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You Can Save The World’s Climate Fever By Sending Fewer Emails

The oceans are acidifying and doom is coming, and it’s all your fault Climate change: Can sending fewer emails really save the planet? Are you the type of person who always says thank-you? Well, if it’s by email, you should stop, according to UK officials looking at ways to save the environment. The Financial Times […]

Good News: Reinstating Net Neutrality Could Be A China Joe Priority

Here’s an issue that never came up during election season: Net Neutrality. It seems like a small issue, but, since most of us use the Internet, it is actually pretty dogone big. China Joe surely loves him some Big Government control of the Internet, just like Obama and China Bringing back net neutrality rules is […]

FCC Chairman Stands By Killing Off The No Good, Really Bad Obama Era Net Neutrality Rule

Hey, remember when they told us the Internet would die without Obama’s Net Neutrality (which was really more about a government soft-takeover of the Internet by making it a public utility)? FCC chairman stands by net neutrality repeal after appeals court ruling Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said on Monday he stands by the […]

Democrats Want To “Close The Digital Divide” To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

I’m starting to think this really has nothing to do with science or the climate To fight climate change, Democrats want to close the ‘digital divide’ One of the starkest inequalities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic is the difference between the digital haves and have-nots. Those with a fast internet connection are more able to […]

Bat Soup Virus Proves We Never Needed Obama’s Net Neutrality

Of course, the thing is, Obama’s version of Net Neutrality (as opposed to the NN practiced since the late 1990’s) was never about about anything other than giving the federal government more power over the Internet, turning it into a public utility to be regulated, and forcing opposing voices off the ‘net Who needs net […]

Netflix Reduces Streaming Speed In European Union Nations

Has anyone noticed a reduction in Internet speed, especially during the day? Doing speed tests through Ookla, I’m seeing well below the 200mb I’m paying for. Not even getting to 100mbps. Multiple tests on my laptop are getting around 35mbps, phone is getting around 63mbps, and tablet around 45. Interestingly, the first two are on […]

Net Neutrality: LA Times Wants To Regulate Internet Like Any Other Utility

It’s been two years since the FCC killed of the latest version of Net Neutrality, which was never about neutrality, but giving the federal government massive new powers over the Internet, Internet companies, and what you see on the Internet. We were all supposed to die from the ending of NN, but, we’re still here, […]

United Nations Approves Of Internet “Cyber-Crime” Resolution That Could Restrict Freedom Of Speech

The United Nations has long out-lived its usefulness, being a hive of dictators and scum, who attempt to institute globalist controls on citizens reminiscent of the old Soviet Union and China, which are the two main nations behind this U.N. Approves China-Backed Internet Convention, Alarming Rights Advocates (AFP) — The United Nations on Friday approved […]

Per U.N., ‘Climate Change’ And Technologies Are The Modern Day Wedges Between Haves And Have-nots

We can solve this with a tax, you know. Also, this is all your fault for having that nice computer, tablet, and smartphone. Oh, and you have those WiFi lightbulbs? And and Alexa or Google Home device? Even worse! New inequalities created by climate change and tech, says UN A new generation of global inequalities […]

Democrats Look To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal

Democrats have long had a problem with this whole “free speech online” thing, because it makes it harder to control people and make sure that they only hear and see what the Leftists want. Hence, the push for Net Neutrality Pelosi Reportedly Wants To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal The new trade […]

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