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Pope Francis Denounces Skeptics Or Something

It’d be nice if Pope Francis was as concerned with radical Islam, the growth of abortion on demand, and other things rather than a scam Pope Francis denounces climate change deniers Pope Francis denounced those who deny global warming and urged negotiators at climate talks in Germany to avoid falling prey to such “perverse attitudes” […]

It’s Un-American To Pull Out Of Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

Writing for the UK Guardian, which gave up all notions of journalism in their march for Progressive policies, non-climate scientist John Abraham (he’s a mechanical engineer) is all about believing that not believing in anthropogenic climate change is un-American (via Watts Up With That?) An Inconvenient Sequel – the science, history, and politics of climate […]

We’re Saved: Pharrell’s ‘Climate Change’ Song To Be Release – In 100 Years

It’s always fantastic when a 1%er who’s living the 1% lifestyle, which includes traveling all around the world on fossil fueled vehicles and using vast amounts of energy for his “concerts” is climate change woke (climawoke?) Pharrell’s Song That Won’t Be Released for “100 Years” is a Statement About Climate Change Pharrell Williams just dropped […]

Climate Change Is Turbocharging Tree Growth In Cities Or Something

Trees growing is a good thing, isn’t it? Not in Warmist World CLIMATE CHANGE IS TURBOCHARGING GROWTH OF CITY TREES. AND THAT’S REALLY BAD NEWS Urban trees are growing faster than their counterparts in rural areas—a whopping 25 percent faster, according to a study published Monday. In an analysis of nearly 1,400 urban trees from […]

Global Warming Will Kill Hopes Of A White Christmas In Ireland Or Something

From the Department Of Give It A Rest comes more scaremongering which will surely mean historic levels of snow in Ireland over the next few years (via Watts Up With That?) Global warming melts hopes of a white Christmas in Ireland A leading climatologist has some bad news for snow-lovers The prospect of Ireland waking […]

Warmist Bloomberg: There’s Nothing Washington Can Do To Stop Us On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

It’s always great when people who take long fossil fueled flights (and you know darned well they took a private jet) yammer on about Doing Something when it comes to anthropogenic climate change US cities, states defy Trump, still back Paris climate deal A group of U.S. states, cities, businesses and universities said Saturday they […]

We’ve Met The Global Warming Enemy And It’s Us Or Something

It’s a perfect time for Don Paul to drop this unhinged Warmist screed at the Buffalo News. They’ve had off and on lake effect snow, which will continue. Today’s high was forecast to be 24F, when their average high is 50F. The low will be 21F, when the average is 36F. Obviously, we get Don […]

Democrats Turn DHS Confirmation Hearing Into Hotcoldwetdry Lecture

It’s amusing how people who use vast amounts of fossil fuels, often on the taxpayer dime, like to jam ‘climate change’ into everything, while at the same time ignoring actual threats (Washington Examiner) Two Democratic senators questioned President Trump’s nominee for Department of Homeland Security secretary about the cause of climate change during a Wednesday […]

Hospitals Are Killing Thousands From ‘Climate Change’ Each Year Or Something

Hey, here’s a good idea: let’s make hospitals use unreliable energy sources that can only operate when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing within a certain range, because that’s super good for the environment Hospitals are helping make us all sick Greenhouse gas emissions from health care will be responsible for the […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Like A Slowly Boiling Frog Or Something

If you consider “boiling” to be a minuscule 1.4F increase in global temperatures, much of which has been artificially manipulated, over 160+ years Climate change is the slowly boiling frog in the pot of the Earth Imagine you just bumped into a friend you hadn’t seen in ages. Had they gained a little weight or […]

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