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UN Chief Names Group To Investigate Companies On Climate Crisis (scam) Response

Oh, good, a not so secret police group, unelected with absolutely zero accountability to anyone. The Climate Stasi without the power to drag people away and beat them. Yet UN chief names panel to probe companies’ climate efforts The head of the United Nations announced the appointment Thursday of an expert panel led by Canada’s […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Make Health Worse

This is all because the UN IPCC report is coming out. There are all sorts of fear-mongering articles out there, and here’s one Global health has improved for decades. Climate change could change that. As temperatures warm, the health risks of climate change are expected to intensify in the U.S. and worldwide. The effects of […]

UN IPCC To Come Out With New Doomsaying Report

The report they came out with right before the nice working vacation even in Glasgow, with all those private jets and celebs and stuff, apparently wasn’t doomy enough, so, it’s time for another one IPCC: Climate change report to sound warning on impacts A new report on the impacts of climate change will likely be […]

Russia Says “Nyet” On UN Resolution Linking Climate Crisis (scam) And Security (oh, and India)

Kinda crazy when the only rational nation is Russia, which, as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is correct twice a day (oh, and India) Russia vetoes UN resolution linking climate change, security Russia on Monday vetoed a first-of-its-kind U.N. Security Council resolution casting climate change as a threat to international peace and […]

The World Is “On The Abyss” From Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

The climahysteria usually ramps up before the UN COP conferences (when 10k or so take fossil fueled trips to hobnob and attempt to tell the rest how to live their lives) in late November/early December, but, with China Joe having a virtual meeting on the climate emergency (scam) soon, and summer coming, why not drop […]

Surprise: Whistle Blowers Say US Should Move Money Out Of Green Climate Fund

Gee, who would have thought that a United Nations program/fund would have such a problem, especially when it involves climate cultists? Green Climate Fund whistleblowers urge US to take its money elsewhere – until ‘toxic’ workplace is fixed John Kerry is promising the US will “make good” on its contribution to the Green Climate Fund. […]

United Nations: Say, You Countries Aren’t Spending Enough Recovery Money On ‘Climate Change’

Heck, too little of the current $1.9 trillion recovery bill actually goes to helping U.S. citizens. We don’t need more worthless money for ‘climate change’. But, hey, tell you what: I’m good with shifting the hundreds of billions earmarked with rescuing Democrat cities and states (which do not really need it), along with all the […]

Bummer: Most Nations Failing To Abide By Paris Climate Agreement Is “Red Alert” For Earth

The funny thing is, the UN seems more concerned about nations having plans than actually implementing those plans UN chief calls new report a “red alert” for Earth A new report from the United Nations warns that global governments are “nowhere” near ambitious enough to adequately tackle climate change and meet the goals of the Paris Climate […]

United Nations Claims We Have 10 Months To Get Serious On Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, if they really want to get serious, they should do almost every single meeting, big to small, but teleconference. No fossil fueled flights, no fossil fueled vehicles. The UN building in New York should be converted to renewables only, and should have limits on water use. And they should pay big taxes to cover […]

UN Demands Money For Paris Agreement, China Joe Ready To Comply

Non-first world nations and small island nations loved the Paris Climate Agreement, as it created lots of redistributed climate cash to them, with no strings attached, because the 1st World nations “owed” it. China Joe will surely send it, because, lord knows, American citizens don’t need it right now, eh? U.N. Demands Payments for Climate […]

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