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Pentagon Has New Plan To Go “Green” Or Something

It was one thing for the military to plan for the effects of a warming world, regardless of causation belief. That’s what they do: plan. Now, though, they are being sucked further into the Cult of Climastrology, and this will damage their core mission, which is to protect the U.S. from foreign enemies With New […]

Good News: CIA To Focus On Climate Emergency (scam)

Good thing there are no real threats out there anymore The CIA's other focus will be global warming. Just embarrassing. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) October 7, 2021 From the link The C.I.A. will embark on a reorganization intended to focus more on China, the agency’s director announced on Thursday. At the heart of the […]

Who’s Up For Greener Hospitals Or Something?

Perhaps they should be focusing on taking care of patients, rather than ‘climate change’, since the NHS tends to turn away a lot of patients along with long waiting times. The doomsday cult simply wants to take over healthcare Climate change: NHS staff fighting to make hospitals greener The Welsh NHS needs to “lead by […]

Your Fault: Earth Is Dimming From Hotcoldwetdry

There couldn’t possibly be any other reason for this, right? Earth is ‘dimming’ because of climate change, research suggests. Experts say it’s ‘concerning’ Earth is appearing to dim, and climate change is a big reason why, according to research. The conclusion came from a group of researchers that studied two decades’ worth of data on […]

Who’s Up For A More Radical Climate (scam) Movement Or Something

Anyone who thinks Leftist movements can’t get even more radical hasn’t been watching. We thought they couldn’t get more crazy and more extreme during the first term of Bush43. The second term was even crazier. And they ramped that up even more during the Obama admin. And even more during the Trump admin. There is […]

Your Fault: Coffee Prices To Skyrocket From Climate Created Frost

See, because you ate a burger the world is getting super warm which also causes Bad Weather cold Coffee bean price spike just a taste of what’s to come with climate change Scientists have long warned climate change is coming for our morning coffee and a recent spike in global bean prices could be the […]

Illinois To Ban Fossil Fuels By 2045 Or Something

It would be funny as hell if the fossil fuels companies said “oh, you want to ban our products? OK, guess you don’t need them now. We won’t be importing any of those products to your state starting now.” Perhaps the fossil fuels companies could start with just a few cities, such as the state […]

Insulate Britain Climate Cultists Glue Themselves To Petrol Trucks

Before it was Extinction Rebellion, now it’s Insulate Britain Grant Shapps takes out a SECOND injunction against Insulate Britain mob as 39 are arrested after GLUING themselves to tankers carrying petrol at Dover port Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has taken out a second injunction against the Insulate Britain mob after 39 were arrested for gluing […]

It’s Friday, And That Once Again Means “Youths” Marching For Climate Crisis (scam) Action

It really is fantastic. Mom or dad will drive them to the protest areas in fossil fueled vehicles. They’ll have their consumerism, expensive, weird coffee drinks in plastic cups. They’ll be taking lots of selfies and videos with their smarphones, which use lots of energy and require heavy mining of the precious metals. Which will […]

Climate Crisis Scam Today: Boris Johnson, China Joe Make Pronouncements

Let start out with a bit of Mask Theater when you're seated apart the virus is incredibly dangerous, even when you're both vaccinated, so you MUST WEAR A MASK but when you're standing close together, you're completely safe! that's just SCIENCE, folks — steve hilton (@SteveHiltonx) September 22, 2021 See, it’s all about the […]

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