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Oakland Taco Bells Switch To Drive Thru Only Due To Crime

You can run for the border but you can’t go in BREAKING: All Taco Bell Locations In Oakland Announce Indefinite Closure Of All Dining Rooms Due To Series Of Robberies & Crime Surge, Switching To Cashless Drive-Thru Only ???? — BAY AREA STATE OF MIND (@YayAreaNews) March 11, 2024 Well, hey, Democrats in Oakland, […]

Surprise: Democrat Mayors In PRC Back Measure Which Locks Up Repeat Thieves

They may be backing it, but, do they really believe this, or, are they just trying to placate voters temporarily? Or feeling the heat of lost donations from big companies? Liberal California mayors are backing this ballot measure that could lock up repeat retail thieves For the first time in ten years, California voters could […]

SF Chronicle Says City Can No Longer Be Called Progressive After Law And Order Measures Passed

Yesterday I wrote in regards to the Politico article on the measures One of the best parts, though, is that implementing law and order, reducing crime are considered a rightward and conservative shift. So, Democrat policy stands for crime and disorder? Yes, yes they do San Francisco ‘can no longer be called progressive city,’ newspaper […]

NY Gov Surges 750 National Guard Troops To Reduce Crime In NYC

This was NYC mayor Eric Adams in January The mayor had a mantra on Wednesday: crime is down, jobs are up, and tourism is booming. But one thing the NYPD admits it’s struggling with is protecting its own. Assaults on cops have increased dramatically. CBS New York asked the mayor why. “There’s just an erosion […]

Violent City Of Peace And Love Votes For More Police, Drug Screening

Whomever wrote the headline on this Politico piece was either smoking crack or living in an alternative reality. One of the best parts, though, is that implementing law and order, reducing crime are considered a rightward and conservative shift. So, Democrat policy stands for crime and disorder City of peace and love votes for drug […]

Retailers Test Out New Way Of Reducing Crime In San Francisco

In Baltimore they rolled out having everything behind locked plexiglass, including the money takers. They got bullet proof plexiglass. Of course, that’s mostly at small stores. It’s tougher doing this at bigger stores, even the size of a typical drugstore. Though, they do try. Many of the products typically stolen are locked up. Heck, many […]

Arizona Refusing To Extradite Murder Suspect To NYC, Distrusts Prosecutor Alvin Bragg

In all my years I do not remember ever seeing something like this Arizona prosecutors won’t extradite SoHo hotel murder suspect to N.Y. Prosecutors in Arizona say they won’t agree right now to extradite the man accused of murdering a woman in SoHo because they don’t trust Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Raad Almansoori is locked up in […]

Good News: PRC’s Plastic Bag Ban Failed, So, They’ll Try Again

As an environmentally conscience person (which is different from ‘climate change’) I do think humanity needs to be careful with plastic. I have a whole bunch of reusable bags for when I go to Lidl and Aldi. The plastic bags I get from WalMart, Food Lion, and sometimes others I reuse for a wide variety […]

North Carolina Divests From Unilever, Parent Company Of Jew Hating Ben & Jerry’s

If Unilever wants to let one of their companies run wild with Israel and Jew hatred while also supporting a State Department designated terrorist group, there are consequences North Carolina latest to scoop retirement funds from Ben & Jerry’s over ice cream brand’s Israel boycott North Carolina closed out last year by becoming the most […]

Youts May Abandon Biden Over The ‘Climate Change’ Issue Of The Gaza War

No, no, this is definitely not a cult, how dare you suggest that! Young voters helped Biden to victory. They may abandon him this year Elise Joshi stumped for Joe Biden as a college freshman, motivated in no small part by her sense of urgency about climate change. The environmental policy student campaigned before the […]

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