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NY Times: Why Is The Guy We Accuse Of Being A Dictator Not Action Like A Dictator?

As we all know, Democrats and their pet Credentialed Media have been accusing Trump of being an authoritarian for years. They can’t say exactly how he’s being one, especially since he tends to do away with rules and regulations rather than enact them. I guess it’s do to him being mean to Dems and the […]

Leftist Seem Pretty Upset That Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Surging Despite Him “Being Awful”

Uber-leftist magazine The Week’s Damon Linker thinks he has the answer. Or is just whining. In fact, I can see him looking like this Rep. @AOC: "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!" — The Hill (@thehill) March 27, […]

Coronavirus Is A Fire Drill For The Coming Climate Crisis Doom Or Something

Look, I’ve surrendered. The linked Chinavirus-climate change articles are just too abundant, plus, they really show how cultish these Warmists are, and these articles aren’t just being published in small papers and blogs and such, but the big players Coronavirus and climate change: The pandemic is a fire drill for our planet’s future We’ve been […]

Extinction Rebellion Says There’s No “Going Back To Business As Usual” Or Something

Even if you believe that the slightly elevated climate is mostly/solely caused by the actions of humanity, you should sit back and think on what the hardcore disciples of the Cult of Climastrology actually want and whether you want to be a part of this, much like many Muslims sit back and say they want […]

Whining Whiners Who Whine: Washington Post Wonders Where Trump’s Wartime Response Is

I don’t know about you, but, I’m sick and tired of the uber-partisan Credentialed Media with their never helpful, over the top, doomsaying, negative let’s bash Trump coverage, which is rarely ever helpful, and continues to drive people into fear, when we should be pushing optimism to get over this. Real people’s lives are affected, […]

NY Times: Wuhan Virus Is Worse Than 9/11 Or Something

There once was a time when the people in charge of media outlets would sit back and say “is this really a good idea?” Sure, they weren’t always perfect, but, in these days, reading the Credentialed Media is more like reading the Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, or Media Matters. Here we have Unhinged Frank Bruni […]

Extinction Rebellion Plots New Stunts, Including Public Suicide

Some take offense when Skeptics, including myself, refer to the Cult of Climastrology as a cult, as doomsdayers, as unhinged nutjobs. I can’t imagine why we would refer to them that way Delingpole: Kamikaze Greenies – Extinction Rebellion Plots Suicide Stunt Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists, increasingly overshadowed by the coronavirus, have been discussing new and […]

Republicans Oppose Parts Of Democrat “Coronavirus” Bill, Which Includes Abortion Funding

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? Republicans oppose Pelosi’s coronavirus legislation, flagging ‘major’ problems The White House and congressional Republicans have poured cold water on the House Democrats’ coronavirus legislation to provide economic relief to Americans, signaling there won’t be immediate broad bipartisan support for the pending bill unless it undergoes changes. […]

Good Grief: Could Coronavirus Be Trump’s Katrina?

No, seriously, Credentialed Media folks and Democrats, along with #NeverTrumper nutballs, are actually going down this road. Her’s CNN’s Chris Cillizza Is coronavirus Donald Trump’s Katrina? What sunk President George W. Bush and Republicans in his second term wasn’t the war in Iraq. It was his administration’s mishandling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Whispers have […]

Extinction Rebellion Protests About “Climate Rape” While Topless

Remember when climate scientists were telling the other members of their cult to not be crazy, because it makes it really hard to get people on board? XR tends not to listen Topless Women Protest ‘Climate Rape’ in London on International Women’s Day A group of 31 women formed a topless human chain in London […]

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