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Social Media Era: Subway Store Cans “Creator” For Stomping On Food, Filming It

The stupid burns brightly, and this is just so emblematic of the social media era Subway says a worker who filmed himself stamping on sandwich fillings and placing them on a toilet seat has been fired A Subway franchise worker who filmed himself trashing one of the sandwich chain’s locations in Providence, Rhode Island, has […]

Quick Review: 50″ Class U6G Series Quantum 4K ULED Android TV

Back on the 11th I finally got around to getting a new TV, been thinking of it for a few years. Love my old Vizio, a 42″ with true 240htz, which meant it had the “soap opera effect“, but, that was fine, because it was great for sports, nature shows, cooking shows, things like Survivor […]

Fascism Joe Admin Flagging Facebook Posts

There’s a very simply exercise: how would the media and Democrats react had it been the Trump admin doing this? .@PressSec: "We're flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation." — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 15, 2021 Critics slam the White House after Psaki reveals it’s consulting with Facebook to ‘flag misinformation’ Critics roundly […]

Twitter Says Access To Its Platform Is A Human Right Or Something

Unless you’re a conservative/Republican, then they will suspend you willy nilly. My old account was given time-outs and suspensions many times before being permanently suspended. They never told me why the last. My new account has been given a few timeouts and a 7 day suspension (that one was for scientifically noting that the gender […]

New Computer Time – Dell Inspiron 3501

Thanks to everyone who chimed in yesterday. Helped a lot. I typically take every other Wednesday off (and every other Thursday), so, was off today. Ran around to multiple Best Buys and Office Depots, ended up with a Dell Inspiron 3501. 16GB ram (though, not the fastest type, no biggie), 256GB SSD hard drive (512 […]

Question On Buying A New Laptop

Perhaps one of y’all might have some insight. My laptop has always kinda sucked. The Ryzen 5 was supposed to be fast, but, it’s never performed that well. Even playing old Duke Nukem 3D was a chore, worse than my older Samsung with a slower processor and just 4GB ram (HD died on it). Now, […]

Excellent Bluetooth Headset For Working Out

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the trouble with trying to buy a new bluetooth headset for the gym, one where it doesn’t go down in the ear canal, because I hate that, and one that won’t fall off, especially in the era of masks (I usually wear one of those cooling gaiters at […]

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Trashes Twitter’s Trump Ban

If anyone would know what living under a real authoritarian system is like, Navalny would Top Putin Rival, Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny: Trump Twitter Ban ‘Unacceptable’ Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny – one of President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent foes who nearly died last year of suspected poisoning by the state – called Twitter’s decision […]

Climate Cultists Now Coming After 5G

Sure, this is only one French government advisor based on a report from one council, but, how quickly might this spread throughout the Warmist community? Of course, are all the Warmists willing to give up their own acquisition of 5G smartphones? 5G Could Worsen Climate Change, Claims French Government Advisor The widespread installation of fifth […]

All You Warmists Should Cut Back On Your Gadgets And Streaming Or Something

I’m sure all of you younger climate cultists would be happy to give up all your smartphones, gaming systems, and streaming shows and movies, right? No more videos of everyday life, no more “creating content”, right? Climate change: Why it could be time to cut back on new gadgets and HD streams We need to […]

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