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Big Earthquake In Alaska: Can You Guess What Get’s Blamed?

So (ABC) A 7.9 magnitude earthquake off the southern coast of Alaska early Tuesday triggered fears of a tsunami along the state’s coast and reaching all the way south to the U.S. mainland’s West Coast. The earthquake happened just after 1 a.m. local time about 175 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska. Residents of Kodiak were […]

Global Warming Is Totally Part Of Southern Freezing Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology just keeps trying Deep freeze in the deep South | Why global warming is part of the conversation This year started off cold. Very cold. And for the past couple of days, metro Atlanta and North Georgia have been covered in snow and ice with temperatures in the teens. This winter […]

Eyelash Freezing Cold Is Caused By ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This is all because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle and used wood in your fireplace Eyelash freezing -67C in Siberia: Climate change denial will mean slow death of planet earth You may think it is cold in Delhi-NCR and laugh at people from Mumbai donning their woollens on a balmy, 25 degrees Celsius day. […]

Say, Is The Climate Change Scam Affecting Your Mental Health?

Not sure about you, but, I’d give a big resounding “no.” Weather happens. But, in Warmist World, things are always doom Is Climate Change Impacting Your Mental Health? We already know that climate change comes with major public health implications, like the spread of disease as climate refugees flee their homelands and live in close-packed conditions with inadequate sanitation. […]

It’s Totally Time To Raise The Gas Tax To Help Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The NY Daily News, which uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to deliver its dead tree edition, is super enthused to raise the gas tax to modify your behavior This is the moment to hike the gas tax President Trump recently floated the idea of raising the national gas tax to pay for a possible […]

Good News: Great Whites Will Soon Be Swimming Near The Top Of The Statue Of Liberty

This kind of unhinged, over-the-top silliness certainly doesn’t help make the case that Warmists are pushing Science Thank goodness they kept the graphic in the realm of science — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) January 15, 2018 Yeah, this a big screed by Excitable Bill McKibben, part hatred of fossil fuels, part hatred of wealthy people […]

CNN: Winston Churchill Would Have Been A ‘Climate Change’ Believer Or Something

CNN gives a platform to Sir Nicholas Soames, a Conservative (different from American conservatives) member of the British Parliament since 1983. Looks like he’s forgotten that the primary political ideology of Classical Conservatives is government staying 100% out of the economy. But, then, people who’ve been in government for that long like government power to […]

There’s A Cow In The Climate Change (Scam) Room!

The NY Daily News’ uber hyper cray cray Warmist Pete Singer thinks he’s found a big angle that Comrade De Blasio missed with his Hotcoldwetdry proclamation for NYC On climate change, a cow in the room “NYC: Leading the Fight Against Climate Change.” That’s what a large sign behind Mayor de Blasio said when, on […]

Climoji Can Totally Save Us From Climate Fear Or Something

It’s like dealing with slow children, and this actually appears in what used to be one of the premiere news magazines of the nation, Newsweek Feel Like the World Is Ending? Climate Change Emoji Are Here to Help There’s a new way to convey all of your lingering fears about the fate of the planet […]

Snow In Sahara Desert Totally Proves Global Warming Or Something

Is there anything that doesn’t prove anthropogenic global warming/climate change in the anti-science minds of Warmists? Recurring snowfalls in Sahara Desert verify global warming, says top Russian meteorologist© AP Photo/Manoocher Deghati — TASS (@tassagency_en) January 9, 2018 From the article Increasingly frequent snowfalls in the Sahara Deseret are evidence of the much talked about […]

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