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New York’s Latest Idea: Three Months Paid Bereavement Leave

This is what happens when you legislate with emotion and pandering, not common sense, experience, or knowledge of how business works Lawmakers want every worker in New York to get three months paid bereavement leave to mourn the loss of a loved one. But many business owners say it could be crippling. @MKramerTV reports: […]

Woman Who Didn’t Want Gender Confused Men In Locker Room Wins Suit Against Planet Fitness

In the Real World, as opposed to SJW World, most females would prefer that their locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms remain separate from men. It’s a safe space for them (as opposed to the Safe Spaces SJWs want. Capitalization matters). They would prefer not to be subjected to peeping and such. In fact, women have […]

Next Big Gun Grabber Idea: Restrict Ammunition And Big Guns

Remember, they aren’t coming for our guns. Or so they keep telling us One way to reduce gun deaths: restrict big bullets and guns The bigger the gun, the deadlier it is. Or, rather, the bullet. The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham on Friday highlighted a study published in the journal JAMA Network Open that found larger-caliber firearms are […]

3D Printing Of Firearms Means Carnage Is A Click Away Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board Is Very Concerned about this state of affairs 3-D-printed guns put carnage a click away PEOPLE WHO are barred from purchasing firearms or want to own a gun that is illegal in the jurisdiction where they live may soon have an easy way to get around the law. All they […]

Derp: Think Progress Links Shadow Banning And Such With “Net Neutrality”

It’s a big stretch here, guys, but, then, critical thinking is not a feature of those who typically read the material at Think Progress. Simple blind obedience is RNC Chair complains about internet bias on Fox News after Republicans killed net neutrality The chair of the Republican National Committee complained on Friday morning that conservatives […]

News Outlet Which Leads In TDS Decides To Tell Us What TDS Is

I was going to tell you about the #ZeroHour demonstration which went on today with all the kiddies, but, it apparently failed so badly OMG today’s “action” is non-stop hilarity! I noticed their live feed only points at the podium because it sounds like there are about 30 people in the crowd. Thank goodness we’ll […]

California DOJ Sued Over Failed Gun Registration Website

Create a situation where you will penalize lawful gun owners if they do not comply, then make it darned impossible to comply Gun Rights Advocates File Lawsuit Against the DOJ for ‘Bullet Button’ Policy Gun rights advocates are blaming the state Attorney General and the state Justice Department for a malfunctioning website that caused assault […]

Today In Resistance: Trump Is “Combative” Towards Artists Or Something

Another day, another person having another unhinged hissy fit towards POTUS Donald Trump. Writer David Eggers (I had to look him up. That’s not a criticism, just writes stuff I don’t care about. Does that make me combative towards reading? Regardless, he’s won a bunch of awards, and, unsurprising, been a rather left leaning person) […]

California Supreme Court Upholds Gun Control Law That’s Impossible To Comply With

Remember, gun grabbers are not coming for your guns, they just want to something something mumble mumble and this type of law helps (Breitbart) The Supreme Court of California upheld a micro-stamping requirement for semiautomatic handguns Thursday — even though the technology does not exist to allow manufacturers to comply. The Associated Press summed up […]

Why Trump Won: Liberal Hatred Of Non-City Folks

A View From The Beach’s Fritz has a long running series on Reasons Why Trump Won, such as this one. Here’s another This kind of non city dweller hatred is why Trump won — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) June 28, 2018 Will Wilkerson at the NY Times tries to sorta be rational, but, you can […]

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