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Democrats Look To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal

Democrats have long had a problem with this whole “free speech online” thing, because it makes it harder to control people and make sure that they only hear and see what the Leftists want. Hence, the push for Net Neutrality Pelosi Reportedly Wants To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal The new trade […]

We Need Net Neutrality Why? Internet Is Used As Tool Of Oppression In Iran, Other Nations

It’s a really, really good idea to turn the Internet here in the U.S. into a public utility with massive federal (and some states are trying to pass their own) control via Net Neutrality, right? Also, somehow Trump is being blamed ‘Tool of repression’: Iran and regimes from Ethiopia to Venezuela limit Internet, go dark […]

Government Regulation Of Social Media Would Kill The Internet

A very interesting piece by Daniel Ortner, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is a conservative/libertarian organization Government regulation of social media would kill the internet — and free speech Social media companies have been criticized for disproportionately restricting content that offends political progressives. For example, a Pinterest insider recently leaked documents showing that the […]

Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Take Over All Broadband For Your Own Good

She’s apparently just given up on the incrementalism of Net Neutrality and gone straight to government ownership Let’s create a federal Office of Broadband Access, and invest $85 billion into making sure every home in America has a broadband connection. That means publicly-owned and operated networks—no giant telecom companies running away with taxpayer dollars. […]

DOJ To Launch Anti-Trust Investigation Into Google

If this report is to be believed, and, it is propagating across the media, it could get very interesting Justice Dept preparing to launch antitrust investigation into Google: report The Justice Department is preparing to conduct an antitrust investigation into Google, a move that could increase scrutiny on the tech giant. People familiar with the […]

AOC Shocked To Learn She Agrees With Freedom Caucus On Facial Recognition Issue

You’d think that Millennials would be used to having their entire lives tracked, having grown up in an age of utter Internet, especially since they like to document pretty much their entire lives, from the small to the big, and with tons of selfies, on-line. But, give her credit where credit is due AOC shocked […]

Pelosi: Era Of Big Tech Self-Regulation Should Be Over

Something else that Democrats want to fully control at the federal level? Nancy Pelosi Says Tech’s ‘Era Of Self-Regulation’ Should ‘Probably’ Be Over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appears to be open to further regulation of big tech companies. Speaking on journalist Kara Swisher’s “Recode Decode” podcast in an episode released Friday, Pelosi pointed to the U.K., where “they’ve […]

NC General Assembly Takes Aim At Spam Callers

Have you ever had someone call you with the same prefix as your phone, and you think it’s legit? It happens a lot in my area. So you block the number. Then the same company/person calls you from a different number. Well, the NC GA wants to do something more about it Lawmakers take aim […]

Tilting At Windmills: House Democrats Pass Bill Reinstating Obama’s Net Neutrality

Democrats just won’t give up on Net Neutrality, as it is a great way to put a massive government control on something that everyone depends on, and, quite frankly, are hooked on House Democrats Pass Bill Reinstating Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules House Democrats passed H.R. 1644, the Save the Internet Act, 232-190, featuring unanimous Democrat support and […]

Selfie Chaos Forces California Canyon To Close Over Poppy Blooms

If you’ll hearken back to a UK Guardian article about selfie madness in national parks, about how people taking selfies are ruining the parks and ruining the experience for others. And, no matter how far left the UK Guardian is, they are exactly correct. Too many are going to beautiful places not to enjoy them, […]

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