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Extinction Rebellion Considers Using Drones To Shut Down Heathrow Airport

This wouldn’t put too many people’s lives at risk, right? Extinction Rebellion considers using drones to shut London’s Heathrow Airport Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion have drawn up plans to use drones to shut London’s Heathrow Airport this summer in a campaign to stop the construction of a third runway at Europe’s busiest airport, the […]

We’ve Created A Civilization Hell Bent On Destroying Itself From Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Remember the day when fringe doomsday nutjobs were pretty much ignored, rather than held up as paragons of virtue? Climate change: ‘We’ve created a civilisation hell bent on destroying itself – I’m terrified’, writes Earth scientist The coffee tasted bad. Acrid and with a sweet, sickly smell. The sort of coffee that results from overfilling […]

Chicago School To Spend $53k To Reprint Yearbooks With “White Supremacist” Hand Sign Or Something

Has no one explained that they are being punked? That it is not a white supremacist sign? That it was a joke that they fell for? That it is something completely different? If so, they didn’t listen High school reprints yearbooks after students seen flashing alleged racist signs A Chicago high school will reprint its […]

Word Salad: AOC Says Growing Cauliflower Is Basically Raaaaacism Or Something

This is not from the Babylon Bee Rep. @AOC says "a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them." She cites an apparent debate over growing cauliflower as an example. — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 21, 2019 What’s up with the OK […]

House Democrats Pass “Equality Act” Or Something

This has the lunatic SJW Democrat base and #NeverTrumpers excited House passes bill to extend civil rights to LGBTQ community The Equality Act passed the U.S. House on Friday, with eight Republicans breaking rank to vote with Democratic colleagues for legislation supporters say will add needed federal protections in housing, employment and health care to […]

TDS: Grumpy Cat Has Passed

Sad News The world is saying goodbye to one of the most popular animals of all-time: Grumpy Cat. The famous kitty who had millions of followers on social media has died at the age of 7, her family announced. — ABC News (@ABC) May 17, 2019 From NBC News Grumpy Cat — real […]

White House Tells Democrat Run House Committee To Pound Sand On Document Request

Democrats lost on the Mueller report. No collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. It found that not one American was involved in a conspiracy with Russia. But, Democrats just won’t give up White House refuses House Judiciary’s request for documents The White House has rejected a sweeping request from the House Judiciary Committee for documents, suggesting […]

Hot Take: Trump’s Grip On DOJ Doomed Meuller’s Investigation

Intercept “reporter” Jim Risen has a new conspiracy theory for why the Mueller investigation failed to end with Trump being frogmarched out of the White House. He actually started yapping about it back on the 7th, but, The Hill ran some video of this today. Leftist nutters will never give up on their nutbaggery Did […]

Mitch McConnell Blasts Pelosi And Company As Having TDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a term thrown around by those of us on the right against Democrats and the #NeverTrumper loons, but you rarely hear it from elected Republicans, and certainly not from the Senate leader. But, Cocaine Mitch has to call them like he sees them (video at the link) MCCONNELL: PELOSI AND DEMS […]

Rick Scott Pounces On AOC And Her Green New Disaster In Flyby Tweet

AOC was not even the intended target, but, boy howdy did he ruffle her super-sensitive feathers (via Twitchy) What's next? Will we have to register sharp knives? Maybe @AOC will make us register every time we buy meat as part of her #GreenNewDeal. The Democrats are officially the @BernieSanders Party. They want America to be […]

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