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Inflation Is Transitory: Fed Looks To Raise Rates To Highest Since 2006

Remember when we were told 2 years ago that inflation was temporary? That it wouldn’t last? That the economy was just fine? Sure, we all understand that the politicians do not want to be really negative, but, the way everything was positioned was that it was all in your mind. Yet Federal Reserve ‘between a […]

Bummer: Silicon Valley Bank Collapsing Could Cause Problems For Climate (scam) Projects

I suppose most lenders are a little leery of handing out cash like candy at favorable interest rates, expecting it to not be repaid as the projects crash and burn, unlike SVB Analysis-SVB’s climate tech clients face humbling funding questions For years Silicon Valley Bank was a lender of choice for climate technology startups keen […]

Supposedly, The Taxpayers Will Not Bear The Cost On Saving Failed Banks

Yeah, yeah, we’ll see Here’s who is paying to restore Silicon Valley, Signature Bank deposits The federal government mobilized immediately in response to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank, working over the weekend to insure depositors who had more than $200 billion of venture capital and high-tech start-up money stored in […]

Will This Be Bank Panic Monday?

This Breitbart piece went up around 6pm Sunday, hopefully it’s all for naught U.S. Scrambles to Prepare Financial Backstop to Stave Off Banking Panic The U.S. government is scrambling on Sunday night to prepare emergency measures to shore up banks and the U.S. economy as the nation braces for a potential bank run on Monday. […]

Bidenconomy: A Bread Shortage Is Coming

This is causing people to make their own bread. Not because they had lots and lots of time on their hands while locked down in 2020, but, because of the availability of goods With a possible bread shortage on the horizon, TikTokers are turning to bread makers to bring home the dough In the wake […]

Bidenflation: People Putting Of Medical Care Over Rising Costs

I love this NY Times article, because the word “Biden” appears exactly zero times despite being the president. Now, just imagine how many times Trump would have been blamed if he was still in office Higher Bills Are Leading Americans to Delay Medical Care Megan Swanson has warily watched the erosion of her family’s savings […]

Bidenconomy: Americans Having Trouble Making Car Payments

Remember, according to Biden, the economy is now doing great! As Biden touts US economy, Americans struggling to make car payments As President Biden touts the state of the U.S. economy under his stewardship, a striking number of Americans with auto loans are struggling to make their monthly payments. The juxtaposition between Biden’s rhetoric and […]

Brandon Has A Different Vision For U.S. Economy Or Something

The guy is clueless, and I seriously doubt that he actually wrote this piece for Yahoo News himself Biden: Looking back at 2022, I feel more confident about America than ever Americans have been through a tough few years, but I am optimistic about our country’s economic prospects. Americans’ resilience has helped us recover from […]

Biden Wants Congress To Ratify Choo Choo Train Deal To Avoid Strike

I’m all for doing what’s necessary to avoid a strike, as my business is 100% dependent on moving product via train Biden calls on Congress to intervene to avert rail shutdown President Biden on Monday called on Congress to pass legislation to avert a rail shutdown before Dec. 9, warning of major disruptions to the […]

Surprise: Biden Admin Blames High Price Of Thanksgiving On Russia

In fairness, not everything is really Biden’s fault, or, heck, even China’s for releasing Wuhan Flu. Avian flu has caused a pretty big problem with turkeys. However, for so many other things, starting with eggs, butter, and so much more, Biden has done absolutely nothing to help, and even much to hurt USDA blames Russia […]

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