LOL: UNC Chapel Hill Kills It’s DEI Program, Shifts Money To Campus Police

Such a shame

UNC board votes to shift $2.3 million in DEI funds to public safety

As North Carolina’s public university system considers a vote on changing its diversity policy, the UNC-Chapel Hill university board voted Monday to cut funding for diversity programs in next year’s budget.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees unanimously approved a change that would divert $2.3 million of diversity spending — known as DEI for diversity, equity and inclusion — from state funds to go toward public safety and policing at a special meeting to address the university’s budget.

One board member told CBS 17 that he believes the DEI programs only divide campuses.

“The DEI efforts seemed counterproductive to that effort to treat people based on who they are as a human, not based on any kind of characteristic they might have,” Board of Trustees budget chair Dave Boliek said.

Well, that’s exactly what it is about: treating people unequally. Giving priority to people based on race, sex, and all sorts of leftist values at the expense of others.

The board’s vote would only impact UNC-Chapel Hill’s diversity funding, which could result in the loss of its diversity office.

UNC will join the ranks of other notable public universities that have stripped diversity spending, such as the University of Florida in Gainesville, which announced in a March memo it was reallocating funds to faculty recruitment.

The vote to shift more funding to public safety comes as continued pro-Palestinian protests on UNC’s campus have resulted in several arrests in recent weeks. The budget committee vice-chair Marty Kotis said law enforcement has already been forced to react to protests, but they need more funding to keep the university “safe from a larger threat.”

“It’s important to consider the needs of all 30,000 students, not just the 100 or so that may want to disrupt the university’s operations,” Kotis said. “It takes away resources for others.”

It really is a hoist on their own petard situation: if the wackjob Hamas supporters/Jew haters hadn’t caused so many problems with their protests this might not have happened. That whole taking down the American flag and replacing it with a Palestinian one was probably the last straw.

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One Response to “LOL: UNC Chapel Hill Kills It’s DEI Program, Shifts Money To Campus Police”

  1. Dana says:

    There are plenty of non-Hispanic whites who don’t get into UNC, and many applicants other than non-Hispanic whites who do, and they can all do so without Affirmative Action DEI.

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