WWIII Watch: French President, Poland Minister Yammer About NATO Troops In Ukraine

Good ideas all around!

Macron hints at troops in Ukraine, but EU has bigger issues

Emmanuel Macron has set the cat among the pigeons once again. Known for proclivity to provoke debate among EU and NATO allies, the centrist French president raised eyebrows by taking aim at a long-standing taboo in the war in Ukraine: the prospect of deploying Western troops.

“There is no consensus today to send ground troops… [but] nothing should be ruled out,” Macron said at a gathering of Ukraine’s allies in Paris last week, convened amid worrying signs and reported ammunition shortages from the front line of fighting with Russia.

Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, Poland, NATO and the European Commission all underlined that they had no plans to send ground troops to Ukraine – a long-standing red line, as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pointed out, because of the risk of dangerous escalation and direct confrontation with Russia.

Macron was yapping about the new red line being if Russia “approaches” either Odesa or Kiev it would mean French troops going to Ukraine. And Poland, eh?

Poland’s foreign minister says the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine is ‘not unthinkable’

Poland’s foreign minister says the presence of NATO forces “is not unthinkable” and that he appreciates the French president for not ruling out that idea.

Radek Sikorski made the observation during a discussion marking the 25th anniversary of Poland’s NATO membership in the Polish parliament on Friday, and the Foreign Ministry tweeted the comments later in English. (snip)

The Kremlin has warned that if NATO sends combat troops, a direct conflict between the alliance and Russia would be inevitable. Russian President Vladimir Putin said such a move would risk a global nuclear conflict.

Poland’s PM Donald Tusk has uncategorically stated that Poland will not be sending troops to Ukraine, but, it doesn’t help when high ranking government yammering about the possibility of troops in Ukraine. This isn’t the Cold War, and Ukraine is not worth WWIII.

And if Biden wins re-election, or looks like he’s going to lose badly, who knows what he will do.

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7 Responses to “WWIII Watch: French President, Poland Minister Yammer About NATO Troops In Ukraine”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    “Give me Ukraine or I’ll launch the nukes!”, says the maniacal Putin. And the MAGAts pretend they’re afraid of WWIII rather than admitting that their MAGAt King loves that wild animal, Vlad the Invader, so they do, too.

    Did you know that Ukraine is the largest European nation besides Russia? Bigger than Germany, Poland, France, Spain, the UK…

    When Putin says, “Give me Estonia or I’ll launch the nukes!”, what will the NATO nations do? Come on, it’s only Estonia. Who cares besides a million Estonians? WWIII for Estonia?

    Putin apologists and chamberlains will say, “It’s only Estonia, and we can’t risk World War III!”

    “It’s only Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Slovakia, Austria, Iceland, Finland…” Not one of those nations could rebut Russia alone.

    Big Donnie hosted the Hungarian dictator, head of the Christian Nationalist Party (Fidesz), Viktor Orbán, at Mar-a-Largo yesterday! Orbán has been PM 1998-2002, 2010-present.

    According to past member of Hungary’s parliament:

    Orbán has been Hungary’s prime minister since 2010. Under his leadership, the country became the first nondemocracy in the European Union – an “illiberal state,” as Orbán proudly declared.

    Orbán constructed his dominant party by uniting the hardcore authoritarians with the rural working-class who felt ostracized. Once elected he consolidated his power by weakening Hungary’s courts and parliament, using the levers of power to dominate the media, gerrymandering voting districts and importantly taking over the justice system to ignore official corruption. Fourteen years later he’s still the dictator!!

    Big Donnie is looking for tips!

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    You are really a maniacal bird brain you know that? But you really do amuse us when you come up with your occasional completely crazy rants like this one. You never make any sense and it just makes you sound crazier and crazier. You are exactly what I expect the Democrat party to be made-up of now that you’ve gone completely communist.

    And when you point a finger about taking over the justice system to ignore official corruption that finger better be pointed turn the democommie party.

