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Poll: Majority Of Republicans And Independents Do Not View ‘Climate Change’ As Existential Threat

Thirty plus years of spreading awareness, scaremongering, prognostications of doom, constant articles and broadcasts in the media which fail to take a skeptical eye, and are simply cheerleaders, all to go with Warmists refusing to practice what they preach, and this is the best they can do Poll: More than two-thirds of Republicans say climate […]

Republicans Block Democrats Bill To Raise Debt Limit

Of course, the media is complaining about this, because when Democrats block Republicans when Republicans are in the majority everything is OK Senate Republicans Filibuster Government Funding Bill Over Debt Ceiling Provision With Three Days Until Shutdown Senate Republicans Monday filibustered Democrats’ bill to fund the government and suspend the debt ceiling, days before a […]

Senate Democrats Approve $3.5 Trillion America Changing Reconciliation Package

Good job, 19 Republicans who voted for the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill: that will be used to pass the insane $3.5 trillion America changing bill Senate passes framework of $3.5T budget reconciliation package in party-line vote The Senate voted early Wednesday to pass the framework of the hotly contested, $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package after […]

Helped By Idiots, Democrats Poised To Pass Their “Infrastructure” Bill Then Pass Their $3.5 Trillion Bill

I don’t get it, I really, really don’t get it. You had Republicans negotiating the so-called infrastructure bill, which gives Republicans virtually nothing and gives Democrats lots of their wish list, like all the climate scam garbage, green this and green that, electric cars, trains, etc and so on. You’ve seen the crazy. Yet Schumer: […]

Republicans Defy Queen Nancy By Having Fun Without Masks In Hallways

This has made many Democrats very upset. They want Mask Theater to continue Republican Staffers Defy Pelosi: Maskless ‘Beer’ Pong, Cigars in Capitol Hallway Republican staffers defied Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday evening by playing beer pong (with water) in a Capitol office hallway, smoking cigars, and socializing — without masks, […]

Senate Republicans Have No Interest In Voting To Advance Infrastructure Bill

You know, when Senate Republicans and Democrats announced they had a deal on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, which China Joe announced and then scuttled with talk about putting all the hyper-left Dem wish list back in, I figured that it was already written GOP: Bipartisan infrastructure deal has ‘no chance’ on Wednesday Senate Republicans revolted […]

Republicans Seizing, Attempt To Make Inflation About Sleepy Joe

See, the problem is not that inflation is surging, but that Republicans would dare link it to Dementia Joe GOP seeks to make Biden synonymous with inflation Republicans are seizing on rising inflation as they attempt to derail President Biden’s economic agenda and take back control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections. GOP lawmakers […]

CNN: It’s Just So Terrible That Republican States Aren’t Following Sleepy Joe’s Agenda

It is terrible, because Democratic Party run states totally listened to Donald Trump and followed his agenda, right? America’s partisan fireworks will be hard for anyone to put out While July Fourth is the holiday that most directly celebrates Americans’ common heritage, this year it comes as their extreme divides underscore how difficult it has become for […]

Sleepy Joe Walks Back His Infrastructure Comments Or Something

Generally, when a politician walks something back it’s because they told their version of the truth, they said what they believe, and are now trying to make up Excuses Biden: Infrastructure vow was not intended to be veto threat Aiming to preserve a fragile bipartisan deal on infrastructure, President Joe Biden endorsed it “without hesitation” […]

GOP Senators Feel Blindsided By Sleepy Joe’s Bad Faith On Infrastructure Deal

I’m not sure why they are surprised in the least that Joe would double deal, as this happened numerous times while Joe was Vice President, with Obama backtracking on deals that were hammered out and agreed to. They had to know that Joe would not negotiate in Good Faith Key GOP senators balk at terms […]

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