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Bummer: BBC Losing It Over Collapsing EV Market

Essentially, those who wanted an EV got them, and will keep them for a long time (though many are giving them up and going back to fossil fueled vehicles) leaving a small number who will be first time buyers at this point BBC Comes to Terms With Collapsing EV Market The BBC is confronting the […]

Doctors Suggest That Hotcoldwetdry Might Possibly Maybe Be Making Migraines Worse

This is cult science at its best Are migraines getting worse? Doctors suggests that climate change, which causes more erratic and severe weather conditions, may be a trigger for more intense migraines. Migraines are increasing in frequency and intensity among Americans: Could climate change be a reason? Although the number of Americans who have migraines […]

Climate Kiddies Plan To Try And Sue In California Again

A better idea would be for them to live the net zero life they demand for Everyone Else, and convince all their climate cult friends to do the same Judge dismisses California kids’ climate lawsuit. They plan to try again After a federal judge dismissed a landmark climate lawsuit filed by 18 California children against the U.S. […]

Germans, Europeans Way More Concerned Over Immigration Than Climate Doom

I bet all the elites who had been pushing climate doom as a way of taking more money from the peasants along with their freedom and life choices didn’t see this coming when they decided to allow mass immigration of people who have zero in common with the citizens and not only have zero interest […]

Bummer: Fewer Americans See Hotcoldwetdry As A Problem

This must have really hurt The Hill to publish, and most likely caused quite a bit of angry emails and talk for daring to write it Fewer Americans see climate change as very serious problem: Survey Fewer Americans today see climate change as a “very serious” problem than they did three years ago, according to […]

Bummer: Climate Cult NY Won’t Meet Their Climate Cult Goals

This is so weird. It’s almost like all the New Yorkers who voted for the politicians who forced this on the the peasants aren’t practicing their beliefs, in the same way as the politicians aren’t NY won’t meet climate change goals under ‘asinine’ green energy law, business rep claims New York’s “asinine” climate change law […]

Bummer: Ford Loses $1.3 Billion In First Quarter On EVs

Ford violated one of the main rules of any company that sells products to consumers: listen to what the consumer wants. The number who wanted EVs was low. And do not sell at an overall loss Ford Loses $1.3 Billion on Electric Vehicles in First Quarter of 2024, Delays Plans to Make More Ford Motor […]

Unsurprise: United Arab Emirates Flooding Blamed On Global Boiling

There is article after article after article on this, but, the amazing thing is that there hasn’t even been time to do proper research to make any true scientific determination as to causation, much less Blaming it on humanity (photo by Christopher Pike/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Historic rainfall in the United Arab Emirates sparks cloud […]

Your Fault: Flamingos Might Have To Move Due To ‘Climate Change’

This could have been avoided if you would have just moved into a 15 minute city, you know Study warns climate change could force flamingos from their natural homes Rising water levels threaten to flush colorful flamingos from their homes, a new study has suggested. Huge flocks or “flamboyances” of flamingos around East Africa’s lakes […]

Weird: CO2 And Methane Spiked In 2023

This is so weird: the Warmists and all their governments and politicians and bureaucrats made all these laws and rules and taxed people and forced citizens to act in a certain way and yet Heat-trapping carbon dioxide and methane levels in the air last year spiked to record highs again The levels of the crucial […]

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