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Study Claims EVs Are Worse For Environment Than Gas Cars

Could this be true? The study is a couple years old, but, came back to light Electric vehicles release more toxic emissions, are worse for the environment than gas-powered cars: study https://t.co/1m4uQO6Q44 pic.twitter.com/W9dajIqyg5 — New York Post (@nypost) March 5, 2024 From the link Electric vehicles release more toxic particles into the atmosphere and are […]

If All You See…

…is a calm sea from carbon pollution messing up wind patterns, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bustedknuckles, with a post on things we aren’t supposed to talk about.

Bidenomics: Around 50% Have Been Turned Down For Loans Over Debt

Is everyone enjoying Bidenomics? Rising debt means more would-be borrowers are getting turned down for loans Half of Americans who applied for loans in the past two years were turned down, according to a new survey from the personal finance site Bankrate.com. That finding comes at a time when banks have been tightening rules for lending money to […]

Warmists Travel To Symposium On Opportunities To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

They mean ways to force you to fight global boiling, not themselves, as they all certainly took fossil fueled trips ‘Roads to Removal’ Symposium Looks at Opportunities to Fight Climate Change Discussions around climate change often center around the bad news – the planet is warming, weather is getting more extreme, resources are increasingly scarce. […]

Obligatory: SCOTUS Says States Cannot Remove Trump From Ballot

This has made the liberals with Trump Derangement Syndrome very upset, because allowing citizens to vote for someone they don’t like is destroying Democracy or something. Oh, and it took the AP a lot of paragraphs to note that this was a unanimous 9-0 vote Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to […]

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