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Trump Trolls Dems With Joke About Signing An EO To Ban Joe Biden

Remember the joke Ronald Reagan told about banning the Soviet Union, with bombing starting in 5 minutes, which caused Democrats to blow a gasket? This is just as fun. Inquisitr’s Kristine Lofgren is Not Amused Donald Trump Threatens To Sign Executive Order Disqualifying Joe Biden From Running For President Donald Trump spoke in Fayetteville, North Carolina, […]

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dead At 87: McConnell Promises Quick Vote On Replacement

The liberal icon has gone to meet her maker, let her rest in peace. Because down here on Earth we get McConnell: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ‘will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate’ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said unequivocally Friday night that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to fill […]

Democrat Cal Cunningham Appears To Stifle Laugh Over Shooting Of LA Police Officers

This will be showing up in Thom Tillis ads within a few days North Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Appears To Stifle A Laugh When Thom Tillis Mentions Police Officers Shot In LA Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham appeared to stifle a laugh during a debate when Republican North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis brought up two […]

Democrats Stop GOP Senate COVID Aid Bill Using Procedure They Want To Abolish

Oh, and they shot down a COVID19 aid bill Senate Democrats block GOP relief bill Senate Democrats blocked a GOP coronavirus bill on Thursday amid a deep stalemate over the next relief package. Senators voted 52-47 on the roughly $500 billion Republican bill, which marked the first coronavirus-related legislation the chamber has voted on since […]

Ben Sasse Calls For Abolishing The 17th Amendment

This is a push I hope he makes hard, and convinces enough states to do, since elected senators would see their national power diminish along with all that fun campaign cash, hob-knobbing with celebs, and all the perks Ben Sasse Calls For Repealing The 17th Amendment Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse called for the repeal […]

Fake News: The Atlantic Trots Out Pre-Election Hit Piece, Saying Trump Slurred Dead American Soldiers

Doesn’t Jeffrey Goldberg know you’re supposed to bring out the hit pieces just a couple weeks before the election? Oh, right, see, Democrats are trying to get everyone to send in their ballots through the mail now, rather than after seeing the debates and having more information come out about their crazy, nutty, hair sniffing, […]

Unhinged In Bidenland: Woman Attacks 12 Year Old Over Pro-Trump Sign

Let me ask: how often do you see a report regarding a Trump supporting attacking a Biden supporter over a sign? Trump supporters know it can be unsafe to wear Trump apparel or have Trump signs because Democrats are unhinged Colorado police seek woman who reportedly attacked a 12-year-old boy over his pro-Trump sign Police […]

Bummer: RNC Forgot To Mention A Play To Solve ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

And Republicans forgot to even mention the climate crisis (scam)! How rude! Republicans at the Convention Did Not Lay Out a Plan for Climate Change—Much Less Acknowledge It The Republican National Convention, dominated by veneration of Donald Trump and bleak warnings of the dangers of socialism, has completely ignored the climate crisis, an omission that has disturbed […]

VP Mike Pence: Law And Order Is On The Ballot

When it comes to politics, Mike Pence is one of the good guys. One of the most trustworthy of politicians, which are not easy to trust, right? He’s a straight shooter, a guy who doesn’t play all the games. If he trusts Donald Trump, that’s what allowed me to vote for them in 2016. And […]

Hyper-Leftist Vox Unintentionally Makes Case To Vote For Trump Over Court

Federal courts and the Supreme Court are one of the huge issues in voting these days, unfortunately. It shouldn’t be an issue, as courts should vote along the lines of the law and the Constitutions of the States and Nation. We all know that Democratic Party appointed judges so often fail at that. One of […]

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