Daily Archives: November 2, 2023

We’re Saved: Artist Puts Up ‘Climate Change’ Pieces In Miami

I wonder how much gas he used to travel all over Miami Art installations at every Miami-Dade park will call attention to climate change threat With the recent king tides, and hottest summer ever on record, we here in South Florida are already getting a glimpse of what the future holds as our planet keeps […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on how many Biden alias emails were found.

Whiny Mayors Head To D.C. To Whine At Biden Over Illegal Immigration

These same people have advocated for unfettered illegal immigration and are now upset they have to deal with the results of those policies. All but one of the cities is a declared sanctuary city. In Houston’s case, they cannot declare due to Texas state law, but, they are run by Democrats, and the police have […]

Woke Pope To Head To Dubai For This Year’s Climate Cult Conference

Nothing like taking a long, fossil fueled trip to a nation that is based on fossil fuels to complain about Other People using fossil fuels. Should the Pope be a part of a cult? Should he be worshiping false idols and gods? Pope says he will attend COP28 climate summit in Dubai, a first by […]

Jew Hater AOC Goes After AIPAC

No, AIPAC is not perfect, but, considering we’ve already seen AOC and her Squad members going after Israel, defending Hamas, and failing to condemn Hamas for their initial actions, this says a lot (NY Post) Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee late Tuesday, calling it a “racist and bigoted organization.” […]

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