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‘Climate Change’ (scam) To Cause Flooding And Droughting In People’s Republik Of California Or Somethin

Yes, I know droughting isn’t a word, but, then anthropogenic climate change is mostly not real, either California’s wild extremes of drought and floods to worsen as climate warms Over the past couple of years, California lurched from its worst drought ever to disastrous, record flooding. Now, a new study suggests the frequency of these rapid, year-to-year […]

Kids Vandalize Hawaii Streets For ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Awareness Or Something

And this was all with the permission and help of adults Hawaii students mark Honolulu’s streets to raise awareness about climate change State and community leaders, along with hundreds of Hawaii students, grabbed boxes of chalk and hit the streets on Saturday to raise awareness about climate change. Around 10 a.m. on Saturday Gov. David […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Causing Heavy Snow Or Something

  Is there anything that disproves the Warmist assertion that a tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 causes Bad Weather? And impacts everything? How climate change is causing heavy snowfall Picture this: A snowstorm moves in and temperatures are just cold enough for all snow. What happens to that same storm if you add extra moisture […]

Doom: The 100th Meridian May Possibly Maybe We’re Not Sure Be Moving Due To ‘Climate Change’

Everybody panic! Something might be happening The 100th Meridian May Be Shifting Because of Climate Change The 100th meridian, which bisects the Great Plains and separates the arid western states from the moister eastern states, may be shifting as a result of climate change, new studies say. The imaginary line, metaphorically “drawn in the dirt” by American […]

Increased Snowfall In Antarctica Is Caused By ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

With the Cult of Climastrology, everything is caused by global warming/climate change/abrupt climate destruction. Here’s CNN going wonkadoodle. And, they have changed the headline since I popped this on Twitter and now Good grief, they're blaming increased Antarctic snowfall on global warming @tan123 @ClimateDepot #climatechange scam — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) April 12, 2018 Story […]

Surprise: Now They Claim It Is A 99.94% Consensus

Having had the 97% consensus meme shown to be a 100% farce, Warmists refuse to give up on their anti-science drumbeat of consensus on the current warm period being mostly/solely caused by Mankind. And away we go 97% consensus on climate change? More like 99.94%, study finds The general trend in the media seems to […]

NY Times Is Super Thrilled To Advocate For Secret Climate Scam Science

Ever since Scott Pruitt announce that the science would no longer be secret, at least not on the taxpayer dime, all the Warmists have been coming up with various different Excuses as to why making the science transparent is a bad idea (Daily Caller) The New York Times editorial board came out against Environmental Protection […]

Heat Trapping Gases Could Totally Cause More Spring Snow Storms

I see you eating your breakfast sandwich with its horrible sausage from evil carbon pollution pigs, that you picked up while commuting to work in your evil fossil fueled vehicle: this is all your fault, and you should be forced to pay a tax to solve this whole thing, according to the people that use […]

It’s Your Addiction To Tasty Burgers That’s Causing Indy’s Pothole Mess

Potholes never happened before CO2 carbon pollution atmosphere cancer went above 350ppm Letters: Climate change lies behind Indy’s pothole mess As I swerved down the street today on my way to work, passing over some freshly patched potholes and dodging others, it occurred to me that more potholes may be, for Midwesterners, one of the […]

Bummer: There’s Something We’re Not Talking About For ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Folks, we should totally be talking about this One Effect of Climate Change We Aren’t Talking About The San Francisco Bay Area’s flood risk maps, produced by FEMA, use satellite radar to calculate city-by-city threats. One thing they don’t take into account, however: Bay-side cities aren’t just vulnerable to melting ice caps. They’re also sinking […]

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