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The Midterms Could See A Groundswell Of Climate Change Voters Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology keeps thinking, hoping, wishing, that ‘climate change’ is suddenly going to make a difference at the ballot box and sweep in politicians who will take the scam seriously and implement all sorts of draconian, Big Government, authoritarian rules, regulations, and law. Keep dreaming, guys ‘We need some fire’: climate change activists […]

Strange: Few Paris Climate Agreement Signing Nations Are Meeting Their Goals

The Paris Climate Agreement was so historic, so landmark, that most are more interested in appearances, and are finding it rather tough to force citizens and private entities to comply with reduced lifestyle and a higher cost of living to go with the higher taxes Few countries are meeting the Paris climate goals. Here are […]

Surprise: UK Government Will “Have To Intervene In Market To Meet Climate Obligations”

It’s almost like the whole ‘climate change’ scare(scam) isn’t about science, but about increasing the size and power of government UK ‘will have to intervene in market to meet climate obligations’ The UK’s obligations in response to this week’s warnings from the UN over global warming will be controversial and politically fraught, taking the country into “uncharted […]

Florence Rains May Have Been 50% Greater Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

See this is the way “climate science” from the Cult of Climastrology works Sketchy climate change conclusions about Florence It stands to reason, on the face of it, that a warmer climate should contribute to more severe hurricanes. Warmer air is capable of generating larger amounts of precipitation on a daily basis, with those increases […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Causing The End Of Coffee

Everyone can breath a deep sigh of relief and get back to slurping up vast amounts of delicious, delicious coffee (via Watts Up With That?) Remember When Climate Change Meant The End Of Coffee? Never Mind For roughly the last two years, the media has been warning us that climate change is threatening the world’s […]

NY Times: Nature Is Roaring And Washington Is Ignoring Or Something

The Editorial Board, featuring racist Sarah Jeong, has finally chimed in using Hurricane Florence to prop up their anthropogenic climate change fantasy (while using vast amounts of fossil fuels to distribute their dead tree edition) Nature Roars. Washington Hears Nothing. The elements offer a rebuke as President Trump rolls back policies designed to address global […]

Bummer: Judge Tosses Kids’ Lawsuit On ‘Climate Change’ In Washington State

Cue the sad face Judge Dismisses Youth Climate Change Lawsuit in Washington State A group of young climate advocates who sued the state of Washington to force it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lost their case on Tuesday when a judge sided with the state and agreed to dismiss it. The judge urged them to […]

Say, How Can We Address ‘Climate Change’ On Communities Of Color

On one hand, they tell us this is all about science. On the other, they show us that ‘climate change’ is really all about Progressive politics, in this case, putting everyone in a box and making it about race, which, interestingly, highlights that Progressives do not think much of communities of color, thinking them to […]

Man Arrested For California Wildfire, Charged With Arson And Climate Change

It’s funny how every time there’s a wildfire the Cult of Climastrology blames “climate change’, and then we find out it was from poorly maintained electric lines or someone set the fire Holy Fire: Man suspected of arson for California fire that put 20,000 people under evacuation A man has been arrested in connection with […]

Say, Are Hail And East Coast Tornadoes Signs Of ‘Climate Change’ Doom?

We used to just call this “weather.” Now, every time a storm happens the “news” media has to wonder whether these are signs of doom due to newspapers delivering their tree killing editions in fossil fueled vehicles. First up, the NYC paper with a virulent racist on its editorial board Tornadoes on the East Coast […]

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