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White And Jew Hating Black Hammer Group “Liberates” Property In Colorado Mountains

Nothing like liberating property back which is incompatible for raising your own food, eh? And by liberating, they mean purchasing scrubland of little value for $65,000. Lots of people are making fun of them for this stuff, but, the Black Hammer hatred for whites and Jews is rather insane ‘Jonestown 2.0, racism edition’: Radical anti-Semites […]

Cancel Culture: Isaac Newton And George Floyd Murals

Turning science class into social (justice warrior) studies Isaac Newton Latest Historical Figure Swept Up in ‘Decolonisation’ Drive Sir Isaac Newton has been labelled as a potential beneficiary of “colonial-era activity” in draft plans to “decolonise” the engineering curriculum at Sheffield University. Students learning about the mathematician and scientist’s three laws of motion, the core of modern […]

Climate Cult Says Abolishing Police Part Of Green New Deal

Exactly what does getting rid of the police have to do with reducing “carbon pollution” in order to reduce the planet’s temperature? Well, it’s a cult, so, there’s always a reason, especially since this whole thing has little to do with science, as I’ve been pointing out for over 15 years There’s No Green New […]

#NeverTrumpers Plan To Grade Republicans With A “Democracy Report Card”

Fake Conservative Grifters gonna grift, you know Anti-Trump conservative group to grade GOP lawmakers on whether they uphold (or undermine) democracy An anti-Trump conservative group is launching an effort to track and evaluate whether Republicans in Congress, in the group’s view, have acted to either undermine or uphold democracy and democratic values and what role, […]

Ohio State University: Only Some Black Lives Matter

Is it a shame that police were forced to take down Ma’Khia brown? Of course. Is it her own fault for attacking another black girl with a knife, getting ready to stab her, being warned to stop? Heck yes. And this was all over a housekeeping dispute? Who the heck goes bonkers and grabs a […]

Vox Attempts To Defend Stabber Ma’Khia Bryant In Crazy Fashion

What you have here is this reflexive liberal defense of anyone shot by a police officer, no matter what they did. They aren’t rational, and they want to gin up more racial strife. And, of course, in today’s narcissistic society, people have to make everything about themselves I could have been Ma’Khia Bryant Like Ma’Khia […]

BLM Activist: Cops Should Just Let Teens Fight Out With Knives, Mind Their Own Business

This one on Makiyah Bryant is such a scorching hot take that it deserved it’s own follow up post, rather than adding more to the earlier post (via Twitchy) Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene […]

Teen Girl Attacking With Knife Shot By Columbus Police, Media Try A Bit Of Gaslighting

Many, many media outlets are attempting to position the girl shot by police as a darling and another black person killed by police for no reason, linking it to the Derek Chauvin case Black teenage girl in Ohio ‘shot dead by police’ as Derek Chauvin jury returns verdict A black teenage girl was shot dead […]

North Carolina Looks To Ban Trans Males In Sport, Stop Transition Procedures For Those Under 21

Many states have done the same, especially in banning the gender confused from playing in sports of the opposite sex, mostly to protect women from having to compete with biological males, which destroys women’s sports. North Carolina is giving it a shot, and uber-Progressive NC Policy Watch is livid HB 2 redux? NC lawmakers again […]

Saturday Night Live Takes On Georgia Voting Law Or Something

There was, if you can believe it, a time when Saturday Night Live was about laughter, not applause line, along with highlighting some great music acts who actually played live. It wasn’t about being part of the In Crowd, and the times when politics was mentioned was funny and not abusive. And there was little […]

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