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Wackjob Climate Cultists Break Glass Around Magna Carta, Glue Themselves

They admit it. This will be prosecution evidence A. No need for anything else ???? BREAKING: JUST STOP OIL BREAK MAGNA CARTA GLASS ???? Reverend Dr Sue Parfitt, 82, and Judy Bruce, 85, then glued their hands together, demanding an emergency plan to just stop oil by 2030. ?? Donate to help us take action […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful train tracks, a form of transportation that Everyone Else should be forced to take, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Techguy’s Blog, with a post on donuts now being a luxury item

GOP Draws Up Impeachment Articles Over Biden Withholding Israel Aid

This would be aid that was already appropriated. And for all those saying “oh, come on, stop”, well, we warned you and Democrats when Democrats did this to Trump Articles of Impeachment Drawn over Biden’s Withholding of Israeli Aid for Political Reasons Articles to impeach President Joe Biden over his decision to withhold aid to Israel […]

Germans, Europeans Way More Concerned Over Immigration Than Climate Doom

I bet all the elites who had been pushing climate doom as a way of taking more money from the peasants along with their freedom and life choices didn’t see this coming when they decided to allow mass immigration of people who have zero in common with the citizens and not only have zero interest […]

Talking Points Fail: Poll Finds Independents Think Biden Greater Threat To Democracy

They aught to be asking who’s the greater threat to freedom and liberty, but, I guess democracy will have to be OK Poll: Independents Say Biden Is Greater Threat to Democracy than Trump Independent voters are not buying the establishment media’s claim that former President Donald Trump is a greater threat to democracy than President […]

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