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Doom Today: ‘Climate Change’ Is Coming For Your Garden

Hey, a doomsday cult always has to come up with new things that are doomed, right? The climate crisis is coming for your lovely English garden Daffodils flowering before Christmas. Roses still in bloom in January. Grapes flourishing in the home counties. Across the UK, the changing climate is upending gardening calendars. But while milder […]

Who’s Up For Some Omnicide With Our ‘Climate Change’ (scam)?

This is one I’ve seen cropping up on climate Twitter, and now we have From Climate Change to Omnicide As this decade dawns, we are confronted with the reality of climate crisis—both in the image of uncontainable fires raging across the Australian bush, and in the voices of young people speaking truth to power and […]

Your Fault: Hotcoldwetdry To Kill Off All Corals By 2100, So Stop Focusing On Pollution

Apparently, the Doomsday Cult of Climastrology is back to pimping doom for all corals, because their apocalyptic ideas are never shelved for long Climate change could kill all of Earth’s coral reefs by 2100, scientists warn Climate change could destroy almost all of Earth’s coral reef habitats by 2100, according to new research. About 70-90% […]

United Nations: Tiny Increase In Global Temps Threatens Future Of All Children Or Something

There’s not a big United Nations Hotcoldwetdry meeting coming up, is there? The U.N. usually reserves this kind of fear-mongering for the month before the Conference On The Parties working vacations in December Climate change threatens future of all children: UN report The future of every single child in the world is at risk as […]

Say, What’s The Worst Case Scenario For Climate Doom In 2050?

Another day, another prognostication of climate doom. This one is meant to sell a book by Christiana Figueres, who’s a massive Warmist and served as the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Even Warmists like Michael Mann avoid these doomy prognostications, but, they are in the minority ‘The only uncertainty is […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Means Longer Flights And Fewer Passengers

If only you had a salad instead of that cheeseburger for lunch the other day, this wouldn’t be a maybe possibly it could totally happen in the future issue Climate change means longer take-offs and fewer passengers per aeroplane – new study The connection between your next flight and climate change is likely clear in […]

ClimaDoom Today: One Third Of All Plants And Animals Could Maybe Possibly Be Gone In 50 Years

We can fix this with a tax, though Study: One-Third of Plant and Animal Species Could be Gone in 50 Years University of Arizona researchers studied recent extinctions from climate change to estimate the loss of plant and animal species by 2070. Their results suggest that as many as one in three species could face […]

Doomsaying Models Claim Up To 9 Degrees Increase

There’s always some sort of doom coming from the Cult of Climastrology, so, it’s no wonder their flock are unhinged, anxiety ridden messes A few climate models are now predicting an unprecedented and alarming spike in temperatures — perhaps as much as 5 degrees Celsius Several recent climate models have suggested the Earth’s climate could […]

Doom! ‘Climate Change’ Is Coming For Your Oreos!

Let’s see, the climate cultists have already proclaimed future doom for coffee, beer, wine, chocolate, lobster, fish, tequila, scotch, avocados, and so much more. This one is aimed at convincing kids that we’re Dooooooomed Climate change is coming for your Oreos The latest victims of climate change could be Oreos, as drenched fields across the […]

Hotcold Take: Your Carbon Footprint Makes Future Epidemics More Likely

Yup, this is all your fault. We all saw you use a hair dryer, drink non-Fair Trade coffee, drive a fossil fueled vehicle to work, and have an evil burger for lunch The Wuhan Coronavirus, Climate Change, and Future Epidemics A previously unknown strain of coronavirus has dominated headlines in recent weeks, and alarmed public […]

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