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Bummer: Only Half Of Youts Can Pick The RightThink Definition Of ‘Climate Change’

What is climate? It’s the long term averages of the weather. Those change over time. Sometimes it is a cooling period, sometimes a warming period. The debate is on causation. In Climate Cult world, though Only half of young people have clear idea of climate change: poll While most children and young people have heard […]

Consumer Reports Savages EV Reliability

Again, I’m not against them, I’m against forced purchasing. And, they just aren’t ready for primetime Consumer Reports pummels electric vehicle reliability, praises hybrids Electric vehicles may be the future, but in some ways they look a lot like the past. Particularly reliability. That’s the bottom line from Consumer Reports’ eagerly anticipated annual reliability survey, […]

Climastologers Say Climate Doom Might Take Longer

Apparently, we’ve already hit the point where Once Upon A Time, er, scientists say, that their previous prognostications have to be adjusted. I figured this would take at least till 2030 till they started pushing them out. And you’ll never get why Global warming might not happen quite as fast as we thought – here’s […]

Weird: 40% Of EV Charging Stations In Los Angeles Did Not Work

One would think that a place like LA would have operational charging stations, considering that California was the first state to mandate all of the peasants having to forgo petrol cars, well before Let’s Go Biden pushed his mandate No Juice: WSJ Columnist Finds 40% of EV Chargers She Tried in LA County Were Out […]

We’re Saved: Artist Puts Up ‘Climate Change’ Pieces In Miami

I wonder how much gas he used to travel all over Miami Art installations at every Miami-Dade park will call attention to climate change threat With the recent king tides, and hottest summer ever on record, we here in South Florida are already getting a glimpse of what the future holds as our planet keeps […]

Bummer: GM Puts The Brakes On Biden’s EV Agenda

Perhaps Government Motors has finally realized that most people really do not want an EV at this time for various reasons? GM Backtracks on Joe Biden’s Green Energy Agenda After Investing Billions After investing billions to adhere to President Joe Biden’s green energy agenda, General Motors (GM) is backtracking on all fronts when it comes […]

Warmists Shocked By Low Wildfire Season In PRC

I’m sure they can figure out how to also blame this on Hotcoldwetdry California has had another calm wildfire season so far. Here’s why, according to experts California is enjoying a relatively calm wildfire season this year, but the Sacramento region is not fully out of the woods. And don’t attribute this year’s mildness to […]

Bummer: Youts Care More About Inflation Than Fight Climate Crisis (scam)

See, these are the kids that are supposed to Save The Planet, but, Bidenflation is ruining that Add Inflation to Reasons to Worry About Climate Change A big frustration of writing about climate change is that it’s wildly difficult to get people to care about the subject unless they happen to be, say, unexpectedly choking […]

New EV Battery Plant Requires Coal Plant To Keep It Running

Well, sure, why not, because there’s no way wind and solar will be able to power all the EVs (via Jo Nova) EV Battery Factory Will Require So Much Energy It Needs A Coal Plant To Power It A $4 billion Panasonic electric vehicle battery factory in De Soto, Kansas, will help satisfy the Biden […]

Excitable James Hansen Makes More Dire Predictions

The grift is strong with this one NASA scientist issues grim warning 35 years after his original prediction: ‘[W]e knew it was coming’ James Hansen, who was a NASA climate scientist when he first warned the world that the planet was heating in 1988, is back with another stark warning — this time hoping for different results. […]

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