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US Vetoes UN Resolution Demanding Cease Fire

Well, this is sure to infuriated Biden’s Hamas loving and Jew hating base US vetoes Security Council resolution for humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza The United States on Friday used its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to block the passage of a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire that would require Israel […]

Israel Haters In UN Try And Force Ceasefire As Israel Finds Massive Hamas Weapons Stockpile

And you’ll never guess where they found it….well, you probably can guess, since you know what the terrorists do IDF finds one of the largest Gaza weapons stockpiles ever near school, hospital The IDF engaged hundreds of Hamas terrorists and terror targets and discovered one of the largest weapons stockpiles ever found in the Gaza […]

UN Official Whines, Says Israel Attacks On Gaza Are Mean

You have to wonder where all these U.N. officials were when Hamas was slaughtering, raping, torturing, and beheading Jews in Israel. And randomly launching attacks on Israel, primarily civilians, over the years. Especially since the UN has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, but, they rarely condemn them UN official says attacks in Gaza show […]

UN Working Hard To Turn Climate Crisis (scam) Into Health Issue

There’s obviously been a push to redefine global boiling as a global health issue. Why? Because so many nations have socialized medicine, meaning government controls people’s healthcare, and people will be forced to comply with what government dictates. And now the UN has fully jumped in We must fight one of the world’s biggest health […]

UN Super Excited To Help Kids Sue Over Global Boiling

The United Nations, full of con artists, shady dictators, and authoritarians, wouldn’t have any sort of ulterior motive, would they? UN seeks to help children battling climate change in court A United Nations body on Monday updated a key treaty designed to protect children’s rights to strengthen their hand in fighting climate change, as they […]

UN Head Says Sticking To Facts Could End Hotcoldwetdry

When will we be provided with some cold hard facts that prove that the Modern Warm Period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind? Sticking to ‘cold, hard’ climate facts can end global warming: Guterres World leaders need to listen to and act on solid scientific guidance to urgently reduce global warming, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres […]

UN General Secretary Wants To Stop The “Relentless War On Nature” Or Something

Hey, maybe the U.N. could start with ending all the massive amount of private fossil fueled flights from all over the world? UN Secretary-General: ‘No more baby steps’ on climate change United Nations officials on Monday called for urgent and immediate action to address global problems such as climate change, nuclear threats and human rights […]

After Long Fossil Fueled Private Jet Flight, UN Climate Cult Chief Says “Cooperate Or Perish”

This is definitely all about the science, right? COP27: UN chief tells climate summit, Cooperate or perish SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) — “Cooperate or perish,” the United Nations chief told dozens of leaders gathered Monday for international climate talks, warning them that the world is “on a highway to climate hell” and urging the two biggest […]

UN Chief Names Group To Investigate Companies On Climate Crisis (scam) Response

Oh, good, a not so secret police group, unelected with absolutely zero accountability to anyone. The Climate Stasi without the power to drag people away and beat them. Yet UN chief names panel to probe companies’ climate efforts The head of the United Nations announced the appointment Thursday of an expert panel led by Canada’s […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Make Health Worse

This is all because the UN IPCC report is coming out. There are all sorts of fear-mongering articles out there, and here’s one Global health has improved for decades. Climate change could change that. As temperatures warm, the health risks of climate change are expected to intensify in the U.S. and worldwide. The effects of […]

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