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Climate Crisis Scam Idiocy Heavily Involved In California Port Issues

Obviously, we all know that the supply chain issues are not just here in the U.S., but, world wide. Why are some so much worse than others? Let’s start here Wilmington ports avoiding many supply chain issues affecting the US, small business still hurting Ports around the world are seeing supply chain slowdowns, but that’s […]

Good News, Surrender Joe Has A Plan To Protect Your Retirement And Savings From Climate Crisis (scam)

What could possibly go wrong with Los Federales mandating a helping hand? Biden just released a plan to protect Americans’ retirements and savings from the ‘urgent and systemic risk’ of the climate crisis President Joe Biden has made clear that acting on the climate crisis is a top priority for his administration – and he […]

Biden Speaks On Infrastructure: Brandon Was As Bad As You’d Think

Watch, if you can tldw — Almost all of the measures industry has begged Washington to enact to address bottlenecking — repealing restrictions on long-distance trucking, the Jones Act, unemployment benefits that have led to trucker shortages — Biden totally ignored. — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 13, 2021 Biden was almost an hour late […]

Let’sGoBrandon To Discuss The Supply Chain Crisis

Well, it’s about damned time, but, could be a little to little a little to late. Though, in honesty, I hope they can help alleviate this, because it is hurting Americans Biden to discuss supply chain crisis with US ports and carriers The US government is stepping up its efforts to relieve the supply chain nightmare that […]

Biden Gives A “Let’s Go Brandon” To Those Who Lost Their Jobs Over Vaccine Refusal

That whole #Unity stuff is working great, eh? Meanwhile, Surrender Joe is allowing tens of thousands of unvaccinated “migrants” into the country and allowing them to stay (except Haitians, of course) ‘Look at the bigger story’: Biden dismisses unvaccinated losing their jobs President Joe Biden took his COVID-19 vaccine requirement policy on the road Thursday, […]

JoEconomy: Epic Cargo Backlog Hits Northern California

The San Francisco Chronicle has now noticed just how bad the global supply chain has become, and how bad it is hitting the Bay area The supply chain crisis has hit the Bay Area – partly because of epic cargo backlogs in Southern California Mac Harman, CEO of Redwood City’s Balsam Hill, is paying 270% […]

JoeConomy: Broken Supply Chain Expected To Last Through 2022

Here’s one from NPR from September 24th, saying it is a terrible time to be buying a car The result is a severe car shortage: Auto-sales site CarGurus reports inventory levels are down 64% over last year. And that has driven average prices up by thousands of dollars in just a few months. My dealership would usually […]

Surprise: Big Tech Companies Trying To Kill Climate (scam) Legislation

This is very interesting. So many of these companies are pushing all sorts of “green” measures, both for their own companies and publicly by government. They yammer about green servers and using electric vehicles for operations and reducing their carbon footprints. Yet Apple, Amazon and others back groups trying to kill US climate legislation Apple, […]

Growing Problem For Businesses: Ghosting Coasting

I wonder if the people doing this realize the problems they will create for their job opportunities in the future? Employers say ‘ghosting coasting’ is a growing problem, but workers have their reasons for quietly walking away from a job Over a summer marked by rage quits, the Great Resignation, and high-profile walkouts by employees who say they’re overworked […]

Surrender Joe To Pivot To Economy In Wake Of Afghanistan Or Something

Well, he learned this from Obama, who pivoted back to the economy after every disaster. He never really did much of anything but talk, and his Credentialed Media allies were happy to comply Biden to revive economic campaign promises to pivot away from Afghanistan, aides and allies say The White House is preparing to roll […]

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