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Climate Lunatics Again Yank Out The Glue To Protest

The Extinction Rebellion wankers are still at it in the streets of London Rebels have climbed onto a dlr train at #canarywharf holding signs saying ‘business as usual = death’ and ‘don’t jail the canaries’#TellTheTruth #Actnow — Extinction Rebellion 🐝⌛️🦋 (@ExtinctionR) April 25, 2019 Screwing up people’s day for fake science BREAKING: Time for […]

Grandparents With Nothing Better To Do Embrace ‘Climate Change’ Activism Or Something

Is this a thing now? #FakeNews source USA Today tries to convince us that "senior climate commandos" are an actual thing. — Tom Nelson (@tan123) April 24, 2019 From the silly article For Charlene Lange, the breaking point came on her bucket-list trip to see the Northern Lights in Canada’s far north. Her tour came […]

CNN: We’re Losing The War On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

This comes from the mind of John D. Sutter, who seems to take lots of long fossil fueled trips We’re losing the war on climate change For years now, people like environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben have been screaming from the treetops that we need a World War II-scale mobilization to fight the scourge of climate change. […]

New York City Mayor Wants To Ban Buildings With Glass And Steel

I’ve mentioned before that NYC was looking to pass their own version of the Green New Deal (which AOC won’t demand be voted on in the House, and she, co-sponsor Senator Ed Markey, and most Democrats had hissy fits over voting for it in the Senate), and passed it. Now De Blasio says New York […]

We Could Cut Meat Emissions By 14% If We All Ate Offal Or Something

I’ll believe this can make a difference when all Warmists are doing it How many pounds of offal do I need to eat before I prevent my first imaginary CO2-induced hurricane? — Tom Nelson (@tan123) April 22, 2019 From the link Choosing more meat by-products, such as liver, sweetbreads and tripe, could help to […]

Say, What Does Life Look Like After “Solving” Hotcoldwetdry?

There’s been a concerted effort as of late by the Cult of Climastrology to attempt to paint the world after implementing tons and tons of Warmist policies as being a utopia. Here’s another Life after solving climate change: Not mud huts and gruel but clean air and warm homes What will life be like after […]

Easter Is The Perfect Time To Reflect On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

That’s not really the point of Easter…. The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ’s victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. If He had […]

AOC Releases New Video On Green New Deal While Still Refusing To Demand A Vote

What’s the point of releasing a resolution if you’re not going to demand a vote on it? Heck, AOC had a meltdown when the Senate voted on the Green New Deal as submitted by co-author Ed Markey AOC Previews Green New Deal: Oil Workers Replace Pipelines with Mangroves, Indigenous People Heal the Land Rep. Alexandria […]

Climate Nutters Glue Themselves To Trains, Ruin The Day For Average People

These people are committed, and should be committed. Nothing says “we care” like ruining the day of people just trying to go on with their lives Activists glue themselves to train at Canary Wharf Two climate change activists from British organization Extinction Rebellion have climbed on top of a commuter train at London’s Canary Wharf. The pair […]

Democrat Contenders: No Drilling, No Nuclear, Urgency On Hotcoldwetdry

Every Democratic Party presidential contender will use massive amounts of fossil fuels to not only travel around the country, but for their campaigns to operate. They’re all pretty much rich people, who also live off the labors of U.S. citizens, so, they aren’t worried about their policies hurting their own lives Warren unveils 2020 plan […]

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