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Racial Prejudice Has Declined In Trump Era

Of course, the study that tells us this and the Washington Post attempt to spin it away as something else, in a way that almost seems to be Blaming him, but, remember, racial prejudice skyrocketed during the Obama era Racial prejudice has declined as a reaction to Trump’s presidency, a new study suggests Donald Trump began […]

AOC Shocked To Learn She Agrees With Freedom Caucus On Facial Recognition Issue

You’d think that Millennials would be used to having their entire lives tracked, having grown up in an age of utter Internet, especially since they like to document pretty much their entire lives, from the small to the big, and with tons of selfies, on-line. But, give her credit where credit is due AOC shocked […]

NY Times Suddenly Concerned Over Presidential Pardons

Let’s face it, all presidents in the modern era have used pardons that left people shaking their heads. You can find lots of examples for Republicans and Democrats. But, have you heard the NY Times Editorial Board complain? Well, that’s because Trump is now in office The President and His Power to Pardon The Constitution assigns to […]

Mnuchin Tells Democrats To Pound Sand On Trump’s Taxes

Democrats just won’t give up on their Quixotic adventure to obtain Trump’s taxes for partisan personal purposes, but, so far, this bit of moonbattery is going nowhere Mnuchin rejects Democrats’ subpoena for Trump’s tax returns Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday rejected a subpoena from House Democrats demanding President Trump’s tax returns, setting the stage […]

US Attorney Appointed To Investigate How FBI Probe Of Trump Probe

This is going to make many Democrats, especially those in the FBI and intelligence communities, and quite possibly high ranking people like James Comey, Obama appointees, and Obama, very uncomfortable Attorney General William Barr Appoints US Attorney to Look into Origins of FBI Probe Attorney General William Barr has assigned the United States attorney in […]

Surprise: Democrats Having A Tough Time Getting Trump To Comply With Their TDS Infused Probes

What in the world made Democrats think that Team Trump and The Donald were going to cooperate with probes based on being unhinged from losing the 2016 election? Dems struggle to make Trump bend on probes House Democrats are struggling to find a way to make the Trump administration pay for refusing to cooperate with […]

Shocking: NY Times Says There’s A Crisis At The Border

The NY Times finally notes the reality of the issue, though they do attempt to throw cold water on one problem, but, hey, small steps Congress, Give Trump His Border Money President Trump is right: There is a crisis at the southern border. Just not the one he rants about. There is no pressing national […]

Surprise: NY Times Admits Obama Admin Spied On Trump Campaign Without Calling It Spying

Say, remember how all the news media was saying it was a bunch of mule fritters that Team Trump, both during the campaign and after the election, was spied on by the Obama administration? New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016 Following months of angry claims by journalists […]

Did FBI Consider Infiltrating Presidential Elect Trump’s Administration?

As we’ve seen, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire when it comes to the way the FBI under Mr. Obama was going after Trump, his campaign, and his people Senators: Strzok-Page Texts Suggest FBI Wanted to Develop Sources Within Trump Administration Two top Republican senators are asking Attorney General William Barr to look into text […]

Media Seems Pretty Upset That Trump Is Done With All The Investigations From Partisan Democrats

The entire Russia Russia Russia probe was based on fake documents and irrational hatred, followed by Hillary losing fair and square to Donald, because she was a terrible candidate, insulted tens of millions of Americans, failed to go to needed states, and passed out on 9/11. On video.  That loss prompted Sore Loser Syndrome from […]

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