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Collapse Of Ireland’s Green New Deal Is A Cautionary Tale Or Something

Ireland has long been on the forefront of pushing the climate change scam in the European Union and the world. They’ve passed all sorts of scam laws and rules. A past president, Mary Robinson, was a bigshot in the Cult of Climastrology, and pushed this hard, even working for the United Nations afterwards (and taking […]

Excitable Jay Inslee Says ‘Climate Change’ Is A Winning Issue Or Something

Jay Inslee, currently polling at 0.0% (Real Clear Politics doesn’t even mention him, and CNN said his campaign is pretty much over), has made his campaign all about anthropogenic climate change. And, despite that 0.0%, he says it’s a winning issue in a NY Times op-ed I’ve heard it my whole career, from pundits, special […]

Think Progress Says We Only Have 14 Months Left To Save The Climate Or Something

There have been lots of bad Warmist predictions, such as Doom by 2000. NYC would be under water and be like Daytona Beach. That the Earth would be 2-4 degrees higher by than 1988 by 2018. And, so, since those and all the others were not working out , we then got doom in 2100. […]

Surprise: New Study Shows Green New Deal Target Crashes Government Model

Well, plenty of people have said that the Green New Deal is not realistic, that it doesn’t live in the world of reality. Heck, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t put it up for a vote, won’t demand a vote, and freaked out when the Senate voted on it. She’s said that it’s more of a blue print. […]

Too Bad: Lufthansa CEO Sees No “Greta Effect” On People Taking Fossil Fueled Flights

Wait, you mean that people, including those yammering about climate doom from the use of fossil fuels, aren’t giving up flying? Huh Lufthansa CEO sees no ‘Greta Effect’ on passenger numbers German airline Lufthansa (LHAG.DE) expects passenger numbers to rise about 4% this year, its chief executive told a newspaper, playing down talk that public […]

Hotcold Take: Winters Are Colder Because The Earth Is Heating Up

I’m kinda shocked the always excitable Salon is running this as summer begins. It’s usually reserved for winter time, but, hey, there’s been a bunch of late spring snow, so… "The paradox of global warming and colder winter…How to explain this to a climate change denier: Winters are colder — because the planet is heating […]

Canadian Climate Doom PM Justin Trudeau Is Super Excited For Expanded Pipelines Or Something

See, according to enough members in the Canadian government and PM Justin Trudeau’s admin, climate doom is coming. And they were super happy to implement carbon taxes to deal with it. And NEW: On Monday, Canada declared a "climate emergency." On Tuesday, it approved a pipeline expansion. Our story on Trudeau's very Canadian conundrum […]

NY Times: “Troubling” Message Of Economic Populism Beats Doomy ‘Climate Change’ Push

The NY Times Editorial Board attempts to discuss the destruction of ‘climate change’ in last Friday’s Australian elections, and it appeared, up front, that they would perhaps be noting that people care less about ‘climate change’ in favor of pocketbook politics in a rational manner with a subhead noting “Once again, analysts overestimated the resonance […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Loses Yet Again In Australia’s Elections

Almost every time that ‘climate change’ is on the ballot it loses, whether it be initiatives to implement a carbon tax/fee scheme or politicians who made it all about ‘climate change’. Go back to 2012, and we see that the Queensland elections saw the ruling Labor party losing so badly that they did not have […]

Say, Is ‘Climate Change’ Causing Problems With Home Values Near The Sea?

Spoiler alert: no, it isn’t Are Coastal Home Values Feeling Drag of Climate Change? For sale: waterfront property with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Waves erode beach regularly. Flooding gets worse every year. Saltwater damage to lawn. Asking price: anyone’s guess. Some research suggests rising sea levels and flooding brought by global warming are […]

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