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Freedom Loving Democrats Want To Ban “Fat Shaming” By Law

The political party that calls anyone who disagrees with them a Fascist is in their banning something stage again Can Body Shaming Be Outlawed? In 1961 at age 37, Jean Nidetch, who struggled with her weight for most of her life, signed up for a 10-week program offered by the New York City Board of […]

Gun Grabbers Push Gun Grabbing Immediately After Leftist Nutjob Kills People

The Lexington Herald Leader noted the timeline of the murders 8:38 a.m.: Louisville Metro Police officers received a call of shots fired at 333 East Main Street in downtown. 8:41 a.m.: Officers arrived at the Old National Bank where they encountered the shooter who was actively firing. Police immediately opened fire on the shooter, who […]

DOD Assistant Secretary For Readiness More Concerned About Appeasing Gender Confused

It’s no wonder Biden and so many others seem intent on getting the US into a nuclear war: our actual military readiness is in the toilet DoD’s highest-ranking trans official: ‘Ostracizing anybody’ will hurt military readiness Shawn Skelly was a Navy commander working to help fend off roadside bomb attacks when she came to a […]

Nike Decides To Alienate Even More Customers By Doubling Down

Was it particularly wise of Nike to feature an unhinged lunatic playing at being a “girl”, really, making a mockery of women, to advertise women’s clothing? Did they consider that it would drive away at least half the customer base, who can purchase Under Armor, New Balance, Brooks, and a myriad number of brands instead […]

The Charges Against Trump Are Even Weaker Than You Thought

There’s going to be a lot said about this over the, well, next few years, because Comrade Bragg wants the trial in January 2024, right in the middle of the primaries I have a feeling they're trying to jam up the system for 2 years of legal rangling, hoping that keeps Trump from being the […]

Democrats Start To Realize Their Witch Hunt For Trump Could Backfire

Their false attacks on Trump in 2016 didn’t work, especially with an unlikable person like Hillary Clinton running. And when American citizens could see that Hillary was given special treatment over her email felonies. Without COVID, Trump would most likely be president now, even with the Democrat cheating ‘We’ve seen this story before’: Dems grow […]

Gun Grabber Recommends Doing What New Zealand Did

During the 2016 election cycle we heard about the Australian solution, where the nation banned most private ownership of firearms. Of course, somewhere around 70% of citizens did not turn in their guns to this day, and, since there had been no registration beforehand, the government can’t do a damned thing about it No more […]

Kentucky Passes Big Law To Protect Kids From Groomers, Women From Gender Confused

This has obviously made the groomers very upset, like those at the Washington Post Kentucky lawmakers pass major anti-trans law, overriding governor’s veto Kentucky lawmakers passed a sweeping bill Wednesday that restricts how doctors and schools treat transgender youths, overriding the governor’s veto and forceful objections by state medical associations, education officials and parents with […]

Could The Trump Grand Jury Fail To Indict Him?

With the grand jury being cancelled Wednesday, something funny could be going on LARRY KUDLOW: Alvin Bragg is in danger of being overruled by his own grand jury As you know by now, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg cancelled the grand jury meeting that was scheduled to take place today in New York, was expected […]

So, Will The Politicized Prosecution Of Trump Happen Today?

Democrats have been playing a very dangerous game in their attempt to Get Trump, one that could easily boomerang back on Democrat Trump probe: law enforcement don’t expect arraignment until next week, virtual option off the table Law enforcement officials met behind closed doors Monday to discuss the logistics of arraigning former President Trump following […]

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