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UK Police Say Extinction Rebellion Nuts Are Hiding Nails And Razors In Lock-Tubes

These pose a danger to police HIDDEN DANGER Extinction Rebellion protesters hide NAILS and BLADES in ‘lock-on’ tubes to make removing them more dangerous, cops claim The eco-warriors are in the middle of a two-week demonstration to bring London to a grinding halt to try and force the Government to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The […]

More Extinction Rebellion Moonbattery

The climate is solved! In it’s purest form, Civil Diso-Bedience is not just non-violent direct dance, it’s a way of life.#ExtinctionRebellion #SpringRebellion @ExtinctionR — Extinction Rebellion Australia (@XRebellionAus) October 11, 2019 and more

Extinction Rebellion Says Using Alarmist Language Is Great “Cause It Works”

There was actually a brief time when members of the Cult of Climastrology advocate to not use alarmist language. There are still a few, including Michael “Robust Debate” Mann, who are not in favor of this. However, they are dinosaurs, relics of a bygone age, who have seen the climahysteria of what they’ve created pass […]

Climate Cultists Dance To Save The Earth Or Something

More like epileptic seizures or bad acid trips Did it work? — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) October 9, 2019 And this More dancing climate cultists — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) October 9, 2019 There’s video at that one, if your eyes can take it.

Hotcold Take: The Three Forms Of Climate Denialism

This is an interesting take, as part of it is attempting to blow up the Skeptic argument that yes, climate change is happening, it’s just that it is mostly/solely caused by Nature, and turn it sinister. In a way that only a cult/pseudo religion can do There are three types of climate change denier, and […]

Oregon To Potentially Give Some ‘Climate Change’ Ballot Measures A Whirl In 2020

This is fantastic. If the ballot measure doesn’t pass, it’s a hilarious blow to the Cult of Climastrology. If it does pass, they are essentially self-owning themselves by destroying their ability to use energy Ballot Measures Could Let Voters Act on Climate Change IF lawmakers again fail to pass a law regulating Oregon’s greenhouse gas […]

Warmist: Kids Are Feeling Bad About Their Futures, Let’s Make It Worse

You can put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the adults. But we can solve it with hope (and lots of taxation) Treatment for climate anxiety is hope World Mental Health Day is a time to break down the stigma around mental health issues and remind Australians that seeking support and treatment […]

Republican Warmist Matt Gaetz Loves Him Some St. Greta, Pushes His Own Hotcoldwetdry Ideas

I’ve written about Excitable Matt Gaetz and his ‘climate change’ ideas a few times. His silly ideas haven’t changed. Pimping St. Greta won’t help earn him support ‘How dare you!’ Why the House hasn’t voted on climate change If you listen closely, you can hear a 16-year-old girl’s cry for help. “How dare you!” Her […]

Extinction Rebellion Uses Fire Engine To Shoot Blood At British Treasury

And they’re very surprised that the leader and a few others are facing charges (Fox News) British police arrested four members of the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion on Thursday after they used a fire engine to spray the U.K.’s Treasury building with hundreds of gallons of fake blood. The group said it carried out the protest […]

Sunrise Warmists Building An Army To Vote To Pass A Green New Deal Which No One Is Talking About

While it’s important to keep mentioning the Green New Deal push due to its true goal of instituting an authoritarian style government in control of everything, including your life, which will take lots of your money, there isn’t actually much news on the Green New Deal, and what news there is often tends to be […]

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