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Your Fault: Heat Waves Are Totally Transforming

Say, is there any sort of data comparing this Holocene warm period to the others that have occurred over the last 8,000 years? Unsurprisingly, NY Times writer Delger Erdenesanaa fails to ask questions, just runs with the cult propaganda Heat Waves Are Moving Slower and Staying Longer, Study Finds When heat waves swept across large parts […]

If All You See…

…is a world where the Arctic melted and land is scarce, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on Brandon’s push for EVs falling short.

WWIII Watch: Poland President Says European Nations Must Prepare For War

Weirdly, the more nations dump money, arms, and support into Ukraine, which is not a NATO member, the higher the chance of dragging Russia into a wider conflagration Europe must get ready for looming war, Donald Tusk warns The Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk, says Europe is entering a “prewar” era, cautioning that the continent […]

Good News: Biden Cracks Down On Diesel Trucks To Save Us From Climate Doom

This totally won’t increase the cost of goods, including food, right? Pretty much everything that moves by truck. TVs, computers, smartphones, clothes, shoes, vehicles (car carriers), guitars, beds and sheets, couches, chairs, tables, appliances, etc and so on Biden cracks down on diesel trucks in bid to fight climate change, reduce emissions The Biden administration […]

Jew Hating Hamas Loving Democrats Protest Biden’s Lavish Fundraiser

Hey, these are your folks, Democrats. This is a mainstream belief of Democrats, and you don’t see many on the Democrat side taking offense and saying “these people do not represent us” Chicago DNC convention is going to be awesome, might even top the last one they had in Chicago. https://t.co/OTm6yHtP2l — FilmLadd (@FilmLadd) March […]

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