    I really fail to see why you’re so damned worried about the Ukraine and so concerned about everything over in Europe that you’re willing to go to war over it. And then it’s so cute you try and blame us for wanting to go to war. All you democomms do lately is beat war drums.

    According to leftists if they could just throw Trump in prison, end the MAGA movement, stack the Supreme Court , end the Electoral College, ban voter ID, censor free speech and confiscate all firearms we could save democracy. Yeah you guys are the freedom fighters. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Let’s Go Brandon,

      You and those like you sure do reply to my comments a lot because you are “amused”, LOL.

      It’s Ukraine, not “The” Ukraine as it was under the USSR. Why do YOU want Russia to end Ukraine, a sovereign nation, a budding democracy starting to fight decades of Russian style corruption? Actual conservatives still want to defy Russia’s hegemony.

      Trump has obviously committed crimes and could end up in the hoosegow; yes to the end of the MAGAt movement, yes to stacking SCOTUS; yes to ending the EC; keep voter ID as it is (but ban gerrymandering); no to censoring free speech and no to confiscating all firearms. How’s that?

      I do really believe that Donald Trump is a threat to our Republic.

      • Brother John says:

        Ukraine, a budding democracy? Ukraine AND Russia are the two most corrupt white-run countries on earth. Ukraine’s elected government was overthrown in a CIA coup. You’re a fucking idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you’re supporting people who hate you and think you’re stupid too — although in this case, given that support, they’re right.

        The rest of your post is as always irrelevant and incoherent idiocy.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          You can believe Tass, Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin if you want. They also claim that Poland started WWII.

          You’re a fucking idiot. Not unlike most nuCons who believe anything but the truth and facts.

          Our nuCon brethren and sistren beliefs are largely untrue.

          A society can not long survive on lies.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    This isn’t the Cold War, and Ukraine is not worth WWIII.

    So what is Ukraine worth?

    1. We already crossed the red line for starting WW3. At this point, we are totally dependent on Putin’s good will for American military targets not being struck. Supplying a combatant with military materials makes you a participant, not a neutral observer.

    2. America should refrain from action in Ukraine not because it might lead to war, but because there was never any reason for us to START this war in the first place. Putin’s invasion was not unprovoked. The USA provoked him and US State department and CIA undermined the peace deal that was acceptable to Ukraine and Russia. This was was started by the Biden administration not because they blundered into it but because they intentionally have been working for it since the Obama administration. Putin is not Hitler. Hillary Clinton is. Trump is not Chamberlain, he is Stauffenberg. America is not the Western powers failing to stand up to Germany. We ARE Germany, gobbling up Eastern Europe and overthrowing democratically elected governments to replace them with puppet governments so that politically connected aristocrats can feast off the carcass of old Eastern Europe.

    3. If the War in Ukraine needs to be fought, then the American government has a legal obligation to make that case to the American people, not just shove it down our throats. Congress needs to declare war, not just spend billions of dollars participating in a war they never officially declared. And the reasons need to be better than inner city High School history lessons where only a paragraph gets spent on WW2 and most of that is about a fringe group of pilots.

    4. I do not fear war. I fear the American government fecklessly throwing the sons and daughters of middle class and poor Americans into a war they had no business being in just so that Clintons, Kerrys, Obamas, Bidens, Newlands, and other deep state people can be big shots at Washington D.C. cocktail parties.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      3. So Congress should declare war on Russia?? Should we declare war on Gaza??

      4. You forgot the Bushs, Trumps, Romneys, Cheneys, Youngkins and the Republican heads of our defense contractors. Did we have business in Iraq?

      2. The United States did not force Russia to invade Ukraine. It was Putin’s choice based on his unreasonable fear of the US and NATO. Should Putin dictate to the rest of the world what they should do under threat of dropping nukes on others?? That makes no sense. The United States is not like Nazi Germany invading European nations and killing millions. That’s just ridiculous. We fully understand that MAGAts hate America because their Leader hates America unless he’s protected by it.

      1. America is dependent on the all-powerful Putin’s good will? That’s pure BS. Putin has already demonstrated he’s irrational. He’s now trying to save a failed state.

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