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COVID Cult Scientist Says Masks Totally Work

The COVID cultists just won’t give up, and Zeynep Tufekci is super excited to tell us why the Cochrane study doesn’t stand up in an op-ed Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work The debate over masks’ effectiveness in fighting the spread of the coronavirus intensified recently when a respected scientific nonprofit said its review […]

Idiots Discarding Their Legal Marijuana Making Dogs Sick

Again, I’m not against legal weed. I do not do it anymore, haven’t taken a toke in at least 15 years (it doesn’t interest me anyore), but, if you want to do it, feel free. It’s not as bad for you as alcohol. But, come on, be responsible with it. Back in my day we’d […]

Bummer: PRC Governor Newsom Worried About State Being Overrun With Illegals If Title 42 Ends

Well, hey, reap what you sow, Gavin. You and the rest of your Comrades in the People’s Republik Of California have been loving on people streaming from around the world and showing up at the border, either entering illegally or Demanding asylum. I though they were all so compassionate to the illegals? Oh, right, when […]

Illinois Looks To Pass Assault Weapons Ban, Taking Them From People Who Already Possess

This will absolutely nothing to stop the “gun violence” in Democratic Party run cities like Chicago. It will just disarm law abiding citizens. And force law abiding citizens to give up their legally purchased “assault rifles” Illinois Democrats want to act with ‘urgency’ on proposal banning assault weapons Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation that would […]

NY Times Cries Raaaaacism Over Criticism Of Biden Trading Griner For Merchant Of Death

There have been plenty of wackos on social media playing the race card over this. I had a conversation the other day, which this other person started, that went they same way. They couldn’t provide a rational for trading Griner (who hates America, but, was still being over charged and used as a pawn) for […]

Los Angeles County Close To Reimposing (Worthless) Mask Mandates

Isn’t L.A. full of liberals who Obey the rules, get all their shots, and be Good Little Citizens? Why is COVID raging? Los Angeles Again Nearing Covid Thresholds For Universal Indoor Mask Mandate In Public Spaces Another 4,744 Covid infections were reported today by Los Angeles County. That’s up from 4,353 yesterday, continuing a surge […]

Leftist Washington Not Handling Twitter Takeover Well

They really do not like the notion of the peasants being able to post their Wrongthink thoughts without control from their betters Washington gets increasingly freaked out by Twitter Elon Musk’s chaotic takeover of Twitter has left professional Washington amused, worried — and utterly at a loss on how to handle what was until last […]

Democrats Spend $2 Million To Build A 150 Foot Long Bike Lane That Took 18 Months In L.A.

You heard about the $1.7 million San Francisco toilet, right? It still hasn’t been built, and may not be built. The bike lane was built Column: A $2-million ‘bike lane to nowhere’ symbolizes L.A.’s outrageous dysfunction On a short stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood is a sidewalk cutout that was billed as a […]

Chicago Needs To Act Boldly On Climate Doom Or Something

Right, this is the most important issue, per the Chicago Sun Times, as written by Alderman Matt Martin, Ald. Daniel La Spata, Ald. Mike Rodriguez and Ald. Maria Hadden Time for Chicago to act boldly on climate change and bring back the Department of Environment A decade ago, Chicago had a Department of Environment that […]

Credentialed Media Seems Shocked That DeSantis Got Sanibel Causeway Open So Fast

Also, rather dismayed that DeSantis not only responded so well to Hurricane Ian, but, continues to bring success in Florida’s response How did Sanibel Causeway open early? 4,000 tons of asphalt and an ‘ambitious road map’ The Sanibel Causeway opened for public access to the storm-damaged island on Wednesday morning. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced […]

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