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John Kerry Says We All Must Act On Climate Change To Avoid The Ravages Or Something

He never really does get into what we all must do, but, I’m sure it has something to do with more taxes, fees, and giving up our liberty while the elites like John refuse to do anything in their own lives. Oh, and this has plenty of Trump Derangement Syndrome to go with the obligatory […]

Inevitable: CNN Links Migrant Caravan To ‘Climate Change’

You can bet that someone at CNN said “say, has anyone linked the migrant caravan to Other People’s carbon pollution yet, and, if not, why not?” Forgetting that CNN is in Atlanta, which gets the majority of its power from nuclear, coal, and natural gas. And that CNN uses vast amounts of energy for its […]

Citizens Must (Be Forced) To Engage On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I wonder, have members of the Cult of Climastrology, such as writer Eric Giddens, ever considered that we do not want to actually engage? Citizens must engage on climate It’s hard to miss the news about extreme weather these days — hurricanes, fires, and closest to home, flooding. The climate is changing, and as a […]

Fears Of ‘Climate Change’ Have Warmists Seeking Support Groups

Nothing says “treat my seriously, as a rational adult (and don’t forget the carbon tax)” like having to seek support groups because a tiny increase in the global temperature, something that has happened numerous times, is making you crazy Fears around climate change are causing some people to seek out support groups After the birth […]

Gender Equality Is The Solution To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Wait, did they just assume gender? Gender equity is the most overlooked solution for climate change The list of solutions to climate change usually focuses on technology: solar power, electric cars, devices that suck carbon out of the atmosphere. But one impactful solution is often overlooked. At TEDWomen, TED’s conference focused on women and girls, environmentalist Katharine […]

Young Canadians Launch ‘Climate Change’ Suit To Force Government To Do Something

Do they have any idea that the money will be coming out of their own pockets? Quebec environmentalists launch climate change lawsuit against Ottawa A group of young Quebecers is going to court claiming their fundamental rights have been violated as a result of federal government inaction on climate change. The group Environnement Jeunesse announced […]

British ‘Climate Change’ Protesters Are “Rebelling On Behalf Of Life Itself” Or Something

You’ve heard about the protests in France, where citizens are unhappy that the Macron government is implementing the very taxes on fossil fuels that Warmists thought would hit Other People, not themselves. But, there are also protests in London, which I mentioned previously in regards to gluing their hands to doors Britain’s climate protests: ‘We […]

A Barely Noticeable Increase In Temps Will Force Workers To Get Up Earlier Or Something

Can you really notice the difference between 67 and 68.5 degrees Fahrenheit? Perhaps inside you might have an inkling in a controlled environment, but, now try it outside. No? Of course, most of these nutters pushing this garbage have no idea what getting up and doing a hard day’s work actually is. Hence why they […]

Island Nation Of Vanuatu, Which Depends On Fossil Fuels, Considers Suing Fossil Fuels Companies For ‘Climate Change’

Over 40% of Vanuatu’s GDP comes from tourism. Since they are a group of islands, the vast majority will arrive on either a fossil fueled ship or a fossil fueled airplane. There are 30 airports scattered throughout the islands (not all are for international flights, mind you). They get the vast majority of their electricity, […]

It Is Time For A Reckoning On ‘Climate Change’ This Thanksgiving Or Something

When it comes to the typical climate change and Thanksgiving articles, most run the gamut of we’re doomed, we should talk to our drunk, racist, horrible uncle about it, here’s how to ruin Thanksgiving by yammering about ‘climate change’, and ones about how all our food will be destroyed sometime in the future. Then you […]

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