Surprise: Democrat Mayors In PRC Back Measure Which Locks Up Repeat Thieves

They may be backing it, but, do they really believe this, or, are they just trying to placate voters temporarily? Or feeling the heat of lost donations from big companies?

Liberal California mayors are backing this ballot measure that could lock up repeat retail thieves

For the first time in ten years, California voters could get the opportunity to change a controversial law aimed at criminal justice reform.

A new proposal, called The Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act, would roll back parts of Proposition 47, approved by California voters in 2014 to reduce overcrowding in jails by reducing punishments for some crimes, like theft and drug possession.

Many of the proposal’s backers are exactly who you’d expect: district attorneys, Republican lawmakers and big chain stores that have been lashing out against a Covid-era rise in shoplifting that last year subsided. But it has support from a handful of Democratic mayors, too.

Although Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom opposes the proposal, arguing the system is sufficiently tough on crime. But it appears destined to be decided by voters: The proposal needs fewer than 547,000 signatures to get on California’s ballot in November, and organizers tell CNN they have 75% of the signatures needed.

Will Democrat voters sign on in high enough numbers?

Under the new proposal, “an offender with two prior convictions for theft can be charged with a felony, regardless of the value of the stolen property.” It would also allow prosecutors to add together the value of property stolen across multiple thefts to exceed the $950 threshold for a felony charge, and create harsher punishments for organized retail theft rings. (big snip)

When Prop 47 was approved by California voters ten years ago, it turned most drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. And right now, non-prescription fentanyl is not listed on Prop 47 as a hard drug that can result in harsher punishments in certain cases.

The new proposal would create harsher penalties for people who deal fentanyl and other hard drugs.

You know, common sense. Things that are freaking common sense. They can certainly find other ways to punish these people rather than mass incarceration in horrible living conditions, but, criminals need to be punished. They need to know there are consequences for their actions. Which is the opposite of what the People’s Republik Of California has been doing.

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7 Responses to “Surprise: Democrat Mayors In PRC Back Measure Which Locks Up Repeat Thieves”

  1. Dana says:

    It has been said that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, and the cities of the Pyrite State have been mugged by the constant, repeat theft by those completely undeterred by harsh words and wagging fingers.

    The left set the criteria under which retail theft would not be prosecuted, and the thieves were smart enough to keep individual thefts under those guidelines.

    The oh-so-well-meaning liberals have proven themselves to be just boneheadedly stupid. They assumed that, since they are good, civilized people themselves, that everyone else is just like them, that they are all, deep down, also good and civilized people, without ever considering that there could actually be evil and uncivilized [insert plural slang term for the anus here] out there. Somehow, some way, all of their “Coexist” and “Love One Another” bumper stickers, and their liberal policies and promises just haven’t worked.

    And now, they’ve learned a hard lesson, much to their dismay.

    Jennifer Angel was an Oakland bakery owner, who is now stone-cold graveyard dead.

    Angel’s family and friends noted her history as an activist opposed to “putting public resources into policing, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycles of violence that resulted in this tragedy.”
    by Eve Batey | Thursday, February 9, 2023

    According to a message sent by the friends and family of Jennifer Angel, the founder of Oakland’s Angel Cakes bakery, Angel died at 5:48 p.m. Thursday evening after doctors confirmed that she had lost all brain function. Her death follows several days on life support at Highland Hospital, where she was cared for after an Uptown Oakland robbery attempt during which Angel was gravely injured.

    The message, which is published in full below, noted Angel’s longstanding work as an activist, and urged those mourning her passing not to “continue the cycle of harm by bringing state-sanctioned violence to those involved in her death or to other members of Oakland’s rich community.”

    According to the message, Angel Cakes will remain open, “supported by Jen’s estate, and staffed by the talented team that Jen built.” those who want to lend their support are encouraged to purchase gift certificates at the business at 745 5th St. (at Brush Street). Those who wish to honor her legacy, the announcement said, should engage in “leading with love, centering the needs of the most vulnerable, and not resorting to vengeance and inflicting more harm.” . . . .

    If the Oakland Police Department does make an arrest in this case, the family is committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice. Jen’s family and close friends ask that the media respect this request and carry forward the story of her life with celebration and clarity about the world she aimed to build. Jen’s family and friends ask that stories referencing Jen’s life do not use her legacy of care and community to further inflame narratives of fear, hatred, and vengeance, nor to advance putting public resources into policing, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycles of violence that resulted in this tragedy.

    I ask, just what “restorative justice” will restore Miss Angel to life?

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Miss Angel was the victim of a robbery which went bad:

    Angel Cakes owner Jennifer Angel was leaving her parking spot in the lot of the Wells Fargo on the 2000 block of Webster Street on Monday afternoon when a car pulled up in front of her and blocked her from leaving, her fiance, Ocean Mottley, told The Chronicle. A robber then broke her passenger side window and grabbed something from the car, after which Angel ran after the suspects, Mottley said.

    In the process of trying to chase them down, Angel, 48, got caught in the door of the fleeing vehicle and was dragged more than 50 feet before falling in the middle of the street, hitting her head multiple times, Mottley said.

    So, Miss Angel, lovingly liberal herself, reacted as most people would when she was being robbed personally, and tried to protect her stuff. A very kind and generous person herself, someone who believed in love and forgiveness and helping people less fortunate than her, demonstrated that her philosophy was an abstract concept, a way she thought other people should react and see things. Then it happened to her.

    It’s not like conservatives didn’t tell the people of the Pyrite State what would happen when lawlessness was tolerated, but they were just too f(ornicating) stupid to listen!

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Being a liberal hypocrite can get you killed.

      • david7134 says:

        People just don’t understand that even if these people look like humans, they are actually animals. Has nothing to do with family, or how they grow up, they are just animals and deserve to be treated as such.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Humans are animals. Even Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics are human.

          If it has nothing to do with family or how they grow up what does it have to “do with”? Genetics?

          • david7134 says:

            Once again I have asked you not to return comments when I am not specifically addressing you, which I will not. Your knowledge base and life experience is zero. You obviously hate your skin and do not understand crime and human animals. In my view you are a fat man who is a total failure. You rarely make a truthful statement.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Dr Mal Practice,

            Kiss my ass you dried up old whiner. I didn’t address you, just your stupid comment.

            Your knowledge base and life experience is zero.

            In my view you are a demented old man who is a total failure. You never make a truthful statement.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Faithful Christian Mr Dana takes time to mock a murdered woman who was doing good for all. Further, Mr Dana blames her death on her own goodness compounded by liberal stupidity!! Mr Burch was on the streets because of Ms Angel’s beliefs, according to Mr Dana.

    Ms Angel, much like Jesus Christ, was just too stupid to recognize the inherent selfishness and brutaliy of the human animal.

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