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Climate Crisis (scam) Story Will Be Forced On You, And You Will Comply

Apparently, the climate cultists held a 3 day “climate festival” at the end of September, where they yammered on about this and that and the other, while refusing to make their own lives carbon neutral, or, should we say, net zero, as that is the new thing among the Warmists, which allows them to pay […]

You Know How We Can Solve The Climate Crisis (scam)? Threatening To Withhold Medical Care

I don’t know about you, but, I’m starting to get the idea that this whole scheme has nothing to do with science or the climate Accessible healthcare could be key to solving climate crisis Caring for people’s health is a prescription for protecting rainforests, slowing climate change and creating significant monetary value, according to a […]

VP Debate: Pence Refuse To Call Climate Change (scam) And Existential Threat Or Something

The moderator worked in some climate crisis hysteria, and Pence refused to take the bait Pence refused to concede climate change is a manmade ‘existential threat’ during the vice-presidential debate Vice President Mike Pence side-stepped questions and made multiple false claims about climate change during Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate. “With regard to climate change, the […]

Another Quiet Reason We Need ACB On The Supreme Court: Crazy Climate Lawsuits

Certain issues get all the press when it comes to the Supreme Court: abortion, voting rights, gun rights, a few others, right? But, you shouldn’t forget about other things that can have huge implications on all our lives, like climate cultists attempting to sue to get their way US Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in […]

Climate Cult Kids Urged To Get Out In Streets And Protest Friday

I’m guessing that, with the U.S. elections approaching, the climate cult has discarded COVID as an attempt to take Trump down, and are saying that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. These are the same people who typically screech about staying at home and wear your mask. Children urged to strike against lack […]

CNN: All The Carbon Pollution Reductions During Lockdown Didn’t Make A Difference Or Something

CNN is kinda giving up the game with their spin, basically saying that reducing carbon dioxide doesn’t matter The pandemic didn’t solve climate change. This week’s disasters are proof If you thought Covid-19 restrictions, like enforced lockdowns and social distancing, would put a lasting dent in our collective carbon footprint and save the world from […]

Good News: There Are Five Steps California Can Take To Stop Their Climate Crisis (scam)

There are all sorts of fun climate crisis articles. Warmist wonder how they can market to apathetic consumers (because this about science, you know.) That solving the climate crisis (scam) shouldn’t be so hard (but they refuse to make their own lives carbon neutral). That solar engineering should be part of the solution (what can […]

Young Climate Cultists Sue 33 Countries Or Something

I think we should apply all the rules of the Cult of Climastrology to themselves Young Portuguese activists take 33 countries to court over climate crisis Six young Portuguese activists launched Thursday a European human rights case against 33 countries in the latest legal effort to force governments to step up their fight against climate […]

We’re Save: Beer Maker Says F*ck You CO2

They are pledging to be carbon negative Most stupid ad campaign ever? #ClimateCult — Tom Nelson (@tan123) August 24, 2020 Such a pleasant campaign, eh? So, what are they doing? Have they done away with CO2 in their beer? Oh, right, it would be flat beer. And you can’t make it without CO2. We […]

AOC Nominated For Emmy For Green New Deal Film Or Something

Y’all remember the Green New Deal, right? It was the piece of something or other submitted by AOC and Senator Ed Markey back in February of 2019, which the House of Representatives, run by Democrats, has never voted on. It was voted on in the Senate, and every Democrat voted “present”, including main sponsor Ed […]

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