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Your Fault: Piracy Is Rising Africa Due To Global Boiling

If you would have just given up your fossil fueled vehicles and stopped buying products this could have been avoided Climate change may be fuelling a resurgence of piracy across Africa In the churning waters off Nigeria, armed pirates in small skiffs speed towards a cargo ship. They clamber aboard, seizing control of the vessel […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, water intensive yard which should be banned, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on a Fauci top advisor deleting emails on COVID origins.

Scientists Say They Know Why Killer Whales Keep Sinking Boats. They’re Wrong

Scientists get close, but, not quite Killer whales keep attacking and sinking boats. Scientists now know why, study says. For the last five years, killer whales have been ramming – and in some cases sinking – expensive yachts, fishing boats and motorboats in the crystalline waters off the coast of Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco. Why has been […]

Oops: EVs Hitting Pedestrians At Twice The Normal Rate Of Other Vehicles

But, hey, we’re saving the planet, right? Silent but Deadly: Study Shows EVs ‘Hit Pedestrians at Twice the Rate of Petrol or Diesel Vehicles’ Electric vehicles collide with pedestrians at twice the rate of their petrol or diesel counterparts, particularly in crowded towns and cities, a British Medical Journal (BMJ) survey released Wednesday shows. The report details […]

Who’s Up For Tulsi Gabbard As Trump’s VP Pick?

Apparently, she is playing well in New Hampshire You’ll never believe who tops the list of Trump running mates in a new swing state poll The politician who tops the list of preferred running mates for former President Donald Trump in a new poll in a key Northeastern swing state is not even a Republican. […]

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