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Say, What Are Young Climate Cultists Doing Instead Of Protests?

Remember, this is all about Science! COVID-19 canceled mass protests. Here’s what youth climate activists are doing instead. For young climate activists in the United States, staying home because of the pandemic does not mean staying silent, with plans gathering pace across the country to make their voices heard in November’s elections. It has been […]

Some Kids Don’t Like To Go Outside As That Triggers Anxiety Over ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Don’t blame the kids: blame the adults. Any of the parents, teachers, news figures, Warmists, etc, who push the gloom and doom frim the climate change scam Some children find spending time in nature ‘distressing’ because it can trigger feelings of anxiety and despair linked to climate change While most children benefit from having time […]

UN Wants Youths To Advise Them On Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Hey, remember when we were only supposed to listen to people with degrees in climate science? UN calls on youth activists to advise on climate crisis and Covid-19 recovery Youth climate activists are to advise the UN secretary general on the climate emergency as part of a new effort to bring young people into decision-making […]

HotCold Take: The US Withdrawing From The Paris Climate Agreement Is Raaaaacist

Does this kind of thing play to anyone beyond the hardcore Cult of Climastrology membership? Is there anyone who’s not one and goes “hey, you’re right”? The US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is a racist act The Paris agreement threw a lifeline to millions of people of color facing a premature death. Trump […]

Union County, NJ, Joins Call To Sue Fossil Fuels Companies

I’d like to see Union County survive without fossil fuels Union County Joins Call for N.J. to Sue Polluters for Climate Change Damages Union County leaders this week joined a growing number of elected officials, groups, and individuals across New Jersey calling on Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to pursue legal action […]

We’re Saved: Erie Youths Hold Climate Shoe Strike

These would be shoes made with fossil fuels, shipped with fossil fueled vehicles, many coming from Vietnam and China Erie group’s ‘shoe strike’ highlights climate change The Inner-City Neighborhood Art House’s event drew attention to the global climate crisis without a public protest. A display of shoes took the place of a march or protest […]

Say, What Does Joe’s Biden’s Climate Crisis (scam) Plan Signal?

It might be something about how the Elites will force Other People to do something, so says Excitable Warmist Bill McKibben What Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Really Signals When Joe Biden issued his extensive climate plan last week, there were endless analyses, including mostly positive reviews like those from the energy expert Julian Brave NoiseCat, who called it “a […]

Apple Releases Plan To Have Zero Carbon Impact By 2030

And Vogue wants you to meet the woman behind this! Apple Is Striving for Zero Climate Impact by 2030—Meet the Woman Behind the Mission Try to think of a brand with greater influence over your life than Apple. Most of us can’t get through the day without our iPhones or the multitude of apps they […]

St. Greta Wins Big Prize, Complains About EU COVID Recovery Plan

St. Greta is putting all her worldly experience and numerous degrees to good use Greta Thunberg wins prize worth €1m – but pledges to give it away to climate change charities Climate activist Greta Thunberg was on Monday awarded a Portuguese rights award and promptly pledged the €1 million prize to groups working to protect […]

Burger King Goes Climate Cult On Cow Emissions

Just, just, just shut up and serve burgers. That’s your job. Serve fast food. Burger King addresses climate change by changing cows’ diets, reducing cow farts Burger King is staging an intervention with its cows. The chain has rebalanced the diet of some of the cows by adding lemon grass in a bid to limit […]

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