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Quick Thank You To Doc Ford

Back on October 29th I had a post asking if you could survive a zombie apocalypse, and Doc Ford mentioned the book Cascade: The Fallen Republic. I just want to say thanks, because it is damned good. I’m about 54% through it, a very long book. Definitely one of the better zombie books I’ve read. […]

Weird: 40% Of EV Charging Stations In Los Angeles Did Not Work

One would think that a place like LA would have operational charging stations, considering that California was the first state to mandate all of the peasants having to forgo petrol cars, well before Let’s Go Biden pushed his mandate No Juice: WSJ Columnist Finds 40% of EV Chargers She Tried in LA County Were Out […]

If All You See…

…are horrible Bad Weather clouds from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on what looks, smells, and acts like one-health world government.

Cost Of Illegal Immigration: SCNY Mayor Announces Budget Cuts For Cops And Schools

Supporters of unfettered illegal immigration always say that illegal immigration doesn’t cost anything. In fact, they say that all those illegal immigrants put more money into the system then they take out. And then the cold truth of economic reality slaps them in the face Eric Adams Announces Funding Cuts For Cops, Schools To Pay […]

Surprise: Green Energy To Skyrocket Cost Of NY Energy

Obviously, no one saw this coming, right? NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study New York residents could face skyrocketing heating bills under the state’s new “green” policies — which may not even have a significant impact on greenhouse-gas emissions, a new study warns. A review by the […]

Insane GenZers Pushing Osama Bin Laden Manifesto

Well, of course they are. They’ve been taught to hate the United States and believe in the “aggrieved”, and, being 20+ years past 9/11, most of them have no concept of what happened Young Americans Go Viral on China’s TikTok Spreading Ideas of Osama bin Laden Young Americans have been going viral on the Chinese […]

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