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Good Grief: We’re Apparently To Take Advice From Beyonce On Global Boiling And Housing

Hey, remember when we were not supposed to listen to people who aren’t climate scientists? Fannie Mae CEO: Beyoncé is right. Climate change has already hit the housing market—and homeowners aren’t prepared Two names you’d never expect to hear together: Beyoncé and Fannie Mae. But in her song “YA YA” on her new album, “Cowboy Carter,” […]

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Drives Predatory Loans

OK, this is a new one. And the subhead is a hoot Climate change driving demand for predatory loans, research shows Study connects heatwaves and cold snaps to surges in payday lending, keeping people in debt and harming communities of color Got that? Heat trapping gasses causing cold snaps. And, of course, it involves low […]

EU Court Hands Win To Group Of Older Swiss Women On Climate Crisis (scam)

Hooray, you won! After a lifetime of being able to travel around using fossil fuels, living the high life, you have now created a situation where the Swiss government will have to Do Something that will increase the cost of living, increase taxation, and reduce freedom and life choices. Kudos! Swiss women win landmark climate […]

Bummer: St. Greta Detained For Demonstration At The Hague

I had thought her 15 minutes was up and she finally go a real job Climate activist Greta Thunberg detained at demonstration in The Hague Climate activist Greta Thunberg was detained by police at a large climate demonstration in The Hague, the Netherlands, on Saturday. Thunberg was initially detained and held for a short time by local […]

Huh What: ‘Climate Change’ Hitting Vulnerable Indonesian Trans Sex Works

This can’t be real — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) April 4, 2024 Oh, but, it is, at least in the sense that someone considered writing this, wrote it, and editor approved it, and it was published (UK Independent) Joya Patiha, a 43-year-old Indonesian transgender woman, first started to notice that changing weather patterns in the […]

Ford “Delaying” Three Row EV SUV In Favor Of Hybrids

Ford’s making a lot of Corporate Speak, but, come on, we can all see that the EV push is not going well (via The First Street Journal) Ford to delay all-electric SUV to focus on offering hybrid vehicles across its lineup by 2030 Ford Motor is delaying production of a new all-electric three row SUV, […]

Climate Cult Judge Blocks Sale Of Timber Until Climate Doom Study Performed

You know what’s needed to build homes? Timber. You know what’s in shortage? Timber. You know what happens when homes are in shortage? Rising housing prices. The climate cult doesn’t care WA timber sale blocked as judge orders climate change study Washington state can’t auction an East King County forest for logging without first analyzing […]

Philly Inquirer Shocked That Temperatures Are Different In Florida Than Pa., Blame ‘Climate Change’

There are doomsday cult hot takes, and then there are Hot Takes. Seriously, someone wrote this, and decided to make it about climate doom Phillies and Braves are experiencing climate change firsthand, and it may affect their play Such a radical change in air masses, said one expert, is more than just a matter of […]

Hawaii, Which Couldn’t Survive Without Fossil Fuels, Holds Climate Doom Conference

For a change this one doesn’t include hundreds if not thousands flying in Hawaii Climate Week’s 2-day conference takes on challenges and solutions of climate change Hawaii Climate Week is underway on the islands. It’s a time for Hawaii residents to look at the challenges of global warming and solutions. The week’s activities include a […]

Surprise: EV Owners Shocked By Rising Charging Rates As Electric Rates Rise

What happens when a state is having trouble generating electricity because of all their “green” energy projects while doing away with reliable, affordable, dependable energy sources? ‘It’s crazy’: How soaring PG&E rates are impacting California’s electric car owners California wants residents to buy electric vehicles to fight climate change, to the point of ending the […]

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