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Trump Stands Up For America, Tells Iran To Never Threaten Us

Obama would have bowed to Iran and given them more money Trump’s tweet to Iran cannot bully the west away from making peace Wow. Social media really is transforming the art of diplomacy. Donald Trump’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has called the rulers of Iran a “mafia more than a government”. They are a bunch of […]

Elephant In Room: Trump’s Press Conference

There’s so much reporting and analysis and commentary and such on a tiny portion of the press conference that’s it really is hard to get to the base detail. Should Trump apologize, not apologize, clarify? (CNS News) President Trump’s press conference remarks in Helsinki are drawing fire from Democrats and Republicans at home, but one […]

Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme Court

And liberals explode. There are entirely too many hottest of hot takes to even link. Here’s a fun one Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Is Probably the End of Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage Uh huh. How about Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s drastic shift to the right, cartoonsplained There was zero problem […]

Trump To Pick New Supreme Court Justice: Who Will It Be?

Today is the day Mr. Trump, the duly and Constitutionally elected President of the U.S.A, will pick another Supreme Court justice (Washington Post) President Trump said he was “close” to choosing a Supreme Court nominee Sunday after a weekend at his New Jersey golf club evaluating four leading candidates and mulling the likely response of […]

Immigrant With PhD Rocked By Military “Discharge” Or Something

If you haven’t read the initial AP story which started this little hyperventilation by Credentialed Media folks who are so unbiased that they are actively looking for stories to Slam Trump, start here with this tweet-storm. Suffice to say, the unhinged, hyper-partisan headline AP NewsBreak: The U.S. Army has moved in recent weeks to discharge […]

Today In Resistance: Trump Is “Combative” Towards Artists Or Something

Another day, another person having another unhinged hissy fit towards POTUS Donald Trump. Writer David Eggers (I had to look him up. That’s not a criticism, just writes stuff I don’t care about. Does that make me combative towards reading? Regardless, he’s won a bunch of awards, and, unsurprising, been a rather left leaning person) […]

NY Times: The Court Ruled Correctly On The “Muslim Ban”, So Congress Needs To Restrain Trump’s Power

It’s funny, we never saw this type of opinion piece in the NY Times while Obama was POTUS. He was constantly being sued for implementing policies that went well beyond what were his Constitutional and legislatively given powers. The contraception mandate? It was invented out of thin air. There was no real statutory provision in […]

‘Climate Change’ (scam) Skeptics Are Innovation Pessimists Or Something

Big Government Republicans and former elected Rep Bob Inglis is super excited to browbeat people into supporting a government tax in a unique and exciting way Climate change disputers are actually innovation pessimists Climate action is being blocked more by pessimism about innovation than skepticism about causation. Scratch a climate skeptic, and you’ll find an […]

Bummer: Leaders Of Republican Majority For Choice Are Leaving The GOP

This is supposed to be a Big Thing, since it’s on the opinion pages of the NY Times, and prominently featured on the web homepage. Susan Bevan and Susan Cullman are the leaders of the group Republican Majority For Choice. And, yes, choice means exactly what you are thinking it means. Abortion on demand. Why […]

Trump’s Weekly Address: Detain, Prosecute, And Remove Illegal Aliens

This should make the supporters of illegal immigration unhappy. Say what you will about Trump’s personal faults, the guy is saying the things that we all know. Transcript via Breitbart, which also has the video “Our country is currently facing a crisis of illegal immigration on our southern border. Democrat-supported loopholes in our federal laws […]

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