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Surprise: Warmist Study Claims Skeptics More Likely To Have Raaaaacist Beliefs

Who’s shocked that the Cult of Climastrology has generated a study making these claims? Climate Deniers are More Likely to be Racist. Why? People who don’t believe that climate change is real are more likely to be old, more likely to be Republican, and are more likely to be white. They are also more likely to […]

Kids With No Adult Worries Totally Worried About ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

When you do not have to worry about real things, such as a job to put food on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head, you have time to be concerned with fake things Australian teens more worried about climate change than adults While climate change has always been a […]

Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak For America On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

It’s actually surprising that we haven’t seen more of these “Dear World” type missives in the year and a half that Trump has been president Dear World: On Climate, Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak for the United States of America The American people believe in climate change—and are committed to doing something about it. We are? […]

DNC Bans Donations From Fossil Fuels Companies Or Something

Well, OK, then (via Hot Air) (HuffPost) The resolution ― proposed by Christine Pelosi, a party activist and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter ― bars the organization from accepting contributions from corporate political action committees tied to the oil, gas and coal industries. The executive committee voted unanimously to approve the motion. “We talk about […]

Hawaii Enacts Law To Become Carbon Neutral By 2045 Or Something

Good luck with that, Sparkys! (Daily Caller) Hawaii pushed through some of the most environmentally ambitious bills in the country, becoming the first state to set a carbon neutral goal of 100 percent. Hawaii Democratic Gov. David Ige signed three bills into law this week that aim to make the island state carbon neutral by […]

Hot Take: ‘Climate Change’ Might Explain Why There Are No Aliens Out There

If you remember back, a couple of astrologers, er, scientists, modeled what they think happens with alien civilizations and how it leads to ‘climate change.’ Climate cultist Adam Frank: "my colleagues and I have just published a first study mapping out possible histories of alien planets, the civilizations they grow, and the climate change that […]

Global Warming Is Changing Horror Movies Or Something

Is this why so many are pretty bad? (there is video at the link) How global warming is changing horror We’re seeing the growth of a new genre A new genre of horror has begun to emerge over the last decade: eco-horror, stories in which the planet itself is the monster. Prior to the early […]

Who’s Up For A Climate Positive Burger?

Lunch with a side of cultism The World’s First Climate-Positive Burgers: Max Burgers Now Help Fight Climate Change This morning, from the main stage at SB’18 Vancouver, Max Burgers’ Chief Sustainability Officer, Kaj Török, announced that the Swedish burger chain is set to offer the world’s first climate-positive burgers. Török said that customers will soon be able to […]

‘Carbon bubble’ Could Spark Financial Doom Or Something

It’s always something with these people ‘Carbon bubble’ could spark global financial crisis, study warns Plunging prices for renewable energy and rapidly increasing investment in low-carbon technologies could leave fossil fuel companies with trillions in stranded assets and spark a global financial crisis, a new study has found. A sudden drop in demand for fossil […]

Good News: ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t All Bad News

The flat earther’s in the Cult of Climastrology who think that any minor change in the Earth’s temperature, something that never happened during the previous 4.5 billion years, is doomy have found something to be positive about Climate change isn’t necessarily all doom and gloom for Newfoundland and Labrador ‘Doom-and-gloom’ view on climate change is […]

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