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California, Quebec, And Ontario Are Totally “Insurgent Forces” In Fight Against ‘Climate Change” Or Something

Insurgents, you guys! You know, at things like artificially raising the cost of living for their citizens while also taking more taxes/fees and restricting freedom, all for a nebulous idea that is not proven by Science Ontario, Quebec, and California ink climate-change deal The most powerful sub-national leader in the world says he, Ontario Premier […]

Climanutters Link California Earthquake With ‘Climate Change’

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake occurred near Westwood, California at 11:20pm California time Monday night. This is nothing unusual, being that the state is on what is scientifically called a “plate boundary.” Twitchy noted some people tweeted about it, but, they missed this, which was entirely predictable We r having #earthquake & hurricanes in rapid succession-& […]

John Kerry: (totally normal) Hurricanes Don’t Have R Or D After Them

Good news: John Kerry (he served in Vietnam) is chiming in with his typical wonkiness There are no (D)s or (R)s after storm names Despite the broken politics of Washington and the denial of science that makes up the daily reality show of the White House, two lessons I learned a long time ago — […]

The Florida Keys Are The Canary In A Coal Mine Or Something

One can always depend on the UK Guardian to provide the crazy Leftist point of view. Here we have them providing a platform to climate scientist poet and writer Joanna Guthrie The Florida Keys are the canaries in the climate-change coalmine The Florida Keys are still closed until further notice. On the far side of the […]

Bummer: You’re Chocolate Addiction Could Be Fueling Hotcoldwetdry

Before, the talking point was that your usage of fossil fueled vehicles, hairdryers, and plastic bags was going to wipe chocolate out. Now…. Is your chocolate bar fuelling climate change? Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fuelling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests. Well-known brands, […]

Bummer: Monster Storms (Which Have Always Happened) Aren’t Changing Minds On ‘Climate Change’

I’m starting to see a pattern out of the Cult of Climastrology, where they are creating a Narrative about hurricanes not changing people’s minds on anthropogenic climate change. Here we have Bloomberg’s Jennifer Dloughy giving it a shot Monster Storms Change Coastlines, Not Minds on Climate Change Back-to-back hurricanes fueled by warm Atlantic waters may have altered […]

Stevie Wonder, Other Celebs Yammer On About ‘Climate Change’ During Hurricane Relief Benefit

The good news, the benefit raised $44 million for this Leftist dominated celeb-palooza. The bad news is could surely have raised more, if Wonder hadn’t caused people to turn the channel off (Daily Mail) Stevie Wonder blasted climate change deniers during the ‘Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief’ on Tuesday, calling people […]

I’m Convinced: Miss America Says Trump Wrong To Pull Out Of Paris Climate (Scam) Agreement

Well, this has changed my position completely! New Miss America says Trump wrong to withdraw from climate accord #Science — Tom Nelson (@tan123) September 11, 2017 From the link Miss North Dakota, a 23-year-old who said President Donald Trump was wrong to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, was named […]

Hot Take: Irma And Harvey Lay Cost Of Hotcoldwetdry Denial At Trump’s Door

My first question would be: “well, Obama had eight years to do something. Why is this not his fault?” Irma and Harvey lay the costs of climate change denial at Trump’s door The president’s dismissal of scientific research is doing nothing to protect the livelihoods of ordinary Americans As the US comes to terms with […]

The Hurricanes Are Sending Trump A Message On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

It’s all about the man-made toxic gases, you guys. Probably from you, as we head over to the Miami Herald, where opinion Warmist Andre Oppenheimer apparently has nothing better to worry about President Trump, hurricanes Harvey and Irma are sending you a message As a Miami Beach resident who is writing this surrounded by sand […]

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