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If All You See…

…is a lack frozen over from carbon pollution fueled bad weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Political Hat, with a post on communism and polyamory. Had to rush out this morning, forgot to set the post up. Sorry!

Capitalism Can’t Solve Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Just another reminder that the climate cult is pretty much based on hardcore Big Government principles. That this is not about science Capitalism Can’t Solve Climate Change Amidst the gathering gloom about climate change and continuing growth in global greenhouse-gas emissions, the one bright spot appears to be clean energy development. 2023 saw another, much-trumpeted […]

Wake School Board Votes To Nag Parents Over Safe Storage

Let’s be honest: parents with firearms do need to store them in a manner that keeps them away from children. They have to balance being able to easily grab the gun in case of home invasion versus their child finding it and playing around with it, and something potentially bad happening. However, is it the […]

Warmist Super Bummed Over Gorgeous Weather For St. Patrick’s Day

It really is just so exhausting at times, reading articles from miserable climate cultists being miserable Loving this early spring weather? YOU SHOULDN'T BE. Writes @mudede: "We should be horrified by this weather, not enjoying it."https://t.co/HRyGO8xCRG — The Stranger ???? (@TheStranger) March 18, 2024 From the unhinged doomsday cultist piece. It starts out with some […]

Bidenomics: People Draining Their Retirement Accounts To Survive

So, we already know that credit card debt is skyrocketing (though CNN thinks this is OK because Biden is president), credit card delinquencies are rising fast, and non-mortgage interest rates are crushing Americans. So why not hit up the retirement accounts? Inflation Is Forcing Americans To Drain Their Retirement Accounts Just To Stay Afloat The […]

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