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Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s an interesting concept. I read a lot of zombie books. A lot. There a bunch of authors I read now, and have read, that have done some great zombie stuff, be it the walking dead type or something similar. Jake Bible had a great series starting in the NC mountains, and has started doing […]

Your Fault: Global Boiling Causing Armadillos To Spread In NC

I fail to see the problem How climate change and population growth are helping armadillos move into more areas of NC They are here, they are expanding, and they’re not going anywhere. But is the arrival of the nine-banded armadillo in North Carolina, now going on nearly 15 years since they were first reported, necessarily a bad […]

Good News: Pirates Are Now Plaguing California

Well, as long as they aren’t stealing more than $950 they should be OK, right? Pirates are taking over the Oakland Estuary Marinas. Yes, pirates. And local and federal authorities says it's getting so bad the U.S.Coast Guard is deploying help."Boat owners attacked by pirates. There are no excuses for that." ?@MayorShengThao???????????? — The […]

Los Angeles Opens New Bridge, Liberals Mess It Up

Say, why are the climate cultists in LA opening a new bridge to move fossil fueled vehicles? Los Angeles Enjoys Its New Bridge a Little Too Much Less than three weeks ago, with fireworks, crowds and the civic joy that only a new Instagram backdrop can muster, America’s second-largest city christened a stunning new $588 […]

Declassify Now: US Recorded Lots Of UFO Sightings

I still say one of the big things Trump should have done after seeing the election stolen was to declassify the heck out of all the information on UFOs US military recorded ‘a lot more’ UFO sightings than made public, says ex-intelligence director There have been “a lot more” UFO sightings than has previously been […]

Not Florida: Naked Woman Arrested For Entering New Orleans Airport

The part I like is that the headline almost assumes she wouldn’t have been arrested if it wasn’t Bat Soup virus lockdown Woman arrested for entering New Orleans airport naked amidst coronavirus lock down People used to get dressed up to fly. A woman was recently arrested after allegedly arriving at the Louis Armstrong International […]

Good News: Bat Soup Virus Can Be Spread By Farts

Of course, there is one little caveat Coronavirus ‘could be spreading across the globe through farts’ claim doctors The deadly coronavirus bug could be spreading across the globe through farts, according to doctors. Tests carried out earlier this year have shown that the virus was present in the faeces of more than half of patients […]

Hmm, Did A Traffic Camera Take A Photo Of Bigfoot?

Interesting if true Hmm, could it be real? #Sasquatch — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) January 24, 2020 The story notes this tweet Sasquatch spotted!!! I'm not superstitious… just a little stitious. Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to […]

Good News: Robots Are Taking Over Strip Clubs

Robots doing certain jobs is fine, like taking your order at the fast food place, making your vehicle to exacting specifications almost every time. This? Sex machines: Robotic pole dancers invade French strip club If you fear robots taking over human jobs, just you wait till you read about this one. Technology has long paved […]

Bummer: Illegal Alien Gets Fine From ICE For $497,777

If you can’t pay the fine don’t do the crime Ordered Deported, Then Sent a $497,777 Fine From ICE Edith Espinal spends her days praying, reading and, when feeling brave, taking short accompanied walks outside the Mennonite church in Columbus, Ohio, where she has been living for 21 months. Church leaders have been protecting Ms. […]

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