Doom Today: Climate Crisis (scam) Even Worse For People With Disabilities

The climate cult keeps trying to white knight for different communities. Blacks, Latinos, women, you name it, it’s an attempt to make people feel bad so they give their money and freedom to government

How climate change risks impact people with disabilities

As the planet warms scientists say natural disasters are becoming more destructive and more frequent, and the data shows certain communities are hit harder than others. Judy Woodruff reports from Florida on the disproportionate impact on people with disabilities as part of our series, “Disability Reframed.”

Judy Woodruff:

By the time Hurricane Ian left a trail of destruction in Fort Myers, Florida, last September, 61-year-old Lynne Bitzinger had already been without permanent housing for five years.

Lynne Bitzinger, Hurricane Survivor:

2017, Hurricane Irma, it wiped us out. A tree was put through my roof on my mobile home. I ended up with mold, water running down my walls.

Up to that point, the storms were just an event. At that point, the storms became cruel. Everything in my home was gone.

Judy Woodruff:

Bitzinger, who’s been in several car accidents and suffers from spinal damage, uses a scooter and a Walker to get around. She also cares for her friend Dennis Vaughn, a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran with critical illnesses and post-traumatic stress disorder.

As Ian approached, the two huddled in a Fort Myers motel.

Now they’re using disabled people to push their cult. It’s shameful.

Judy Woodruff:

Justice Shorter is a Washington, D.C.-based blind disability activist who also advocates for racial and environmental justice. An expert on emergency management, she’s heard countless stories about what people face before, during, and after natural disasters.

Sounds like yet another grifter working off the government, ie, taxpayers money. It’s just a scam



As beaver populations expand their range in the Arctic, they may also be causing more greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

Beavers are increasing in the region, probably due largely to two different reasons. As their population rebounds from centuries of heavy trapping, the Arctic landscape is becoming more amenable to them, with shorter winters resulting in more shrubby vegetation.

But their growing numbers means more beaver dams, which are reshaping the Arctic environment. Researchers wondered how growing beaver populations in northwestern Alaska were affecting the carbon cycle.

It’s almost like nature does stuff.

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  2. JimS says:

    Everything’s worse for people with disabilities… that’s why they’re called disabilities.

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