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You Might Have No Choice In Choosing Climate (scam) Friendly Foods

These people just can’t mind their own f’ing business 5 Climate Friendly Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods You might have to think twice about your next meal. Yeah, they’ll make you think twice The global food system is broken. For way too many people, good food is too expensive and affordable food isn’t always nutritious. To make matters […]

Bacon Could Become Scarce In California As Pig Rule Takes Effect

Hey, the majority of Californians can’t complain. They voted for this. They’ve voted Democrats in control of the legislature since 1970. The  Assembly is 60D-19R, Senate is 30D-9R. That’s a supermajority. Republicans have controlled the assembly for about one year. Even if it’s squishy Dems supposedly voting in squishy Dems, the squishies vote with the […]

Growing Avocados In Italy Means Climate Crisis Doom Or Something

Did you know that tomatoes, delicious, delicious tomatoes (I do love tomatoes) originated in the Andes? Coffee in Ethiopia? Lettuce in the Mediterranean area? Grapes from the Middle East? Chocolate in Mexico? Potatoes in Peru? What growing avocados in Sicily tells us about climate change and the future of food At the fertile foothills of […]

Climate Cult: We Need To Stop Feeding People To Solve ‘Climate Change’

I’m sure they would be very happy with cutting off the food supply to those pesky “minorities” in 3rd World Nations. The Cult of Climastrology has always been primarily made up of uber white Leftists in 1st World nations. It’s easy for them to be Concerned about the climate crisis scam, as they’re lives are […]

Epicurious Will No Longer Publish Recipes With Beef To Stop The Climate Emergency Or Something

Epicurious is one of the biggest online magazines about food. It is highly respected, including by restaurants. They’ve been featured on Hell’s Kitchen many times. So, of course they have to climasignal Epicurious stops publication of beef recipes Epicurious announced Monday it has stopped publishing recipes featuring beef. The food publication cited a rise in beef […]

Crimes Against Cooking: Barveque Plans To Expand Production Footprint

Isn’t this against the law in most Southern states, including North Carolina? New ‘Carolina Smokehouse’ putting a different spin on barbecue – it’s plant based Plant-based barbecue producer Barveque will expand its footprint and employee base in Cornelius, in the Lake Norman region near Charlotte, with what it’s calling “the world’s largest plant-based smokehouse.” How’s that for […]

NY Times Wonders If The Burger Is Nearing Extinction

See, I blame you quite often for your choice to cause the Earth to eat a tasty burger instead of having lettuce (raised organically without GMO’s, of course), beans, and water, or a plant based burger, which is pretty much the same thing, right? Along comes Frank Bruni, who wastes his opinion column with this […]

Who’s Up For WWII Style Meat Rationing To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)?

Tell you what, if climate cultists can do this for 5 years in their own lives, I might consider that they believe the Earth is doomed rather than doing this for their authoritarian political beliefs (and not realizing the Bad Stuff will hit their own lives) Boris Johnson faces calls to bring back WW2 meat […]

Climate Cult Wants Farmers To Go Back To 1499 Or Something

There are certainly some practices of modern farming that need to change, like the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, but, the Cult of Climastrology wants to move the whole operation back to “simpler methods” Farming needs to go back to old fashioned methods to help the environment, says PM’s father as he takes on new […]

Cult Of Climastrology Is Coming After Food Production Again

The talking points of the day have gone out. Interestingly, none of the people writing these screeds are talking about giving up their own input of meat and stuff. But, hey, if you’re hungry, you’re compliant, right? To limit global warming, the global food system must be reimagined Fossil fuel burning accounts for the majority […]

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