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NY Times: It’s A Clash Between California And Following The Law

The New York Times seems rather upset that California is being told that they need to follow federal law In Clash Between California and Trump, It’s One America Versus Another When drivers entered California recently from the borders with Arizona and Nevada, they were greeted with signs welcoming them to an “official sanctuary state” that […]

Bummer: Biggest Tax Bill Losers Would Be Blue Staters Earning More Than $200,000

The NY Times is Very Concerned Among the Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers: Blue State Taxpayers Who Earn More Than $200,000 While the Republican tax overhaul would add up to an overall tax cut for individual taxpayers, at least through 2025, millions could still immediately receive a tax increase. For many, particularly in Democratic areas, the increase […]

Philly Leftists Look To Outlaw Bullet Proof Glass

Stores have long taken a page from banks in using bullet proof glass (not actually glass nowadays. It’s typically thick acrylic or plexiglass) to protect their employees from people looking to do Bad Things. They also put many items behind this same protection. Baltimore is a hotbed of this. Over to Philly (Fox29) A controversial […]

New Liberal Idea: Federal Government Would Create A Social Wealth Fund

The opinion pages of the NY Times are always a wealth of hardcore leftism, where new ideas are trotted out. We have this one by Matt Gruening, which would transform private wealth into public wealth What if Everyone Benefitted When Stocks Soared? … The solution is simpler than it seems. There’s a tried and tested […]

New Gun Grabber Idea: Medical Marijuana Users Should Turn In Their Guns

It’s always something with these people (via Hot Air) (Daily Caller)  Hawaiian authorities have asked medical marijuana users to “voluntarily surrender” firearms due to their medicinal status. This may mark the first time a law enforcement entity has moved to confiscate guns from cannabis patients. Marijuana users in Honolulu are expected to turn over all […]

Bummer: ICE Agents “Pounced” On Illegal Alien

This has made many pro-illegal alien supporters very sad (NY Post) Federal agents dragged an illegal immigrant out of a Brooklyn courthouse Tuesday, prompting a wild scuffle between his Legal Aid lawyer and court officers. The plainclothes US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents pounced on Genaro Rojas Hernandez as he sat on the bench, speaking […]

Gun Control Group Asks Web Hosts To Ban “Ghost Gun” Sites

Does anyone want to bet that these same people working for the Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence also support net neutrality, which we are informed is all about making sure the Internet is free and unfettered? Regardless, gun grabbing groups will always be gun grabbing (AP) A gun control group founded by former […]

NBC News Helpfully Explains How Liberals Can Not Ruin Thanksgiving

Every year we are treated to a raft of articles on surviving Thanksgiving (Christmas ones will come later) due to politics. Many of them attempt to explain how to ruin T-giving with talking points aimed at Explaining Things to your Republican Uncle. Others are about not ruining T-giving. This one from NBC News is the […]

In The Age Of Trump, Sheriff’s Are Emboldened To Be Tough On Criminals

Only in Liberal World would getting tough on crime and criminals be considered controversial Emboldened by Trump, sheriffs are mimicking his rhetoric and putting some residents on edge With his red “Make America Great” hat now prominently displayed in his office here in Titusville, Ivey is part of a wave of county sheriffs who feel […]

Do You Know What Would Fix The Economy? Forcing People To Major In STEM

It’s quite obvious that Democrats dislike the GOP tax plan (which certainly needs some help, which is why it goes to committee, there are negotiations, reconciliation between the Senate and House, and so forth), but, then, if it recommended a tax increase on The Rich, Democrats would have a kneejerk reaction and denounce it. Especially […]

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