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Russia Russia Russia: Mueller Plans To Release Initial Findings After Midterms

If there was anything to actually see, you can bet it would come out prior to the midterms. And if we see zero leaks, you know that it is all a big nothingburger, one which has been hanging round for two years (via Twitchy) (Bloomberg) Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to issue findings on […]

Vox: Say, We Should Abolish The Supreme Court

Oh, Vox Vox Vox. Back when Barack Obama was appointing hardcore Progressives Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagen to the Court everything was lollipops and unicorns. But now that Donald Trump has appointed Constitutional originalists Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the court we have Leftists melting down The case for abolishing the Supreme Court When […]

Tolerance: Student Forced To Remove Patriotic Trump Jersey

Over the past 10 years we’ve seen teachers go ga-ga over Barack Obama. They’ve had kids sing odes to him, they’ve named schools after him, they’ve worshiped him. Schools have gone loony in openly supporting the Leftist agenda in tons of ways. But, supporting duly and Constitutionally elected President Donald Trump quietly? Harnett school principal […]

Sore Losers Attack Supreme Court Legitimacy After Kavanaugh Confirmed

This is the typical type of Democrat over-reach, with them going full Barking Moonbat Level 10, which they used to be able to get away prior to the Age Of Trump. The age in which elected Republicans found a spine (Daily Caller) The Senate on Saturday officially voted to confirm Kavanaugh by a vote of 50-48. […]

Hot Takes: Kavanaugh Haters Say Supreme Court Will Be Destroyed If Confirmed

One of the talking points post-hearings about Brett Kavanaugh was that if he was confirmed to the Supreme Court there would be a pall hanging over his head and every single one of his decisions. Now, we’re getting that the court itself will be diminished. Why? Because these people are unhinged, and their hatred of […]

Sanctuary City Of Portland, Oregon, To Devote $1 Million Towards Illegal Alien Legal Fees

Remember the utter freakout by Leftists over $10 million being shifted from FEMA to ICE a few weeks ago, despite the money having little to do with operations of FEMA? How about now? Illegal Immigrants to Get $1M for Legal Defense From Oregon Taxpayers The Portland City Council approved a $500,000 grant for potential deportees’ legal services, […]

Surprise: Marriot’s Green Customer Initiative Hurting Housekeepers

Funny how so many Leftist initiatives end up hurting lower level workers, eh? Housekeepers Are Protesting Marriott’s Green Energy Initiative Housekeepers are protesting Marriott International’s “Make a Green Choice” program, claiming the initiative is costing them money and forcing erratic work on their schedules. Marriott and its hotel subsidiaries are offering customers a deal: Earn 500 bonus […]

Washington Post: “Veterans don’t get to decide what ‘respecting the flag’ means” Or Something

Salil Puri, a staff sergeant with the Army’s Psychological Operations Regiment, served in Afghanistan. He is a senior consultant with The Culper Group now. And the Washington Post has given him a platform to rail against our military veteran’s having a voice in the on-going kneeling debate. Sure, he’s entitled to his own opinion. It’s […]

Liz Warren Totally Wants To Save Capitalism Or Something

Over at the Washington Post, Christine Emba confuses what can charitably be called a command economy (or socialism) with capitalism. It’s about as honest as Warren claiming she’s part Indian Elizabeth Warren isn’t out to get capitalism. She’s out to save it. Elizabeth Warren loves capitalism. But she loves duty, too. The Democratic senior senator […]

Texts Show Chapel Hill Police Told To Stand Down On Silent Sam Protest

Once again, regardless of your opinion of the Silent Sam statue, its connotations, its creator, and so forth, it is against the law to damage and destroy state property. What happened was a criminal violation, and the police just stood down. And give very left leaning WRAL kudos for publishing this article, though they do […]

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