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Washington Post Is Enraged Over California Shooting, And Wants Congress To Do Something

According to the Brady Campaign, California is the state with the most gun restrictions. They have 8 laws on “assault weapons” and magazine size. Eleven on background checks. Seven on high risk gun possession. Twelve on buyer regulations. Seven for possession. Eighteen for domestic violence. The Washington Post Editorial Board seems to forget this Don’t […]

NY Times Decides Racism Against Whites Is Awesome

From the Department Of Imagine Had This Substituted Black For White Opinion: Can My Children Be Friends With White People? — The New York Times (@nytimes) November 12, 2017 From the article My oldest son, wrestling with a 4-year-old’s happy struggles, is trying to clarify how many people can be his best friend. “My […]

NY Times Just Can’t Move On From Hillary Losing

It was one year ago today that we held a national election for President. By the end of the day, Democrats would realize that they would not be celebrating Hillary in the White House, and would have to deal with President Donald Trump. Since that time, they’ve been more unhinged than normal, whining about this, […]

Hot Take: Bergdahl Shouldn’t Have Been Given Dishonorable Discharge, Because It Stops Him From Healing

People, including President Trump (some on Twitter noted he should have kept his mouth shut and not Tweeted till after the decision, and they’re right), were outraged when Bowie Bergdahl got off with no jail time. But, hey, this is the NY Times, so, of course they’re going to go the opposite way in defending […]

NYC Terror Attack Hot Take: The Attack Was “Anti-Islamic

First, here’s what we know (NY Times) A driver plowed a pickup truck down a crowded bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring 11 before being shot by a police officer in what officials are calling the deadliest terrorist attack on New York City since Sept. 11, 2001. The […]

It Starts: Church To Take Down George Washington Plaque To Be “More Welcoming”

The church, as a private organization, has the right to do this. It’s still incredibly insane that they would remove a memorial to the father of the nation, especially with their reasoning (Washington Times) George Washington was one of the founding members of Christ Church in Alexandria, buying pew No. 5 when the church first […]

Math, Algebra, and Geometry Are Totally White Privilege Or Something

Do you know why these types of stories bug me? Getting beyond the typical race baiting and White Blaming, general moonbattery and Special Snowflake Syndrome, what they position is that minorities, particularly Blacks, are incapable of performing long held standards of education. Math is math. It’s cut and dry. 2+2=4. But, these people, who are […]

Crazy: UK Government Wants UN Treaty To Replace “Pregnant Women” With “Pregnant People” To Support The Gender Confused

Having solved all their problems, like Jihadis stabbing and running people over in the streets of London, and Muslim and Asian immigrants “grooming” kids to be sexual playthings, the UK government has turned its attention elsewhere (Fox News) The UK government objected to the term “pregnant woman” in a United Nations treaty, claiming the term […]

Sore Loser Symphony: LA Times Features Another Impeachment Fantasy

The Moonbats just can’t help themselves. It really is time to see legitimate psychological help, as the LA Times allows another nutter, Barbara Radnofsky to delve into her insane sore loser fantasy The Founding Fathers provided us with a way out of troubled presidency — the direct, doable process of impeachment Many people see chaos […]

Gun Control From A Racist Point Of View

In Chicago, which has heavy restrictions on gun ownership for law abiding citizens, 8 were killed and 11 were wounded by gunshot. The majority, if not all, were Black. The majority of those involved in gun violence in Chicago are Black. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is occuring, but, then, this is […]

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