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Bummer: Fossil Fuels Might Possibly Melt The Planet Or Something

Insane Warmist alert As Fossil Fuels Melt the Planet, Could Climate Change Cause a Nuclear Meltdown? Nearly three dozen nuclear power plants are inadequately protected against major flooding guaranteed to occur after an upstream dam failure – flooding that could easily lead to an accident or meltdown on the scale of the 2011 nuclear power […]

EPA Ending Obama Era Practice Of Sue And Settle

This was one of the more egregious bits of corruption during the Obama years, where the EPA was tightly knit with environmental groups, who used “friendly lawsuits” to force regulatory change (Washington Times) The Trump administration on Monday took steps to end the highly controversial “sue and settle” practice that led directly to a host […]

Los Angeles Learns That “Going Green” Is Pretty Expensive, And Government Needs To Fix The Problem It Caused

Especially when the Helpful Hand Of Government is involved, as the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board notes In its effort to go green, L.A. created a trash monopoly that’s gouging customers. They need to fix it The city’s new environment-friendly, years-in-the-planning garbage pickup program has left the Los Angeles businesses and condo associations that rely […]

Warmists Sure Like Leaving Messes, Eh

So why don't the self-proclaimed planet-savers bring plastics bags for their own trash? #PeoplesClimateMarch — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) April 30, 2017 Perhaps some of those reusable bags that are made out of help or something, the ones that are shown to gather all sorts of diseases and icky stuff? Trash left behind by "environmentalists" […]

“Experts” Warn Border Wall Will Harm 800 Species

Today’s fear-mongering is provided by an interesting source, which surely has a stake in making sure that Mexican citizens are allowed to enter the United States unlawfully whenever they want Experts warn 800 species, many endangered, affected by border wall A study by Mexico’s top university has revealed that at least 800 species of wildlife […]

Dakota Access Protest: Nothing Says “We Love The Environment” Like Burning Things And Leaving Garbage

Then there’s the whole “protest peaceably” thing (via John Sexton) (AP) The last people remaining at a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp prayed and set fire to a handful of wooden structures on Wednesday, hours ahead of a deadline set by the Army Corps of Engineers to close the camp. Some of the praying protesters […]

Protesting Enviroweenies Prove Just How Much They Really Care

Does this really shock and/or surprise you? Sanitation crews work to remove massive amounts of garbage from DAPL protest camp before spring thaw Last week, we showed you all the garbage that was left by Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. Now, we’re showing you where all that trash will end up. […]

Who’s Up For Ecosexual?

Mixing advocacy, gender confusion, and bat guano insanity (Advocate) Over the past few years, some organizations and publications have added a Q, for queer, to the LGBT acronym — and now there are some who say we should add an E, for ecosexual. The term has been around for much of the 21st century, although […]

GOP Platform Proposes To “Get Rid Of National Parks And Forests” Or Something

Hey, who doesn’t like national forests and national parks? Personally, I think it’s great that we have them to protect the environment along with special places. However, there’s something a bit unhinged (shockingly) from this Jenny Rowland article in the Climate section of Think Progress GOP Platform Proposes To Get Rid Of National Parks And […]

Good News: EPA Causes Another Spill

Because they care or something EPA crew working at another CO mine triggered another wastewater spill into creek that feeds town's drinking water. — Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) October 9, 2015 An Environmental Protection Agency crew working at the Standard Mine above Crested Butte triggered a wastewater spill into a creek that flows into the […]

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