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Leftist Seem Pretty Upset That Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Surging Despite Him “Being Awful”

Uber-leftist magazine The Week’s Damon Linker thinks he has the answer. Or is just whining. In fact, I can see him looking like this Rep. @AOC: "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!" — The Hill (@thehill) March 27, […]

Whining Whiners Who Whine: Washington Post Wonders Where Trump’s Wartime Response Is

I don’t know about you, but, I’m sick and tired of the uber-partisan Credentialed Media with their never helpful, over the top, doomsaying, negative let’s bash Trump coverage, which is rarely ever helpful, and continues to drive people into fear, when we should be pushing optimism to get over this. Real people’s lives are affected, […]

Trump Calls Out NY Times For Missing Half A Quote

The NY Times still hasn’t updated the article to reflect the entire quote Trump calls the New York Times a ‘disgrace to journalism’ for misrepresentation of his coronavirus quote Media pundits criticized President Donald Trump based on an incomplete quote from a recording of the president’s conference call with state governors about the crisis from […]

After Years Of Calling Trump Authoritarian, Media Upset Trump’s Not Being Authoritarian On Coronavirus

Trump has been called all sorts of things. such as Nazi, Fascist, Putin’s buddy, till the Democrats and the Credentialed Media settled on “authoritarian”. They can’t actually show any proof of Trump doing things authoritarian, but, that doesn’t stop them. Now that he’s not telling people what to do with the force of government, they […]

Trump Considering Travel Ban On California And Washington

I was hoping to avoid more Covid 19 news, but, this is just too funny Trump considers travel restrictions to California and Washington in attempt to stop coronavirus spread President Trump said Thursday that travel restrictions to California and Washington, two states hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, were possible “if an area gets too […]

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Remain In Mexico Policy To Stand

What will the Open Borders advocates do now? Will they start this lawsuit all over, working up to the Supreme Court, thinking the outcome will be different? Will they be willing to wait till the full court proceedings are over? Supreme Court gives Trump win by allowing ‘remain in Mexico’ policy to continue The U.S. […]

Small Business Owners Support Trump Over Sanders/Biden Bigly

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. The people who run them tend to be closer to the workers than in big companies, and really know what’s going on, what affects workers and their paychecks. You can bet they are now on the hit-list of Modern Socialists Job Creators Network Survey: More than 70 […]

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Says It’s Time For Conservatives To Own The Climate Change Issue

Does he have a point? He claims his “My proposal resists the flawed reasoning of the radical Left while embracing market-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions” It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue There is an interesting political tactic often employed by the Left, and it follows a predictable pattern. First, identify a […]

Trump, WHO Director Look To Calm Coronavirus Fears

One of the president’s jobs is to attempt to keep Americans, and, really, the world, from freaking out. Freaking out won’t help the situation. No one slammed Obama for attempting to calm fears when Ebola broke out (they did slam him for failing to have strong enough quarantines). Democrats, and the media, on the other […]

NY Times: Say, Let’s Call It The Trumpvirus

Remember, Democrats get very upset when Trump supporters say they are using the Coronavirus for their nefarious political purposes. They’re running article after articles, opinion piece after opinion piece, telling us how Doomed we are and that Orange Man Bad. Paul Krugman has a pretty hot take about when a pandemic meets a personality cult, […]

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