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Bummer: Leftist Cities With Climate Pledges Aren’t Really Accomplishing Much

I know I’m surprised. Are you surprised? It’s easy to make a pledge, right? We make them all the time for New Year’s Day. I’m good at continuing to work out (excepting during lockdown, though I did do at least a 2 mile walk daily), but, playing more golf and losing weight? Not so much. […]

Bummer: Media Just Exposed That Trump Was Right On California Wildfires

Someone committed a Random Act Of Journalism Decades of mismanagement led to choked forests — now it's time to clear them out, fire experts say. — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 18, 2020 NBC News’ Alicia Victoria Lozano is surely being treated as a heretic today. From the link The Western United States is enduring […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Doom For The Pika Is Cancelled

Hey, remember when the American Pika was Doomed because you ate a burger and drove to work in a fossil fueled vehicle? The American ‘Fur Ball’ Being Threatened by a Warming Climate The American pika evolved to thrive in the cold of the mountains of the West, a habitat that is shrinking with alarming speed, […]

Trump Slams Green New Disaster, Says AOC Has Some Great Mule Fritters

He’s not wrong, you know Trump says AOC has ‘a great line in bulls***’ as he slams Green New Deal Donald Trump attacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for having a “great line of bulls***” but knowing nothing about the environment, as crowds at a rally in Macon, Georgia cheered. The president took a swing at the New […]

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Make Old Faithful Less Faithful

Remember back to the socially distanced gathering you had the other month, where people ate burgers, cheese, and ice cream which came from Evil moo cows? This future event is Your Fault Climate Change Could Make Yellowstone’s Famous Geyser Less Faithful Yellowstone National Park’s famous Old Faithful geyser is famously reliable, firing a jet of scalding […]

California’s Blackouts Caused By ‘Climate Change’ And Poor Planning

See, I would usually tag “or something” on to a headline like that, but, I actually agree with the climate change part, just in a different way What caused California’s rolling blackouts? Climate change and poor planning California suffered its first rolling blackouts in nearly 20 years because energy planners didn’t take climate change into […]

EPA Hilariously Warns Warmist Gavin Newsome That His Electric Car Mandate Might Be Illegal

You know, I will say that it is a close call whether California can mandate no more sales of fossil fueled vehicles in 2035, and that all vehicles sold must be EVs. Is this a case of State’s Rights, the 10th Amendment, or the Constitutional power of the federal government to regulate interstate commerce, since […]

Why Vote Trump: All The Damage He’s Done To The Climate Crisis Scam

For the most part, the Trump administration has been rather quiet on all the progress they’ve made in getting rid of silly climate scam rules and regulations, but, they have occurred, and this had made climate cultists upset Climate Crisis: Can We Reverse All The Damage Trump Has Done? When he talks about the Trump […]

St. Greta Resumes Climate (scam) Strikes Or Something

This is definitely one of those “or something’s” Greta Thunberg resumes school strikes for climate Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has resumed her school strikes on Friday. Thunberg gathered with a dozen other demonstrators in front of Parliament in Stockholm as part of the global climate movement Fridays for Future. Wait, how many? School strike […]

Bummer: Once Again This Won’t Be The Climate Change (scam) Election

2016 was supposed to be the ‘climate change’ election. And 2012. 2008. Even 2004 with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq raging and Islamic jihadis attacking was supposed to be a ‘climate change’ election. Then there was 2000, with hyper-Warmist Al Gore running, and he really didn’t push the issue that much. Plus all the […]

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