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If All You See…

…is an Evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gates Of Vienna, with a post on what Islam means.

Doom Today: Climate Crisis (scam) Even Worse For People With Disabilities

The climate cult keeps trying to white knight for different communities. Blacks, Latinos, women, you name it, it’s an attempt to make people feel bad so they give their money and freedom to government How climate change risks impact people with disabilities As the planet warms scientists say natural disasters are becoming more destructive and […]

Police Who’ll Arrest You For Mean Tweet Prep To Keep Pro-Hamas March Mostly Peaceful

The UK Police will arrest you for a mean tweet UK Man Arrested For ‘Malicious Communications’ After Posting Meme Mocking the Transgender Flag And silent praying WATCH: NEW footage of police arresting woman for silently praying They’ll arrest you for a whole bunch of things they don’t like. They were positevely medieval during COVID. Want […]

Climate Cult Bringing Their Lawsuits To Fossil Fuels States

I wonder how many of the backers actually live in those states Climate lawsuits are spreading to fossil fuel states Climate change activists are setting the stage for lawsuits against oil and gas companies in a pair of states with deep ties to the fossil fuel industry. The Center for Climate Integrity, which seeks to […]

Israel Supposedly Hits Near Hospital, Media Fails As Usual

We all know that the majority of the Credentialed Media hates Israel to the point of backing Hamas Heavy fighting around Gaza’s largest hospital forces many to flee Strikes hit the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital Friday, badly wounding displaced civilians on its grounds and in some cases forcing them to move yet again and seek […]

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