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Republicans Pushing Biden To Leave Office After Dropping Out Of Race

I think this is a bad idea politically. In reality, if Joe isn’t competent to be tried for having classified documents, if he’s not competent enough to run for a 2nd term, he’s not competent enough to be President, and he should resign. We’ve all known that he’s been 5 beer short of a six […]

The Donald Pledges To End EV Mandate On Day One

Yeah, well, we’ll see. He pledged to end U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement, but, it took him till November of 2020 to make that happen Trump Vows to End Electric Vehicle ‘Mandate’ on Day One Former President Donald Trump used his nomination speech to take aim at President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle policies, […]

Raleigh N&O Wants To Fight To Keep Trump Out Of Office

It’s a good thing the news media is impartial and neutral, eh? We should show grace to Donald Trump – and fight to keep him from office | Opinion A man who has rarely extended grace to his opponents is receiving grace from his opponents — and he should. He must. And we must be […]

Biden Wants Americans To “Cool It” After Wacko Tried To Assassinate Trump

Yeah, maybe he should look to the wackos in his party. And himself. Don’t forget, he’s been yammering about going all “Dark Brandon” lately Biden makes primetime plea to ‘cool it down’ after Trump shooting President Biden on Sunday night made a primetime plea to lower the temperature in American politics after a gunman shot […]

Crazy Person Tried To Kill Trump At Rally Saturday

This is what happens when the Democrat Party, and wacko never-Trumpers, say that he’s a danger to America, Democracy!, and the whole world. That he’s a Fascist, and authoritarian, that he’s in it for revenge, that he’s going to lock up his political enemies and even kill them. That he’ll never step down after another […]

Stop: GOP Run House Oversight Committee Wants Biden Aids To Testify On Biden Mental Fitness

They really should be taking a page out of Napoleon Bonaparte’s book on this one House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Biden Aides over Mental Fitness House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) on Wednesday subpoenaed three aides to President Joe Biden over his mental fitness. The probe will keep the pressure on Democrats who are in […]

James Infohe, Senator And Guy Who Fought Against Climate Cult, Dead At 69

Apparently, being against the Cult of Climastrology is the only thing he’s known for James M. Inhofe, Senator Who Denied Climate Change, Dies at 89 James Inhofe, Oklahoma senator and climate change denier, dies at 89 Former Sen. Jim Inhofe, defense hawk who called human-caused climate change a ‘hoax,’ dies at 89 James Inhofe, former […]

New Poll Has Trump Leading In Every Swing State

Here’s the question: can Trump ignore his normal instincts and say the things that will help get him elected again? Emerson Poll: Donald Trump Leads Biden in Every Key Swing State Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in six swing states, an Emerson/DemNextGen poll found Monday, further fueling fears among Democrats about Biden’s […]

Crazy Michael Cohen Says Trump Will Run America Like A Fuhrer

This is not an unusual position from the Never Trumpers, who all seem to believe that Trump is a Bad Man and is the next coming of Adolph Hitler Michael Cohen warns Trump will run US ‘like the Führer’ if reelected after Supreme Court immunity ruling Donald Trump’s former lawyer and one-time fixer Michael Cohen […]

Lawfare: Biden’s DOJ To Go After Trump Even After Election

Nothing says this is all about using the weight of the federal government to go after political opponents as finding whatever means to prosecute for any reason? The Washington Post finds no blame in this. Can you imagine if Trump had done this? What would the article look like? What about when people like Putin […]

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