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Film Studio Wants Populist Anger Over Climate Crisis (scam)

Why are these people so angry? I guess when you listen to a doomsday cult you’re choices are anger or depression Film studio from Oscar-winning director aims to stir up ‘populist anger’ over climate crisis The ad opens on a bucolic mountainscape, a lush, ascending piano run playing in the background. Gauzy clips from nostalgic […]

If All You See..

…is a sea that will soon rise dozens of feet, you might just be a warmist The blog of the day is Fisherville Mike, with a post on whether you are better off now than 5 years ago.

WWIII Watch: French President, Poland Minister Yammer About NATO Troops In Ukraine

Good ideas all around! Macron hints at troops in Ukraine, but EU has bigger issues Emmanuel Macron has set the cat among the pigeons once again. Known for proclivity to provoke debate among EU and NATO allies, the centrist French president raised eyebrows by taking aim at a long-standing taboo in the war in Ukraine: the […]

Your Fault: Maple Season Comes Early In Midwest

We can fix this with a tax and taking away your freedom and life choices, you know Maple syrup season came weeks early in the Midwest. Producers are doing their best to adapt Jeremy Solin doesn’t need a jacket right now on his family farm in northern Wisconsin. There’s no snow blanketing the dead leaves […]

Surprise: Democrat Mayors In PRC Back Measure Which Locks Up Repeat Thieves

They may be backing it, but, do they really believe this, or, are they just trying to placate voters temporarily? Or feeling the heat of lost donations from big companies? Liberal California mayors are backing this ballot measure that could lock up repeat retail thieves For the first time in ten years, California voters could […]

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