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NY Times Extols The “Magic Of Empty Streets”

Contributing opinion writer Allison Arief, whose focus is design and architecture (do we really need opinion on that?) is super thrilled with all these empty streets, forgetting that they’re empty because people are scared, sick, and dying. They aren’t working, they’re fearful of getting booted from their homes, losing their cars, having no money to […]

Leftist Seem Pretty Upset That Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Surging Despite Him “Being Awful”

Uber-leftist magazine The Week’s Damon Linker thinks he has the answer. Or is just whining. In fact, I can see him looking like this Rep. @AOC: "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!" — The Hill (@thehill) March 27, […]

Latest Fearmongering: DOJ Wants To Suspend All Sorts Of Constitutional Rights

The Coronavirus fearmongering has obviously been flying around for weeks. We keep getting all the “Trump’s shutting down the nation for (X) long!!!!!!!”. No one ever actually has a named source, but, they keep having to knock this down, like People with too much time on their hands were spreading unfounded rumors, looking for their […]

The Bulwark #NeverTrumper Discovers Federalism

We’ve seen this time and time again: the people who’ve called Trump a dictator, a Fascist, “literally Hitler” are now upset that Trump is not Declaring Things. Here’s The Bulwark’s resident unhinged Lefty, because a conserving conservative site needs that, right? (via Twitchy) So the states are filling the vacuum that the president left? […]

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Won’t Succeed Because Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Personally, I would have picked “it won’t work because too many Palestinians are violent, hate Jews, hate Israel, and want to destroy the nation, along with lots and lots of Islamists”, but, the NY Times’ Thomas Freidman has thoughts relating to ‘climate change’, and then something nefarious Mother Nature Scoffs at Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan […]

Washington Post Seems Surprised That Anti-Jew Incidents Are Rising Across U.S.

And by “U.S.”, they are mostly occurring in areas controlled by the Democratic Party Acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise around the country, leaving Jewish community rattled Hours after a knife-wielding man barged into a Hannukah party in a New York suburb, stabbing five people, top officials condemned the crime as part of a […]

Good News: Democrats Are Very Upset Trump Is Reshaping The Courts

The #NeverTrumpers on the right seem to focus on Trump’s personality, rather than the great Conservative things he’s doing, like this What Happened When Trump Reshaped a Powerful Court With the help of Senate Republicans, Donald Trump spent the first three years of his presidency remaking the federal judiciary in his own image. The president […]

Open Borders Advocates Attempt To Keep Murderer From Being Deported

Remember the talking point from Open Borders advocates that they only want good immigrants, legal and illegal? Yeah, not so much Refugee paroled in California murder case, detained by ICE A Cambodian refugee who drew support from immigrant groups was released Monday from a California prison after being granted parole in a murder case, then […]

NY Times: The 63 Million Are Tyrannical, And Impeachment Vindicated Democracy Or Something

You can always count on the NY Times to provide a good Hot Take, and Excitable Michelle Goldberg has been on a roll lately. She even has to go back to George Bush 43 The Tyranny of the 63 Million Impeachment didn’t undermine democracy. It vindicated it. When George W. Bush lost the popular vote […]

Socialism In Action: Venezuelan Kids Fainting From Hunger In School

You know, this is a major embarrassment for the self-proclaimed Socialist government Students Fainting From Hunger in Venezuela’s Failing School System Hundreds of children filed into their school courtyard to hear a local Catholic bishop lead prayers for their education. “We pray for the youths who are on the streets and can’t come to school,” […]

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