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Warmists Wonder What Happens If We Don’t Re-open The Economy After Bat Soup Virus

Well, economies around the world are starting to re-open at differing paces, so, it would be tough to stop this, but climate crisis (scam) cultists would like to put the kibosh on further economic activity COVID-19 Broke the Economy. What If We Don’t Fix It? At the end of March, Donald Trump tweeted, in all […]

Why Do Democrats Want Lockdowns To Continue? A Bad Economy Is Good For Their Election Chances

We all know this. Democrats are unintentionally saying it Democrats fear rapid economic growth in third quarter. 'Best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country.' For Biden, a worst-case scenario. From @politico — Byron York (@ByronYork) May 26, 2020 Surprise? (Politico) In early April, Jason Furman, a top economist in […]

Poll Shows Large Majority Willing To Pay Up To 100% More For Economic Nationalism

This is interesting, however, I’m actually going to take a ‘climate change’ road on it Poll: Up to 94 Percent of Americans Want Economic Nationalist Overhaul in Wake of Chinese Coronavirus Crisis Up to 94 percent of American voters say they want an economic nationalist overhaul of the United States’ economy in the wake of […]

Noted Economist St. Greta Of Stockholm Notes We Need A New Path Forward

St. Greta has apparently earned a PhD in Economics to go with her degree in climate science Earth Day: Greta Thunberg calls for ‘new path’ after pandemic Greta Thunberg has urged people around the world to take a new path after the coronavirus pandemic, which she said proved “our society is not sustainable”. The Swedish […]

Shock: NY Times Offers Good Relief Idea On Coronovirus Response

This isn’t the first time the NY Times editorial board has offered a good relief idea. They offered one about paying up to 90% of worker’s salaries a couple weeks ago, along with other measures. And now they note something similar ‘We’re Going Down, Down, Down, Down, Down’ The federal government is struggling to deliver […]

President Trump Tops Handsy Joe On Economy, Bat Soup Virus Response

And just wait till the economy come roaring back prior to the election (Breitbart) 43 percent of Americans trust Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis, compared to 45 percent who said the same about President Trump. There was not a lot of good news for Slow Joe Biden in this week’s Washington Post/ABC News poll. The […]

Social Distancing Did The Hard Part For The “Climate Crisis” Or Something

Person who’s still working and getting paid has Thoughts Social distancing accidentally did the hard part for the climate crisis – now it’s up to us to keep going Social distancing is totally at odds with human behaviour and the construction of global capitalism. Our entire world is on pause, and yet there are still […]

Nevada Democrats Wonder How Presidential Candidates Will Counter Trump On The Economy

The whole recent media narrative of a doomed economy from a coming soon!!!!!!! recession failed, so, what do Democrats have to say about a pretty decent economy? (Breitbart) The most frequent question from the audience to Democratic presidential candidates at a forum of Latino voters Thursday evening was: How will you counter President Donald Trump’s […]

Heading Into The Elections, More Americans Say They Are Better Off

No matter how much Democrats and their media allies attempt to downplay the economy, it’s been pretty good. They try and dink and dunk around the edges, claiming it is only good for The Rich, but, people keep proving Democrats wrong More in U.S. Say They Are Better Off Than in Past Elections Sixty-one percent […]

Trump Reaches Out To African Americans As Black Wages Rise

Did anyone watch the Oscars? Yeah, me neither. The apparently ramped up the Wokeness, yammering about climate change, #metoo, bashed Trump, praised Marx, lectured America, the normal stuff. They spent time talking about why blacks weren’t represented well in Hollywood and the awards. Interestingly, they didn’t talk about this NYT: Black Workers’ Wages ‘Are Finally […]

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