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Good News: Pirates Are Now Plaguing California

Well, as long as they aren’t stealing more than $950 they should be OK, right? Pirates are taking over the Oakland Estuary Marinas. Yes, pirates. And local and federal authorities says it's getting so bad the U.S.Coast Guard is deploying help."Boat owners attacked by pirates. There are no excuses for that." ?@MayorShengThao???????????? — The […]

San Francisco Says Goodbye To Nordstrom

The doom loop in San Francisco, created entirely crazy Progressive policies, as enacted by crazy Progressive voters, continues Nordstrom closes San Francisco store on grim note amid naked mannequins, empty display cases Nordstrom’s San Francisco flagship, which for decades occupied crucial real estate at the San Francisco Centre mall on Market Street, closed its doors […]

San Francisco Comes Up With Fantastic New Idea To Stop Car Break-ins

And they’re telling all the criminals what’s coming San Francisco officials unveil measures to combat vehicle break-ins just as family’s car is burglarized nearby A family visiting San Francisco from Missouri had their rental car broken into and ransacked in the same area where authorities held a news conference Thursday to announce new ways to combat car […]

It Starts: Atlanta College Requires Masks

There couldn’t possibly be an ulterior motive for this, right? Atlanta’s Morris Brown College Ushers in Mask Mandate Atlanta’s Morris Brown College is re-embracing mask mandates, years after initial panic over the coronavirus. While many universities and colleges have dropped coronavirus mandates — such as vaccine requirements and mask requirements — some clearly remaining open […]

Surprise: Federal HHS Wants Workers In San Francisco To Work From Home Due To Crime

When the federal government are worried about their employees coming to work in San Francisco, it sure tells you something Hundreds of government employees in San Francisco told to work from home due to the high levels of crime in the area, report says Hundreds of employees at the Department of Health and Human Services […]

Oakland Police Tell Citizens To Use Air Horns To Scare Away Criminals

Remember back in the day when Democrats recommended women use rape whistles to scare away rapists instead of carrying a firearm? How about the other day when there was a women right across from Oakland who said that “I don’t feel safe ever”? Police in Democrat-Run Oakland Urge Residents to Use Airhorns if Targeted by […]

Democratic Party Run Cities In A Nutshell

"If you live in SF you know what I mean." Voluntarily living in a place more dangerous than Somalia — William Teach2 ??????? #refuseresist (@WTeach2) August 7, 2023 Another great line: “I don’t fee safe ever.” But, the same leftists will vote for the same hardcore leftist politicians and policies, and are fine until those […]

Sanctuary City Of New York Makes “Migrants” Sleep Outside Of Full Hotel

One would think that all the Democrat voting and unfettered illegal immigration supporting residents of SCNY would offer to house all the “migrants” Sobering video shows migrants sleeping on cardboard outside iconic NYC hotel as shelter hits capacity Sobering video shows dozens of migrants sleeping on cardboard outside the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan […]

Blue On Blue: Just Stop Oil (for Other People) Blocks Pride Parade

I was really hoping we would see a bunch of the Rainbow Alphabet folks dragging the climate cultists off the road (Daily Caller) London’s annual Pride march was disrupted Saturday after climate activists blockaded the road in protest of the event’s reported acceptance of sponsorship from “high-polluting industries.” The demonstration resulted in multiple arrests after […]

San Francisco’s Mayor Has Hot Ideas For Dying Downtown

In a rational world, a mayor of a city that’s dying would look to reverse the symptoms. If you’re overweight and having all sorts of health issues you don’t switch from cake to ice cream, right? You lose the weight, exercise, eat better, and hopefully decrease all those health issues like diabetes, circulatory system problems, […]

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