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Democrats Just Can’t Help Themselves In Rallying Around Late Term Abortion

They used to rally around safe, legal, and rare, but, their masks have now slipped fully in attempting to defend and mainstream late term abortion, which rarely occurs for the stated reason of protecting the mother. It’s usually for convenience, at a time when the baby can usually survive outside the womb. It might need […]

Ocasio-Cortez Backs Defunding ICE

She’s the gift that keeps giving in terms of wackadoodle, as she attended a sponsored rally to protect lawbreakers Ocasio-Cortez: ICE ‘Does Not Deserve a Dime’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) joined freshmen colleagues outside the Capitol on Thursday to call for an end to funding for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, accusing it […]

Word Salad: ““Anthropocene” Is A Dangerous Generalisation Which Ignores White Male Colonial Capitalist Guilt For Global Warming” Or Something”

Remember, this is all about science, not politics (via Watts Up With That?) The language of climate change—and the Anthropocene Hanna E. Morris, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication who researches environmental communication, explains the sudden rise of ‘Anthropocene’ as the latest buzzword in the climate dialogue. Climate change, global warming, climate […]

NY Times Circles The Wagons Over Virginia’s Infanticide Bill

Fortunately, and at least for the moment, the Virginia bill which would have codified infanticide at the moment of birth has been defeated. Remember, these are the same types of people who got all squishy over treating stone cold Islamic terrorists meanly. Babies, though? The Democrats are just showing their true stripes on the issue. […]

Virginia Governor Floats Allowing Just Born Babies To Die

I never found the time to follow up on the story of a Democratic bill in Virginia that would allow babies to be aborted right up to birth (I often have pre-written posts from the morning which I can post in a few minutes using my phone). This is nuts, and something that should end […]

Surprise: Many Democrats Break Ranks To Back Venezuela Strongman Maduro

The big question here is are they backing him because he’s a fellow socialist or due to a kneejerk reaction to be for anything Donald Trump is against? Or both? We saw this same type of thing from Democrats while George W Bush was president and Hugo Chavez was around PROGRESSIVES BREAK WITH DEMOCRATIC PARTY […]

Democrat Darling Kamala Harris Vows To Eliminate All Private Insurance, Ban “Assault Weapons”

It looks, at least at the moment, like Kamala Harris is the chosen one for the Democrat big wigs and the liberal media. Heck, even Joe Scarborough has given up all pretense of being a Republican and is squeeing over her. But she, like so many Democrats, isn’t even hiding how utterly far left she […]

TDS: Washington Post Blames Trump For Convictions Of Pro-Illegal Alien Supporters Who Left “Aid” In Desert

The laws regarding entering the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge without a permit as well as leaving garbage were established long before Trump took office. They were updated in July of 2017 a tiny bit. Yet, somehow, this is all Trump’s Fault, and the Washington Post Editorial Board highlights that they are for open borders […]

AOC: ‘Climate Change’ Is Millennial’s World War II Or Something

Wait, I thought it was income inequality? Equality of the sexes? Fight for $15? Soaking the rich? Amnesty for all? This kind of thing by super unserious thinkers reminds me of an old shtick by the Bob And Tom Show called “You’re Not Helping The Show“. I can’t find the more fleshed out version, which […]

David Brooks Wonders About Social Media Destroying Lives

NY Times opinion writer David Brooks is someone who those on the right can mostly disagree with. Like most writers for the NY Times. He does have a few salient points, but is missing two big things How We Destroy Lives Today Will the Covington Catholic High School fiasco change social media? Within living memory, […]

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