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NY Enviro-Weenies Now Coming After Individually Wrapped Cheese Slices

I personally cannot stand them, especially what goes for American cheese (in honesty, the real stuff is way, way worse, unless it is melted). But, many do like them, and these people need to stop being such authoritarian nags NY environmentalists’ next target? Individually wrapped cheese slices face ban under far-reaching bill It may be […]

Halloween Is An Ecological Disaster Or Something

Sadly, this lunatic at Yahoo News, who’s a “senior White House correspondent” and somehow feels the need to write on the climate crisis scam, published it late on Halloween Why Halloween is an ecological disaster Every parent of young children has awoken on Nov. 1 to the aftermath of Halloween: piles of candy wrappers, discarded […]

Earth Is Outside “Safe Operating Space For Humanity” Or Something

Strangely, humanity has never done so well as during warm periods, and there have been more advances during the current warm period than any other. But, the climate cult doesn’t care, because this is all about scary people into giving up their money and freedom Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find […]

Eco-Nuts Push No-Wash/Low-Wash For Clothes

How soon till the eco-wackos start pushing for government to regulate This growing laundry trend will save you money and is better for your clothes — here’s why some people are resisting change Consumerism has many positive benefits for the economy, but it leads to a significant amount of waste. This has resulted in a […]

Bill McKibben Says People Need To Say Yes To Green Energy In Our Backyards

Well, good luck with this, Bill, because, as he actually points out in this very long, meandering piece, enviroweenies/climate cultists keep saying no to it. They’re often fine if it is Somewhere Else. Remember the fight over Cape Wind, where John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, among others, were dead set against it, because it was […]

Good News: Brandon’s CAFE Standards To Drastically Increase

This is going to make vehicles a great deal more expensive, making it harder for the working class and middle class afford vehicles, even used ones. Of course this is being pushed by rich folks who do not have to worry about all this. Oh, and many of them, like Joe Biden, are not even […]

Warmist Vs Enviros: Geothermal Project Wants To Delist Endangered Toads

Who wins? The Warmists tell us the climate crisis (scam) is all about the environment, yet, windturbines kill off huge numbers of birds and insects. They leave massive concrete blocks after their 30 year lifespan. Mining for precious metals is as bad, if not worse, than mining for coal. Warmists want solar projects and extreme-enviros […]

Cobolt Mining Looks Super Green!

So, we’re replacing strip mining for coal and spills here and there with fossil fuels for this? Bleak photos show the reality of the cobalt mining industry responsible for the batteries in your phone, computer, and car Cobalt is the new blood diamond. It’s highly valuable and dangerous to extract. The Democratic Republic of Congo […]

Good News: Greenie Weenies Look To Shut Down Mohave Solar, Bullet Train Projects

These are the same people who scream for green energy and forcing Everyone Else to take the train Can bighorns, a bullet train and a huge solar farm coexist in the Mojave Desert? To most travelers on Interstate 15 between Barstow and Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert’s jagged Soda Mountains rise above a seemingly lifeless […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Groups Having Lots Of Problems With Unions

What’s the point of a union? Well, one thing is to protect the employees from bad business practices from management and ownership, right? ‘Hypocritical’: environmental groups blocking union efforts, US workers say Workers at some of the top environmental organizations in the US are calling out their managers as “incredibly hypocritical” as they argue the […]

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