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Ethics Scholar Looks At How Your Carbon Footprint Causes Conflict Or Something

Apparently, conflict and war never existed before fossil fueled vehicles Columbia Theological Seminary ethics scholar looks at how climate change impacts conflict and violence In addition to the existential threat that climate crisis poses, it’s also a factor in conflict and violence around the world, the Rev. Dr. Mark Douglas said earlier this month on “A Matter […]

If All You See…

…is a bright blue sky from carbon pollution causing drought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on a judge ruling on religious freedom over economic freedom.

Schadenfreude: Citizens Of SCNY Say Their Quality Of Life Affected By All The Illegals

Why are Comrades in Sanctuary City New York complaining? They wanted this. They voted for this. They advocate for this. Now they got it. They should be happy that the city has at least 656,000 illegal aliens New Yorkers’ Quality of Life Hit by Migrant Crisis A majority of New Yorkers believe that the arrival […]

PRC Looks To Now Ban Reusable Plastic Bags

It’s always something new with these Progressives California lawmakers vote to ban ‘reusable’ plastic bags from grocery stores California lawmakers have voted to do away with reusable plastic bags after the elimination of single-use plastic bags failed to reduce plastic pollution. “California’s original ban on plastic bags hasn’t worked out as planned, and sadly, the […]

Canada Pledges To Bring In More Terrorist Supporters After Rafalah

I have to wonder if the Canadian people are down with the plan of the Elites to bring in more terrorist from Gaza Canada pledges more visas for Gazans, says it’s ‘horrified’ by Israeli attack in Rafah Canada said on Monday it will issue visas to 5,000 Gazans, more than it originally pledged, and said […]

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