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UN Warns Of More Weather Disasters Because You Ate A Cheeseburger

This is all your fault, you know. You were warned about coming doom, but, no, you had to take a fossil fueled trip to that burger place, and you refuse to pay taxes and give up your freedom. For shame! Climate change means more weather disasters every year, warns UN In the wake of heat […]

ClimaPope Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trips Yammers On About Solving Climate Crisis (scam)

If only the Pope had as much passion for talking about the evil of abortion and governmental control of people’s lives Pope in TED talk: Earth cannot be squeezed ‘like an orange’ Pope Francis on Saturday issued an urgent call to action to defend the planet and help the poor in his second TED talk. […]

Climate Cultists Look To Make All New Homes Really Expensive

I just wonder if these same Warmists live in tiny homes that rely solely on wind and solar power Inside the climate battle quietly raging about US homes Some challenges to US climate action are obvious – like when Donald Trump boasts about leaving the international Paris agreement and rolling back pollution rules. But many […]

Latino And Hispanic Climate Cultists Fight For Intersectional Climate Justice

This isn’t really about science, is it. Also, most Latinos hate the term Latinx, a word pretty much invented by uber-white liberal SJWs The Young Latinx and Hispanic Climate Leaders Changing the World From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day period dedicated to honoring the contributions and […]

St. Greta And Comrades Accuse EU Of “Stealing Their Future”

Why? Well, they’re young climate cultists who have no actual knowledge of the real world, and have been brought up to be hysterics who are Entitled to whatever they want. Oh, and that the EU is cheating on “carbon pollution” numbers Stealing our future: Greta Thunberg and 3 other activists accuse EU of ‘cheating with […]

First Time Climate Cultist Voters Are Super Mad (but still won’t actually vote)

If they’re so angry and want things done, why aren’t they changing their own lives? Why do they always want to force their beliefs on Other People with no consequences in their own lives? ‘It makes me so angry’: First-time voters want leaders to act now on climate change Anna Mohr-Almeida was only 8 years […]

The Climate Crisis (scam) Is The Story Of The Century Or Something

Has anyone let the climate cultists know that there is no UN IPCC climate conference this year? They usually start with the super-scary stuff around this time of year as we head towards the normal early December big meeting. It was cancelled due to Bat Soup Virus, which might be a slightly bigger story The […]

TikTokers Unite For Climate Crisis (scam) Solutions

Oh, no, wait, they’re just about spreading awareness Las Vegas Student Raises Climate Crisis Awareness on TikTok Around one-third of TikTok’s 850 million active users worldwide are between the ages of 10 and 19. But those young people aren’t just sharing dance moves and makeup lessons; they’re also spreading awareness of climate change and what […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Cold And Wet To Make Coronavirus Bad Or Something

See, because you took a long shower with natural gas heated water, drank non-fair trade non-GMO coffee, had bacon on your breakfast sandwich, and drove a fossil fueled vehicle to work, you increased the greenhouse gases and are making it colder and wetter…per the climalunatics at CNN, who use vast amounts of fossil fuels and […]

California, Which Can’t Keep The Lights On, Requires All Passenger Vehicles To Be Zero Carbon By 2035

Unless some serious new technology is developed, what will happen is no vehicles will be sold in California. Besides, even plugins like Tesla’s are not zero emissions Amid a slew of wildfires which have burned millions of acres up and down the West Coast, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an ambitious executive order Wednesday requiring […]

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