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Reuters Is Concerned That Republican Attacks On EVs Could Backfire

Why? Because a lot of manufacturers are building in Red states In 2024, Republican EV attacks may fall short as swing states reap investment Electric vehicles are a “hoax,” they do not work, and they are strengthening China’s economy at the expense of American jobs. Those are among the criticisms that contenders for the 2024 […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful train which Everyone Else should be forced to ride, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on a dude suffering a victim-selection failure.

Taking Selfies Is Considered A “Public Health Problem”

Even after the selfie generation has seen lots of people getting hurt and even dying while taking selfies and videos, they continue to do it with utter disregard of their safety Taking selfies is now considered a ‘public health problem,’ requires ‘safety messaging,’ say researchers The taking of selfies is now considered legitimately dangerous. A […]

NYC Looks To Make Entire Fleet EV/Net Zero By 2038

If this is so important, why wait so long? New York City Mayor signs bill to make a major change to fleet of city vehicles: ‘This is a huge, bold step that we are taking’ In a significant move to help improve air quality in New York City and drive down planet-warming pollution, Mayor Eric […]

UN Official Whines, Says Israel Attacks On Gaza Are Mean

You have to wonder where all these U.N. officials were when Hamas was slaughtering, raping, torturing, and beheading Jews in Israel. And randomly launching attacks on Israel, primarily civilians, over the years. Especially since the UN has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, but, they rarely condemn them UN official says attacks in Gaza show […]

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