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Super Warmist California Has 8 Of 10 Most Polluted Air Cities

California has some of the most restrictive laws on fossil fueled vehicles in the country, and the world. They have tons and tons of ‘climate change’ laws, rules, and regulations. Yet…. (USA Today) Forget the Golden State. California should be called the Smoggy State. Eight of the USA’s 10 most polluted cities, in terms of ozone […]

Kiddies Plan Walkouts Friday, Wake County Group Wants To Ban All Semi-Automatic Weapons

It’s great when they they tell us their actual agenda by accident (Raleigh News and Observer) Students across the nation plan to keep up the pressure for tougher gun laws with school walkouts and rallies Friday, including an event that’s expected to bring hundreds of people to downtown Raleigh. Students are planning to walk out […]

Gay Rights Lawyer Sets Self On Fire To Protest Fossil Fuels

This is a direct result of the unhinged conspiracies of doom emanating from the Cult of Climastrology. Twenty five plus years of spreading apocalyptic doom. Clamoring about the Earth burning itself to a crisp. Of all the supposed coming next mass extinction. And so forth. The responsibility rests on all the Warmists crying about fossil […]

Vox Notices That A Certain Type Of Shooting Happens Every Day In America

I wonder if Leftists will run out and call Vox, and article writer German Lopez, racists? This kind of shooting happens every day in America — and we usually ignore it Kimson Green, 17, was a month away from being inducted into the National Honor Society. But on Sunday afternoon, he and three others were […]

Not Coming For Your Guns: Illinois Town Authorizes Confiscation Of “Assault Weapons” And Large Capacity Magazines

Remember, they’re totally not coming for the guns of law abiding citizens……because they legislate turning law abiding citizens into criminals (while being soft on actual criminals) (Chicago Tribune) Owners of assault weapons living in north suburban Deerfield have until June 13 to remove the firearms from within village limits or face daily fines after a […]

Surprise: CNN Manages To Link #MeToo To Easter

It’s hard to tell which outlet is nuttier these days, Salon or CNN CNN Article Claims That The Easter Story Is Like A ‘#MeToo Moment’ An article from published Friday bewilderingly claims that the biblical story of Easter is a #MeToo story from Mary Magdalene’s perspective. “The men refused to listen to her story,” […]

Hot Take: “Is The Gun Grabbing Movement Too White?”

There might actually be a point to this, especially as we see so many white, upper middle class and white, rich celebs and politicians push for gun control Never Again: Is gun control movement too white? Is the new movement against gun violence that is sweeping America too white and too rich? It’s a question […]

NY Times: Say, We Need To Do Away With This Whole Equal Protection Under The Law Thing

Here’s a super hot take from Laurie Rollitt A Billionaire and a Nurse Shouldn’t Pay the Same Fine for Speeding If Mark Zuckerberg and a janitor who works at Facebook’s headquarters each received a speeding ticket while driving home from work, they’d each owe the government the same amount of money. Mr. Zuckerberg wouldn’t bat […]

A Reasonable Compromise On Gun Control Part 2

Back on January 9th, 2013, I wrote a quick piece offering some compromises on gun control. At the time, Democrats were pushing hard for gun control, in the wake of a few incidents and with Obama about to start his second term. Of course, they’re pushing hard for more gun control now, despite an almost […]

The Business World Is Totally Livid With Trump’s Immigration Train Wreck Or Something

The entire business world, you guys, according to Bess Levin at Vanity Fair (black bold hers. Red is mine) THE BUSINESS WORLD IS LIVID OVER TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION “TRAIN WRECK” The president’s DACA sabotage is doing him no favors in corporate America. Despite claiming over and over that he has a “big heart” where DACA recipients […]

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