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Small Islands Win Victory In Climate Doom Suit

I wonder if they truly considered the implications of winning Climate change: small island states hail ocean court victory A global maritime court found on Tuesday that greenhouse gases constitute marine pollution, a major breakthrough for small island states threatened by the rise in sea levels caused by global warming. Cult science. CO2 is necessary […]

“Study” Says NY Plagued By Blackouts From Global Boiling Or Something

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with New York killing off reliable, dependable, affordable energy sources and replacing them with unreliable and expensive energy sources which are dependent on the sun shining and the wind blowing, right? Replacing energy sources which can take weather and can be repaired quickly, can take over loads, with […]

Appeals Court Shoots Down Climate Kids’ Astroturfed Lawsuit

I still say it’s a shame that none of the defense lawyers, nor judges ask pertinent questions such as “what are you doing in your own life to limit your own carbon footprint?” and “you do not use any fossil fuels, right?” Appeals court rejects climate change lawsuit by young Oregon activists against US government […]

Warmists Surprised That Landfills Are Bad For Global Heating

Well, gee wiz, sparky, way to come up with new information. The NY Times seems about 30 years behind ‘Garbage Lasagna’: Dumps Are a Big Driver of Warming, Study Says They’re vast expanses that can be as big as towns: open landfills where household waste ends up, whether it’s vegetable scraps or old appliances. These […]

‘Climate Change’ Drove Extinction Of Real King Kong Or Something

I’m pretty sure this is your fault What killed the ‘real King Kong’? Scientists say they now know the answer to an ancient mystery It did not fall off the Empire State Building. Instead, a giant ape sometimes dubbed the “real King Kong” was driven to extinction by climate change that put its favorite fruits […]

USA Today Is Thrilled To Let You Know That Winter Is Due To Global Boiling

All that snow, cold, and ice is your fault for refusing to sell your fossil fueled vehicle and buy an EV, plus give a ton of your money to government The weather is getting cold. Global warming is still making weather weird. — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) December 12, 2023 From the link On the […]

NPR Seems Pretty Upset That Most Republicans Prioritize The Economy Of The Climate Crisis (scam)

How dare these Republicans care more about the economy!!!!! Three-quarters of Republicans prioritize the economy over climate change It’s hot. And some apparently don’t mind it that way. The latest heat wave is fueled by human-caused climate change from burning fossil fuels, but despite the settled science, the overwhelming evidence and the billions of dollars […]

CNN Is Vexed That Republicans Cannot Get Out Of Their Own Bind Over Summer Weather

Heatwaves happen, just like cold waves and wonderful weather. In Warmist World this is all your fault, and Something Must Be Done Why Republicans can’t get out of their climate bind, even as extreme heat overwhelms the US Deadly heatwaves are baking the US. Scientists just reported that July will be the hottest month on record. And now, after […]

CNN Wonders What Would Happen If All Gas Guzzlers Disappeared

Why don’t all the Warmists give up their own? If gas guzzlers disappeared from US car lots by 2035 and were replaced by zero-emissions vehicles, the nation would see 89,300 fewer premature deaths by 2050, according to a new report — CNN (@CNN) June 7, 2023 I’m sure there will be some serious proof, […]

Washington Post, Which Supports The Forced EV Push, Notices The Environmental Issues Created

Right above the headline at the article you’ll notice it says “clean cars, hidden toll” To meet EV demand, industry turns to technology long deemed hazardous On a remote island close to where the Pacific meets the Indian Ocean sits one of the first refineries built specifically to support the world’s transition away from fossil […]

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