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Bummer: Networks Spent Very Little Time On A Subject Most People Don’t Care About

Perhaps if the Credentialed Media wasn’t spending all their time on Russia Russia Russia and #Resist, they’d have time to cover a subject few people actually care enough about to make changes in their own lives Networks spent 260 minutes on ‘climate change’ in 2017. Most of it was actually about Trump. Last year’s weather […]

Surprise: Island That’s Poster Child For ‘Climate Change’ Doom Actually Grew In Size

It’s always a shame when facts rear up and bit the Cult of Climastrology in the posterior. Don’t expect this news to change their talking points, though (Frontpage) Tuvalu, like the polar bears, is the poster child for the dire threat of the Flying Global Warming Monster What Happens When Your Country Drowns? – Mother […]

Good News: Young Warmists Recognized For Being Warmists Due To Un-Scientific Propaganda

Nothing says “I totally believe in science” like basing your beliefs off of something that is simply propaganda Two Portland students being recognized for their efforts to address climate change Two Portland middle schoolers are fighting to address climate change. It’s a fight to educate local students and lawmakers that’s now being recognized around the […]

Cult Of Climastrology: Cooling Sun Could Offset Warming By Mankind

Could this become the next talking point from the CoC? Remember, many of them blamed natural variation for the Great Pause (when they admitted that it actually existed). Many of them blame natural variation when their prognostications fail to materialize. And there are many scientists, and, let’s admit it, some skeptic prognosticators, who are saying […]

Bummer: Climate Change Pretty Much Ignored During SOTU

This has made many members of the Cult of Climastrology Very Upset. Many are freaking out on Twitter and other social media, as one would expect. Then there are the articles, like this rant by Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic Trump Doesn’t Mention Climate Change in His State of the Union President Donald Trump didn’t […]

New Study Refutes Total Doom From ‘Climate Change’

Investors Business Daily says that Doomsday just got cancelled. Mother Jones says it’s more accurate, less terrible. And the Washington Times says Landmark study debunks UN’s worst-case global-warming scenarios A groundbreaking British study throws cold water on the U.N.’s most extreme climate-change scenarios, finding little chance that the planet will heat up by 4 to […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Causing The Ocean Floor To Sink Or Something

This is a new one Study: We’ve measured sea level rise wrong for 20 years – and it’s higher than previously thought The ocean floor is likely sinking due to climate change, rendering sea level rise measurements over the last 20 years grossly inaccurate, Dutch scientists claim. Researchers from the Delft University of Technology say […]

Remember, When It’s Cold And Snowy, That’s Just Weather, You Guys

With a serious cold snap going on, Warmists are quick to point this out, such as Marshall Shepherd A Response For People Using Record Cold U.S. Weather To Refute Climate Change If you are reading or watching the news, winter weather is the current headline. Negative wind chills, feet of lake effect snow in the Great […]

Apparently, The NY Times Has A Climate Mascot

The NYT Team Climate mascot is in place above our new home on the third floor of the newsroom… — John Schwartz (@jswatz) December 15, 2017 What happened to your hammer and sickle? — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) December 15, 2017 Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle is TDS Editorial: A global push on climate […]

Surprise: At Least One California Wildfire Definately Not Governor Brown’s ‘Climate Change’

Governor Jerry Brown, like many other Warmists, was quick to link the California wildfires to Hotcoldwetdry. Well, they’ll have to continue searching for their white whale in at least one case (Fox News) An illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked a wildfire in Bel-Air last week, authorities said Tuesday. The Skirball fire erupted […]

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