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Trump To Sign Executive Order On Police Reform

Unsurprisingly, the Leftist media is finding fault Trump’s answer to nationwide protests: Police-friendly reforms President Donald Trump hopes to acknowledge a nationwide uproar over police brutality while preventing rifts with police and other law enforcement groups integral to his political future. With an executive order set to be unveiled at a White House event on […]

After Telling Trump He Has The Power To Do Something About Bat Soup Virus, Liberals Seem Upset About His Call To Open Churches

Remember when all the media folks were telling Trump to use his power to Do Something about COVID19, even when he didn’t actually have that power? Well, now, Vox seems upset Trump claims he will “override the governors” who closed churches in the pandemic At a press conference Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced he […]

Mitch McConnell Has Choice Words For Pelosi On ObamaBidengate Inquiry

You should probably sit this fight out, Queen Nancy (Breitbart) “I’d say to the speaker, after the impeachment, you — you’re not in a position to be lecturing us about what the appropriate use of Senate time is,” he said. “The House of Representatives is arguing before the Supreme Court that they’re still looking at […]

Senate Democrats Seem Upset That GOP Is Probing Obama Era Abuses

If you’ll remember, Democrats were calling to impeach Trump even before he took office, and formalized that process once he took the oath of office. They’ve wanted, and held, investigations into Trump firing public employees, most particularly appointees, who serve at the pleasure of the President. You name it, Democrats want to investigate it. And […]

Transcripts Show Obama Officials Knew There Was No Russia Collusion

OK, place your bets on the first Democrat to proclaim this is all a distraction from Bat Soup Virus? Democrats love trotting out the distraction meme when they know they are in trouble Ex-Obama official, in released transcript, admits she didn’t know about Trump-Russia collusion despite prior claims Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama administration official who previously encouraged […]

Media Tries To Play Gotcha With Trump Press Secretary, She Utterly Owns Them

Some in the media were upset that Kayleigh McEnany had comments prepared on the subject, but, really, the press is utterly predictable White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Is Asked Why She Downplayed Coronavirus Threat — And She Tries To Turn The Tables On The Media In her second official briefing before the White House […]

Surprise: Russia Probe Transcripts Show Zero Collusion

Hey, remember when Excitable Adam Schiff said he had all the evidence for Russia Russia Russia? Numerous times? But never released it? Probably because he is a big fat liar. Same with all the other Democrats who manufactured the RRR probe Sources say Russia probe transcripts affirm officials came up empty on collusion: ‘Schiff is […]

NY Mag Reporter Asks Incredibly Dumb, Incredibly Partisan Question

He was asked “During these first 100 days,” he asked, “what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?” “Are you ready to call yourself the ‘comeback kid’?” “You definitely have some impressive accomplishments….And more than a lot of […]

Trump Gives Order Allowing U.S. Navy To Destroy Harassing Iranian Gunboats

Here’s a little tidbit that has slipped through all the Bat Soup Virus happenings New rules of engagement: Trump orders U.S. Navy to ‘destroy’ harassing Iranian gunboats President Trump on Wednesday said he has authorized the U.S. Navy to “shoot down and destroy” Iranian gunboats if they harass American ships at sea. His announcement comes […]

Group Wants People To Share Their Bat Soup Virus Check With Illegal Aliens

There’s an interesting question that WRAL failed to ask: did the people who put this together donate their own money? Or are they just trying to get Other People to do this? #ShareYourCheck: Raleigh, Durham leaders encourage donating stimulus checks to immigrant taxpayers A group of elected officials from Raleigh and Durham are encouraging the […]

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