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Cult Of Climastrology Now Recommends Adding ‘Climate Change’ To Death Certificates

This is your fault for having that steak the other night and taking a long shower. A little birdie told me you ordered a face mask which means lots of road miles instead of making one yourself ‘Climate change should be added to death certificates’ Heat-related deaths have been underreported on Australia’s national records, according […]

Bat Soup Virus Is An Alarm Bell For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Oh, you thought the Cult of Climastrology would eventually give up on their linking of the two? Silly you. They never give up on a meme COVID-19 is alarm bell for climate change, more outbreaks may follow: science historian COVID-19 could well be nature’s warning against climate change because microbes are the first to ring […]

University Of California Divests From Fossil Fuels

The divestment craze continues. Guess who will pay for the loss of all that revenue from their portfolio? UC becomes nation’s largest university to divest fully from fossil fuels The University of California announced Tuesday that it has fully divested from all fossil fuels, the nation’s largest educational institution to do so as campaigns to […]

Extinction Rebellion Nutters Will Go For “Digital Disruption”

Since they can’t be unhinged wankers in public, they’ll do it online, at least the Australian chapter Extinction Rebellion goes for digital disruption amid pandemic Extinction Rebellion, the environmental movement known for disruptive and theatrical protests, is going digital to accommodate the pandemic lockdown. The campaigners are launching a national “digital rebellion” on Monday to […]

Bummer: The Video Game Industry Is Impacting ‘Climate Change’

Considering how many young folks are believers in the climate change scam and play video games, I’m not sure blaming their favorite past-time is a good idea. Seriously, do you think they’re going to give them up, much like when the Cult of Climastrology was linking streaming movies and shows? The many ways video game […]

We Can Flatten The Climate Curve Using Social Learning Or Something

Oh, look, the Cult of Climastrology has now hijacked the verbiage of Bat Soup Virus. It’s not surprising, as they hijack everything Flattening the climate curve using social learning My first reaction to the comparison between the climate crisis and the pandemic: We cannot shelter in place for climate. Yet, symptoms are known. The physical […]

Warmist Jane Fonda Wants Bat Soup Virus Money To Go To ‘Climate Change’

See, she doesn’t want the money to go to big business or fossil fuels companies. And she’s taken lots and lots of long fossil fueled trips to prove her point. BTW, how much of her own money is she donating? When is she going to make her life carbon neutral? Jane Fonda demands coronavirus fund […]

Hotcold Take: Let’s Bring Back Neanderthals To Stop Climate Doom

You might burn yourself with this take from the UK Guardian Could bringing Neanderthals back to life save the environment? The idea is not quite science fiction In 2015, flooding exposed the frozen bodies of two cave lion cubs in the Yakutia region of Russia. Members of a species that vanished at the end of the […]

Become A Parent Makes You 25% Less Climate Friendly Or Something

Hey, look, a non-Bat Soup Virus hottake from the Cult of Climastrology. Of course, they try to say this is about the environment, but, it’s mostly about the climate crisis scam, because the CoC had to pull real environmental issues on the banner of the cult Becoming a Parent Makes You 25% Less Environmentally Friendly, […]

Young Climate Cultist Wants You To Remember LA’s Clean Air

So, all who live in the Los Angeles area should give up their modern lives Letters to the Editor: A high school student’s plea — always remember the clean air of April 2020 To the editor: I am a high school junior in Los Angeles. Every school I have attended since kindergarten has celebrated Earth Day. […]

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