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NYC Warmists Could Force Pizzerias Out Of Business

Following a cult is all fun and games till it kills off your favorite food, and an NYC classic New York City taking a slice out of iconic pizza shops with new green rule More than 100 iconic New York City pizzerias could be forced out of business thanks to a quietly approved plan requiring […]

Warmists Travel To Symposium On Opportunities To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

They mean ways to force you to fight global boiling, not themselves, as they all certainly took fossil fueled trips ‘Roads to Removal’ Symposium Looks at Opportunities to Fight Climate Change Discussions around climate change often center around the bad news – the planet is warming, weather is getting more extreme, resources are increasingly scarce. […]

Climate Cult Cities Are Totally Not Banning Meat, Just Highly Recommending You Stop Eating It

Certainly, we haven’t seen cities ban meat on certain days at schools and shelters and stuff, right? As being pushed by climate cult elites who fail to stop their own eating of meat. This is all for you, the peasants (paywalled NY Times version here) These Cities Aren’t Banning Meat. They Just Want You to […]

Heresy: Italian Chef Puts Pineapple On Pizza

Burn the witch! Italy divided over new pineapple pizza Anyone who’s set foot in Italy knows there are unwritten rules that one must abide by – and the most important of all revolve around food. Cappuccino after 11 a.m.? Only for tourists. Spaghetti bolognese? A horrifying thought. Pineapple on your pizza? Heresy – at least, […]

Doom Today: Global Boiling Will End A Bunch Of Foods

This will happens sometime in the sometime, and it is All Your Fault The Foods the World Will Lose to Climate Change There’s no denying it: Farming had a rough year. Extreme weather spun up storms and floods, unseasonal freezes and baking heat waves, and prolonged parching droughts. In parts of the world in 2023, tomato plants didn’t […]

Climate Cult Starts To Crack Doing Something About Food Emissions

These are the same people who took long fossil fueled trips to Dubai to eat all sorts of really nice food, including up-scale burgers, seafood, lamb, and so forth (you can read the whole thing here) The Climate Summit Starts to Crack a Tough Nut: Emissions From Food It’s hard enough for world leaders to […]

Bummer: Climate Doom Will Make Thanksgiving Dinner More Difficult

It’s coming. In the future. They think. But, we can solve this with a tax Climate change could soon make these staple Thanksgiving dishes more scarce Thanksgiving could soon become another victim of climate change as rising temperatures threaten the abundance and quality of the ingredients used to make traditional dishes seen year after year. […]

New Zealand Looks To Lab Grown Fruit Due To Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, this is a new one In the face of climate change and food insecurity, New Zealand considers lab-grown fruit In the face of growing food security concerns due to climate change, scientists in New Zealand are attempting to grow fruit tissue in labs. While work on lab-grown meat has made headlines in recent years, […]

European Farmers Rebel Over EU Rules

Remember, this is all about science, not controlling people Labeled Climate Culprits, European Farmers Rebel Over New Standards To meet climate goals, some European countries are asking farmers to reduce livestock, relocate or shut down — and an angry backlash has begun reshaping the political landscape before national elections in the fall. So, where’s the […]

Bidenflation Driving Away Some Papa John’s Customers

I’d assume this is happening to most of the pizza places, regardless of whether they delivery or not Papa Johns’ prices are driving some customers away Consumers are pulling back on discretionary spending, and Papa Johns is taking a hit. Sales at North American locations open at least a year fell 1% in the quarter ending […]

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