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Senate Republicans Have No Interest In Voting To Advance Infrastructure Bill

You know, when Senate Republicans and Democrats announced they had a deal on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, which China Joe announced and then scuttled with talk about putting all the hyper-left Dem wish list back in, I figured that it was already written GOP: Bipartisan infrastructure deal has ‘no chance’ on Wednesday Senate Republicans revolted […]

Republicans Seizing, Attempt To Make Inflation About Sleepy Joe

See, the problem is not that inflation is surging, but that Republicans would dare link it to Dementia Joe GOP seeks to make Biden synonymous with inflation Republicans are seizing on rising inflation as they attempt to derail President Biden’s economic agenda and take back control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections. GOP lawmakers […]

CNN: It’s Just So Terrible That Republican States Aren’t Following Sleepy Joe’s Agenda

It is terrible, because Democratic Party run states totally listened to Donald Trump and followed his agenda, right? America’s partisan fireworks will be hard for anyone to put out While July Fourth is the holiday that most directly celebrates Americans’ common heritage, this year it comes as their extreme divides underscore how difficult it has become for […]

Sleepy Joe Walks Back His Infrastructure Comments Or Something

Generally, when a politician walks something back it’s because they told their version of the truth, they said what they believe, and are now trying to make up Excuses Biden: Infrastructure vow was not intended to be veto threat Aiming to preserve a fragile bipartisan deal on infrastructure, President Joe Biden endorsed it “without hesitation” […]

GOP Senators Feel Blindsided By Sleepy Joe’s Bad Faith On Infrastructure Deal

I’m not sure why they are surprised in the least that Joe would double deal, as this happened numerous times while Joe was Vice President, with Obama backtracking on deals that were hammered out and agreed to. They had to know that Joe would not negotiate in Good Faith Key GOP senators balk at terms […]

Republican Introduces Bill To Ban COVID Passports

I actually do not support this as written Republican Rep. Warren Davidson introduces bill to ban vaccine passports Rep. Warren Davidson is introducing a bill Thursday to ban the federal government from issuing vaccine passports, severely restrict states from doing so and ban private businesses from requiring proof of COVID vaccination, arguing that such requirements […]

CNN Hottake: Republicans Aren’t Blocking Democrats Federal Takeover Of Voting Because It’s A Horrible Bill

You are expecting an unhinged, moonbat screed as Stephen Collinson provides “analysis” on the Democrats terrible, no good bill on voting “reform”, trying to shift Blame to Republicans. Because CNN doesn’t do news The real reason Republicans are blocking voting rights legislation Republicans justify their plan to block sweeping voting rights legislation in the Senate this week […]

House Passes Juneteenth Bill, Sends It To Sleepy Joe’s Desk

I’m actually impressed that the House took this up so quickly Congress approves bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday The United States will soon have a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. The House voted 415-14 Wednesday to make Juneteenth, or June 19th, the 12th federal holiday. The bill now goes to […]

Senator Cornyn: Yeah, ‘Climate Change’ Is A Cult

It’s rather nice to see more and more people realizing that the anthropogenic climate change movement is not about science: it’s about Modern Socialism and runs like a cult Texas Sen. John Cornyn calls climate change advocacy a ‘cult’ In a departure from his typically measured rhetoric on energy and climate policy, Sen. John Cornyn […]

Politico: Republicans Are Seizing On COVID Origin Story

Or, is it pouncing? This is very silly from Politico, but, at least they’re touching on where COVID originated, while the NY Times, the so-called paper of record, has zero stories on it on their web front page this morning. Anyhow, why would investigating this be politically fraught Republicans dive into politically fraught push for […]

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