Quick Thank You To Doc Ford

Back on October 29th I had a post asking if you could survive a zombie apocalypse, and Doc Ford mentioned the book Cascade: The Fallen Republic. I just want to say thanks, because it is damned good. I’m about 54% through it, a very long book. Definitely one of the better zombie books I’ve read. A great slow burn, takes a long time. You learn quite a bit about the characters, how they are going about their lives as a zombie like virus (think 28 Days Later) rolls through the US, with mentions of the EU and other nations melting down. You never feel that the author, James Tarr, is padding the book out. It’s listed at 742 pages. You probably won’t like it all that much if you are a liberal. But, the shots at liberals are well done, not overboard, they are subtle, rather than preachy. I usually do not like when fiction gets overly political.

Will definitely read the other two books in the series.

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5 Responses to “Quick Thank You To Doc Ford”

  1. 1chota says:

    James Tarr is a great writer. Read his book ‘Dog Soldiers’ when you get the chance.

  2. sd says:

    BREAKING: House Speaker Mike Johnson Announces Total Release of J6 Footage


  3. captainfish says:

    darn.. it’s the one book of his that isn’t on audio
    A somewhat in the vein of end-of-days collapse is One Second After series.

  4. Added him to my follow list. Over time I’ll try and read more of his stuff. Which gets difficult because there are so many books that come out from the other authors I follow.

    It would be a long, long audio book. I try not to speed read books anymore, and this one has lots of details that is worth reading

  5. Doc Ford says:

    Thanks for the credit – nice to know others like/appreciate the same things I do ๐Ÿ™‚

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