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Louisiana Looks To Pass Texas Style Illegal Immigration Bill

Is Louisiana having that much of a problem with illegal aliens crossing into the state? Regardless, it would be awesome if every state run by Republicans with a Republican governor would do this Louisiana proposes bill similar to Texas’ migrant arrest law Louisiana’s Republican-controlled Senate advanced a bill Monday that would empower state and local […]

Trump Releases Sensible, Constitutional Abortion Position

This goes hand in hand with what the Supreme Court ruled in the Dobbs case: that it is not a federal issue, it’s a 10th Amendment issue Trump says abortion is up to the states, declines to endorse national limit Former President Donald Trump on Monday said abortion should be left to the states in […]

Congressional Republicans Beg Trump To Ease Off The Retaliation Talk

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this in Real Life and on the Internet, that Trump needs to stop with the retaliation talk, stop going after Republicans who aren’t 100% on the Trump train. It may play well with the uber-base, but, for one thing, it’s a distraction from going after Democrats and […]

Poll Shows Biden’s Top Accomplishment: Nothing

They really should have included his ability to take the weekend off Oof. — JWF (@JammieWF) March 27, 2024 Yeah, well, things are a little worse than that (Fox News) Are you better off than you were four years ago? That question was asked by Ronald Reagan during a decisive 1980 debate with then-President Jimmy Carter. […]

WRAL Poll Shows Economy Is Top Issue For Most Citizens

This is yet another poll that shows Trump should really just focus on the economy. Stop with all the Being Trump, and talk about people’s wallets NC voters united on economy as top 2024 issue, divided on immigration and abortion, WRAL News poll shows North Carolina voters view the economy and health care as the […]

House Passes Bill Requiring ICE To Arrest Illegals Who Commit Local Theft And Burglary

170 Democrats voted against the bill, which is named after Laken Riley, who was murdered by an illegal House passes Laken Riley Act requiring ICE to detain migrants arrested for theft The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the Laken Riley Act that would require ICE to detain illegal immigrants charged with local theft or […]

Obligatory: SCOTUS Says States Cannot Remove Trump From Ballot

This has made the liberals with Trump Derangement Syndrome very upset, because allowing citizens to vote for someone they don’t like is destroying Democracy or something. Oh, and it took the AP a lot of paragraphs to note that this was a unanimous 9-0 vote Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to […]

Bummer: NY Times Poll Says Biden’s Own Voters Say He’s Too Old

This had to be painful for the Times to publish Only 25% Biden's not too old to serve another term — William Teach2 ??????? #refuseresist (@WTeach2) March 3, 2024 Of course, it’s really not primarily about Biden being too old: it’s that he’s mentally incompetent. The age thing is secondary (NY Times) Widespread concerns […]

Pew Has A Sad That Vast Majority Of Republicans See ‘Climate Change’ As A Non-Issue

Too bad they failed to ask the Democrats who see global boiling as a big issue if they’ve made their own lives carbon neutral How Republicans view climate change and energy issues Republican leaders have staked out different positions on climate and energy issues. Some, including former President Donald Trump, have called climate change a “hoax” and […]

Trump And Biden Have Different Messages As They Visited The Border

Here’s Biden Joe Biden moves awfully slow on the southern border… — (@townhallcom) February 29, 2024 Who the hell did he salute? The male Border Patrol agent sure looks like he’s trying to get away On the Rio Grande, 300 miles apart, Biden and Trump try to use immigration to election advantage On the […]

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