Film Studio Wants Populist Anger Over Climate Crisis (scam)

Why are these people so angry? I guess when you listen to a doomsday cult you’re choices are anger or depression

Film studio from Oscar-winning director aims to stir up ‘populist anger’ over climate crisis

The ad opens on a bucolic mountainscape, a lush, ascending piano run playing in the background. Gauzy clips from nostalgic midcentury auto ads fill the screen. “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” 1950s diva Dinah Shore sings.

But this isn’t your average car advertisement. Soon, the title track from Singin’ in the Rain begins to play, and scenes of cars burning amid wildfires and filling with water in floods start rolling. The once rollicking music becomes somber.

This commercial is the latest production from Oscar-winning director Adam McKay’s climate-focused production company Yellow Dot Studios. Launched last year, the non-profit studio produces short-form videos aiming to push back on climate disinformation.

The parody, which highlights the role fossil fuel-powered cars play in global warming, employs a darkly humorous tone, verging on preachy but with a slight wink.

Yeah, no, it isn’t on the verge, it is preachy. Why don’t they do this to all their fellow climate cultists, who mostly haven’t given up their own use of fossil fuels? How about starting with the Grand High Poobahs, like Biden, Obama, Gore, Sheldon Whitehouse, Hollywood celebs, etc.?

Another January video parodies the television show Game of Thrones, featuring actors from the program and Rainn Wilson from The Office. Wilson plays a climate scientist brought in from the future to warn the court of Westeros – a kingdom in the show – about the dangers of “big oil”.

“I always thought that the denialism that hung over Westeros about the fact that ‘winter is coming’ was equivalent to the denialism of the US regarding climate change,” Wilson told the Guardian, referencing the program. “Extreme weather events equal the white walkers. And what better moment to showcase this stupefying absurdity than when Cersei is shown the actual zombie (science) and still would rather fight her same old battles. I just hope that we can save King’s Landing before it burns to the ground.”

Good grief. But, I do remember when the climate wackos were linking GoT to climate doom.

“A very gradual change as happened over the last, let’s call it 40 years roughly, with the rise of neoliberalism with money and big capital fusing itself to movements, culture, politics, news media,” he said. “It creates this kind of professional language that’s devoid of a lot of populist energy … of anger, sadness, laugh-out-loud comedy, absurdism.”

You know, if it was actually mostly/solely caused by Humanity people would be interested in Doing Something. If they didn’t act like a cult which wants to take people’s money and limit their freedom and life choices, people might listen. Instead, you have almost 40 years of Spreading Awareness, and cult members acting like unhinged lunatics.

Roberts-Steele said Yellow Dot will make videos encouraging people to “vote in their best interests, [including on] climate change”. But McKay has no plans to start praising Biden in Yellow Dot videos. Powerful Democrats, said McKay, “do not respond to ‘let’s make nice’”.

“They only respond to pressure,” he said.

And that pressure is meant to force Everyone Else to comply. Say what you will about Scientology, at least they aren’t trying to force everyone to be a Scientologist.

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