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Republicans Seizing, Attempt To Make Inflation About Sleepy Joe

See, the problem is not that inflation is surging, but that Republicans would dare link it to Dementia Joe GOP seeks to make Biden synonymous with inflation Republicans are seizing on rising inflation as they attempt to derail President Biden’s economic agenda and take back control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections. GOP lawmakers […]

What’s Better Than $15 Minimum Wage? Voice Recognition Drive Thru’s

We’ve seen workers replaced with self ordering screens. Companies are working on more and more automation to avoid paying workers in low skill positions more than the job is worth. Here’s a new one A restaurant owner says raising wages to $15 would solve her labor shortage – but she’d have to hike menu prices. […]

Politico: This Inflation Stuff Is Just Very Inconvenient To China Joe’s Spending Priorities

Seriously, it is very inconvenient. So what if your cost of living is going up? So what if you’re paying more now for just about everything? This could cause problems for Joe Soaring prices draw both shrugs and screaming in Washington A continued inflation spike could make it a lot harder for the president to […]

Surprise: Inflation Is Running Rampant In Developed World Nations

Weren’t the Credentialed Media telling us that inflation wasn’t a concern, that everything would be OK, and even “heck, you right wingers are crazy for talking about inflation.” I guess CNN Business missed the memo from CNN News Global inflation hasn’t been this high since 2008 Price are rising quickly across huge swaths of the […]

Growing Inflation Is Biden’s Tax On Americans

But, hey, no more mean tweets, right? Growing inflation is Biden’s hidden tax on working Americans The sharpest tax President Biden is levying upon Americans is one that was never passed by Congress, promised from the White House, or voted on by citizens at the ballot box. The invisible tax of rising inflation will do far more […]

Washington Post: Americans Are Facing Inflation After Recovery “Stumble”

I’m sure this is somehow Trump’s fault, right? It certainly can’t be the fault of China Joe nor the Democrats who’s implemented all the policies causing economic problems, right? Recovery’s stumbles leave Americans confronting unfamiliar inflation risk Widespread shortages and production snags are driving prices higher for many everyday items, as an uneven economic reopening […]

Newly Opened Raleigh Brewery Does Away With Tipping, Will Pay “Living Wage”

As we all know, going Woke tends to not help a business thrive and survive. This one is giving it a shot North Raleigh brewery ditching tip system for livable wage salaries Restaurants might be open and allowed to serve more customers, but it doesn’t mean they are back to normal. Heyday Brewing in north […]

CNN’s Super Excited That Democrats Have Chance To Turn Economy Modern Socialist

Without delving too deep into Political Theory 101, the main element of Socialism within the Democracy model is the Economic Core, in which government is heavily involved in running all aspects of the economy, up to and including owning the means of production. Of course, another aspect is the Moral Core, in which government pretty […]

Democrats Pushing A Law That Even Californians Didn’t Like

It always seems to be something to kill jobs with Democrats, right? Congressional Democrats push a job-killing law even Californians couldn’t stand In the 2020 election, 63% of California voters backed President Biden. On the same ballot, those voters essentially repealed a job-killing state law that Biden and Democrats now want to impose on a […]

Florida Has That Boomtown Feel

Funny what the state taking a measured, realistic, non-authoritarian approach will do, no matter how much Democrats and the national media like to rail at Republican governor Ron DeSantis Florida’s pandemic response gets a second look from the national media After a solid year of living with a pandemic, the national press is beginning to […]

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