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Scientific America Goes Full Climate Cult, Will Refer To It As “Climate Emergency” From Now On

Watts Up With That? ran a piece back in 2018 with some of the name changes, using this graphic It’s all about continuing to ramp up the scare-factor. The Cult of Climastrology had been seriously pimping climate crisis, maybe they should go with climate apocalypse? Citing grave threat, Scientific American replaces ‘climate change’ with ‘climate […]

High Flying John Kerry Says “Mother Earth Is Screaming At Us” Or Something

Perhaps John, who was in Vietnam, should give up all his fossil fueled vehicles, his private jet, his multiple homes, and disinherit himself from all the money from Heinz, which uses lots and lots of fossil fuels to make and distribute their products (geez, I haven’t written that in a long, long time) “Mother Earth, […]

French Parliament Votes To Include Climate Crisis (scam) In Their Consitution

I really don’t know anything about how the French constitution works, but, I have to wonder: do the people of France get a say in the matter, or, just their political masters? French Parliament votes to include climate change clause in constitution The lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly, on Tuesday voted […]

European Court Demands EU Governments Prove They’re Doing Something About Climate Crisis (scam)

In a rational world, one where the Cult of Climastrology was treated as the cult it is, the EU governments would say “sure, cool, no problem, we’ll remove all funding for energy and fossil fueled vehicles/flights for the court, disallow all meat in the court building, and remove anything which puts out “carbon pollution.” Of […]

Facebook To “Debunk” All Things Anti-Climate Cult

First, let me get this out of the way so I’m not tempted to post yet another piece about climate cultists blaming snow and ice and cold on Other People driving fossil fueled vehicles The Texas Power Grid Failure Is a Climate Change Cautionary Tale Bunch of cultish lunatics. OK, moving on Facebook will debunk […]

Climate Cult Continues Pushing Notion That Bad Winter Weather Is Your Fault

Ten plus years ago the climate cult was telling us that ‘climate change’ would mean the end of snow and that we’d all be experiencing mild winters. Now, since that prognostication has, as with all their prognostications, failed to materialize (of course, they’ll say this will all happen In The Future), they’re scrambling for reasons […]

Good News: Global Warming Is Causing Harsh Winter Weather In Europe

This is all your fault, you know that, right? How Global Warming Can Cause Europe’s Harsh Winter Weather As Germans shiver through double-digit negative temperatures and more than 80 centimeters (30 inches) of snow in parts of the country, climate science deniers have taken to social media to argue that global warming is a hoax. […]

Who’s Up For Carbon Neutral Underwear?

It’s totally rewriting the American underwear story I Tried the World’s First Carbon Neutral Seamless Underwear — and I Already Want More I stumbled upon underwear brand Parade about a year ago after seeing the brand’s impossibly cool Instagram ads. Upon further investigation, I fell in love with the mission, which is to “rewrite the American underwear […]

New Zealand To Get Rid Of Fossil Fueled Vehicles, Reduce Number Of Cows

I’m just wondering if the fossil fueled vehicle elimination applies to the Elites and politicians. And, what about their use of fossil fueled airplanes. And, what of tourists coming in on fossil fueled planes? And all the goods brought to the island nation on fossil fueled planes and boats? Climate Change: New Zealand to Phase […]

Excitable Bill McKibben: We Need To Stop Burning Things To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)

It might just only be grand high poobah Bill McKibben writing this, but, he’s a major Cult of Climastrology player, and other cultists will follow along To Counter Climate Change, We Need to Stop Burning Things If one wanted a basic rule of thumb for dealing with the climate crisis, it would be: stop burning […]

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