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Deranged Warmist Names New Creature After Trump

Remember, though, that politics has nothing to do with science Blind creature that buries head in sand named after Donald Trump A newly discovered blind and burrowing amphibian is to be officially named Dermophis donaldtrumpi, in recognition of the US president’s climate change denial. The name was chosen by the boss of EnviroBuild, a sustainable building materials company, […]

NY Times: Russia Trolls Helped Elect Donald Trump Or Something

The NY Times’ Michelle Goldberg thinks she’s on to something. But, it forgets a central point: this provides zero proof of collusion Yes, Russian Trolls Helped Elect Trump This year, researchers at Ohio State University tried to measure the impact that fake news had on the 2016 election. They based their analysis on a postelection survey in […]

Miss Universe Was Possibly The Most Woke Ever!

You know, the show you no longer bother with because it no longer makes any sense 50 Shades of Gray: Was this really the most woke Miss Universe Pageant? It was designed as a post-#MeToo pageant, from its all-inclusiveness to its message of body positivity—delivered by plus-size model, and one of the three pageant hosts, […]

NY Times: Say, Would Human Extinction Be Such A Bad Thing Or Something

Why, yes, this is all about ‘climate change’ and extreme environmentalism. Consider that this is being discussed via the very modern trappings that they want to wipe us out over. This opinion piece is by Todd May, a professor of philosophy at Clemson University and a philosophical adviser for the television show, “The Good Place” […]

Who’s Up For The Reindeer Monologues?

If you saw the last two words and thought “Vagina Monologues”, you’d be pretty close. I’d ask them to do the Mohammed Monologues, but, even these religion haters know better than to say something which will get them credible death threats Review: ‘Reindeer Monologues’ uses Christmas to create provocative critique “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues,” which […]

Principal Suspended For Banning Most Things Christmas

The diversity, tolerance, inclusivity, and multiculturalism crowd sure isn’t very tolerant or inclusive when it comes to certain things (KETV) The principal of Manchester Elementary in Elkhorn is on administrative leave after sending a directive to staff to ban certain religious Christmas decorations in the classrooms. District spokesperson Kara Perchal said Jennifer Sinclair is a […]

This Will Totally Convince You To Pay A Carbon Tax

RT if you’re this extra about saving our planet (we only have one 🌍). Video by Pattie Gonia (Instagram). @LanceBass — Enviro. Media Assoc. (@green4EMA) December 5, 2018 What in the ever living f*** did I just watch? — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) December 5, 2018 Ready to pay that tax and give up your liberty?

Never Go Full Slate: Lunatic Takes Shots At Bush 41’s Service Dog

It must take a lot of energy to be this Angry and Deranged. Remember this cute and touching picture from 2 days ago Mission complete. #Remembering41 — Jim McGrath (@jgm41) December 3, 2018 Remember when Slate was reliably right leaning, but then decided to take on the role of the collapsing Salon? (Daily Caller) […]

Unhinged Leftists Notice Problems With Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Remember the days when most of the stupid thoughts you had in your head stayed in there? Things that were so dumb that you didn’t want to tell your significant other, your kids, or your friends? Heck, even your bartender would give you that Look. This is slightly better than when they said that the […]

British ‘Climate Change’ Protesters Are “Rebelling On Behalf Of Life Itself” Or Something

You’ve heard about the protests in France, where citizens are unhappy that the Macron government is implementing the very taxes on fossil fuels that Warmists thought would hit Other People, not themselves. But, there are also protests in London, which I mentioned previously in regards to gluing their hands to doors Britain’s climate protests: ‘We […]

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