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Here We Go: Pro-Hamas Demonstrators See A Global Struggle Against All Sorts Of Things

I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for the pro-Hamas folks to start adding in all sorts of their typical pet peeves, because there’s nothing like a bunch pampered, entitled, and often rich (at least their parents are) college kids yammering and giving speeches and holding signs and such while not actually doing anything (non-paywalled […]

Middle School Girls Protest Boy Competing Against Them. School Blocks Girls From Competing

It wasn’t that long ago when were were hearing “protect all women” Middle schoolers who protested trans athlete’s participation are banned from future competitions Five West Virginia middle schoolers who protested a transgender athlete’s participation in a track and field competition have been barred from future meets — prompting the state attorney general to ask the US […]

Huh What: ‘Climate Change’ Hitting Vulnerable Indonesian Trans Sex Works

This can’t be real — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) April 4, 2024 Oh, but, it is, at least in the sense that someone considered writing this, wrote it, and editor approved it, and it was published (UK Independent) Joya Patiha, a 43-year-old Indonesian transgender woman, first started to notice that changing weather patterns in the […]

Moonbat NY Reparations Council Blames Whites For Climate Crisis (scam)

It just goes to show, this whole thing really has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with far left politics NY reparations panel members blame whites for climate change, blast Sen. Tim Scott and want to defund cops Two representatives appointed to a committee considering paying reparations claimed whites were responsible for climate change, […]

England Bans The Use Of Puberty Blockers

England is starting to show some common sense when it comes to the transgender fad, probably one of the most dangerous fads for kids in the modern era Children Will No Longer Be Able to Access Puberty Blockers at England Clinics Children in England will no longer receive puberty blocker prescriptions, the National Health Service […]

Unhinged Leftist Intentionally Runs Over NYPD Officer, Only Charged With Assault

How do any officers continue working for the City of New York? I can see a rash of retirements and officers moving elsewhere soon, to go with the existing shortage NEW: New York City driver intentionally plows her car into an NYPD officer, telling authorities she wanted to teach him a "lesson." This is what […]

Good News: Biden Gives China Green Light To Invade Taiwan

As if things haven’t gone off the rails enough since Biden assumed the presidency, what with his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Russian invading Ukraine, Iran working towards having nuclear weapons, letting a Chinese spy balloon fly across the entire country, Hamas with their horrific attack on Israel/Jews, the Iranian back Houthis getting frisky, and so much […]

USA Today Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger To Run For President, And Says It’s Allowable

Young voters really do not want a Trump-Biden rematch. They do not want either running. Yeah, I think that’s most of us. But, USA Today screedster Joe Matthews thinks he has the answer, and it’s probably the dumbest thing you’ll read so far this young year Schwarzenegger for president? Arnold should run – and not […]

Obligatory Trump Removed From Maine Ballot Post

Nice to see how one unhinged Trump hater can unilaterally make a decision to keep a person who has never been convicted off the ballot Maine Secretary of State Says Trump Ineligible to Appear on Ballot Maine’s Democrat Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, on Thursday determined that former President Donald Trump is ineligible to appear […]

Good News: Inflation Is All Your Fault Per Spoiled Elitist

No, really 2 years ago today, the media told us inflation was actually a good thing. Today, they’re now blaming us for inflation. ???? — Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) December 2, 2023 High prices? Like food, energy, water, clothes? From the link You would think, with prices as high as they are, that Americans would […]

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