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‘Climate Change’ (scam) To Cause Flooding And Droughting In People’s Republik Of California Or Somethin

Yes, I know droughting isn’t a word, but, then anthropogenic climate change is mostly not real, either California’s wild extremes of drought and floods to worsen as climate warms Over the past couple of years, California lurched from its worst drought ever to disastrous, record flooding. Now, a new study suggests the frequency of these rapid, year-to-year […]

Surprise: Now They Claim It Is A 99.94% Consensus

Having had the 97% consensus meme shown to be a 100% farce, Warmists refuse to give up on their anti-science drumbeat of consensus on the current warm period being mostly/solely caused by Mankind. And away we go 97% consensus on climate change? More like 99.94%, study finds The general trend in the media seems to […]

LA Is Painting Streets White To Combat Global Warming Or Something

The City of Los Angeles, and CBS LA, unintentionally expose what a huge component of what the reality of global warming is: namely, that so much of the recorded temperatures are artificially inflated from the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, as well as land use. Yes, these are anthropogenic, but, they are not causing future […]

Warmists Are Very Upset That BBC Would Dare Allow A Skeptic To Talk

This is amazing. The BBC, and other British networks, constantly have Warmists on who are virtually never challenged, and rarely ever are they paired with a Skeptic. Warmists do not like to have their Beliefs challenged, and, being good Progressives (nice Fascists), are against Free Speech BBC breached broadcasting rules in climate change interview with […]

NY Times Is Super Thrilled To Advocate For Secret Climate Scam Science

Ever since Scott Pruitt announce that the science would no longer be secret, at least not on the taxpayer dime, all the Warmists have been coming up with various different Excuses as to why making the science transparent is a bad idea (Daily Caller) The New York Times editorial board came out against Environmental Protection […]

Apparently, Ancient Britons Were A Lot More Relaxed About Changing Climates

Unlike today, where certain people freak out over everything that happens weather related Confronted With Severe Climate Change, Ancient Britons Kept Calm and Carried On Soon after the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, our planet was vulnerable to abrupt and dramatic shifts in climate, including prolonged cold snaps that lasted […]

Paris Climate Agreement Success: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2017

This is the fallout from the super-historic, super-mega awesome Paris Climate (scam) Agreement Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2017 Global energy-related carbon emissions rose to a historic high of 32.5 gigatons last year, after three years of being flat, due to higher energy demand and the slowing of energy efficiency improvements, the International […]

Warmists Are Super Unhappy To Base Regulations On Scientific Data

A perfect example of why I call the entire anthropogenic climate change issue political, rather than being scientific Snort: "requiring regulations be based on data that is public and reproducible" is allegedly "anti-science" because "it could open up scientists to attacks from individuals or industry looking to unfairly distort the data" — Tom Nelson […]

Say, Can White Roofs Help With Urban Heat Island Effect?

Every once in a while Warmists make a mistake in highlighting that all their caterwauling about ‘climate change’ is beyond overblown (YaleEnvironment360) Summers in the city can be extremely hot — several degrees hotter than in the surrounding countryside. But recent research indicates that it may not have to be that way. The systematic replacement […]

Warmist: ‘Climate Change’ Needs To Be A Litmus Test For Democrats Or Something

Democrats keep coming up with great ideas to push during campaigns. Grabbing guns from law abiding citizens, doing away with tax cuts for the vast majority of middle class voters, the gender confused in bathrooms and locker rooms with young girls, and so much more idiocy. Like this A Climate Change Litmus Test For Democrats […]

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