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Warmists Really Warming Up To This Whole “Don’t Debate” Thing

I had actually had something similar to this, from the UK Guardian, I believe, sitting in my GetPocket account a few weeks ago, but, never got around to bothering to write a post on it. There had also been something in the LA Times opinion section about not printing anything from Skeptics, and the BBC […]

Climate Ghouls Seem Pretty Upset That Warmer Weather Isn’t Causing More Deaths

It doesn’t help their narrative when people are not dying in droves, and they seem pretty bummed out that people are not keeling over in droves So far, more heat waves do not mean more heat deaths More Americans die from the effects of heat than of any other form of severe weather, and this summer has […]

Eating Now Needs To Be A Political And Spiritual Act Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

There’s nothing that these nutadoodles in the Cult of Climastrology, and the wider Progressive movement, won’t attempt to politicize and ruin Eating as a political, social, spiritual act: The World Peace Diet We must believe that we are capable of creating “a place of love and mutual assistance and understanding.” This is how visionary Tim Berners-Lee […]

Doom: Extreme Heat Due To You Eating Burgers To Last To 2022

This is all your fault (USA Today) This summer’s heat has shattered records around the Northern Hemisphere, from Algeria to Canada and Japan to California. New research suggests this could be only the beginning of a four-year global “warm spell.” Using a new forecasting technique, scientists in a study published Tuesday predict that the rest of 2018 through 2022 […]

Good News: Climatruther Computer Model Predicts End Of Civilization By 2040

This was apparently a Big Thing back in the 1970’s, when all the media and climate scientists were talking about the coming ice age, but, now that ‘climate change’ that causes all weather, from hot to cold to wet to dry to nice days where you take mom out for a nice lunch to say […]

‘Climate Change’ Could Be Making Arctic Wolf Spiders Bigger

I’d be willing to pay a tax to stop this from happening. Creepy little buggers Arctic Wolf Spiders Are Getting Bigger and It Could Slow Part of Climate Change Spiders and snakes and bugs, oh my. The world is teeming with different kinds of critters, and there’s a phobia for anything you could possibly imagine. Arachnophobia, in […]

Your Carbon Pollution Is Driving Conflict And Extremism In Africa

Everything was peachy keen in Africa prior to fossil fueled vehicles, you know African activist: Climate change is fueling conflict, extremism An African woman whose people are nomads constantly searching for food and water told Security Council members Wednesday they must consider climate change as a security risk that is fueling extremism, conflict and migration. […]

‘Climate Change’ (scam) Skeptics Are Innovation Pessimists Or Something

Big Government Republicans and former elected Rep Bob Inglis is super excited to browbeat people into supporting a government tax in a unique and exciting way Climate change disputers are actually innovation pessimists Climate action is being blocked more by pessimism about innovation than skepticism about causation. Scratch a climate skeptic, and you’ll find an […]

Carbon Taxes Are A Totally Non-Partisan Solution To ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

The editorial board of the Winston Salem Journal, which uses vast amounts of fossil fuels and energy to gather and distribute their news, thinks it has the solution, which solely blames Mankind for the slight increase in temperatures, missing the point that they first have to prove this using the Scientific Method, rather than talking […]

One In 10 Florida Homes Could Be Doomed From Sea Rise Or Something

This is your fault NBC2’s fault, for refusing to give up their use of fossil fueled vehicles to gather the news, and all the electricity used to broadcast the news Rising seas threaten Florida, and there’s little action from Rick Scott or Tallahassee One out of 10 Florida homes could be subject to almost daily […]

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