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UN IPCC To Redefine What “Climate” Means

The Cult of Climastrology has not succeeded in implementing their political agenda in full despite 30 years of spreading awareness and using things like government grants to get scientists to ape the beliefs of the CoC. Now, they are looking to redefine what climate means. A simple explanation is that it is the long term […]

Seattle Times Comes Out Against State Carbon Tax Initiative

It is rather surprising that a very leftist paper in a very leftist city would do this, but, they have Reasons Warmist Seattle Times editorial board says vote "no" on a proposed state CO2 scam tax: "expensive and unaccountable" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 23, 2018 From the editorial Climate change is a crisis […]

Sue Happy Warmist Group Sues Multiple Federal Agencies Over ‘Climate Change’

The Cult of Climastrology can’t seem to win at the ballot box with ‘climate change’, at least not often. So, they want to sue to force their beliefs on everyone else Outdoor lovers sue US government over climate change The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued Monday to force the U.S. government to target climate change, […]

Supreme Court Puts A Hold On Kid’s ‘Climate Change” Lawsuit

The climate activist adults and groups that are certainly behind this whole thing are probably bummed (AP) The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday temporarily blocked a high-profile climate change lawsuit brought by young activists who accuse the federal government of violating their constitutional rights with policies that have caused a dangerous climate. Chief Justice John […]

Your Fault: Manitoba To Have Hotter Hot And Colder Cold Spells From ‘Climate Change’

I warned you about using hair dryers and ice makers, about refusing to grow your own veggies and give up eating meat ‘Hotter hot spells and colder cold spells’: climate change already making mark on Manitoba If you think Manitoba will be sheltered from the dire consequences of global warming, or that a few extra […]

Climate Change Apathy Is The Biggest Threat To Planet Or Something

Because closing all those coal power plants which provided reliable, dependable, low cost energy hasn’t worked, it’s time for people to be forced to Do Things that satisfy the bigwigs in the Cult of Climastrology (which they themselves rarely do) Climate change apathy, not denial, is the biggest threat to our planet Three years after […]

Christine Todd Whitman: A Carbon Tax is Totally The Free Market Or Something

Christine Todd Whitman, formally governor of New Jersey totally convinces me that man-caused climate change is real, and that mankind is mostly/solely responsible! The original headline was something about Republicans reclaiming our tradition Gov. Whitman: I’m glad to see Republicans recognizing climate change. Now they must do something During my time as both governor of […]

And Now The Cult Of Climastrology Links Itself To #MeToo

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised it took this long for the Warmists to make the link, as they typically attempt to hijack everything Why the #MeToo movement gives me hope we can fix climate change After smoking and drink-driving, could climate change provide the next big behaviour-change challenge? The latest science tells us that nothing short of rapid, […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Is Making The Earth Wobble

If only you had forgone your use of a fossil fueled vehicle, had given up meat, started taking 2 minute showers, moved into an off-the-grid shack, and, really, just killed yourself because Warmists complain about too many people on Earth Climate Change Causing the Earth to Wobble? NASA Says, Yes! Climate change is impacting how […]

Warmists Really Warming Up To This Whole “Don’t Debate” Thing

I had actually had something similar to this, from the UK Guardian, I believe, sitting in my GetPocket account a few weeks ago, but, never got around to bothering to write a post on it. There had also been something in the LA Times opinion section about not printing anything from Skeptics, and the BBC […]

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