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Gloom And Doom Won’t Help Us Fight ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Seriously, the Cult of Climastrology doesn’t have much else other than doom and gloom, all in an attempt to institute Modern Socialism. Even when they’re fighting over whether to shame heretics or not, they still push doom and gloom Why doom and gloom won’t help us fight climate change … The drumbeat of news about […]

The Climate Change Scam Is Making Warmists All Sorts Of Crazy (Part Lots)

It’s a circular problem: high poobah’s in the Cult of Climastrology make Dire Pronouncements Of Doom, which are then broadcast by the compliant Credentialed Media, filter to the Warmist blogs and such, out to social media, with the Doom being magnified each time. Then they tell us how much this is giving people all sorts […]

Your Fault: UK Guardian Finally Gets In The Business Of Blaming California Cliffside Collapse

If you’ll think back just back to the 3rd, a cliff collapsed in California near the sea, killing three and hurting several others. The climate cultists came out in droves to blame this on ‘climate change.’ Now, of course, some will say this was just the fevered rantings of some outlying kooks. But, what of […]

Think Progress Says We Only Have 14 Months Left To Save The Climate Or Something

There have been lots of bad Warmist predictions, such as Doom by 2000. NYC would be under water and be like Daytona Beach. That the Earth would be 2-4 degrees higher by than 1988 by 2018. And, so, since those and all the others were not working out , we then got doom in 2100. […]

Bummer: We Now Only Have 18 Months To Save The Planet From Hotcoldwetdry

Next month it’ll be 1 year BBC: "Do you remember the good old days when we had "12 years to save the planet"? Now it seems, there's a growing consensus that the next 18 months will be critical in dealing with the global heating crisis" #ClimateScamBS — Tom Nelson (@tan123) July 24, 2019 The […]

Bummer: Climate Despair Is Making (Crazy People) Give Up On Life

How does this work again? Manufacture a crisis from normal climate actions of the Earth, blame Mankind Tell everyone it is a doomy crisis, especially in schools for young minds Tell people that this tiny increase in the Earth’s average temperature, totally usual, is causing mental illness When some people start identifying with that mental […]

New Prognostication: London To Be As Warm As Barcelona In 30 Years

Another day, another prognostication of Doom By 2050, London’s climate will be as warm as Barcelona’s, says new study In 2050, London’s climate will feel more like Barcelona’s, according to a new climate change study. If this sounds like a pleasant warming — think again. London could be facing severe drought, as Barcelona did in 2008, […]

David Attenborough Says We Need To Get Radical To Solve ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Sir David Attenborough makes some wonderful programs, does he not? Blue Planet was incredible, as are his others. Unfortunately, he’s gone 100% around the bend to become a Warmist. But, hey, in recommending we become radical, he’s going to tell people he’s given up his massive use of fossil fuels and energy to make all […]

Psychologists Are Very Concerned About News Of Bad Weather Causing “Eco-Anxiety”

While not a new thing, the amount of articles about people having mental issues over a tiny increase in the Earth’s average temperature has grown quite a bit as of late, especially as it relates to children, so, some sort of talking points memo must have gone out, because here comes another The Barrage of […]

‘Climate-Change’ Anxiety Is Now A Part Of Growing Up Or Something

Have you ever felt anxious and then realized you had yourself work up over nothing? Perhaps you had too much coffee or you’re hungover. Perhaps you’ve been eating poorly. Or skipped the gym. These are all things you’ve done to yourself, creating anxiety over nothing. Kinda like this Climate-change anxiety is now a part of […]

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