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In The Age Of Trump, Sheriff’s Are Emboldened To Be Tough On Criminals

Only in Liberal World would getting tough on crime and criminals be considered controversial Emboldened by Trump, sheriffs are mimicking his rhetoric and putting some residents on edge With his red “Make America Great” hat now prominently displayed in his office here in Titusville, Ivey is part of a wave of county sheriffs who feel […]

Do You Know What Would Fix The Economy? Forcing People To Major In STEM

It’s quite obvious that Democrats dislike the GOP tax plan (which certainly needs some help, which is why it goes to committee, there are negotiations, reconciliation between the Senate and House, and so forth), but, then, if it recommended a tax increase on The Rich, Democrats would have a kneejerk reaction and denounce it. Especially […]

Study Shows Hollywood Is Pretty Darned Bigoted On Latino Immigrants

  So, we already know that rape, sexual assault, and sexism are rampent throughout the very Democrat Party leaning Hollywood. Now we learn something else about the Left leaning entertainment industry Half of Latino Immigrant Characters on TV Are Portrayed as Criminals, Study Finds (Exclusive) Define American, the immigration nonprofit founded by Pulitzer-winning journalist Jose […]

Los Angeles Looks To Further Decriminalize Street Vending To Shield Illegal Aliens From ICE

It’s an interesting prospect. Leftists have long pushed to require licenses for everything, and like to punish those without. Some make sense, others don’t. If you want to sell cars, you need a license. You don’t do anything for it, just pay a fee. Do not have to pass a test or demonstrate anything. Anyhow, […]

California Governor Signs Sanctuary State Bill In Rebuke To Trump Or Something

When this passed the California General Assembly, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown would sign it. Many outlets, particularly in Brokeifornia, are attempting to make the link that this is about being a rebuke towards Trump, a defiance. That would rather mean that it isn’t about supporting illegal aliens, […]

Green Bay Packers’ Fans Let The Team Know What They Thought Of The Protest

The Green Bay Packers had a little plan to get all the fans to link arms during the national anthem, in an attempt to push social justice warrioring. And it was about SJW stuff The Green Bay Packers players are asking fans tonight to join them in a “display of unity” by linking arms during […]

Liberals Finally Find A Wall They Like

Well, there are lots of walls they do like. Like the ones they build around their homes to keep out the riff raff. Especially in liberal cities, where they do not want blacks and latinos on their property. And (via Twitchy) #UCBerkeley installing concrete k-rail barrier around Zellerbach. Expecting protests against @benshapiro speech tonight. @nbcbayarea […]

LA Times: The ACLU Should Decided Free Speech Based On Social Justice Or Something

As you’re well aware, there’s been a long simmering debate about Free Speech, particularly on campus. It is now exploding into a much wider debate, and the LA Times gives “Laura Weinrib, a professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School, and the author of “The Taming of Free Speech: America’s Civil Liberties […]

Ann Coulter: More Credible That Harvey Is God’s Punishment For Electing A Lesbian Mayor Than ‘Climate Change’

Regardless of how you look at this, it’s really not helping Ann Coulter says storm Harvey is more likely God’s punishment for Houston’s lesbian mayor than a result of climate change Divine retribution for a lesbian mayor makes more sense than climate change, provocateur says Seemingly striving to cause the most offence with the lowest […]

San Francisco Was So Into Free Speech That They Walled Off Park To Stop Patriot Prayer

This is now how they do Free Speech in San Fransisco , one of the leading cities in Progressive World (Fox News) Protesters opposing a right-wing gathering in liberal San Francisco claimed victory Saturday when the event was cancelled after city officials walled off a city park — a move that the event’s organizer said […]

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