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California Labor Group Pushing For $20 Restaurant Minimum Wage For All Workers

Even after watching the results of the restaurant wage bill, with all the layoffs and price increases, the head honchos will get the peasants to push for this. Which is easy, because the peasants see easy money for low skilled work and head honchos won’t lose their own cushy, over-paid jobs Labor group demands California’s […]

San Francisco Looking At Way To Make Sure No Grocery Stores Close

So, how does this all work? The uber-Leftists in SF make crime, prosecuting criminals, and safety a low priority, along with allowing poop and drug needles in the streets, so stores are getting ripped off constantly and to a point that they are losing money. Customers and employees are in constant danger. And have to […]

PRC Looks To Pass “Right To Disconnect” Law For Workers

On the heels of their $20 minimum wage for restaurants law, which is seeing businesses raise prices, cut employees, and even close, the People’s Republik Of California is going to try something else to mess with the economy California could become first state to give workers a ‘right to disconnect’ California could become the first […]

Bidenconomy: 99 Cents Only To Close All Stores

It’s probably those greedy rich folks cashing out, right? 99 Cents Only to close all 371 stores and wind down its business 99 Cents Only Stores will close all 371 of its stores and wind down its business operations after more than four decades, the City of Commerce discount chain announced Thursday. “This was an […]

LA Times Seems Surprised That Restaurants Are Raising Prices With $20 Minimum Wage

If only someone had warned the LA Times, which was super supportive over raising the minimum wage for a specific industry, that there would be Unintended Consequences. First, though Mass Layoffs Begin At California Fast Food Chains As $20 Minimum Wage Law Takes Effect — zerohedge (@zerohedge) April 2, 2024 I’m shocked! Starbucks, Chipotle, […]

Surprise: California Fast Food Pay Law Causing Layoffs

I know, I know, you’re shocked Calif. fast-food chains slash workers as $20-an-hour minimum wage looms — New York Post (@nypost) March 25, 2024 We already know that Pizza Hut and others were planning on laying off drivers and using 3rd party delivery services. Now (NY Post) California restaurants are reportedly laying off […]

Forced Wage Increases For Lyft And Uber Drivers May Drive Them Out Of Minneapolis

The road to being put out of a job is paved with good government intentions Minneapolis drivers protested wages – and won. Lyft and Uber are choosing to leave the city rather than pay up Uber and Lyft claim they will cease operating in the Minneapolis area in protest of a minimum pay ordinance that […]

Bidenomics: People Draining Their Retirement Accounts To Survive

So, we already know that credit card debt is skyrocketing (though CNN thinks this is OK because Biden is president), credit card delinquencies are rising fast, and non-mortgage interest rates are crushing Americans. So why not hit up the retirement accounts? Inflation Is Forcing Americans To Drain Their Retirement Accounts Just To Stay Afloat The […]

Comrade Sanders Pimps Bill For Joe Biden Work Week

None of this is the business of the federal government to regulate, but, that doesn’t stop people like Bernie Sanders from pushing it. Probably for votes Bernie Sanders pushes bill to establish a four-day workweek Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., held a hearing Thursday on a bill he introduced to reduce the standard U.S. workweek to four […]

Biden Trots Out Policy To Deal With High Housing Costs

The notion is laudable, but, the actual substance shows it was crafted by people who have little idea how the housing economy works. By people who’ve barely ever worked in the private sector, and certainly not in anything related. Who have no idea of the implications, they just want to buy votes I'm grateful that […]

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