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If It’s Such A Climate Emergency, Why Do So Few Act Like It?

It is a good, and relevant question, but, not one climate cultists really want to answer, because they think words matter more, and want to apply their Beliefs to Other People ‘Words matter’: Numerous news outlets to use ‘climate emergency’ instead of ‘climate change’ Forget climate change. It’s a climate emergency. The evidence is irrefutable, […]

You Know What’s Lacking In The Scientific Method For Climate Science? “Human Engagement”

The Scientific Method is a process that was developed from a thousand years of scientific endeavors, about taking your feelings and personal opinions out and going with Facts, but, it’s rather inconvenient for a cult Climate scientist pinpoints what exactly is lacking in the scientific method Dr. Mika Tosca, 36, a climate scientist and assistant […]

NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That Riders Are Abandoning Public Transport, Which Hurts Climate (scam) Fight

The NY Times was one of the ringleaders in pushing for COVID lockdowns, in everyone staying how, in isolating yourself from everyone else, in fearmongering contact with other people – I’m not saying that social distancing and no touching are not smart measures. They are. I do it. Don’t touch me, no handshakes, not fist […]

Surprise: Higher Frequency Of Tropical Systems Due To Better Observation, Not Hotcoldwetdry

Who would have seen this coming? Somebody is going to have to do some serious walking back of reality once the Cult of Climastrology starts coming after him (via Watts Up With That?) Should the hurricane season begin earlier? The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on 1 June. But over the past six years, significant […]

Who’s Up For Spending $131 Trillion By 2050 On Climate Crisis (scam)

Mind you, this is just for clean energy investment, not for all the other things the Cult of Climastrology wants to do Climate Change: $131 Trillion Clean Energy Investments Needed to Avert Catastrophe, Report Says Planned investment in clean energy must increase by 30% to a total of $131 trillion by 2050 to avert catastrophic […]

United Nations Claims We Have 10 Months To Get Serious On Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, if they really want to get serious, they should do almost every single meeting, big to small, but teleconference. No fossil fueled flights, no fossil fueled vehicles. The UN building in New York should be converted to renewables only, and should have limits on water use. And they should pay big taxes to cover […]

Surprise: Study Shows Mass Solar Farms Could Cause Lots Of Environmental And Warming Issues

Let me ask: what happens when you take an area, cut down most of the trees, put up tons of homes with all sorts of roadways and sidewalks? You get an artificial increase in the local temperature, as you’ve changed the land. This is part of the land use theory on climatic change. It’s also […]

Your Fault For Wiggly Jet Stream Causing Cold Weather Doom? Not So Fast

Usually, ARS Technica is chock full of climate crisis (scam) hysteria. This article actually shoots down the notion that it was you and your forebears who caused the doomy winter weather in Texas. Which is a shame that someone actually has point out that these climate cultists are nuts Blaming a wiggly jet stream on […]

White House Notes What Happened In Texas Shows We Aren’t Ready For Climate Apocalypse

Climate cultists just can’t help themselves, can they? I’d suggest that the White House give up their own use of fossil fuels and run 100% on solar panels, wind turbines, and jelly beans White House Adviser Says Texas Outages Show How U.S. Is Unprepared For Climate Change The extreme weather conditions in Texas, where a […]

Study: Modern Warm Period Started Around 1825

Could this be something? It’s always been assumed that the Modern Warm Period around the 1850’s, which allows Warmists to claim that the Industrial Revolution caused the current warm period Climate change: global warming may have started before industrial revolution, Chinese study says Studies of coral reefs in the Paracel Islands suggest that the South […]

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