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Say, How Bad Can The Climate Crisis (scam) Get If Trump Is Re-elected?

President Trump should come out in favor of the Cult of Climastrology: most Warmists will suddenly find themselves “deniers” due to their kneejerk reaction to being opposed to anything Trump believes How bad can the climate crisis get if Trump wins again? Climate pollution in the US is up under Donald Trump and threatens to […]

Gizmado Warmist: The Aussie Fires Aren’t Arson (except for all the arsonists)

You know the Narrative is in danger when Warmists go off the rails, as witnessed by Gizmado’s Brian Khan It’s Not Arson, You Absolute Fucking Morons Australia’s bushfires are a bright red warning sign that the climate crisis is most definitely upon us and worse lies ahead if we don’t curb carbon pollution. That also makes them […]

All Weather Now Bears The Fingerprints Of You Eating A Burger For Lunch Or Something

See, if only you had decided to eat some lettuce and broccoli you grew yourself at the tiny apartment with no electricity, this wouldn’t be a problem The signal of human-caused climate change has emerged in everyday weather, study finds For the first time, scientists have detected the “fingerprint” of human-induced climate change on daily […]

New One: Oregon’s Climate Policies Failed Due To White Nationalist Organizing

The failure to pass climate laws that take money out of people’s pocket while limiting their freedom, liberty, and choice and giving the government more power couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the notion that ‘climate change’ is popular in theory, not practice, and that people do not want to pay out of their […]

Michael “Robust Debate” Mann Thinks St. Greta Is Actually A Climate Denier

Mann just made St. Greta’s list. This is rather a scorching hot take as we see different sects start to appear within the Cult of Climastrology. In all fairness to St. Greta, she at least sorta attempts to walk the talk Does Greta Thunberg’s Lifestyle Equal Climate Denial? One Climate Scientist Seems To Suggest So. […]

Hanoi Jane Wants “Climate Criminals” Prosecuted Like Nazis At Nuremberg

Well, now, Jane has had a pretty good life. Travel all around the world using fossil fueled transportation, eating well, dressing well, living in by mansions, but, now, she’s unhinged and ready to deny Everyone Else the benefits of a modern life UNHINGED : Jane Fonda Wants ‘Climate Criminals’ Tried Like the Nazis at Nuremberg […]

UK Guardian Wants To Change Language On ‘Climate Change’

It would probably be more helpful to prove using the Scientific Method, using actual evidence and facts and such, but, hey, this isn’t about science ‘It’s a crisis, not a change’: the six Guardian language changes on climate matters A short glossary of the changes we’ve made to the Guardian’s style guide, for use by […]

Good News: Green Energy Boom Leads To Massive Release On Most Powerful Greenhouse Gas

Obviously, we could solve this with a tax World’s most powerful greenhouse gas on the rise ‘due to green energy boom’ The most powerful known greenhouse gas has been leaking into the Earth’s atmosphere due to the green energy boom, it was reported on Friday night. Sulphur hexafluoride, or SF6, is widely used in the […]

Governments And Companies Sued 1,300 Times Over Hotcoldwetdry Since 1990 Or Something

Amazingly, most of the people bringing the ‘climate change’ suits refuse to practice what they want to force others to Governments and firms in 28 countries sued over climate crisis – report Climate action lawsuits against governments and corporations have spread across 28 countries, according to a new analysis. The study reveals that more than […]

AOC, Dems Incensed Over Biden’s “Middle Ground” On ‘Climate Change’ Comment

Joe Biden is certainly a leftist, but, he’s more old-school leftist, as opposed to today’s unhinged Modern Socialist leftist. His policies are, for the most part, not as extreme as the rest running for president, and he’s smart enough to push more middle of the road policies. So, we get something like this Exclusive: Presidential […]

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