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Climate Crisis (scam) Could Totally Be A Difference Maker This Election

Every election cycle they tell us the climate cult could make a difference, and every election cycle it always polls as low hanging fruit. But this time it could be different! Euroviews. Climate change matters to more and more people – and could be a deciding factor in the 2024 election If you ask American […]

If All You See…

…is a waterfall caused by Extreme Rain from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on turning America into Haiti.

WRAL Poll Shows Economy Is Top Issue For Most Citizens

This is yet another poll that shows Trump should really just focus on the economy. Stop with all the Being Trump, and talk about people’s wallets NC voters united on economy as top 2024 issue, divided on immigration and abortion, WRAL News poll shows North Carolina voters view the economy and health care as the […]

Doom Today: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Maybe Possibly Make Bananas More Expensive

The best they can offer is “in the next few decades” Climate change will make bananas more expensive. Here’s why some experts say they should be already. Industry experts say the price of bananas globally is very likely to rise due to the impact of climate change — but some believe paying more for bananas […]

Sanctuary City DC Scaling Back Assistance To Illegals

D.C. is a city that votes beyond overwhelmingly Democrat. They talk a big game on being inviting to illegals, but, when the rubber hits the road, they aren’t all that happy While bused migrants overwhelm other cities, D.C. scales back services D.C. has begun to scale back its migrant assistance program and plans to close […]

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