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Social Media Era: Subway Store Cans “Creator” For Stomping On Food, Filming It

The stupid burns brightly, and this is just so emblematic of the social media era Subway says a worker who filmed himself stamping on sandwich fillings and placing them on a toilet seat has been fired A Subway franchise worker who filmed himself trashing one of the sandwich chain’s locations in Providence, Rhode Island, has […]

Cancel Culture Warriors Come After James Webb

Who is James Webb? NASA notes The man whose name NASA has chosen to bestow upon the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is most commonly linked to the Apollo moon program, not to science. Yet, many believe that James E. Webb, who ran the fledgling space agency from February 1961 to October 1968, did […]

Let’s Go Brandon: Entrenched Partisanship Collides With His Push For Unity

Can anyone point out any part of #LetsGoBrandon’s agenda that is actually about unity? Perhaps 10% of each of the massive bills he’s pushing contain measures that are not-controversial and not hardcore leftist Biden’s push for unity collides with entrenched partisanship President Biden is struggling to make good on a campaign promise to unite the […]

Columbus Day Hot Take: Italian-Americans Supporting It Is Like Germans Supporting Hitler

This is a great way to piss off a good chunk of your fan base. And why talk about this at a team press conference, instead of basketball? Spurs’ Popovich Slams Italian-American Support for Columbus Day: Like Germans Being ‘Proud of Hitler’ San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich attacked Columbus Day on Friday, slamming […]

MSNBC: Religious Exemptions For Vaccine Mandates Shouldn’t Exist Or Something

No one is really surprised that MSNBC is publishing a piece like this, right? Covid vaccine religious exemptions should not exist. Here’s why. The law defending religious exemptions for vaccine mandates doesn’t exist. The law allows for vaccine requirements without religious exemptions. Not only that, but morality mandates it. Therefore, we should abolish religious exemptions […]

Hot Take: People Should Take A More Nuanced View On Why Blacks And Latinos Have Low Vaccination Rates

See, it’s not OK that whites, Asians and other non-black and Latinos might be vaccine hesitant. They just have no excuses. For blacks and Latinos, though, yeah, they have Excuses. Is there nothing these lunatics can’t turn into raaaaacism? They just don’t want to Blamestorm those groups for low vaccination rate, they don’t want to […]

#Unity: Biden’s Politicized DOJ To Go After Protesting Parents

They’re using the excuse of “threats of violence” to criminalize people expressing their 1st Amendment Rights (speech, protest, grievance), which are also protected by every single state constitution DOJ launching effort to combat threats of violence against school officials The Department of Justice is launching an effort to combat what it said is an “increase” […]

USA Today Wants Supreme Court To Strike Down Qualified Immunity For Police

I wonder if the editorial board of the USA Today realizes that if SCOTUS kills off qualified immunity for police they would be doing the same for politicians and government employees? Nah. This is really about some cop hatred Not above the law: Supreme Court can protect citizens by striking down qualified immunity Even before […]

House Democrats Plan Vote Protecting Abortion On Demand

No matter what the polls say, having the Democrat controlled House focus on federal plans to keep abortion on demand legal, easy to obtain, and with no restrictions might not play well with voters, especially with the economy (and Joe’s approval rating) in free fall With Roe Under Threat, House Plans to Vote on Bill […]

It’s Crazy That People Can Travel Around U.S. Without Vaccination Proof, Eh?

Now, imagine this discussion occurred while Trump was president MSNBC’s @KattyKay_: “It seems to me crazy” I can travel around the United States without showing proof of vaccination Fauci: “It’s seriously being considered” — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 14, 2021 “Being considered.” Have fun trying to shut down state borders. Dem states might comply. […]

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