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Say, Can You Guess What The Science Is Behind Seattle’s Historic Snow?

You know what’s coming, right? The Science Behind Seattle’s Historic Snow Seattle is no stranger to wet winters, but usually it falls as drizzle, mist, and other forms of liquid precipitation. This week, though, more than a foot of snow has turned the Emerald City white. So what gives? The recent spate of storms are following […]

Mitch McConnell Considers Putting Green New Deal Up For Vote, Sen. Ed Markey Melts Down

Yeah, so this happened McConnell to bring Green New Deal to vote, forcing 2020 Dems to go on record on radical plan Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that the Senate will vote on the Green New Deal – endorsed by nearly all top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates – in an effort to force Democrats to […]

Democrats Held ‘Climate Change’ Hearings, It Forgot To Include Science

Would it surprise you what they were yammering about? House Democrats Held The First Climate Change Hearings In Six Years. It Was A Mess Top House Democrats finally got their wish to hold the first hearings on global warming in six years Wednesday, but both committee hearings meandered into discussions of civil rights, race and […]

Washington Post Asking For Rational Leadership On Hotcoldwetdry A Bad Idea After Release Of Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is so bonkers that it’s almost not even worth talking about anymore 1) By the end of the Green New Deal resolution (and accompanying fact sheet) I was laughing so hard I nearly cried. If a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democratic bill showing how bonkers the party […]

Ocasio-Cortez, Dems, Release Green New Deal Resolution

The unhinged Warmist base is already upset that it doesn’t call for the government forcing Everyone Else to stop using fossil fuels in the near future. They aren’t going to like a couple other things The resolution for the Green New Deal is here. 🎉 — Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahid) February 7, 2019 NPR reports […]

Warmists Are Upset That Trump Didn’t Bother With ‘Climate Change’ In SOTU

Well, Trump kinda did mention it President Trump takes a direct shot at socialism: "Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country." Sen. Bernie Sanders is seen frowning #SOTU — CBS News (@CBSNews) February 6, 2019 That’s because the vast majority of the plans to “address” man-caused climate […]

Waste From Hurricane Florence Is Still Filling Landfills, So Let’s Drag Hotcoldwetdry In To The Mix

Hurricanes happen. Tropical systems happen. They pretty much always have, at least during the time of Mankind and our memory. There’s no reason to assign motives of witchcraft, er, carbon pollution to it. But, then, this is a cult Waste from Hurricane Florence continues to overwhelm landfills More than four months after Hurricane Florence battered […]

Say, Does The Deep Freeze Mean ‘Climate Change’ Is Accelerating Or Something?

OK, I’ve tried to ignore these wonky wackadoodle cultish belief articles, not even bothering with them on Twitter. This one caught my attention, though, for the headline and a specific line Is deep freeze the latest sign climate change is accelerating? Hundreds of thousands of fish have choked during Australia’s hottest monthsince records began, swathes of […]

Surprise: NY Times Links Current Freezing Conditions To ‘Climate Change’

It’s not that bad here in Raleigh. The temp gauge shows 26, though a bit chillier with the wind chill, and will be colder tomorrow. This happens. It does get cold in the South. We call it “winter”. It’s annoying because I live right next to the Neuse River, hence more moisture in the air, […]

Super Incredible Cold Weather In Chicago Is Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Who didn’t see this coming? This article would not be complete without the obligatory climate bedwetting: "… scientists say winters like these could become more common in the future due to climate change." Because global warming means freezing more often! — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) January 28, 2019 The big focus on this polar vortex has […]

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