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Washington Post Wants You To Use Cold Water To Save The Planet

The interesting part is that “reporter” Allyson Chiu fails to mention whether she’s fully switched from not using hot water, nor is it mentioned whether the WP has turned off hot water at their office Why you should embrace using cold water, almost all the time You may not be giving a second thought to […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Climate Science, with a post on shrimp being Bad for ‘climate change’.

Unhinged Democrats Want Biden To Find That Grocery Stores Are Price Fixing

The idea here is to Blame grocery stores for artificially creating high prices so that they can say that food inflation is not the fault of Democrats and Joe Biden. They’ve decided that grocery stores are their new enemy of the state Democrats Ask Biden to Investigate Grocery Store Price-Fixing A group of Democratic lawmakers […]

Doom Today: Coral Reefs Could Totally Disappear

These would be the same coral reefs which have survived higher temperatures and higher sea levels since the end of the last ice age, but, see, not it’s totally different Coral reefs could vanish if temperatures continue to rise A recent study published by Oxford University Press highlights a disturbing trend in the health of coral reefs […]

LOL: UNC Chapel Hill Kills It’s DEI Program, Shifts Money To Campus Police

Such a shame UNC board votes to shift $2.3 million in DEI funds to public safety As North Carolina’s public university system considers a vote on changing its diversity policy, the UNC-Chapel Hill university board voted Monday to cut funding for diversity programs in next year’s budget. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill […]

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