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Oakland Taco Bells Switch To Drive Thru Only Due To Crime

You can run for the border but you can’t go in BREAKING: All Taco Bell Locations In Oakland Announce Indefinite Closure Of All Dining Rooms Due To Series Of Robberies & Crime Surge, Switching To Cashless Drive-Thru Only ???? pic.twitter.com/4gMyXMPNK2 — BAY AREA STATE OF MIND (@YayAreaNews) March 11, 2024 Well, hey, Democrats in Oakland, […]

If All You See…

…is an area already set up to install a solar farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is bluebird of bitterness, with a post on fractured fairy tales.

Biden Trots Out Policy To Deal With High Housing Costs

The notion is laudable, but, the actual substance shows it was crafted by people who have little idea how the housing economy works. By people who’ve barely ever worked in the private sector, and certainly not in anything related. Who have no idea of the implications, they just want to buy votes I'm grateful that […]

Surprise: EV Owners Shocked By Rising Charging Rates As Electric Rates Rise

What happens when a state is having trouble generating electricity because of all their “green” energy projects while doing away with reliable, affordable, dependable energy sources? ‘It’s crazy’: How soaring PG&E rates are impacting California’s electric car owners California wants residents to buy electric vehicles to fight climate change, to the point of ending the […]

DOJ Tells Immigration Judges To Keep Quiet

Looks like the Biden regime DOJ are not big fans of the 1st Amendment. Also, aren’t the judges part of the Judicial Branch, not the Executive? Immigration judges ‘muzzled’ from speaking publicly by DOJ amid historic 3 million-case backlog Immigration judges have been put under a gag order by the Department of Justice (DOJ), stopping […]

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