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Dems Tlaib, Pressley Introduce Bill Defunding Police, Giving Reparations

They must be trying to turn the nation into an area similar to fellow Squad member Ilhan Omar’s nation of origin, Somalia ‘Squad’ Dems Tlaib, Pressley introduce bill bill to defund police, give reparations Two congressional “squad” members unveiled a wide-ranging proposal Tuesday to defund police departments and establish a reparations program for African Americans […]

Cancel Culture: Descendant Of Thomas Jefferson Calls For Removing D.C. Monument

Someone got infected with Virtue Signal Syndrome. And is anyone surprised that the NY Times would publish this? When does the NY Times get cancelled, considering it stole the property for its current building from People of Color via eminent domain? From Thomas Jefferson’s own family, a call to take down his memorial A direct […]

It’s Hard For Modern Socialists To Celebrate July 4th This Year Or Something

Let’s be honest, it’s hard for a goodly chunk of Democrat Party voters to celebrate Independence Day every year, as they hate the U.S. It’s hard to celebrate the Fourth of July this year In 1975, PBS aired an episode of the documentary series Bill Moyers Journal called “Rosedale: The Way It Is”, about the firebombings […]

Minneapolis Paper Recommends National Soul Searching On July 4th

Well, you know, Modern Socialists have to Modern Socialist. We’ve long know that Democrats hate America, so, they hate Independence Day with a passion and will find any way to ruin it This July 4th calls for national soul-searching For July 4th observances this year, President Donald Trump plans a reprise of last year’s “Salute […]

NY Times Freaks Over America’s Caste System, Just Like The Nazi’s Had!

This is interesting, considering the NY Times built their current office building by getting the property development company to get the government to use eminent domain to take away property from People Of Color Via @NYTimes: "Throughout human history, three caste systems have stood out." India, Nazi Germany, United States — jerylbier (@JerylBier) July 1, […]

America’s National Parks Are Raaaaacist Or Something

There is a continuing amount of serious Hot Takes going on, as you all know. All which heavily deflect from the actual issue of police reform, right? While speaking with a black person I know last week, I mentioned that all these white liberals were basically attempting to speak for blacks, like mom calling the […]

Lego Joins “Anti-Hate” Facebook Boycott Campaign

On one hand, Facebook is garbage. On the other, they are trying to resist the forces of Ultra Wokeness coming after them. On the 3rd hand, they’ve empowered the forces of Wokeness, but, they never anticipated that those forces would grow stronger, more crazy, and more demanding. They dug their own hole. And Lego has […]

Forget Social Distancing And Cops Quitting, The Important Issue Is Dungeons And Dragons

As the world passes 10 million cases of Bat Soup Virus and 500,000 deaths, social distancing took a hit (The Blaze) June is Pride month, and June 28 is a celebrated day in LGBTQ history as it is the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City on June 28, 1969. Most cities have […]

Coke Suspends Social Media Advertising To Pressure Tech Companies To Censor Users

It took a while to get to the heart of why Coke is suspending advertising for a bit, but, it, hey, if they want to call for private companies to censor users, maybe it’s time to boycott Coke Coca-Cola announces pause on all social media advertising Coca-Cola announced on Friday that it is pausing its […]

Disney To Redo Splash Mountain

Remember when I mentioned on June 11th that the #CancelCulture nutters were coming after Disney’s Splash Mountain, because it “is based on the 1946 movie “Song of the South” that critics say is one of Disney’s most racist films.” Not that the kids who ride it know or care, they just want to be entertained […]

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