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Cult Of Climastrology Is Now Attempting To Hijack People With Disabilities

There really is almost nothing that Warmists won’t attempt to hijack to fold in under the banner of ‘climate change’. Now it is people with disabilities, which I haven’t seen before The U.N. Is Calling for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities in the Climate Change Debate A line of elderly citizens unable to board […]

NY Times: UN Vote That Failed To Condemn Hamas Is Blow To Nikki Haley Or Something

Most news outlets who covered this vote are treating the failure of the United Nations to condemn the terrorist group Hamas rather neutrally, with a few taking Hamas’ side. The NY Times’ Michael Schwirtz and the person who wrote the headline decide to put it on Nikki Haley In Blow to Haley, U.N. Rejects Measure […]

United Nations Wants “Unprecedented And Urgent Action” On ‘Climate Change’

We’re only a few days away from the start of COP24 in Katowice, Poland, as over ten thousand True Believers get set to take long fossil fueled trips from all over the world to discuss how they can make Other People change their lives to accord with the Cult of Climastrology beliefs. How they can […]

UN Secretary General: We’re In (Yet Another) Pivitol Moment On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

As Anthony Watts notes How many times have the goalposts been moved where that pivotal moment has been reached, and we are just a couple of years away from the irreversible or runaway scenario. I’ve lost count. Here’s what Anthony is referring to UN chief: ‘Pivotal moment’ for fighting global warming U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres […]

UN Report On Poverty Blasting Trump Has One Big Problem

Much like so many reports of kids fenced in at illegal alien detention centers….oh, look, here’s a new one, saying they were handcuffed and beaten….that seem to have occurred during the time of the previous White House occupant, Trump gets blamed for things that he didn’t do. He wasn’t POTUS at the time. Here’s another […]

UN: “Climate Change (scam) is the single biggest threat to life, security and prosperity on Earth” Or Something

Keep beating that dead horse, people who have outsized carbon footprints from living the good life and taking long fossil fueled trips to climate change conferences (Breitbart) The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat released its first ever annual report this week, in which it held up its “Gender Action Plan” as a key to increasing […]

Trump Threatens To Cut Aid For Those Nations Who Vote Against U.S. Jerusalem Move

If nations do not like the way we do things, maybe they should stop receiving the money taken from U.S. taxpayers (Fox News) President Donald Trump’s threat to cut off U.S. funding to countries that oppose his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has raised the stakes in Thursday’s U.N. vote and sparked criticism […]

U.N To Vote On Nullifying U.S. Jerusalem Decision Or Something

It looks like the United Nations has gotten a bit too big for their britches, thinking they can nullify U.S. law and presidential decisions UN to vote Monday on call for US Jerusalem decision to be withdrawn The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Monday on a draft resolution calling for the […]

Who’s Up For UN Climate Talks That Have A “Toxic Background” Of Sexual Harassment?

Yes, it is that time of the year where over ten thousand members of the Cult of Climastrology will take long fossil fueled trips to a fun vacation spot, where they’ll dine on great food, see some great sites, and work towards enacting bigger taxes, bigger fees, bigger government, and more and more control over […]

UN Wants Businesses, Individuals To Take The Carbon Neutral Pledge (and buy UN carbon offsets)

Brought to you by people who take long fossil fueled trips many times a year to attend conferences that complain about Other People taking fossil fueled trips, and refuse to reduce their own carbon footprints (Innovators Magazine) Businesses and individuals are being urged to join a UN initiative and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations […]

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