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CNN: We Might Possibly Totally Need Artificial Gills To Survive Sea Rise (or something)

Meanwhile, CNN uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels to broadcast their network, including at airports which are all about fossil fuels Artificial gills for humans could become a reality — CNN (@CNN) August 15, 2018 Why? Breathing underwater, without the help of voluminous equipment, seems as unrealistic as flying overseas must […]

We’re Living In A ‘Climate Change’ Diaster Movie Or Something

Your mother called and said to stop being so overly dramatic, it’s just a paper cut Big Smile, No Teeth: Did you realise? We’re living in a disaster movie The future is now. Unfortunately, when I say that I mean the disaster of a future we all feared would show up when we spoke about […]

Excitable Joe Romm: Trump’s Re-election Could Maybe Lead To A Climate Death Spiral

But, hey, remember, this is all about science! Why Trump’s reelection may lead to a climate death spiral Do we really need to go beyond the unhinged headline? Seriously, maybe it would be best to call these people Climatruthers, like the 9/11 conspiracy nutjobs were called Truthers or Twoofers, because both think that they are […]

Warmist Letter To Child Describes World Without Hikes, Fun At Beach, And Just Doom

I’m hoping this excitable member of the Cult of Climastrology places the letter somewhere where the child will find it in 2051 so that the kid goes “what in the hell was the matter with my dad and his Comrades? A Letter to My Child on a Changing Planet To my five-year-old son: By the […]

Global Warming And ‘Climate Change’ May Possibly Be Contributing To…Wait, What?

I’ve been following this scientific political issue since the late 1980’s, a time when, as I’ve mentioned many times, I did believe that Mankind was mostly changing the climate, creating global warming. I’ve seen them change it to ‘climate change’. I was able to do my own homework, rather than relying on a partisan news […]

Doom: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly End The Grouper’s Moonlit Orgies

Bet you never thought you’d read those three words in a sentence, eh? Climate Change May Bring the Nassau Grouper’s Moonlit Orgies to an End Just before a full moon ascends over the Caribbean, Nassau groupers congregate by the thousands in winter and early spring to lace the water column with eggs and sperm. One such bacchanalia […]

Trump’s Not Happy To Be Part Of Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit Or Something

Apparently, reporter members of the Cult of Climastrology can read minds Climate change: Trump not happy to be listed in climate case Young people taking legal action in 10 US states all say their lives and futures are irreparably affected by climate change, writes Caroline O’Doherty In the US, Donald Trump is among the defendants […]

Climate Expert On Why It’s So Hot: “It’s The New Normal”

This is shocking stuff, guys Why Is It So Hot? Climate Expert Says ‘This Is The New Normal’ “We’re seeing this hot weather in different regions for different reasons,” Dr Michael Byrne, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, told Newsweek. The unusually hot weather over northern Europe can be attributed to a large high […]

Good News: You’re Carbon Footprint Is Making Earth Hotter And Colder

And some people complain when I refer to ‘climate change’ as Hotcoldwetdry and that the people who believe this are members of the Cult of Climastrolgy (and lest someone complain that this is at Fox News, the article is by Chelsea Gohd from Climate change strengthens Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ – and that’s bad news  It’s […]

Climahypocrite Launches New Feminist Fight Against Hotcoldwetdry

Let’s give it up to Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, big shot member of the United Nations, who runs all around the world on fossil fueled vehicles, as she does this which is about something something Mary Robinson launches new feminist fight against climate change Women around the world who are leading the fight […]

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