scallop Production

If you’d only agree to pay lots of taxes and give up your freedom to Government we could stop this New Study Shows Climate Change Could Reduce Scallop Population Researchers in Massachusetts say under the worst case scenario, climate change could reduce the scallop population by more than 50 percent in just a few decades, […]

Good News: ‘Climate Change’ Will Cause Mosquitoes To Rule The Earth

I look forward to serving out new overlords Mosquitoes Will Rule the Earth as Climate Change Expands Disease Vectors Although many U.S. politicians insist on denying climate change, most scientists worldwide are believers. And the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even has a pagedescribing concerns over climate change and the likelihood it will increase the […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Require More Robot Farmers

You refused to handwash your clothes, take the bus to work, and use two pieces of toilet paper, hence (the … in the excerpt is theirs, as they are excerpting another article which is here) Climate change could accelerate demand for robot farmers It’s harvest season in the Northern hemisphere, so farmers head into the […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Is Making The Earth Wobble

If only you had forgone your use of a fossil fueled vehicle, had given up meat, started taking 2 minute showers, moved into an off-the-grid shack, and, really, just killed yourself because Warmists complain about too many people on Earth Climate Change Causing the Earth to Wobble? NASA Says, Yes! Climate change is impacting how […]

UN Secretary General: We’re In (Yet Another) Pivitol Moment On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

As Anthony Watts notes How many times have the goalposts been moved where that pivotal moment has been reached, and we are just a couple of years away from the irreversible or runaway scenario. I’ve lost count. Here’s what Anthony is referring to UN chief: ‘Pivotal moment’ for fighting global warming U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres […]

Say, Where Should You Move To Be Safe From ‘Climate Change’?

Obvioiusly, in recent years the Cult of Climastrology has been yammering on about “climate refugees.” Now, a big push is to attempt to scare people by telling them they will need to move to escape from the worst effects of a whopping 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850 Where should you move to save […]

Florence Brings A Deadly Hotcoldwetdry Message Or Something

The always Excitable Jill Filipovic, who usually focuses more on murdering the unborn, takes time out of her busy schedule of flying between NYC and South Africa to fearmonger on Hurricane Florence, because, this is what the nutters in the Cult of Climastrology do Florence’s deadly message As people race away from the coast, many […]

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