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Far Left Wacko Ayanna Pressley Quotes Glorilla In Climate Doom Speech Or Something

Just when you thought the climate nuts couldn’t get more wacko Watch Rep. Ayanna Pressley Quote Glorilla’s ‘TGIF’ in Climate Change Speech Glorilla‘s scorching summer anthem “TGIF” has inspired a much more serious discussion about climate change, courtesy of a prominent Democratic lawmaker. During the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability hearing last Wednesday (July […]

6th Court Of Appeals Blocks Biden’s Title IX Transgender Rules

Title IX is designed to help women. Biological women. Not biological men with mental health issues who take all sorts of things away from women Trans students’ rights suffer another blow as appeals court refuses to lift block on new Biden protections The Biden administration’s attempt to protect transgender students from discrimination hit another roadblock on Wednesday […]

Tarboro Police Detective Suspended For Wishing Death On Trump

Now, imagine if someone had tried to kill Joe Biden and a local police officer wished the bullet was a little bit over: would the news organizations all be covering this? Why, of course they would. Yet, in Raleigh, it’s only CBS17 ‘An inch away’: Tarboro police officer under investigation for attempted Trump assassination post […]

Crazy Michael Cohen Says Trump Will Run America Like A Fuhrer

This is not an unusual position from the Never Trumpers, who all seem to believe that Trump is a Bad Man and is the next coming of Adolph Hitler Michael Cohen warns Trump will run US ‘like the Führer’ if reelected after Supreme Court immunity ruling Donald Trump’s former lawyer and one-time fixer Michael Cohen […]

AOC Says She Will Introduce Impeachment Against SCOTUS After Immunity Ruling

She’s pretty upset over the ruling (Federalist) The Biden Department of Justice’s (DOJ) lawfare against former President Donald Trump hit a massive roadblock Monday after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that presidents have “absolute immunity” for “actions within his conclusive and preclusive constitutional authority” and “at least presumptive immunity” for all “official acts.” The high […]

Father Of Gender Confused Says There’s Nothing Conservative About Blocking Care Or Something

It’s rather maddening how quickly people bought into the transgender madness, that they’d willingly accept children engaging in what is really a fad, mostly driven by adults and peer pressure, rather than any real belief that the kids are “in the wrong body.” And it’s especially disturbing how quickly the parents bought into the fad, […]

Surprise? Alvin Bragg Drops Charges Against Pro-Hamas Columbia Students

No one saw this coming, right? That the Jew hating, Hamas supporting students would pay no price for their actions Manhattan DA drops charges against Columbia University students arrested at anti-Israel protests Dozens of anti-Israel protesters who occupied and barricaded themselves in buildings on the Columbia University campus in April had their charges dropped Thursday. […]

Squad Member Says Covering Illegal Raping 13 Year Old Is “Fearmongering”

In Democratic Socialist World it’s absolutely no big deal for an illegal to rape a child. The GOP should be playing this comment nationwide to let people know exactly who the Democrats are Rep. Jayapal suggests coverage of migrant charged with raping NYC teen is ‘fearmongering’ Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and MSNBC host Joy Reid […]

Biden Tells Influencers At White House Gather That He’s “Pressuring Israel”

First of all, I want to throw something every time I hear the term “influencer”, which denotes a bunch of youts with no experience thinking they know everything. But, I settle for rolling my eyes. People like James Carville and Glenn Beck don’t call themselves influencers, eh? Anyhow, before a long diatribe, it’s funny that […]

Federal Judge Puts Temporary Hold On Biden’s School Transgender Rules

The judge provides some sanity in noting that Title IX is about protecting women, not people with mental illness Federal judge delivers first blow to Biden’s protections for transgender students A federal judge has temporarily blocked the Education Department’s final Title IX rule, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The ruling: Western […]

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