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Somehow, White Male Privilege Has Entered The Jeffrey Toobin Issue

This is so 2020’s, but, then, Michele Weldon does sorta actually have a point During Zoom calls, keep your pants on: It’s not prudishness, it’s white male privilege No, it’s not prudishness, it’s proper decorum, proper propriety, proper business actions There have been many moments in the last 18 years when I have said aloud, […]

Gun Grabbing Magazine For Teens Says What’s At Stake On Gun Grabbing For Election

Seventeen is a magazine for, shockingly, teenagers, which is nominally about fashion, celebs, fun stuff, you know, all the things teens care about. Of course, they also run articles on abortion because they push unsafe sex practices, anal sex, and hard left politics Seventeen, a magazine for teen girls, wants to do all they can […]

Bat Soup Virus Continues To Rise In NYC, Europe

NYC is a big time Democratic Party city, right, one which embraces all the restrictions, right, one which wears masks and even had a snitch line, right? COVID-19 cases in NYC continue to rise as city nears threshold Fueled by coronavirus hot spot zones in Brooklyn and Queens, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in […]

Good News: Saying That “Women Can Have It All” Regarding ACB “Is A Trap”

See, it’s not actually feminist to say that women can have it all. Can you guess why? Beyond the simple notion that Liberals hate her simply because The “Women Can Have It All” Narrative Around Amy Coney Barrett Is a Trap What do we know about how Amy Coney Barrett—judge, mother of seven, and nominee […]

Biden Voters Riot, Commit Arson, Vandalism, And Attempted Murder

This is supposedly over justice for someone they didn’t know in the least but, they have a Cause, so, they commit mayhem in lots of areas where black people live and have businesses. But, hey, this gives the uber-white liberals a chance to destroy black property and businesses, in the ultimate white liberal privilege 13 […]

Los Angeles School System Has Plan To Remove All Police Officers From Schools

It’s for the kids, you know A dramatically diminished L.A. school police force under proposed cuts Two months after a divided Los Angeles Unified school board slashed funding for its police department by more than a third, the contours of a dramatically diminished force emerged this week. Under a plan presented to the board on Tuesday, police […]

Biden Voters Throw Bricks Thru Police Station Windows, Target Police After Knife Wielding Maniac Is Shot

Joe Biden voters doing what Joe Biden voters do Lancaster protesters throw bricks, break glass at police station after shooting of knife-wielding man Protesters targeted police officers, a police station and adjacent buildings in Lancaster, Pa., overnight, throwing bricks, glass, flower planters, and even plastic road barricades. More than 100 people flooded the streets surrounding […]

San Francisco Could Give Children As Young As 16 Right To Vote Locally

Hey, maybe the kiddies would vote to install politicians/public servants who would clean all the sh*t and drug needles out of the streets San Francisco could be first major American city to let 16-year-olds vote San Francisco could give children as young as 16 the right to vote in local elections if a landmark proposition […]

Bummer: Majority In Idaho Against Letting Gender Confused Men Compete Against Women

I’ll take this survey with a slight grain of salt, as it does seem a bit biased, but, really, even without that bias, most people are probably against letting “trans-women” compete against biological women in sports Poll: Majority of Idaho Voters Approve Law to Protect Female Athletes from Transgender Competitors A poll conducted by Spry […]

Mostly Peaceful Protesters Throw Molotov Cocktails At Police In Portland

We’re at 100+ days of riots in the People’s Republik Of Portland, so, perhaps CNN, NBC News, CBS News, NY Times, and Washington Post can be excused for not bothering to offer any coverage of this, right? Though CBS does have a story on serial rapist Jacob Blake saying it’s hard to breathe. Portland ‘riot’ […]

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