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Hotcold Take: Winters Are Colder Because The Earth Is Heating Up

I’m kinda shocked the always excitable Salon is running this as summer begins. It’s usually reserved for winter time, but, hey, there’s been a bunch of late spring snow, so… "The paradox of global warming and colder winter…How to explain this to a climate change denier: Winters are colder — because the planet is heating […]

Canadian Climate Doom PM Justin Trudeau Is Super Excited For Expanded Pipelines Or Something

See, according to enough members in the Canadian government and PM Justin Trudeau’s admin, climate doom is coming. And they were super happy to implement carbon taxes to deal with it. And NEW: On Monday, Canada declared a "climate emergency." On Tuesday, it approved a pipeline expansion. Our story on Trudeau's very Canadian conundrum […]

NY Times: “Troubling” Message Of Economic Populism Beats Doomy ‘Climate Change’ Push

The NY Times Editorial Board attempts to discuss the destruction of ‘climate change’ in last Friday’s Australian elections, and it appeared, up front, that they would perhaps be noting that people care less about ‘climate change’ in favor of pocketbook politics in a rational manner with a subhead noting “Once again, analysts overestimated the resonance […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Loses Yet Again In Australia’s Elections

Almost every time that ‘climate change’ is on the ballot it loses, whether it be initiatives to implement a carbon tax/fee scheme or politicians who made it all about ‘climate change’. Go back to 2012, and we see that the Queensland elections saw the ruling Labor party losing so badly that they did not have […]

Say, Is ‘Climate Change’ Causing Problems With Home Values Near The Sea?

Spoiler alert: no, it isn’t Are Coastal Home Values Feeling Drag of Climate Change? For sale: waterfront property with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Waves erode beach regularly. Flooding gets worse every year. Saltwater damage to lawn. Asking price: anyone’s guess. Some research suggests rising sea levels and flooding brought by global warming are […]

Alberta Says Hello To Party That Wants To End Carbon Taxes

For all the caterwauling about initiating ‘climate change’ policies, this might work in the in very liberal cities, but, in larger areas these policies seem to end up with the party which enacted them losing. Remember back in 2012 when the Labor Party in Queensland, Australia lost so badly after enacting Hotcoldwetdry policies that they […]

Your Burger And Fossil Fuels Addiction Could Make Trees Grow At South Pole And Seas Rise 60 Feet

When most of the coastline is erased, people are zipping around NYC in bass boats, and the South Pole is an exotic vacation spot, blame yourself A climate change preview: Trees at the South Pole, 60 feet of sea-level rise. Trees growing near the South Pole, sea levels 20 meters higher than now, and global […]

Bummer: Previous Civilization Fell Due To Their Use Of Fossil Fueled Vehicles

Darned Romans and Mayans #ClimateChange and #AncientCivilizations — ancient pix (@ancientpix) March 30, 2019 All that climate change was purely natural, so, is the World Economic Forum now claiming that this current warm period is mostly/solely natural? While at the same time demanding carbon taxes and stuff?

U.S. District Court Dismisses ‘Climate Change’ Lawsuit

With all the other suits pending, this might set a precedent U.S. DISTRICT COURT DISMISSES KIDS’ LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUMP CLIMATE POLICIES A federal district judge in Philadelphia dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and an environmental group challenging the Trump administration’s rollback of some Obama-era climate regulations. In Clean Air Council v. United States, […]

Excitable Michael Mann: Reviewing Climate Change Claims Is Totally Stalinist

If you search “failed climate predictions” you will find many, many, many links that list many, many, many failures. Here’s a good article to start. And a good video. But, investigating climate change claims is horrible, according to Michael “Robust Debate” Mann (via Watts Up With That?) Donald Trump is using Stalinist tactics to discredit […]

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