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Democrats Are Racing To Explain Their “Historic” Bill Or Something

It should be very interesting to watch them attempt to explain how a bill called the Inflation Reduction Act does nothing to reduce the cost of food, energy, clothes, and other essential goods and services Biden signs climate and health care bill. Now, Democrats race to explain its benefits With a few strokes of a […]

Brandon Tells Us About The IRA, Forgetting About Inflation Reduction

Most likely, one of Biden’s people wrote it, and he has zero idea, being back in Delaware again 3 things everyone should know about the Inflation Reduction Act Today, I signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law — one of the most significant laws in recent history. With this law, the American people won and […]

Here Are 4 Ways The IRA Will Kick In Immediately

I’m sure there’s something about reducing inflation, right? Inflation Reduction Act: 4 ways it will kick in right away The signing Tuesday of the Inflation Reduction Act is set to kick off a parade of action from the Biden administration and other Democrats to sell the bill to the public. While some analysis shows it won’t meaningfully reduce […]

Only 12% Of Americans Think IRA Will Reduce Inflation

If we’re lucky, it won’t increase inflation. Though, screwing around with energy production most likely will spike it short term The Big Lie Failed: Just 12% of Americans Think the Inflation Reduction Act Will Reduce Inflation The Democrats named their tax and spending bill the Inflation Reduction Act, but Americans are not buying it. The […]

CBS News Finally Lets Us Know Inflation Reduction Act Probably Won’t Reduce Inflation

Man, if only we had a news media which did their job before massive, citizen behavior changing, IRS enforcement and tax increasing, energy killing legislation is passed One thing the Inflation Reduction Act may not do: Lower inflation The Inflation Reduction Act is aimed at tackling a host of problems, from climate change to catching […]

Brandonflation Driving Food Shoppers Away From Walmart

Considering that Walmart typically has better food prices that the regular grocery stores, like Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Shoprite, Lowe’s Foods, and whatever else you have in your area, how are they doing when shopper are going even lower cost? Inflation steers budget shoppers away from Walmart. Bringing them back may not be easy Walmart […]

Good News: Grocery Prices Up 13.1% In July Over 2021

The Inflation Reduction Bill will totally do something about this, right? Oh, wait, it will make energy more expensive, it’s screw with food prices, and the Biden admin was already making things difficult for farmers Inflation: Grocery prices increased 13.1% in July Americans can still expect sticker shock when they head to their local grocery […]

Good News: Inflation To Stay High Even As Gas Prices Fall

Well, yeah, because gas is still much higher than when Biden took office, and so much of today’s prices have that price increase built in. Plus, there are many other factors US inflation will likely stay high even as gas prices fall Americans may finally be catching a break from relentlessly surging prices — if […]

NY Times: Consumers Will Totally Save Money From IRA

I love that Democrats are referring to the Inflation Reduction Act as the IRA (when they aren’t referring to it as pretty much anything besides an inflation reduction measure), because it’s going to blow a lot of things up (not paywalled version here) Consumers Will Benefit From Lower Utility Bills and Cheaper Home Upgrades, Energy […]

Who Are The Winners And Losers In Democrats “Inflation Reduction” Bill

You know one thing that’s not a winner? Inflation reduction. No one is mentioning inflation reduction now Winners and Losers in Democrats’ Signature Tax and Energy Bill President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are the biggest winners now that a huge piece of Democrats’ economic agenda is hurtling toward enactment. That remains […]

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