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Sac Bee: Gavin Newsom Is Failing The PRC On ‘Climate Change’

Weirdly, the Sacramento Bee’s Tom Philp is missing a big point (non-paywalled here) As he heads to the Vatican, Gov. Newsom is failing on climate change | Opinion Gov. Gavin Newsom is flunking a key climate change test within a stone’s throw of the Capitol. A freeway widening project on parts of Highway 50 and Interstate 80 […]

If All You See…

…is a weird looking sun from what is obviously carbon pollution driven wildfires, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on another Democrat breaking with Biden on Israel.

Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Turning To Pro-Hamas Al Jazeera For News On Gaza

Now, if it was Republicans turning to seriously hardcore news outlets, the NY Times would be apoplectic Frustrated by Gaza Coverage, Student Protesters Turn to Al Jazeera Nick Wilson has closely followed news on the war in the Gaza Strip since October. But Wilson, a Cornell University student, is picky when it comes to his […]

Who’s Up For Floating Cities To Save Us From Sea Rise (that’s your fault)?

The NY Times, rather than investigating government, checking out wrong doing, protecting citizens from government, decides this is a better use of their time, because, they’re part of a cult Are Floating Cities the Solution to Rising Seas? Worldwide, rising sea levels and increasing urbanization represent a formula for disaster, with more and more people […]

Good News: Biden Admin Has Been Withholding Key Intelligence That Would Help Israel Defeat Hamas

With allies like this who needs enemies? In case you weren't paying attention, this means that the Biden administration has been privy to key intelligence that could have helped Israel win the war without endangering large swaths of people in Gaza BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO SHARE IT. Keeping Israel's hostages kidnapped… https://t.co/8gFvDazoj5 — Malkah […]

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