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Police Arrested 70 Hotcoldwetdry Protesters Outside Of Evil Carbon Polluting NY Times Building Or Something

Who can blame them? The NY Times building has a huge carbon footprint, and the company itself uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to gather, create, and disseminate their version of the news Police arrest 70 climate change protesters outside New York Times Police arrested 70 environmental protesters outside the New York Times headquarters who […]

Your Fault: Mental Stress Of Coastal Residents Rising Due To ‘Climate Change’

See, if only you hadn’t driven a fossil fueled vehicle and/or taken a fossil fueled flight to vacation in these coastal areas providing them with money and jobs they wouldn’t have mental stress, you guys Mental Stress on Rise as Coastal Towns Confront Climate Threats When community leaders in the town of Piermont, just north […]

Sydney City Council Seeks Hotcoldwetdry Resolution Or Something

Perhaps the good Warmists on the council should consider that all the ‘climate change’ legislation and supporters just lost big time (again) during the recent Australia elections ‘Emergency’: Sydney council seeks climate declaration City of Sydney councillors will vote next week on a plan to declare climate change as posing a “serious risk” to residents, […]

Passage On New York’s Green New Deal Is A Victory For Grassroots Or Something

I’m looking forward to them rethinking the idea of this being a victory in a few years ‘Huge victory’ for grassroots climate campaigners as NY lawmakers reach deal on sweeping climate legislation Grassroots climate campaigners in New York applauded on Monday after state lawmakers reached a deal on sweeping climate legislation, paving the way for […]

California Bishops Concerned With Climate Disruption, Want Ecological Sprituality

What they aren’t so concerned with is unfettered abortion on demand in California California Bishops Decry ‘Climate Disruption,’ Call for ‘Ecological Spirituality’ The Catholic bishops of California released a pastoral statement on the environment Tuesday, calling on citizens to confront “the risks of a warming climate.” “The disruption of the earth’s climate is one of […]

New York Poised To Pass Their Own Economy Killing Green New Deal

It’s landmark, people, landmark! It’ll never achieve the main goal of reducing “carbon pollution”, just like the Kyoto Protocol failed and most are failing to abide by their commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement, but, really, the reduction of CO2 isn’t really the true point: the growth of Government and control of citizens is New […]

Say, What Would A Zero-Carbon Country Look Like Or Something

CNN takes a stab at it, and, doesn’t do a really good job at saying that this would be super awesome. It’s doubtful that the network is trying to say it would not be a great place, what with all their Cult of Climastrology leanings (except in the Travel Section, where they advocate taking all […]

Climate Kids Should Hijack The Impeachment Movement Or Something

Because, remember, the ‘climate change’ movement isn’t political, it’s all about science! Green New Deal “Climate Kids” Should Hijack the Impeachment Conversation A wise old political adage says, “When you’re ‘splainin’, you ain’t gainin’.” We need a new, ad hoc version to wake up “climate kid”supporters of an existentially crucial Green New Deal, now sitting […]

U.S. Military Emits More Carbon Than Many Countries Or Something

Leftists have long hated the U.S. military, and have tried many times to significantly reduce the funding. Now they’ll be going after them over their carbon footprint The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than many countries, study says The U.S. government plays a big role in contributing to climate change, which has grown increasingly a […]

Warmists Demand DNC Hold Hotcoldwetdry Debate

Why? Because some people died during absolutely normal weather events, as has always happened, but they’ve been brainwashed into believing that this is some Man-caused doom from the release of a small amount of “carbon pollution” by Other People Leftists to DNC: Hold a D*mn Climate Debate for Those Who Have Died A group of […]

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