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COVID Today: Hero Pay In L.A., Double Masking, And California Variant

Hey, remember what happened when Long Beach, California passed a hero pay for grocery store workers law? That’s right, lots of stores announced their immediate closure. How’s this going to work in a whole county? Los Angeles County passes ordinance requiring $5 ‘hero pay’ for grocery workers The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted […]

Hot Take: Excitable Ro Khanna Wants No Small Businesses That Can’t Afford $15 Minimum Wage

It’s always something with these nutters. On the bright side, Ro actually worked in the private sector for many years. Of course, that was mostly as a lawyer for other people’s firms along with teaching, so, he really has no idea what it takes to actually run a small business (video at the link) Dem […]

Biden Press Lackey Asked Where All The Green Jobs Are

Biden Press Secretary is never happy when someone dares to ask her a tough question. Don’t certain reporters know that it’s supposed to be softballs? Psaki spars with Fox News’ Peter Doocy over Keystone pipeline job losses White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki sparred with Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy on Monday after […]

Dems $15 Minimum Wage Hike Will Kill 1.4 Million Jobs

They think it will lift 900K out of poverty or something. Of course, how many of those remaining jobs will be given to illegal aliens? CBO: $15 minimum wage hike would cost 1.4M jobs, lift 900K out of poverty A new Congressional Budget Office report says the Raise the Wage Act – the bill to gradually raise […]

China Joe’s COVID “Relief” Plan Could Shrink GDP Long Term

Relief is in quotes because Joe’s plan is less about helping middle America and more about hooking up Democrat states and cities, along with teacher’s unions, while killing off jobs in his attempt to placate the idiotic Fight For $15 folks (who’ll be the first ones on the pink slip line) Biden’s COVID relief plan […]

Las Vegas Journal Review Takes On Biden’s War On Private Sector Workers

Hey, perhaps the people of Nevada should have voted Donald Trump for president, rather than Dementia Joe. In fairness, the editorial board of the Las Vegas Journal Review came out for Donald Trump for president in early October, Back then they wrote The most pressing matter facing Nevada and the nation in coming months, and […]

China Joe Voting New Mexico Now Super Concerned Over Drilling Moratorium

New Mexico voted 54-43 for China Joe. But, hey, mean Tweets, right? President Joe Biden's 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits is prompting widespread concerns in New Mexico, where spending on education and other government programs hinges on the industry's success. — The Associated Press (@AP) January 23, […]

Big Companies Call On China Joe To Do Something On Climate Crisis (scam)

Most companies, especially really big ones, rarely do something without seeing a benefit to their bottom line. What benefit do they see here? Why not just change the behavior of the companies, practice what they preach? Major Companies Call on Biden to Act on Climate Change Some major companies are angling to line up with […]

Net Zero: “Ambitions Tend To Remain Undisturbed By Realities”

Having ambitions are great, right? Making pledges is great, right? But, what if you don’t work to get them done? You might even have a plan, but, you don’t follow through to implement it, and said plan might not work correctly. And, if you’re a company, or government, you’re more concerned with looking good than […]

Career Politician Advocates $15 Minimum Wage And Bailing Them Out

Joe Biden hasn’t worked an honest day since the early 70’s. He graduated from law school, did a couple years in the private sector, and then got elected a senator. That’s what he’s done, so, it’s no wonder he has no idea how business works. Donald Trump has had his ups and downs, successess and […]

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