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Bummer: The Climate Change Scam Could Lead To A Mental Health Crisis

Quite frankly, we already have a mental health crisis. Just think about every Democrat out there in their belief in things like gender confusion, introducing themselves with their preferred pronouns, and, of course, their utter climahypocrisy How the climate emergency could lead to a mental health crisis The Greenlandic Perspective Survey tells us that 90% […]

AOC Says Joe Manchin(D) Will Be A “Big Challenge” In Getting Green New Deal Passed Or Something

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could not even get one Democrat to vote for the GND resolution when it came up for a vote in the Senate. Almost every single one voted “present”, with a few, like Joe Manchin, voting “nay.” She pitched a fit over the Senate voting on it, even forgetting that it was submitted by […]

Democrats Running Around The Nation In Fossil Fueled Vehicles Hammer Fossil Fueled Companies Or Something

An extreme case of Other People syndrome When I write the aforementioned phrases, what I’m referring to is the notion that Warmists want Someone Else, That Guy, Other People, to suffer for the beliefs of the Warmist(s), but the Warmist(s) do not want to suffer themselves. The regulations, rules, laws, penalties, taxes, cost increases, etc, […]

Seattle Passes Green New Deal, Arrests Climate Kid For Vandalism

People were totally terrified of the climate crisis (scam), and willing to pay a lot more in taxes and fees and lose their choice Seattle City Council passes Green New Deal resolution The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday in support of a resolution for a Green New Deal. Many people testified in favor of […]

Greenland Residents Traumatized With Climate Grief Or Something

This climate trauma thing is great. You have people yammering about other people having mental health issues from a tiny increase in the Earth’s average temperature, something that has happened many many times during the Holocene, which causes other people to think they’re mentally ill ‘Ecological grief’: Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency The climate […]

Climate Cultists Wants To Know When Republicans Will Come Out Of The Climate Closet Or Something

Hyper-warmist Justin Gillis rears his head up in the NY Times (which got rid of its climate section years ago), likening climate change to gays coming out of the closet The Republican Climate Closet When will believers in global warming come out? …. What exactly is going on here? I got my first clue a […]

NY Times Really Wants To Talk About Your Manicured Lawn And ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

So, does this mean we have to get rid of Central Park? How about The Mall in D.C.? Well-manicured lawns have long been a symbol of the "American dream." But maintaining them can contribute to climate change. So, why even have lawns? We traced their history. — The New York Times (@nytimes) August 9, […]

Who’s Up For A Green New Deal “Climate Corps”?

It would be great having a bunch of government funded green shirts running around telling you how to live your life, right? (Washington Post) Democrats running for president on promises to slow climate change are asking young people to do more than just vote for them. Many White House hopefuls are laying out plans to […]

Germany To Tax Sausage To Fight ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Want to get the German people to rise up, revolt, and put a stop to the climate change scam? This might be it. They had the yellow vests in France, would they be the pink vests in Germany? Wurst Idea Ever? Germany to Tax Sausages to Fight Climate Change German legislators have proposed raising the […]

Your Fault: UK Guardian Finally Gets In The Business Of Blaming California Cliffside Collapse

If you’ll think back just back to the 3rd, a cliff collapsed in California near the sea, killing three and hurting several others. The climate cultists came out in droves to blame this on ‘climate change.’ Now, of course, some will say this was just the fevered rantings of some outlying kooks. But, what of […]

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