Surprise: Hamas Has Been Using UN Vehicles, UNRWA Compound

I mean, we already know UNRWA employees have been stealing aid bound for Gazans. And now

IDF reveals Hamas terrorists use UN vehicles, UNRWA compound as cover in Rafah – watch

The IDF revealed on Tuesday that during operational activity in eastern Rafah on Saturday, terrorists were identified in UNRWA’s central logistics compound alongside UN vehicles.

In the footage, several terrorists and gunfire can be seen near UN vehicles and in the area of UNRWA’s logistics warehouse compound in eastern Rafah, which is a central point for the distribution of aid on UNRWA’s behalf in the Gaza Strip.

Following the event, representatives of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) conveyed the findings to senior officials in the international community and called on the UN to conduct an urgent investigation into the matter.

Please. The UN won’t care. They’re full of wackjobs and Israel/Jew haters, having been dhimmified by the Islamists.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz commented on the footage on X, formerly Twitter, saying, “Hamas terrorists firing at civilians from within a UNRWA facility next to UN vehicles in Rafah. No lie from Antonio Guterres and Philippe Lazzarini will hide the truth: UNRWA is an arm of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

Yet, the UN will still blame Israel for the actions of Hamas, a UN designated terrorist organization.

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3 Responses to “Surprise: Hamas Has Been Using UN Vehicles, UNRWA Compound”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:


    Fake companies were set up for this last batch of aid to make its way to the hands of one of the most CORRUPT countries on earth. The money has since disappeared.


    A convoluted maze of financial records released by House Republicans largely supports House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s claim that Biden family members and associates received almost $20 million in payments from sources with ties to foreign countries.

    Most of the payments went to Biden family “associates.” About $5 million went to Hunter Biden and other Biden family members. The bank records show neither evidence that foreign payments went to President Joe Biden nor evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

    The claim that the payments were funneled through “shell companies” is less clear cut. It appears that many of the companies had tangible business and investment purposes, and therefore would not fit what experts said is the commonly used definition of shell companies.

    End of Polifact Report:

    They agreed with Kevin McCarthy before he was taken down for siding with Democrats. NOW, one has to wonder how much of this money that has gone dark is returning to JOE BIDEN. Only time will tell.

    Or maybe not; I’m sure there is a good share on both sides that want the corruption to continue and, hence, are NEVER TRUMPERS to the MAX!!!!!!

    I have given up on politics. I’m just gonna press the R button this November for TRUMP and go on digging my bomb shelter another 100 feet deeper to live out my worthless life(as defined by all politicians sent to DC) in ambiguity.

    • Professor Hale says:

      WHAT? One of the most corrupt countries in Eurasia is corrupt? How did this happen? Unbelievable! Maybe the US president should call the Ukrainian president on the phone and ask him to look into some of that corruption and maybe do something about punishing the corrupt people.

  2. Professor hale says:

    The news about UNRWA helping HAMAS reads as it this is some big secret. That agency is indistinguishable from HAMAS. They are the same people. They have been since their creation. What do you think you get when a corrupt UN agency sets up shop in the kind of place that UN diplomats and their families don’t want to even visit, let alone live there. They hire local people to do the operations. In an area where HAMAS control who gets hired, it is a certainty that EVERYONE who works for UNWRA is HAMAS. EVERYONE.

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