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Today’s Outrage: Trump Dared To Refer To Illegal Aliens As “Breeding” In Sanctuary Cities

And, according to CNN’s Excitable Z. Byron Wolf in his “analysis” of politics, that’s raaaaacist Trump blasts ‘breeding’ in sanctuary cities. That’s a racist term. What exactly did President Donald Trump mean by “breeding” when he tweeted Wednesday about cities that will not cooperate with the federal government to deport the undocumented. This is Donald […]

NY Times Offers Mostly Reasonable Editorial Supporting Trump’s Syria Strikes

By this time, you surely know of the airstrikes on Syria. I shan’t regurgitate them. I’ll direct you to this link for the full 411 if you want it. As for opinion, the NY Times Editorial Board mostly drops their Trump Derangement Syndrome for a few minutes, though you have to wonder how it would […]

Washington Post Starts The Blame Game Against Trump For Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons

You had to know that the Leftist media would start attacking Trump over this. We won’t blame this as full on TDS, but it is close The latest Syria chemical attack reveals the bankruptcy of Trump’s policies toward Assad On April 7, 2017, the U.S. armed forces fired 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase to punish […]

Trump: “Take The Guns First, Due Process 2nd”

Should this be something that 2nd Amendment supporters, and civil rights supporters, be worried about? (The Hill) President Trump on Wednesday voiced support for confiscating guns from certain individuals deemed to be dangerous, even if it violates due process rights. “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took […]

Rand Paul: When Republicans Are In Power, There Is No Conservative Party

Rand Paul’s speech on the Senate floor has annoyed many Republicans, and caused a brief shutdown. Perhaps these Republicans should have listened to the speech (Real Clear Politics) When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power, it seems there is no conservative party. You […]

Whelp, This Is Gonna Leave A Mark

8 in 10 Americans who watched Pres. Trump's #SOTU address felt he was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it. Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer, CBS News poll finds — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 31, 2018 That’ll make […]

Democrats And Squishy Republicans Want To Narrow Focus Of DACA Bill

Of course they do. And once Trump and the non-squishy Republicans agree to narrowing the focus, Democrats will demand that border security be cut and a “clean” bill be passed (Washington Post) Lawmakers in both parties said Sunday that the immigration debate should focus narrowly on efforts to legalize young immigrants known as “dreamers” and […]

Trump Offers Pathway To Citizenship For Up To 1.8 Million Illegals

As you can imagine, this did not go over well with some supporters, such as at Breitbart. Ted Cruz likewise blasted Trump over this (CNN) President Donald Trump is proposing giving 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long-promised wall and a host of other strict […]

Trump: No Wall Funding? No DACA

Democrats just do not get that Trump is not your typical patsy Republican. When you attack him, he won’t wilt. When you make political threats, he won’t back down. Instead, he comes back harder. Republicans do not need DACA. They don’t have to do it. They don’t have to find some pathway to legalization for […]

Bummer: Tariffs On Imported Solar Parts Increased To 30%

It’s the “biggest blow to the renewable energy market yet” (Bloomberg) President Donald Trump dealt his biggest blow to the renewable energy industry yet. On Monday, Trump approved duties of as much as 30 percent on solar equipment made outside the U.S., a move that threatens to handicap a $28 billion industry that relies on […]

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