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Good News: Inflation Is All Your Fault Per Spoiled Elitist

No, really 2 years ago today, the media told us inflation was actually a good thing. Today, they’re now blaming us for inflation. ???? — Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) December 2, 2023 High prices? Like food, energy, water, clothes? From the link You would think, with prices as high as they are, that Americans would […]

LGB Blames Retailers For Inflation, Wants Them To Lower Prices

You didn’t seriously expect a guy who was in government since 1973 up to January 2017, then since January 2021, to understand how economics works, did you? That he would understand balance sheets and the need to make a profit to stay in business, when he can just demand millions from people to hire his […]

NY Times Notes Most Democrats Do Not Think Much Of The Bidenconomy

I’m sure they’ll find a way to cover for Biden, right? Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy Presidents seeking a second term have often found the public’s perception of the economy a pivotal issue. It was a boon to Ronald Reagan; it helped usher Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush out of […]

Pressure On Congress To Find Ways To Reduce Debt And Deficit

It’s funny, we only see these types of articles when the GOP controls one or both houses of Congress Rising US debt stokes calls in Congress for special fiscal commission The U.S. Congress is facing growing calls to find a way to stem rising budget deficits and debt following this month’s warning by Moody’s that […]

Climate Cult Super Concerned With Shipping

I wonder if they are considering that a goodly chunk of their goods come on ships? Autos and auto parts. Their smartphones. Computers. Routers. TVs. Their fast fashion for selfies. The NY Times is Very Concerned, and will manufacture this issue, rather than, you know, actually just covering the news Shipping Contributes Heavily to Climate […]

Bidenconomy: CNN Notes That Inflation Is Not Done, But, Disinflation Could Be Worse

Remember, disinflation is not deflation, it is simply a time when inflation has reduced over the short term, though, there is a chance of deflation when it drops near zero Inflation is cooling, but the price hikes aren’t done In 2021, when the price of organic cotton and other raw materials spiked, the family that runs […]

Bidenflation: Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive, Homes Unaffordable For Average America

Everything is pretty much more expensive these days, so, why not Girl Scout cookies? Girl Scout cookies are coming back, and prices are going up Girl Scout cookies are getting more expensive. In some places, at least. At least one New York State chapter, the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, told troop parents and […]

PRC Law Requires Fast Food Workers To Get Minimum $20 An Hour

All the people who support this law, who cheered for it, advocated for it, will be very surprised when the number of employees at fast food locations is cut way down and they’re replaced with technology and automation. Especially surprised will be the ones who had jobs California fast-food workers to earn minimum of $20 […]

Target To Close Nine Stores In Democratic Party Run Cities

Can you guess which cities are on the chopping block? Target closes 9 stores in response to retail theft, adds locked cases at some stores Target is taking action in response to retail theft. On Tuesday the big box retailer announced plans to close nine stores, effective Oct. 21. “We cannot continue operating these stores […]

With A Supposed Soft Landing Coming, Reuters Wonders Why Americans Are So Mad About Economy

You simply un-appreciative peasants are grumbling after all the work of your betters The elusive Fed ‘soft landing’ nears. Why are Americans so mad about the economy? U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said emphatically last week that people “hate inflation, hate it,” but he left another fact unspoken – they also punish the politicians […]

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