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Unexpected: Warmist Charles Lane Covers How The Cult of Climastrology Has Failed

This opinion piece at the Washington Post from Leftist Charles Lane really lays out the failure of the Cult of Climastrology, which was very much not expected It’s time to look at the (political) science behind climate change This year, California recorded its deadliest wildfire in state history. The combined intensity and duration of the […]

Macron Temporarily Backs Down, Will Suspend ‘Climate Change’ Diesel Price Hike

The mob has won this round France to announce delay on fuel tax hike after violent riots: report — New York Post (@nypost) December 4, 2018 From the link French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a suspension of fuel tax and utility hikes in an effort to appease a protest movement that plunged […]

Brazil Cancels Hosting Of 2019 UN IPCC Climate Change Conference

This is being positioned as a cost saving solution, but, it certainly seems as much to be about the new leadership saying they won’t be part of this silly cult Brazil cancels hosting climate change summit Brazil has pulled out of hosting next year’s United Nations global summit meeting on climate change, the latest signal […]

Obama Backed Solar Plant Leaves Behind Heavy Pollution, Wasted Taxpayer Money

Yet another example of what dumping enormous amounts of taxpayer money into an industry not ready for prime time brings FAILED OREGON SOLAR EQUIPMENT PLANT LEAVES BEHIND MILLIONS IN TAXPAYER LOSSES A multi-year effort by federal, state, and local agencies to prop up an Oregon solar-panel manufacturer has ended in a shuttered factory, millions of […]

Nutters Prognosticate U.K. Being 5 Degrees Celsius Warmer By 2070

Hey, why not? Virtually every one their predictions has failed to materialize, and most of the scientific community and the news media fail to call them out on it Climate change to make UK summers more than 5C hotter by 2070, Met Office warns Extreme heatwaves will scorch the UK as rising sea levels swallow […]

Bummer: Warmists Learn That Their Climate Commitments Are Expensive

What’s most surprising is that this actually ended up being published by a paper which pushes the man-caused climate change scam France’s climate change commitments trigger rising diesel prices and street protests The French president is under fire again, this time over rising fuel prices. On Saturday, some 244,000 protesters, many clad in yellow vests, […]

Surprise: Major Warmist Study On Ocean Warming Has Big Errors

Who would have thought that the Cult of Climastrology would put out a study with major errors designed to prop up their apocalyptic prognostications? "Scientists behind a major study that claimed the Earth’s oceans are warming faster than previously thought now say their work contained inadvertent errors that made their conclusions seem more certain than […]

Well, What If We Gave The Anti-Shark Shark’s Guns?

The gun grabbers might want to ignore this lunatic, but, then, most of the other gun grabbers are lunatics (via Twitchy) Imagine saying the only way to stop shark attacks is with more sharks. — David Hogg (@davidhogg111) November 14, 2018 If sharks are banned, only criminals will have sharks — Shoshana Weissmann, Regulatory […]

Surprise: Camp Fire Wildfire Not Caused By Your Use Of A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

The devastating, deadly wildfire was most likely (meaning, yeah, this is what happened) caused by a down power line. So, still mankind related, but, not because you ate a burger last week (Mercury News)  Downed PG&E power lines, amid high winds, may have sparked the deadly Camp Fire that has destroyed the town of Paradise […]

Bummer: Voters Still Voting Against Stopping “Ecological Disaster”

I find it interesting that people who refuse to change their own lives to accord with their ‘climate change’ beliefs, and often have bigger carbon footprints than average, are always shocked that their attempts to require people to pay more in taxes, raise their cost of living, and control their lives fail OUR CLIMATE IS […]

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