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Bummer: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2022

Now, wait a minute. How could this possibly happen? Despite all the spreading awareness by the Cult of Climastrology, all the pushing of “green” energy, rising use of EVs, and all the Warmists agitating to Do Something, demonizing fossil fuels, etc, one would have though that all those Warmists would have reduced their own carbon […]

Climate Scam Groups Unhappy With Climate Bill, AKA Inflation Reduction Act

More proof the act isn’t about reducing inflation The Democrats’ climate deal also has plenty for oil producers to like The recently announced Inflation Reduction Act has been celebrated as Congress’s biggest investment in fighting climate change, but the 725-page bill also has benefits for the fossil fuel industry. While the bill’s centerpiece is about $385 billion towards funding […]

Hotcold Take: This Warm Period Is Totally Different From Other Warm Periods, Per Experts

I’m surprised it took this long for a big media outlet to trot this out Fact check: Contemporary, human-driven warming has different ramifications than past warming The claim: The Arctic was warmer 6,000 years ago and 90% of glaciers were smaller or absent A recent blog post shared across social media platforms referenced a paper that reported evidence summer […]

‘Climate Change’ Made Hurricane Season Rainier Or Something

Of course they’re going to say this. When U.S. landfalling tropical systems dried up, the cult switched from saying lots of landfalling systems, like 2005 and 2006, was the new normal to “fewer but wetter.” And, they blame this on you for refusing to give up your money and freedom Pouring it on: Climate change […]

HotCold Take: Volcanoes Are Irrelevant To Today’s Climate Change

Don’t question them, they are Scientists! Just comply, Comrade Volcanoes have little to no effect on the current climate change, scientists say Scientists say volcanoes impact global warming on a non-human scale — meaning the change is too slow to observe in one’s lifetime. Billions of years ago when earth was a boiling cauldron of […]

Climate Envoy John Kerry Fails Miserably While In China

After taking a long, fossil fueled flight to China, all Kerry got was the t-shirt China ‘tells US envoy John Kerry it will follow its own climate road map’ Beijing has rebuffed American calls to make more public pledges on climate change before a UN climate summit in November, insisting it should follow its own […]

Researches “Find” Earliest Known Climate Crisis (scam) Driven War Victims Or Something

See, they found something interesting, and, so the Credentialed News would pay attention, and because these people are doomsday cultists, they had to drag ‘climate change’ into it Earliest known war driven by climate change, researchers say The 61 human skeletons unearthed in the Nile Valley in the 1960s in what is now Sudan have […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Could Maybe Possibly Wipe Out A Third Of Agriculture

Because plants do not like carbon pollution, you know Alarming Food Insecurity: Climate change may wipe out a third of Global food production Climate change is known to trigger a number of effects on Human settlement. One of the major concerns in not-so distant future can be threat to our food security. A few countries […]

Hotcold Take: America Needs Negative Zero, Not Net Zero

It’s always something with this doomsday cult, who also won’t give up their fossil fuels, modern lifestyles, and go carbon neutral Forget “net zero” emissions target — U.S. must get to “net negative” ASAP, nonprofit argues A new policy roadmap provides Congress and the White House with ways to support the growth of methods to pull carbon […]

John Kerry Won’t Let Pesky Things Like China’s Human Rights Get In The Way Of Solving Climate Crisis (scam)

Stuff like that is just very inconvenient for Kerry and the rest of the Cult of Climastrology, and should be ignored, much like Hillary Clinton did while Secretary of State for Obama (Foreign Policy) FP: Let’s talk about China. This administration has been fairly tough on China. It has accused China of conducting a genocide […]

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