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Good News: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Chimed In On ‘Climate Change’

Just an FYI to the Cult of Climastrology: it’s hard enough to take your rantings seriously. This does not help It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it. — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) October 20, 2018 From the link (Daily […]

Warmists Suffering From Climate Anxiety Are Not Alone Or Something

They keep telling us that ‘climate change’ is causing all sorts of mental disorders, and they’re kinda correct. Though it’s a self fulfilling diagnosis, where a fake issue base on politics rather than science is making the Believers to go wonkers. So bat guano insane that this piece is in Vogue, a magazine about the […]

Trump’s Hotcoldwetdry Denial Is A War On Our Health Or Something

We’re totally doomed or something Climate pollution is "an everywhere problem…we are not just condemning future generations to suffer, but — in the case of small particulates — inflicting dementia on ourselves and cutting the brain power of our children." @dwallacewells in @nymag: — Mary Anne Hitt (@maryannehitt) October 17, 2018 Said headline has […]

Your Fault: Baseball Fans Are Dodging More ‘Climate Change’ Cold Snaps And Rain

If only you had given up your fossil fueled family vacations and agreed to pay carbon taxes Baseball fans dodging more cold snaps, heavy rainfall as climate patterns change The seats were sparse at last week’s rain-delayed match against the Pittsburgh Pirates, rain ponchos were the attire of the day and the tarp over the […]

Small Islands Have Big Voices On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

No worries, they’ll all be submerged soon. Heck, some are submerged now! Our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases literally are contributing to the submergence of whole countries, ancestral homelands and cultures. High scientific confidence. — Jonathan Overpeck (@TucsonPeck) September 29, 2018 Heck, we were told 30 years ago that the Maldives […]

UN: Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle Is Causing Extreme Cold Spells

This is the kind of thing that cults do Extreme cold spells in winter. Longer heat waves in summer. Storms of the century becoming a seasonal norm. These weather phenomenons are harbingers of #climatechange. It's up to all of us to do our part for the environment. #ClimateAction #Climate2020 — UN Development (@UNDP) September […]

Earthquake And Tsunami Hit Indonesia: Climate Ghouls Do What Climate Ghouls Do

  In case you missed it (CNN) Rescue workers are hunting for survivors after a powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and triggered a tsunami, killing at least 384 people. After the 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Friday, water smashed into buildings and swept away homes in the coastal city of Palu city, home to […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Is Making Pigs Skinnier And Pork More Costly

This is all your fault for failing to approve of carbon taxes/fees and of giving up your modern lifestyle Climate change is making pigs skinnier, which could mean more expensive pork A new report claims higher temperatures mean hogs produce less protein, which could result in pricier pork Pork is the most widely consumed animal […]

Cleveland Is Latest City To Pledge To Go 100% Renewable

This is always amusing, because it’s pretty much impossible to do any time soon. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to do this (I expect sometime beyond our lifetimes it will occur), but, renewables won’t be able to run city hall, much less the massive stadium the Cleveland Browns play at 100% Renewable Energy: […]

Latest Cult Idea: Walls On Seafloors To Stop Glaciers From Melting

Warmist “scientists” have an interesting proposal to stop a problem that is mostly natural, but, they forget to include one rather important detail: the cost Build walls on seafloor to stop glaciers melting, scientists say Building walls on the seafloor may become the next frontier of climate science, as engineers seek novel ways to hold […]

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