Halloween Is An Ecological Disaster Or Something

Sadly, this lunatic at Yahoo News, who’s a “senior White House correspondent” and somehow feels the need to write on the climate crisis scam, published it late on Halloween

Why Halloween is an ecological disaster

Every parent of young children has awoken on Nov. 1 to the aftermath of Halloween: piles of candy wrappers, discarded costumes, molding pumpkins and decorations demanding to be taken down.

Halloween is an expensive holiday, wreaking havoc on family budgets. And with children expected to consume as much as 7,000 calories on Oct. 31 because of all the added sugar in their diets, the holiday is also a public health calamity.

But scariest of all is the damage Halloween does to the planet.

Cultists trying to ruin everything for kids is the scariest thing, along with telling Everyone Else how to live their lives, preferably by Government force.

All those candy wrappers have to go somewhere. So do all the plastic pumpkins, plastic vampire teeth, plastic Harry Potter wands.

And where they go, for the most part, is into landfills and waterways, where they contribute to a plastics problem that has become a global challenge. New research suggests that many of the single-use plastics we discard turn into invisible particles called microplastics that can cause serious damage to human health.

Well, he does have a point about all the plastics, but, then he starts whining about fake spider webs being a danger to birds (I have never seen an issue in my life), all those rotting pumpkins

As in many other facets of American life, there are ways to mitigate the ecological harms caused by Halloween — and still have a good time.

It may seem daunting to change the way we celebrate a beloved holiday. It may also be necessary.

“People in general don’t feel like they’re able to change the system because the system is so big. I think that’s exactly what we are facing with trying to deal with Halloween and candy: The system feels so big, I don’t know where to start making that change,” Indiana University environmental policy scholar Shahzeen Attari told the Indianapolis Star.

Some steps are relatively obvious, like making your costumes and reusing decorations. You’ll save the planet—and money, too.

I have an idea: mind your own business.

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6 Responses to “Halloween Is An Ecological Disaster Or Something”

  1. Mad Celt says:

    Singlehandedly Halloween is wiping out mankind and irreversibly damaging the plant. Makes Christmas jealous.

  2. Stu Pedasol says:

    Please Lord, make sure this “senior White House correspondent” is up to date on his covid boosters. May he be first in line for the next ones.

  3. JimS says:

    Next year’s scariest costume: A left wing climate cultist control freak…

  4. ST says:

    Porn Star, Convicted Felon, Hamas apologists, Doesn’t live in own district – Virginia Democrats running in 2023 are an interesting bunch


  5. Professor Hale says:

    Looks like a last minute story he created to meet a deadline and get paid. If he were serious about the issue, he would create a PAC, raise money from donors, and start promoting his agenda with Hulu and YouTube ads 60 days before Halloween.

    Journalists: Just making stuff up so they can get paid.

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