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Bidenconomy: Credit Card Debt Rising Fast

I’ve been reliably told that the economy is great and everyone is making a ton of money Credit card delinquencies are rising. Here’s what to do if you’re at risk  Seriously overdue credit card debt is at the highest level in more than a decade, and people 35 and under are struggling more than other […]

Weird: Colorado’s Legal Pot Market Is Crashing

I’ll not again that I am not against legalized marijuana. I don’t do it, but, if others want to, have at it. It’s certainly not as bad a drug as alcohol, though people do seem to be using it in some form or fashion way more throughout the day, kinda like an alcoholic sneaking sips. […]

Say, Why Do Food Prices Feel So High When Inflation Is Down?

I’m actually shocked that Axios isn’t trying to spin this The inflation rate for “food at home,” basically the stuff you buy at the supermarket, is really low these days, with prices rising just 1.1% over the last year. But since January 2021, when President Biden took office, prices are up nearly 21%. Why it matters: Every time […]

Bidenflation Causing Your Memorial Day Cookout To Be Even Higher

Not for Fox Business: Barbecue (BBQ) is a noun. It is what you cook. It is not a verb or a description of cooking out all sorts of meats and having sides and a party Memorial Day cookouts cost more this year as price of one BBQ staple jumps a staggering 50 percent in one […]

UK Guardian Says You Stupid Peasants Are Totally Wrong On the Bidenconomy

The media is rather foolish in pushing this so early. It would be better off in September, but, hey, never interrupt an enemy in the midst of a mistake "Nearly three in five Americans wrongly believe the US is in an economic recession, and the majority blame the Biden administration, according to a Harris poll […]

Yahoo Finance Seems Upset That You Peasants Have An Issue With Biden’s Great Economy

Seriously, you peons have to just ignore the prices you see at the gas station, grocery stores, restaurants, car dealerships, clothes stores, homes/renting, interest rates, etc and so on. It’s all fake, you know, and Biden has been hooking you up Why Americans are feeling bad about inflation despite a good economy Americans despise inflation. […]

PRC Looks To Dictate Operation Of Self Checkout

The lawmakers in the People’s Republik Of California just keep coming up with more and more ideas to mess with their economy, eh? To dictate how everything operates, right? Proposed California law could force some stores to do away with self-checkout A proposed state law could change regulations on self-checkout, forcing some California stores to […]

Trump Trusted More On Dealing With Economy And Inflation Than Biden

It’s rather unsurprising when we get things like Reporter stunned by Biden voters’ comments on economy: ‘Nostalgia for Trump years … really shocking to me’ Voters in this ‘boomerang’ county say they’re nostalgic for the Trump economy We’ve seen plenty of articles about people having nostalgia for the Trump economy, which leads to More Americans […]

Consequences: Automation Could Make Income Inequality Worse

This opinion piece in the LA Times by Brian Justie can’t quite get to why this is all happening Opinion: How robots making your burger and fries can lead to greater income inequality On April 1, more than half a million fast-food workers in California got a raise, with minimum wage across the sector bumped up […]

Interest Rates Staying High Blamed On “Affluent Americans”

See, it’s not that the policies of Biden and Democrats, such as too much spending and borrowing money, are causing issues. Nope, it’s you older rich Americans Affluent Americans are driving US economy and likely delaying need for Fed rate cuts Since retiring two years ago, Joan Harris has upped her travel game. Once or […]

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