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Statists On FCC Vote To Restore Obama Era Net Neutrality

This was always a bad solution in search of a problem. But, it’s also about the authoritarians gaining control over the Wild West Internet Net Neutrality Returns to a Very Different Internet The Federal Communications Commission has voted—once again—to assert its power to oversee and regulate the activities of the broadband industry in the United States. In […]

Biden Regime Proposes Swapping Palestinian Terrorists For Hostages Held By Hamas

This will upset the unhinged Jew hating/Islamic terrorist loving Democrat base, who do not care about the hostages, they just want a permanent ceasefire which will take the heat off Hamas and allow them to rearm and reconstitute U.S. proposes hostage-to-prisoner ratio in Gaza truce talks – Israeli official The United States has made a […]

Good News: First Computer Chip Plant Funded From CHIPS Law

Wow, the Biden regime really hit the ground running with this! Biden administration says New Hampshire computer chip plant the first to get funding from CHIPS law The Biden administration announced the first of many coming federal investments in computer chip production, saying Monday that it would provide $35 million for BAE Systems to increase […]

Taking Selfies Is Considered A “Public Health Problem”

Even after the selfie generation has seen lots of people getting hurt and even dying while taking selfies and videos, they continue to do it with utter disregard of their safety Taking selfies is now considered a ‘public health problem,’ requires ‘safety messaging,’ say researchers The taking of selfies is now considered legitimately dangerous. A […]

Democrats At FCC Propose Bringing Back Net Neutrality

Is this really necessary? Or, just another case of Democrats wanting to control everything? The Biden FCC’s Plan to Brake 5G Remember predictions that Trump Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai would break the internet by rescinding the Obama “net neutrality” rules? The internet somehow still works and is now even faster. Yet Biden regulators […]

Am I The Only One Not Particularly Impressed By 5.1 Speaker Systems?

I’ve had my Samsung Q700A soundbar for almost a year now, and, I really love the sound it provides. Has all the Dolby codecs, including Atmos. It has great expansive sound quality. One of the reasons I was interested in it, besides that the center channel, where the voice comes from, does not over power […]

AI Lyrics Vs Real Lyrics

I have some thoughts on AI generated lyrics, was having a discussion on them in Real Life, maybe I’ll discuss later, but, what about the difference on these. Below the fold

My Netflix Thoughts

I recently changed my T-Mobile plan, which gets Netflix free. I was excited, because it gives me another movie and show outlet, and I love watching movies. It’s the basic plan, which means only 720p, which I can live with. Only one stream at a time, I’m OK with that. No commercials. But, would it […]

Is Montana Banning TikTok A Violation Of Free Speech?

And interesting debate Critics Say Montana’s TikTok Ban Is a Violation of Free Speech. Here’s What to Know On Wednesday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a first-of-its kind law to ban the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok in the state. The law, which is set to go into effect in January 2024, quickly came under fire for […]

AOC Stooges For Tiktok

I wonder what they have on her? Or what they’re paying her? Ocasio-Cortez posts first TikTok in support of the app, says ban ‘doesn’t feel right’ As a potential TikTok ban looms, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) gave her response in a unique way: by posting her first video on the social media platform. “This is not only my first […]

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