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NY Times Finally Let’s Us Know That The Obama Economy Stunk Like Durian Fruit

Have you ever smelled Durian fruit? Don’t. “It’s odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away. Despite its great local popularity, the raw fruit is forbidden from some establishments such as hotels, subways and airports, including public transportation in Southeast Asia.” The NY […]

#Fightfor15 Update: Meet The Burger Flipping Robot

The people in the Fight for $15 an hour crowd should be worried. The more they agitate, the more companies are willing to look at solutions which make low wage low skill workers unnecessary (UK Telegraph) A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: Suddenly, The Dow Doesn’t Matter Than Much In Era Of Trump

It’s the long awaited return of the Official Surrender Monkey Of The Democratic Party, and he and his friends will be highlighting all things surrender and nutty in the Democratic Party. Times were much different when he and his compatriots roamed the Internet, as it would be considered raaaaacist to use them while Mr. Obama […]

Trump Releases Pro-Growth Plan

Here’s the question: do you you believe he would attempt to do what’s in the plan? For all the things that I might give him grief over, the man does know how the private business sector works. And, no, he’s not perfect. ​FACT SHEET: DONALD J. TRUMP’S PRO-GROWTH ECONOMIC POLICY WILL CREATE 25 MILLION JOBS […]

NY Times: This Economy Needs Donald Trump

Wednesday, Donald Trump spent the day doing his whole illegal immigration schtick. First with a visit to Mexico to talk with their president, then with a big speech on illegal immigration, one which made sure people understood that he was not backsliding on deportations (until he backslides again, because he has long held the position […]

It’s The Economy, Donald

Many are starting to notice something I’ve dropped a few posts on recently, namely that Trump should forgo most of his typical talking points and focus on the economy. In this case, it is Rob Carver at the Fiscal Times At this point, Donald Trump has only the thinnest of reeds to cling to in […]

Why Won’t Hillary Talk About The Economy?

At the end of the day, in virtually every poll, the top issues are the economy, jobs, and wages. This is what Americans truly care about. Bread and butter issues. All the social justice worker stuff is low hanging fruit. Man-induced climate change is typically last or next to last. Most of the things Hillary […]

Good News: Obama’s New Retirement Rules Will Cost You More Money

Wise government would institute rules that protect people without causing pain to those being “protected”, nor would it go overboard in creating problems where they did not exist. Obviously, government has often done a poor job of this, none more than the Obama administration, which doesn’t seem to understand “restraint” (Kiplinger) A controversial new rule […]

NY Times: Say, People Are Just Barely Getting By In Obama’s Economy

Obviously, being the NY Times Editorial board, the word “Obama” fails to appear In the United States, nearly one-third of adults, about 76 million people, are either “struggling to get by” or “just getting by,” according to the third annual survey of households by the Federal Reserve Board. That finding, dismal though it is, represents […]

Obama Discusses His Overtime Rule In Weekly Address, Shows He Doesn’t Understand Economy

We’ve already seen the news that Team Obama plans on changing OT rules for salaried private sector employees, utterly failing to understand that things do not stay the same in response to government regulations. Today, O speaks on this (White House) Things like the 40-hour workweek and overtime are two of the most basic pillars […]

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