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UN Warns That Most Countries Aren’t Really Doing Enough On ‘Climate Change’

There’s a very interesting admission in this piece on the UN saying we could fix what’s going on (we can start with ending all UN sponsored Hotcoldwetdry in-person meetings and conferences, with their giant carbon footprints) UN Warns World Is Failing to Prepare for Climate Change—But We Can Fix That If world leaders don’t seriously […]

Over-heated World: Spain Sees Rare Snowfall

It was the warmest year on record for Europe or something, and Spain just got hit with some heat snow. I’m guessing school kids will know what snow looks like Rare Snowstorm Closes Madrid Airport, Creates Travel Chaos Heavy snowfall from Storm Filomena left thousands of Spanish drivers trapped in their cars on Friday as […]

Bad News, Folks: ‘Climate Change’ Is Not Wiping Out Pikas

They’re actually doing just fine, the cute little buggers Pikas are adapting to climate change remarkably well, contrary to many predictions Climate change is harming many special places and iconic species around our planet, from Glacier National Park’s disappearing glaciers to California redwoods scorched by wildfires. But for the animal I study, the American pika (Ochotona princeps), there’s […]

Surprise: GHGs Dropped Under Trump, Warmists Are Still Not Happy

Warmists are never happy, though. They always have something to complain about, because it really is a doomsday cult, and that requires constant scaremongering, which makes them angry, sad, unhinged. Plus, if it happened under President Trump, that climate anxiety is going to go through the roof US greenhouse gas emissions drop under Trump, but […]

After Five Years, What Has The Paris Climate Agreement Achieved?

The Paris Climate Agreement was totally, super duper historic! Climate elites pledging to pledge to force their serfs to do stuff. How’s it going 5 years in? After five years, here are five things the Paris Agreement achieved — and didn’t In the early hours of 13 December, 2015, Christiana Figueres walked into a sports […]

Report: India Is The Only G20 Country To Meet Their “Historic” Paris Climate Agreement Commitments

One thing to remember: for all the talk about how super awesome the Paris climate agreement was, virtually none of the the nations who signed it are keeping their commitments. For those who made commitments. And many of the commitments weren’t considered strong enough to comply with Paris. Heck, even France is not in compliance. […]

The Green New Deal Is A Bigly Election Loser

Whether we’re talking about the Green New Deal submitted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House and Ed Markey in the Senate (which was already a loser, since every Dem, including Markey, voted “present”, and it has been languishing in committee in the House, with AOC not bothering to demand a hearing and vote) or some […]

Good News: US Involvement In Paris Climate Agreement (scam) Ends At Midnight

Of course, did it really matter if we were in it or not? All actions were utterly voluntary, including sending no-strings attached climate reparations to 3rd World Nations. That’s one of the big ways Obama avoided taking it to the U.S. Senate for ratification. And, those nations who are still super excited about it aren’t […]

Not A Cult: Reverend Argues For Doing Something About Climate Crisis (scam)

Rev. Susannah Tuttle seems super concerned. She’s the Director of NC’s Interfaith Power and Light. You have to visit the website, because this is exactly what you’d expect from the Cult of Climastrology. Exactly what you’d expect from turning what was supposedly science into a religion For NC, effects of climate change are personal. Vote […]

Bummer: Leftist Cities With Climate Pledges Aren’t Really Accomplishing Much

I know I’m surprised. Are you surprised? It’s easy to make a pledge, right? We make them all the time for New Year’s Day. I’m good at continuing to work out (excepting during lockdown, though I did do at least a 2 mile walk daily), but, playing more golf and losing weight? Not so much. […]

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