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Workers In NJ Deserve A Raise After Getting A Government Mandated Raise Or Something

The law of unintended consequences (which most who understand reality were saying would occur) Workers deserved a raise. But Murphy’s not doing the full job, endangering the most vulnerable | Editorial It was a big victory for workers when Gov. Phil Murphy and Democratic lawmakers boosted the abysmally low minimum wage in New Jersey. Among […]

Fewer Guns Means Fewer Killings Or Something

Remember how the gun grabbers say they aren’t gun grabbers, they just want to make it harder for Bad People to get their hands on firearms? And how gun rights supporters say “BS, you’re gun grabbers”? Yeah, Jill Filipovic at CNN proves us right yet again Fewer guns mean fewer killings, and we all know […]

NYC Gun Grabbers Change Law To Avoid Potential Supreme Court Loss

Not mentioned is the notion that New York City could change the regulation back if the Supreme Court decides to drop the case, because gun grabbers loke to play lots and lots of cases (though the Court will most likely not drop the case) Fearing Supreme Court Loss, New York Tries to Make Gun Case […]

NY Times Finally Decides To Notice Rising Jew Hatred In Their Own Paper And Around The World

It only took them publishing multiple anti-Semitic cartoons and getting slammed A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism The Times published an appalling political cartoon in the opinion pages of its international print edition late last week. It portrayed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as a dog wearing a Star of David on a collar. He […]

NY Times Wants Everyone To Relax On Socialism

This is partly their way off attempting to protect AOC and the new breed of Democratic Socialists, which they managed to do in an incredibly sexist manner This is quite sexist, actually. @AOC has a mind and ideas that men can have a problem with. You just “mostly” reduced her to an object. You NYT […]

California Looks To Tax Pretty Much Everything

Except abortions. They wouldn’t tax those Sacramento wants to tax soda, tires, guns, water, pain pills, lawyers, car batteries… … But in California under Democrats, it’s tax, tax, tax — a drip and a drop, nickel and a dime — all the time. That’s not a political statement. It’s a fact. Not all taxes are […]

CNN Wants You To Understand Late Term Infanticide Before You Judge It

They forget to mention the part about it being “killing babies for a profit”, for one things (via Twitchy) Before you judge "late-term abortion," doctors want you to really understand what it is: — CNN (@CNN) February 6, 2019 From the despicable link President Donald Trump has called on Congress “to pass legislation […]

How Socialism Works: $840 In Gold Bars Loaded On Russian Jet While Venezuelan’s Starve

In Venezuela, the citizens have no toilet paper, beer, or food. There was a point where they were eating animals from zoos and pets. And so many other issues, like no jobs, high unemployment, and so much more. But, it’s not a problem for the big wigs in the government, such as President Maduro, who […]

NY Times Super Thrilled To Extol Cuba For It’s Single Payer System

Sadly, the headline has changed, probably because it was really, really bad What Americans could learn from Cuba's free, universal health care system, by @NickKristof via @NYTopinion #UHC — André Picard (@picardonhealth) January 18, 2019 You can see the original in the top of the tweet. Weird how the Times and/or Nicholas Kristoff would […]

Jim Acosta, NY Times Take Swing At Border Fence, Strike Out

Here’s Excitable Jim Acosta, one of ABC News’ (whoops) CNN pundits, er, reporters, who parachuted down to the border I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation.. at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today. — […]

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