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Congratulations! You Survived One Year Without Net Neutrality And The Internet Still Works!

Back before my Twitter account was killed for unknown reasons, I posted a tweet daily about #AmericaWithoutNetNeutrality, making fun of the wankers who thought Doom was coming. Nope, sorry, we survived (via Twitchy) One year ago this week, after the Trump administration and @AjitPaiFCC reversed anti-innovation internet regulations instituted by the previous administration in 2015, […]

Quick Note On Missing Photos

If you happen to notice some photos missing, as you did especially with the If All You See.. posts yesterday, and, looks like still today, I host a goodly chunk of photos on Photobucket. They go down every now and then, and had a big outage yesterday. Photos that are working tend to be those […]

NY Times: Social Media Sites Really Need To Censor More

Does anyone else think it’s rather reckless, and dangerous, for the editorial board of one of the world’s leading newspapers to call for censorship, even of things they call disinformation? The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading Social platforms have a responsibility to address misinformation as a systemic problem, instead of reacting to […]

California Implements Net Neutrality Law, DOJ Already Suing

From a legal standpoint, this makes sense. From a political standpoint, the DOJ shouldn’t bother, because then we could watch even more companies leave California, showing us the way Big Government works California just passed its net neutrality law. The DOJ is already suing The Department of Justice said it is filing a lawsuit against […]

Net Neutrality: Government Must Take Control To Make Sure You Get The Content You Want Or Something

The Net Neutrality supporters just won’t give up in their attempt to make the Internet the same type of public utility as the 1940’s phone system. Here’s Andrew Zwicker, an assemblyman and Democrat in New Jersey giving it a shot, and, you just have to wonder what’s in it for people like Andrew N.J. and […]

#NetNeutrality: Verizon Throttled California Firefighters Or Something

The supporters of the Obama era Net Neutrality, which would have turned the Internet into a public utility the same was the 1940’s wired phone service was, think they totally have the perfect example as to why Net Neutrality is needed. Here’s big NN supporter (and unhinged lunatic) Alyssa Milano Well, holy fucking shit. Verizon […]

Bummer: Internet Is Even Faster With The End Of Net Neutrality

Remember the utter doom that was to come with the end of the 2015 Obama Net Neutrality order, which was passed by unelected bureaucrats and turned the Internet into the same type of public utility as a 1940’s wired home phone system? Remember, it was going to be the end of the Internet? Hey @CNN, […]

Obama’s Net Neutrality Officially Ends Today

America without #NetNeutrality day 146: it's officially dead today — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) June 11, 2018 Yes, it’s officially dead, and this has given the Washington Post a case of the sads, along with a case of the doom and glooms So long to net neutrality, hello to bigger telecoms? The Web you know […]

Question For Y’all On Commenting

So, playing with texting capabilities, and I can make it so you can login with WordPress, Google, Twitter, or Facebook (or not login if you don’t want to) to comment, and the comments will appear without having to refresh or seeing the page reload, much like with Disqus (something I’m considering, as well). However, the […]

The EU’s Article 13: Why Government Controlling The Internet Is A Bad Thing

For those who are big supporters of the Obama era Net Neutrality rule from O’s FCC, do you really, really think it’s a good idea to give the government a massive say in how the Internet acts? Is it really a good idea to treat it as a public utility, like the phone system from […]

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