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David Attenborough Us Very Concerned Over Coronavirus Knocking ‘Climate Change’ Off The Front Pages

I like Sir David Attendborough’s documentaries: they are very well done. His Blue Planet series was a triumph. Of course, he’s taken lots and lots of fossil fueled trips to make them, even after becoming a card carrying member of the Cult of Climastrology Climate Crisis ‘Swept Off The Front Pages’ Due To Coronavirus Pandemic, […]

Americans Haven’t Forgotten About ‘Climate Change’ During Bat Soup Virus

Do you believe that the climate has changed, that it has gotten warmer since 1850? I do. Because there have been multiple warm and cool periods during the Holocene alone. The debate is on causation, not warming. But, hey, good news, people polled haven’t forgotten about ‘climate change’ Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even […]

Bummer: California To Kill Off Billions In Climate Change (scam) Spending

Look, Californian’s, if you really care, you’ll bite the bullet and just deal with the increased cost of living, increased taxes, and reduced services elsewhere California’s budget cuts include canceling billions in climate change spending California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget cuts include canceling billions of dollars in climate change spending, a blow to environmental […]

Hotcold Take: Failing At Paris Goals Could Maybe Possibly Cost World $600 Trillion

Remember that “historic” Paris Climate Agreement? The one that was crafted to avoid the legislative branches of nations, particularly the United States? The one that climate cultists immediately started saying wasn’t strong enough? That the goal needed to be 1.5C, not 2C? And that most nations are failing to even come close to? Climate crisis: […]

Bummer: Palo Alto’s “Lofty Climate Goals” Crash And Burn

It’s very easy to say you support climate action in theory. Once you try and implement them, if it gets that far, it’s not so easy After setting a lofty goal on climate change, Palo Alto struggles to make progress Palo Alto’s evolving plan to curb carbon emissions faced a sharp rebuke Monday from numerous […]

In Case You Missed It, Progressive Towns Which Banned Plastic Bags Now Turning To Them

Isn’t the climate crisis the most important crisis facing us? More so than Bat Soup Virus? San Francisco reverses ban on plastic bags, now bars reusable totes San Francisco has reversed its 13-year ban on plastic bags and will now prohibit the reusable bags city leaders once championed because of the coronavirus. The city announced […]

Corona Shutdowns Have Climate Benefits Or Something

This is a cult in action: they link everything to their cult, and everything is about their cult Coronavirus shutdowns have unintended climate benefits: cleaner air, clearer water In Venice, the often murky canals recently began to get clearer, with fish visible in the water below. Italy’s efforts to limit the coronavirus meant an absence […]

Axios: No Matter Who Wins, Big ‘Climate Change’ Policy Won’t Happen

Amy Harder may very well have a point Big climate change policy unlikely no matter who wins the White House Don’t hold your breath for big climate policy changes — even if a Democrat wins the White House. Why it matters: Congress is likely to remain gridlocked on the matter, leading to either more of the […]

CEI Report States Green New Deal Would Cost Households Almost $75,000 Per Year

Here’s Excitable AOC Over the last year, it has become clear that many of the Republicans crying about the #GreenNewDeal… have never actually read it! Maybe they aren’t readers, so today I chose to read it to them. Here is the full audio version of the Green New Deal from the floor of the House. […]

Say, Was St. Greta Really “Striking” By Skipping School On Fridays?

Apparently not The @RebelNewsOnline's documentary "Greta Inc." reveals that despite Thunberg’s calls for other students to join her in striking from class, attendance at her school is not mandatory and she can do her schoolwork while at home or away. #cdnpoli — True North (@TrueNorthCentre) January 27, 2020 Obviously, we should take this all […]

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