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Earth Spinning Faster Causes Climate Insanity, Er, Anxiety Or Something

CNN is very vexed with your Americans Many Americans still don’t think climate change is coming for them (a bunch of stupid stuff blaming Bad Weather on your carbon footprint) A majority of Americans acknowledge that climate change is real and that humans contribute to it. But a lot of people in eastern Kentucky might […]

Good News: Almost No EVs Will Qualify For The Tax Credits

This is what happens when you neither read nor understand the legislation you’re voting for, when you’re just desperate to Do Something and do not really consider that it actually has to make sense, not just be a Talking Point The climate bill could short-circuit EV tax credits, making qualifying for them nearly impossible The […]

Your Fault: Kids Have Lower Fitness Due To Climate Crisis (scam)

There couldn’t be a lot of other reasons for lower fitness in kids, right? Not according to the Cult of Climastrology Climate change causing poorer fitness in children: study Warming global temperatures — fueled by climate change — are making children less physically fit and more obese than ever before, a new study has found. […]

Brandon Unveils Climate (scam) Action

This was after taking a fossil fueled helicopter flight to the airport, jumping on a jumbo jet, which was followed by a backup jumbo jet and several fighter jets, then an 18+ fossil fueled convoy, then doing it in reverse back to D.C. Joe Biden has Covid – A presidential vaccine love story in 4 […]

Who’s Up For Ford Laying Off 8K To Finance Their EV Initiative

I’m sure the workers are thrilled to sacrifice for the great good of getting everyone into an EV, right? Ford Plans to Lay Off 8,000 Workers to Help Finance Electric-Vehicle Initiative Ford Motor Company plans to lay off as many as 8,ooo employees in the coming weeks to help finance its electric-vehicle initiative. The cuts […]

ZOMG: Biden’s Plan To Stop Climate Doom Is Running Out Of Time

In my best Andy Rooney, “have you ever noticed that they always say we’re running out of time? It makes you wonder what’s really going on” The U.S. plan to avoid extreme climate change is running out of time In 101 months, the United States will have achieved President Biden’s most important climate promise — or it will […]

What Say To Bubbles Around The Earth To Solve ‘Climate Change’

What could possibly go wrong? MIT scientists think they’ve discovered how to fully reverse climate change Scientists at MIT think they may have finally found a way to reverse climate change. Or, at the least, help ease it some. The idea revolves heavily around the creation and deployment of several thin film-like silicon bubbles. The […]

Brandon Admin Proposes Rule To Force Cities And States To Set Climate (scam) Transportation Rules

That’s so special. When do we get the rule for reducing Joe’s footprint, as he’ll be taking yet another fossil fueled helicopter ride to Delaware, followed by a large convoy of vehicles. How about Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete, who took a fossil fueled flight to Los Angeles (again)? Biden administration proposes rule requiring states, cities […]

Bummer: US Less Concerned About Climate Crisis (scam) Than Most Of The World

The U.S. pretty much has one the biggest media markets in the world, constantly yammering on about ‘climate change’. It’s in the news, in the opinion section, in TV shows and movies, in specials, in museums, art exhibits, aquariums, posters, you name it. They’ve been spreading awareness for 35+ years. And this is the result […]

Dementia Joe Promises Climate (scam) Action Or Something

It’s just another in a long line of deluded hot takes Biden pledges climate action despite ‘devastating’ Supreme Court ruling President Biden on Thursday pledged to carry on with climate action despite a Supreme Court ruling that restricted how his administration can respond to worsening global warming. The president called the ruling curbing the Environmental […]

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